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ArcWave Ion Male Masturbator Review: A Hit or A Miss?

by Lucas Andersen
Arcwave Ion Review

With today’s fast-growing technology, it’s not surprising that our sex toys are getting high-tech. And that label is especially true of the ArcWave Ion. This toy is the “world’s first Pleasure Air™ stroker,” which sounds promising. 

The fact is that the ArcWave Ion male masturbator is changing the game. The ArcWave Ion is a unique toy that’s made exclusively for men. Unlike other male masturbator devices, it doesn't technically rely on vibration for pleasure: it uses a unique air technology instead.

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The Most Unique Sensation

Imagine being stimulated by a contactless air suction.

This sensation is amazing and no other penis stroker can do the same job!

What Is ArcWave Ion?

In recent years, women’s sex toy developers have refocused their attention from vibrating type toys to suction and pulsing type toys that give extra stimulation in all the right places. 

ArcWave Ion is the first kind of penis masturbation toy to do the same for men.

Unlike other male masturbator devices, the ArcWave Ion pulses the pleasure receptors around and the tip of the penis and intensifies the male orgasm. 

Similar to how women’s toys are designed to focus on their clitorises, the ArcWave Ion is designed to focus on the most sensitive part of your penis and to give maximum pleasure as you’ve never experienced before.

arcwave ion inside

Key Features of ArcWave Ion

Cutting-edge technology like this is not only changing how men feel pleasure but also has tons of innovative features to make sure you don’t worry about anything other than reaching your orgasm.

1. Sleek and Discreet Design

The ArcWave Ion is incredibly discreet, and when it’s sitting out, it could pass for a charging station.

This male masturbator has a charging base, a cover lid, and the pieces can easily be assembled or disassembled for play.

2. Intense Pulsing Air Wave

The ArcWave Ion doesn’t suction around your penis. Instead, it can target the most sensitive area and send pulsing sensations with pleasure air. 

You can either place it on the neck or around the tip of your penis. Either way, the pulsation is strong enough to travel and then massage your entire penis.

The result is a powerful suction sensation unlike anything else you’ve experienced.

arcwave ion look

3. Stops/Starts Automatically

The ArcWave Ion is an auto male masturbator that has Smart Silence and senses your skin. 

That means it won’t start until you’re inserted, and if you pull out, it stops.

This makes it easy to be quiet and discreet when playing with a partner or if you’re going solo.

4. Ultra-Stretchable Silicone

The ArcWave Ion is made from body-safe silicone that stretches with you to accommodate girth and is also ribbed inside to enhance pleasure. 

All you need is the included a generous amount of water-based lube to get started. 

arcwave ion stretchable

5. Easy to Clean

The ArcWave Ion comes apart for easy clean-up. The silicone part of this male masturbator can be completely submerged and also has a drain hole to make cleaning a no-brainer.

How Is ArcWave Ion Different from Other Types of Male Masturbators?

ArcWave Ion is the first Pleasure Air stroker. Unlike other toys that vibrate, the ArcWave Ion pulses, sending airwaves around the head of your penis and stimulating the most sensitive nerve endings. 

The ArcWave Ion is also powerful enough to send pulsation along your entire shaft, creating a unique, intense orgasm.

Unlike other toys that focus on using external vibration to achieve orgasm, this male masturbator enhances your experience, quite literally, all around.

arcwave ion how to use

1. ArcWave Ion Compared to Lovense Max 2

The Lovense Max 2 is designed similarly to a Fleshlight. It contracts and vibrates around your shaft and is easy to control.

However, I find that this type of male masturbator doesn’t target the sensitive part of my head as well as the ArcWave Ion. 

The Lovense Max 2 creates more of a squeezing sensation than a pulsing one, which might be your thing, but I prefer the more natural-feeling ArcWave motion.

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2. ArcWave Ion Compared to Kiiroo Keon

The KIIROO by Keon creates pleasure through massaging sensation and can be connected to VR for a more arousal visual experience. 

It is also designed similarly to a Fleshlight and is internally textured. 

Keon is an automatic male masturbator that produces a totally different kind of suction stimulation.

It wraps the whole penis, focusing on the 360-degree external contraction. As for ArcWave, it is more of a deep tissue stimulation that travels from one point to the whole shaft.

So, ArcWave is more subtle and has its beat when it comes to the range of sensations I can experience. 

Besides, Arcwave is way lighter, which makes it more comfortable to hold while in use.

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3. ArcWave Ion Compared to the Fleshlight

The Fleshlight is one of the original male masturbator devices and perhaps the most old-school in design.

Fleshlight is a manual masturbator. It focuses on creating a vaginal-like cup. It wraps around your shaft and can be thrust into but is ultimately one-sided in the sensation it creates.

It might do in a pinch, but I prefer something with a little more finesse, which the ArcWave Ion offers.

Fleshlight provides an interchangeable sleeve that can create different types of sensations

The range of option is amazing, but as some who’s a bit lazy, I prefer to have an automatic toy like ArcWave Ion.

arcwave ion box

How to Use ArcWave Ion?

It’s easy to get started with ArcWave Ion. Just lube up both yourself and the ArcWave Ion with the included water-based lube before insertion.

The entrance may seem to be deceiving, but the silicone is stretchy for girth while still being tight enough to wrap around your shaft. 

The buttons underneath are easy to access and adjust the pulsing to your comfort.

You can alternate intensities or even pick your favorite and go hands-free. ArcWave Ion is different from other male masturbator devices because you don’t thrust into it. 

arcwave ion charging

You can certainly try, but it’s made to wrap around and stimulate your penis without you having to do any work. 

Another great difference between other toys used for penis masturbation and ArcWave Ion is the open-top.

I can watch myself finish, and it’s easier to clean out when I’m done, too.

ArcWave Ion is USB rechargeable and stands up on its base when not in use.

The toy sits up to make it easier to drain out water after cleaning. There’s also a dry stick attached that helps dry my ArcWave Ion out in between uses.

arcwave ion dry stick

Packaging & What's in the Box?

I received a huge box. The package is very neat and well-prepared. After opening the box, I was presented with the following things:

  • Ion Device (with 2-year warranty)
  • Storage Base for charging and drying (incl. a dry stick)
  • 10ml Arcwave™ lube (by pjur)
  • Mini USB charging cable
  • User Manual
  • Safety instructions

arcwave ion unbox

My Experience with ArcWave Ion

The description probably sounds weird at first. You probably think the majority of your penis will be left out, and the sole focus will be on the tip.

However, while this automatic male masturbator is designed to create a new sensation around your head/neck, the pulsation created by ArcWave Ion reaches up, down, and all around my shaft. 

Plus, the Smart Sense makes it easy to pull out when I’m done and avoid overstimulation, which I like since I usually use the ArcWave Ion for foreplay before getting intimate with my partner.

ArcWave Ion isn’t necessarily designed to be thrust into, which is a strange experience when using a male masturbator.

Still, the sucking sensation is rather intense and is unlike anything I’ve experienced with other high-tech sex toys. 

It does take a few tries to get used to the feeling, but once you’re adjusted, it’s a nice change of pace.

Plus, it’s easy to edge yourself with, creating a stronger, longer-lasting orgasm.

arcwave ion size

So, to sum up, other sex toys have a contraction or vibrating features, but ArcWave Ion has pulsations.

Other toys are also closed off, so when you finish, you don’t see it and have to turn the sleeve pretty much inside out to clean it.

The open-top on the ArcWave Ion lets me (well, and my partner) watch myself finish if I want.

I can just rinse the whole silicone piece under running water when I’m done cleaning it.

If your head is super sensitive or you’re looking for a new, more intense kind of orgasm experience, the ArcWave Ion is for you.

If you’re more turned on by overall contraction, maybe this auto male masturbator isn’t the best choice. 

arcwave ion side

There are a few more things I think worth sharing. 

I personally like to start the ArcWave Ion from the neck and then, after some positioning, I’ll let it stimulate right under the head.

It's NOT easy to move once placed because the silicone cup is very tight. So, it's better you test a few times and know where you want the stimulation the most.

The good thing is that you don't have to worry too much once you know where to stimulate.

Besides, this toy is rather loud when in operation, especially when lube is applied. The lube amplifies the noise and makes a kind of wet noisy sound.

As mentioned, the silicone part is quite stretchable, which should be good for most people when it comes to size, but it may not for big-sized penises

Again, I endorse that Ion does give a nice sensation, but it can be a bit tight.

So, it takes time to get used to. It's nicer to hold the Ion compares to other masturbators because it's lighter.

Also, thanks to the fact it doesn't vibrate, it doesn't make hands numb. Also, compared to sleeve-based toys (e.g. Lovense max 2), it's easier to enter (of course, it's a must to apply lube).

arcwave ion separate

However, I think this toy may NOT be as useful for uncircumcised penises because these ones are less sensitive so the Air Pulsation may not be strong enough.

What else? Umm… the silicone kinda absorbs the smell. After a thorough cleaning, it still has a bit of sperm smell (It’s like this for all other male silicone toys, but I think I think it’s still worth mentioning). After a few days, the smell goes away. 

All in all, I will say that this penis masturbation toy is great for edging yourself before you finish with a partner.

It's way more interesting than any other traditional male masturbator and somewhat more intense than most of the vibrators.

But you'll need to try a few times to get the angle right because it really matters.



Average Score

Design & Features (rechargable, waterproof, etc.)


PULSATION (Intense suction)









  • Discreet design
  • Unique, intense sensation
  • Easy to control pulsing 
  • Open-top makes it easy to clean
  • Stretchable silicone
  • Ribbed inside
  • Light-weighted


  • A bit pricey
  • Only available in black


If you’re looking for a new kind of orgasm or you want to cater to the sensitivity of your shaft, this is the best male masturbator out there.

It’s easy to use, by yourself or with a partner, and easy to keep clean. It also certainly adds a new sensation to your play. 

So, if you’re looking for an all-encompassing toy that offers all-around sensation with very little effort on your part, look no further than ArcWave Ion.

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sexare April 23, 2021 - 9:03 am

A masturbator is an amazing product for solo sessions!

Kevin November 23, 2021 - 3:03 am

Your review is a tad more honest, I believe, than many others. Probably two tads. Regardless, I’m not sure this will bring me to finish, I’m older, but still interested in the occasional ‘O’. I do hope it’s at least fun though.

Kevin November 23, 2021 - 3:35 am

O.K. try #1 – failure to launch. Interesting & perhaps unique, but it takes me a while to hit that sweet spot, and by the time I did I had to putz around with it enough to become a little frustrated. Wait for good night’s sleep, it will be charged in the morning, and we’ll try again. Otherwise maybe it will be Venus 2000 (which always achieves quick length) – then ARCWAVE, then back to Venus. Let’s find out, tomorrow.


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