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Thank you so much for stopping by the site! If you are new to “Her Toys Review”, the most important thing you should know is that this site is committed to testing and reviewing ONLY quality sex toys made of 100% body-safe, non-toxic materials. 

WHY did I create this site? I had my first sex toy when I was in high school and it was a low-quality egg vibrator. The vibrator had an unrefined surface (I wasn’t even sure whether the material was body-safe). And it was loud and vibrated bumpily,  but at least it vibrated… I wasn’t satisfied with the product, but it did bring me a new sensation, a kind of orgasm that is different from when treating myself with the hands.

Because of this interesting experience, I started a journey of discovering and trying many different sex toys. Many toys disappointed me and some toys performed so badly that I got pissed off (Yes, my standards get higher throughout the years, but that’s not a bad thing, right?). Because of these terrible toys, I had a flash in mind, thinking “why not create a base where I can share my opinions and suggestions about good toys?”. “Good-quality toys deserve to be exposed, otherwise, the terrible ones will take over the market”, that was the simple and naive thought I had, but I didn’t put my thoughts into action…

Well, I didn’t stop using sex toys though, especially for those years when I had to do a long distance relationship with my partner (the LDR lasted for 5 years!). I am not just talking about solo masturbation; I also use sex toys with my partner, closely and distantly.

These toys added so much fun and intimacy for us and we discovered so many long-distance toys.

Sex toys are our sex life when we’re not physically together. They’ve helped us maintain a sexual intimacy even when we’re thousands of miles apart

After finishing our long distance relationship, one night I was talking casually with my partner, saying that “I am now so experienced with sex toys, I can literally be a sex-toy consultant if that job exists.” It was a half-joke, but it brought back the idea from years ago when I was thinking about creating a base where I can help people choosing a good-quality toy and avoiding bad-quality rubbish…

That’s why I’m here, this’s why I am taking time to test sex toys and write reviews for YOU.

I feel this site can really bring people good references when choosing their toys, either as a novice or as an expert.

I want to help YOU to be better educated about sex toys because a bad sex toy can really ruin your sex life, even your health. Besides, in relationships, especially LDRs, sex toys can be an essential tool, an addition, and a way to achieve something more and to keep the intimacy.

I believe every woman should treat herself well and only get good-quality sex toys. It’s not just for an orgasm. It is also for the sake of better health and better sex life ;).

Besides, I want people to know that just because something did not work for you doesn’t mean you have weird anatomy. We’re all different, but we all have beautiful bodies. As long as there are good knowledge and good reference about how to choose a good toy, YOU will definitely find something that suits perfectly!

So, here it is, the HerToysReview. HTR is a sex toy review blog. I only test safe and good-quality sex toys and I test the toys in a professional and playful way. I like to give your good references, but I also need to have some fun myself ;).

There are four things I think about when deciding if a toy is good enough to go on this site.

  • Does the design look attractive?
  • Is it exciting to use
  • If the toy is good for both design and function, is it worth the price?
  • Do we want to use it again (and again and again)?

I know there are many similar products in the market and you won’t have the time and patience to try them all. So, I test them for you! And I select the best products for YOU! (and I enjoy this process ;))

You can use the toys with or without your partner. Remember! It’s all about women’s pleasure! It is all about YOUR pleasure!

Can’t wait to try a new toy? 

Here are some of our top-appreciated toys you can check out:

Talk to you soon! 🙂

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