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10 Best Anal Stretching Toys & How To Use Them?

by Jane Louis
best Anal Stretcher

Whether stretching yourself or engaging in this pleasurable act with someone else, you’ll need to research which anal stretching toy is best for your needs.

Butt stretching can take a lot of time, and you’ll need the right tools to experience the full extent of the pleasure offered through this activity.

Thankfully there are tons of products, tips, and safety information for you to browse right here.

Read on to get started on your journey into anal stretching pleasure.

What Are Anal Stretchers? 

Anal stretchers are toys that stretch the anus. These include dilators or anal trainers.

They can be challenging, especially for beginners, but by starting small and working up, you can stretch the anus. 

While butt plugs and anal beads are also anal stretching toys, they don’t keep the ring of muscle stretched for an extended period like a toy that is one thickness the whole way down.

They’re usually shorter with a wide flared bulb and a thinner stalk to the base.

The 10 Best Anal Stretching Tools

Be sure to consider the size and length of each of the anal expansion toys, and be careful to start with small toys that will be easy and simple to use.

Whether you’re looking for a toy that can vibrate, move, or glow in the dark, this list has something you’ll love to try in the bedroom.

1. Lovense Hush 2: Best App-Controlled Anal Trainer


The Lovense Hush 2 comes in four sizes, making this item a great all-around toy for beginner players who need to increase slowly. 

Big or small, I love its strong and rumbly vibrations that help to relax muscles and bring some pleasure right away to where it’s needed.

Stretching can take time, but the Lovense Hush 2 Bluetooth function makes it fully programmable

I enjoyed being able to choose the vibrations, pick patterns, sync with a playlist of music, or just let my partner control the app so I could lay back and relax.

If you have experience with anal stretching, start small with this one, especially if you’re spending long periods of time using it.

The long battery life meant I could use it indoors and outdoors without worrying it would run out while I was away from the charger.

The largest Lovense Hush 2 (2.25 in/5.71 cm in diameters) is wider than many other anal stretching toys and not for the faint of heart.

Take your time with this one. It’s your partner in crime and great as a stretcher for fisting or larger strap-ons.


  • Comes in multiple sizes (1 in/2.54 cm, 1.5 in/3.81 cm, 1.75 in/4.44 cm, and 2.25 in/5.71 cm wide)
  • Strong and rumbly vibrations
  • App-controllable and Bluetooth ready
  • Perfect for public training
  • Waterproof
  • Long battery life


  • Bluetooth occasionally drops out

2. b-Vibe Rechargeable Anal Training: Best Size Up Anal Stretcher

b-Vibe Rechargeable Anal Training

The b-Vibe Rechargeable Anal Training Butt Plug Set comes with five pieces, including three butt plugs of various sizes, a douche, and an applicator for lube.

This set also includes education information for safe stretching and anal play.

Let’s discuss the douche first, which is a fantastic addition to any anal training set. I found it made cleaning out before anal play so much easier.

The bulb sucks up water, preferably warm water, at just the right temperature so you can squirt it where you need to clean with less dribbling out and less mess. 

Plenty of training sets offer various plugs, which are perfect for any stage in your anal stretching experience, but what I like most about this b-Vibe training set is the variety of skill levels all in one box.

The largest plug will appeal to you if you need a challenge because it’s weighted, making it expert-level. 

These plugs are only splashproof, so try something else if you want a bathtub toy. 


  • Comes with an anal douche and lubricant applicator
  • Includes three sizes (3.25 in/8.25 cm, 4 in/10.16 cm, 5 in/12.7 cm)
  • Can be used with a partner
  • Perfect long-term sizing up option
  • Medium-sized plug vibrates


  • Needs frequent recharging
  • Should not be used in water

3. Vibrating Inflatable Butt Plug: Budget-Friendly Anal Pump

Lovehoney Vibrating Inflatable Butt Plug

This Vibrating Inflatable Butt Plug is only four and a half inches, so it will be a perfect companion if you have a little experience but desire to become more familiar with anal expanding toys. 

This butt plug is unique because it can inflate up to 9 in/22.86 cm, offering even greater pleasure with a wired remote control and hand pump.

This item looks a little like a blood pressure cuff, and after it’s inserted, you (or your partner) only need to squeeze the pump to begin inflating, and I love that one button deflates it quickly. Safety first!

This butt plug can grow and shrink with the attached pump, and I think it’s perfect for beginners who want to size up because you don’t need to invest in multiple butt plugs that, once you get used to the size, you may never use again and they’ll be cluttering up your toy box. 


  • Perfect for intermediate to advanced users
  • Inflates to multiple sizes to help stretching (4.5 in/11.43 to 9 in/22.86 cm)
  • Ideal for those who want to size up
  • Easy to use and clean
  • It can vibrate!


  • Should not be used submerged
  • No suction base

4. They-ology Wearable Anal Training Set: Best Beginner Anal Stretching Set

They-ology Wearable Anal Training Set

The They-ology Wearable Anal Training Set is a perfect starter set for those just getting started with anal play.

When I started doing anal play, I loved straight butt plugs in different sizes, from thin to thick, and this set gives five of them, from 2.5 inches to 3.5 inches in length.

This set is an excellent collection of smaller, straight, and smooth silicone wearable plugs that can tease and tantalize even under clothes out in public.

Being on the thinner side, I found them to be great confidence boosters since beginners can quickly move up to the largest plug.


  • Great value for the quantity
  • Includes five butt plugs (1.7 in/4.32 cm, 2.2 in/5.59 cm, 2.75 in/6.69 cm, 3.25 in/8.25 cm, 3.75 in/9.52 cm)
  • The flared base ensures easy removal
  • Perfect for those who want to size up
  • Can be used in a bathtub or shower
  • Silky soft silicone in its entirety


  • May size out of the small ones quickly
  • No suction base

5. Beaded Black Anal Dildo: Affordable Oversized Anal Stretcher

Beaded Black Anal Dildo with Suction Cup Base

A Beaded Black Anal Dildo is a perfect item for someone with plenty of experience with anal play, especially since this has six large beads to insert.

The beaded nature of this dildo is ideal for causing tons of anal pleasure.

Use this toy in the bathtub with the flared suction base on the tub or shower.

I used it lying in bed and found that it felt like bliss if I pulled it out slowly. But I do found it can be challenging for some of my dry days! Add some vibration can be helpful. 

But I don't have too much complaints about this toy as it is so well-priced

It’s great with or without a partner, but start slow, and don’t expect to take all of it all at once. 


  • Beads increase pleasure
  • Can be submerged
  • Ideal for experienced users
  • Has a suction cup base for solo and hands-free play
  • Fun to insert and remove up to 6.5 in/15.24 cm of insertable beads


  • You may need a lot of experience before using

6. Lovehoney Jewelled Metal Butt Plug Set: Best Anal Sensation Plug Set

Lovehoney Jewelled Metal Butt Plug Set

This Jewelled Metal Butt Plug Set includes three different butt plugs of varying sizes.

If you’re an experienced stretcher, you could even start with the medium-sized plug.

These plugs are short, gently curved, and can offer a smooth entry for maximum pleasure without discomfort.

These rigid metal plugs, which my partner tried for sensation play, retain heat and cold exceptionally well.

They vary in size from the smallest plug, which is 3.5 inches/8.89 cm wide, to 5 inches/12.7 cm wide for the largest. 

All three plugs have a jeweled flat base, which means if you’re a beginner, they’re simple to insert and start using.

You can keep even the largest in for an extended period, and I liked how easy it was to take them out even after a long period. 


  • Three sizes of plug width (3.5 inches/8.89 cm, 4.25 in/10.79 cm, 5 inches/12.7 cm)
  • Submergible
  • Short and wide bulb shape 
  • Perfect for sizing up
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Ideal for temperature play
  • Rigid material helps with stretching


  • Jewels may come off after repeated use

7. Sinclair Silicone Dilator Set: Best of the Long Term Anal Stretching Devices

wet for her Strap-On Dildo Dilators Set

The Sinclair Silicone Dilator Set comes in five cheerful colors.

And the five sizes makes it perfect for those who want to start slow and embrace the journey of anal stretching for pleasure or who want shorter strap-on dildos.

I like toys that are for two different sexy times, and this set can be for giving or receiving.

Another thing that makes this toy great for some people might make it boring for others.

It features five sizes of insertables the same width the way up.

It’s great for people who want to stretch for a different toy or don't want all the additional lumps and bumps some toys have.


  • Includes five widths (0.5 in/1.27 cm, 0.75 in/1.9 cm, 0.87 in/2.21 cm, 1 in/2.54 cm, 1.3 in/3.3 cm)
  • Ideal for sizing up
  • Perfect for those who desire long-term pleasure
  • Made with anal-safe silicone
  • Can be submerged


  • No bumps, shapes, or details to add internal pleasure

8. Doc Johnson Belladonna’s Bitch Fist: Best for Extreme Anal Stretch

Doc Johnson Belladonna's Bitch Fist Realistic Fisting Dildo

The Doc Johnson Belladonna’s Bitch Fist is a niche item that may not appeal to everyone.

However, experienced butt plug users may be looking for a dildo that can imitate a real human fist.

This is not a beginner toy! It is, however, something to aspire to if you want to try fisting later on.

I haven’t used it myself, but similar large dildos I used worked best when I was relaxed and turned on, after plenty of foreplay. 

You should use this extreme anal stretcher with lots of lubricant and time. Make an evening of it, whether you try it solo or enjoy it with a partner.


  • Tapered thumb for easier penetration
  • Modeled after a real fist
  • Realistic shape and size (9 in/22.86 cm wide)
  • Can be submerged
  • Fist includes pleasurable ridges and design
  • Ideal BDSM hardcore training tool


  • Must need plenty of experience before using
  • Require more efforts if use for solo play

9. Nexus G-PLAY TRIO+ UNISEX Vibrator Set: Best Prostate Anal Stretching Kit to Start With


The Nexus G Play Trio+ Set includes three different butt plugs with a curved design to help reach places that guarantee the greatest pleasure possible.

  • G-Play S: Insertable length: 3.62" (9.2 cm), width: 0.81" (2cm)
  • G-Play M: Insertable length: 2.87" (7.3cm), width: 1.10" (2.8cm)
  • G-Play L: Insertable length: 3.15" (8cm), Shaft width: 1.28" (3.3cm)

What my partner love most about these butt plugs is that they are composed of stunning, phthalate-free soft silicone that feels silky in the hand and in the body while remaining waterproof.

If you’re tired of straight dilators or butt plugs, this anal stretching toy offers a unique anatomically shaped design with plenty of flexibility to brush against the prostate.

My partner used it to stretch his rare hole and the 6 vibrating modes really help to get things started.

It was an exciting plug to wear and feel how it moves inside.


  • Curved design to increase pleasure
  • Phthalate-free Anal-safe silicone 
  • Unisex design
  • 6 vibration settings to explore and to enjoy
  • Perfect for sizing up


  • May have trouble accommodating strange shape
  • Only splashproof, not waterproof  (aka. can't be submerged)

10. Firefly Glow-in-the-Dark Butt Plug Trainer Kit: Best for Nighttime Anal Fun

Firefly Glow-in-the-Dark Butt Plug Trainer Kit

Those who love glow-in-the-dark butt plugs and anal toys will love the Firefly Glow-in-the-Dark Butt Plug Trainer Kit.

This kit includes three separate butt plugs that will help you stretch your hole, and when I used the smallest plug with my partner, he was able to enjoy being touched there without discomfort.

This kit is similar to the B-Vibe ASStronaut set, another butt plug set that glows in the dark and includes two butt plugs that will help you receive the utmost pleasure.

Make sure to leave them out in a lit room a bit of time before you want to use them to maximize the glow-in-the-dark effect.


  • Glows in the dark
  • Perfect for sizing up (2.75 in/6.98 cm,3.75 in/9.52 cm, 4.9 in/12.45 cm)
  • Smooth and sleek shape
  • Easy to clean
  • Submergible


  • No patterns or designs to boost internal pleasure

Tips for Anal Stretching & Getting Started

Anal stretching is fun, but it can be challenging for those who aren’t used to feeling filled because there is likely to be some discomfort at first.

This discomfort is entirely normal, but you’ll want to stop when you start to feel pain.

These tips for getting started can make sure you’re ready and able to tackle the task.

1. Start in the Bathtub

bath sex

The bathtub is the best place to start your journey with anal stretching. 

The water and soap can help keep you clean and lubricated while enjoying pleasure.

There are plenty of waterproof or water-resistant anal toys that you can use in the bathtub to make the process as easy as possible. 

You don’t have to stay in the bathtub during your exploration, but starting there can help you stretch before getting started with bigger anal toys.

2. Use Plenty of Lubricant

Lubricant will easily be your best friend during your anal stretching adventures.

The best lubricant to use will be a water-based one.

Always read the labels on your lubricant choices to prevent purchasing the wrong product.

For example, some people may accidentally buy numbing agents, which can be dangerous during anal play.

Pain will often signal that you need to stop and re-adjust your toys.

Using a numbing agent can mislead you into thinking things are fine only for you to be sore later.

Sliquid lube

3. Keep Calm

Relaxing is the most important thing you can do when starting a journey into anal play.

When you get tense, your whole body may clench, making it harder for you to stretch and get your favorite toys into the most pleasurable positions.

Remember to breathe while you use your anal stretching toys and tools.

You may have to be mindful of your breath and take deep breaths through your nose and out through your mouth to stay calm.

4. Use Small Toys At First

You can always try a larger-sized toy, such as the 1-inch Hush 2, when you feel comfortable with the current size you have.

However, jumping to a large anal toy can cause discomfort or pain.

These feelings are unnecessary, and you can enjoy anal stretching toys without pain or discomfort as long as you start small.

Consider starting with a small size (something around 1-1.5 inch in diameter) and having a backup larger size to use when you become more comfortable.

You may also want to have a small anal toy on hand when you are feeling sore after using a larger anal toy the previous day.

lovense hush 2 anal butt plug

5. Use Your Fingers

Using your fingers can be the perfect way to navigate the entire anal area.

This intimate area can be challenging to understand, especially since you can’t see it.

However, you can use a set of mirrors to understand more about what you’re doing and get a visual idea of how to explore the area.

Start by using your fingers and a dollop of lubricant to help yourself understand the area before you insert your anal toy or stretching tool.

How To Stay Safe While Using Anal Toys?

Safety is the most important thing to keep in mind when using anal stretching toys.

It’s normal to want to jump right in and get started things immediately, but you will likely need to use plenty of patience and caution.

1. Pay Attention To Feeling

Always pay attention to how you’re feeling, especially in pain.

You’ll need to take careful note of what things feel good and what things don’t feel good so you can either replicate or avoid those feelings.

pleasure sex

2. Use Proper Cleaning Solutions

The best cleaning solutions for your anal stretching tools and toys will be a product meant for these items.

You’ll want to avoid using any other cleaning solution since they may not be safe for internal use in your body.

Alternatively, you can always use soap and water to keep your objects clean. Make sure you clean your anal stretching items after every use to prevent any spread of germs and bacteria.

Cleaning them frequently will also help prevent any wear and tear on your items.

3. Gather Everything Before You Start

Gather all of your tools, equipment, and towels before you get started to avoid any falling injuries or accidents.

Having everything you need in one box or place before your start stretching yourself can ensure that you stay in the mood for the activity and don’t get interrupted.

Some items you may want to have on your bed, in your bathtub, or on the floor include your anal toys, lubricant, and towels for cleaning up and wiping your hands.

What Should Anal Stretching Feel Like?

Anal stretching should feel fun and exciting. There is likely to be some discomfort or mild pain at first.

This discomfort or pain is completely normal, but you’ll want to stop right when you start to feel pain.

Start by using your fingers to explore the area and stretch yourself as much as you can without hurting yourself.

From there, you can start using your toys and tools for pleasure. Reapply your lubricant as much as you need to ensure that insertion is smooth and painless.

Remember to take deep breaths, especially when you start to feel discomfort.

You may need to take frequent breaks if you’re not used to the feeling of having something inside this hole.

Take your time and have patience as you continue the penetration process.

Eventually, you’ll get comfortable with your anal stretching toys inside of you and you’ll be able to move with a rhythm for even greater pleasure.

Final Thoughts

Anal stretching is an exciting and fun part of any bedroom experience, but it can be challenging for beginners who don’t know where to start or how to use anal stretching tools and toys.

Thankfully, this list of anal stretching items can help you explore a new world of pleasure you never thought possible.

Whether you want something that glows in the dark or vibrates, there’s plenty for you to experiment with and try.

Make sure that you use the utmost caution and patience to ensure you experience only pleasure and very little pain.

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