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Best Anal Vibrators of 2024: Discover Butt Toys & Prostate Stimulators

by Jane Louis
best anal vibrators

My husband and I were a bit intimidated by anal vibrators in the past. But after we learned how to appreciate it, our sex life was lifted to a new level and we can’t stop using it all the time. 

Anal vibrators truly can bring some unexpectedly amazing moments if using correctly. 

In this article, I will introduce to you 5 anal vibrators that both my husband and I love. Believe me, these anal toys guarantee mind-blowing orgasmic experience! 

Product Names


We-Vibe Vector


Remote controllable & Powerful

Lovense Hush


Powerful & Versatile

B-vibe Rimming Plug 2


Unique Sensation

B-vibe Vibrating Snug Plug-medium


Divinely Intense

Lovehoney butt tingler


Affordable & Powerful

What Are Anal Vibrators

Anal vibrators, sometimes also referred to as vibrating butt plugs, is one type of the sex toys that both individuals or couples can use for pleasurable play.

Whereas regular vibrators are usually the same or similar circumference from top to bottom, anal vibrators will typically have a smaller circumference and be tapered, making them less likely to be lost inside. 

Anal vibrators can be used on both genders, but males will often derive more pleasure because the toy is designed to stimulate the prostate. 

What is A Good Anal Vibrator For You?

Before introducing my personal favorites, I would share with some must-knows while choose an anal vibrator.  

The first rule when choosing any anal sex toy is to be realistic over the size, especially if you are a beginner to this kind of play.

A toy that is simply too big which will a lot of pain which will tense the person up and probably make insertion impossible without a lot of damage.

Start small and as the receipt gets used to the sensation and be more relaxed about it, then you can upgrade to larger toys.

Some people prefer manageable sizes and never want to go big, but others, once comfortable with anal toys, enjoying the stretching that a larger toy can provide.

There mainly are two types of movement an anal toy may provide – vibrating and rotating. Vibration not only can help to relax your anal muscles which makes the insertion less painful but also can provide strong stimulation. As for rotation, it’s primarily designed for intense stimulation, which usually is something that advanced players will look for.

Most of the toys on the market only provide vibrating functions while some also include rotating movements. I selected some of the best toys to introduce to you in the next section. 

Extra tips: With any toys that you're going to insert into the body, you should always go for a quality product. People have reportedly noticed color running from toys when they were cleaning them and have quite rightly wondered if that happens when washing them, what happens when they're inside.

5 Best Anal Vibrators (Selected from dozens of toys)

Choosing the right kind of anal vibrator is very important. Find the style that you're comfortable with and in which you have confidence. Here are some toys that we recommend.

#1. We-Vibe Vector: Best App-controllable Prostate Massager

vector wevibe review

We-vibe Vector is a rechargeable and remote controllable prostate massager and so is primarily aimed at men. 

It has 4'' (10.16cm) of insertable length, with widest circumference measure 3.5'' (8.9cm). The vibrator neck is flexible and adjustable so it suits all kinds of body shapes. 

You have 10 different speeds and intensities of vibration to choose from. The vibration carried by Vector is satisfyingly strong and rumbly, which makes it an addicting toy to play with. 

Besides, what’s special about Vector is that you can control the vibration either through the remote control or with the We-vibe app.

As this toy can be controlled over the cloud via using the We-vibe app, it's then possible for someone from the other side of the world to control your pleasure., which makes it perfect for long-distance couples or public play.

Click here if you are interested in learning more or watching a demo about We-vibe Vector.

Summary: Pros & Cons of We-vibe Vector


  • Remote-controllable & Easy to Use app
  • Adjustable head and flexible base
  • Powerful & rumbly vibration
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Low-power Alert
  • Quiet


  • May occasionally disconnect which can sometimes cause interferences during sexual play

#2. Lovense Hush: Best ​App-controllable Butt Plug

lovense hush review

Lovense Hush is an app-controllable vibrating butt plug that has spirals in its neck. The spirals will assist in trapping lube and thus make removal easier, especially after extended use.

The base is designed for extra comfort but is still shaped to be safe. It comes in two sizes so users can choose a comfortable fit. 

Hush embraces a powerful motor for intense sensation, yet it's rather quiet and may be used for discreet public play

It is a wireless toy, which means it can be controlled using Lovense App from anywhere in the world. Besides, with the app, the vibration of Hush can be synced to music and you may also create unlimited vibration patterns that are to my taste.

The app is compatible with Android, iPhone, even Mac, and Windows PC. And the battery should last 1.5-2 hours of continuous use after each full charge. 

Click here if you are interested in learning more about Lovense Hush.

Summary: Pros & Cons of Lovense Hush


  • App controllable (suitable for long distance play)
  • Versatile ways of use (e.g. unlimited patterns)
  • Intense vibration
  • Fully waterproof
  • Two sizes to choose (suitable for different needs)
  • Discreet & Quiet (ideal for public play)


  • May occasionally disconnect which can sometimes cause interferences during sexual play

#3. B-Vibe Rimming Plug 2


A unique feature of Rimming Plug 2 is that through the use of beads, it can stimulate rimming sensation (stimulation of the anus by the tongue). 

There are two powerful motors in this toy, one on the tip for vibration and another at the bottom for rimming actions. Plug 2 toy claims to be the world's first rimming plug. 

It has 7 difference rimming modes to produce different sensations. Besides, there is an additional motor at the tip of the toy for some extra stimulation.

For most people, it will take a few times of trying to finally get how to position the toy for the best rimming experience. And once you find your perfect position, this plug will make you scream!

Besides, B-vibe Rimming Plug 2 embraces remote control function, which means your partner can take control of your pleasure (up to 30 ft away).

This butt plug has a 4.8’’ (12.3cm) insertable length and it was chosen by the GQ magazine as the best sex toy for men 2019. 

Extra tips: if rimming plug 2 is too big for you, you can try rimming plug petite instead. I prefer the petite version as I don’t like too much muscle stretch for my rare part. And of course, if you prefer a bigger size, b-vibe also have this toy in XL size :).

bvibe rimming plug 3 sizes

Summary: Pros & Cons of Lovense Remote


  • Effective and unique rimming (tongue licking) sensation
  • Powerful vibration
  • Remote controllable (short-distance)
  • Multiple settings for both vibration and rimming
  • Fasting charging
  • Fulfilling girth


  • Not beginner friendly (can be too girthy)

#4. B-Vibe Vibrating Snug Plug - Medium

bvibe vibrating snug plug medium

B-vibe Vibrating Snug Plug is a weighted torpedo-shaped butt plug.

This toy has a 4.3'' (11.1 cm) insertable length for its medium version and 5.3’’ (13.6cm) for its large version. It has a tapered tip with a long and very adjustable neck.

What’s special about this toy is its weight. The tip of the plug is less tampered than most of the other plugs you could found, but the weight can help to make the inserting process a lot more natural. Besides, if the weight greatly amplifies the stimulation when the vibration is on. It is unforgettably intense!

For your pleasure, you can choose from 4 levels of intensity and 6 different vibration patterns

Besides, this toy comes in both medium and large sizes, which allows you to choose the size that suits you the best. 

b-vibe-vibrating-snug-plug-two sizes

Summary: Pros & Cons of Vibrating Snug Plug (Medium)


  • Weights improve the experiences (intense & fulfilling)
  • Powerful vibration & Super intense experience
  • Very quiet 
  • Comfortable for long-term insertion


  • A bit challenging to insert as the tip is not as tampered

#5. Lovehoney Butt Tingler

lovehoney butt tingler

If you don’t want to spend too much but still want to get an idea about how anal toys feel like, Lovehoney Butt Tingler can be a very good choice. 

This T-Bar butt plug is a real bargain (around $25) for what it provides. It features a large T-Bar cross piece, which makes it very sake from accidental total insertion (and it stays in place!)

Besides, it has 10 intense vibrations speeds which can stimulate sensitive nerve endings in no time. Its long-tapered shape makes it ideal for easy insertion. 

To better fit everybody’s needs, this toy comes with three different sizes – 3.5 inches, 4 inches, and 4.5 inches. 

What’s more? The vibration stick can be removed and used for stimulating other body parts.

Extra tips: Lovehoney also has another anal toy called Smooth Mover ($23), which is another powerful vibrator but it is beaded shaped. So, if you prefer a toy that has narrower girth but deeper length, the Smooth Mover can be a better option for you.


lovehoney Smooth Mover

Summary: Pros & Cons of ​Lovehoney Butt Tingler


  • Very affordable
  • Powerful vibration
  • Simple to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Good size to start (beginner friendly)


  • Not rechargeable (use AAA batteries) 
  • Vibrations intensity can reduce due to battery-decreasing


There is nothing wrong with "anal play" as long as it's both consensual and done safely. 

However, thrusting everyday objects into the anus is NOT safe on some levels. You would not believe how many people end up in the hospital after getting some random items stuck inside their back passage. 

Just imagine the embarrassment of explaining the problem to the nurse. So, don't do it!

To pleasure yourself safely, it's suggested to stick to sex toys specially designed for the purpose. There are a great many such items available today and trust me you will enjoy the play much more with the correct toys.

Remember, the muscles around the anus are designed to provide a tight seal. The body natural response to finding a foreign object in the anus is to grip it and this results in the item being sucked inside and very difficult to extract

A cucumber or even a regular dildo is straight and usually narrow. Exactly the kind of object that gets swallowed up by your anus. Toys designed for anal play are designed to make this much more difficult.

Make sure that you use plenty of lube, whether it be a simple water-based product or one of the special lubes that have numbing and/or cooling effects. Always use enough lube and then use some more.

Not only will it improve the sex, but it will help avoid damage to the internal tissue.

sex toy lube

Discuss anal play in advance so the person receiving the object has had time to consent, is prepared, and has had the opportunity to thoroughly clean themselves.

Do not start with a huge sex toy! Start small and work your way up to larger toys once confidence has been established. 

Remember, anal play is not mandatory. If you are no comfortable with it and you are unable to relax then you need to discuss the issue with your partner further. 

Another general tip to keep in mind is that you should check what material your toy is made from. If it's silicone, then you should not use silicone-based lube as it can break down the materials in the toy. 


This section is written for those of you who are very new to the anal toy field, just giving you an idea about the types of anal toys you can find in the market. In this way, you will have a better understanding and a broader choice. 

After all, the goal is for you to find the most suitable anal toys for yourself or your partner. 

anal sex toys play

#1: Vibrating prostate massagers (My husband's favorite type)

These toys are designed to massage the prostate (yes, I know that is obvious), which is a process known as prostate milking.

Prostate massagers aren’t necessarily having a thick width; however, it is usually shaped with a curved shaft and tapered tip which allows greater stimulation from the tip. 

Since these toys are aimed at prostate massaging, they are mainly used by men.

#2: Vibrating butt plugs (My favorite type)

Butt plugs may be used on both men or women as a means of stimulation. With a butt plug, they do exactly what the name implies.

They can be pleasurable as a stand-alone device to generate pleasure but they are frequently also used to prepare the butt for anal sex alter. 

For the ladies, wearing a butt plug during vaginal penetration can increase the pleasure 

Another contemporary use of a butt plug is in the sub/dom relationship. It is not uncommon for the sub to be instructed to go out with the butt plug inserted (not for beginners).

Butt plugs are designed so that they will not accidentally get sucked into the anal passage. They are constructed to have a narrow tip for easy insertion, wider in the middle and then narrowing again so that they are more comfortable to wear.

They then often have a lip and large ring to stop them from slipping inside and for easier removal

lovense hush drawing

#3: Vibrating Anal Beads

Anal beads look just like a string of beads on a cord. in some models, the beads are all the same size. In others, the beads increase in size as they go up the string. unlike butt plugs that are designed to stay in the place, anal beads do the stimulation as they are inserted and removed from the anus repeatedly. 

A vibrating anal bead is a perfect toy for beginners because you can insert the amounts of balls up to your size. 

Just like all other anal sex toys, it is necessary to use a lot of lube. You should also avoid cheap products as a cord breaking, for example, would be an uncomfortable situation to find yourself in. 

#4: Anal Probes

Anal probes are simply slimline dildos with a slightly tapered end, but it’s NOT a regular kind of toy people tend to get. 

Anal probes have primarily been used as an introduction to anal play as their small circumference makes insertion easier and less painful. 

They can also be used in the vagina, but it is important not to move the toy straight from the anus to the vagina without thorough cleaning. 

Some models of the anal probe will also vibrate.

# Other Types: Dildos, Rabbit Vibrators, Fantasy Tails, and More


Anal sex has lost much of its taboo now and safe anal play can be enjoyed by people of any gender. An interesting statistic that I find amusing is that in the United States, anal sex is more common than having a Twitter account. 

Well, I guess many people notice the charm of anal toys now. Enjoy!

signature Jane L

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