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The 13 Best Chastity Cages For BDSM and More (Updated 2024)

by Lucas Andersen
Best Chastity Cages

Whether you're new to the BDSM world or are a seasoned individual, chastity cages can be a fun addition.

A surprising number of them are available that all come with different features and looks.

If you're interested in getting your first or a new chastity cage, choosing one of the best can enhance your experience.


CELLMATE CAG.INK profile 500_500

Best app-control chastity

E-stim and long-distance app control features make this toy more unique than any other chastity cage.

The power to unlock, control, and electrify is at your fingertips, connecting dominants and submissives in ways that were once purely the stuff of fantasy.



Best metal chastity

From its hypoallergenic construction to its customizable fit, discreet wear, and versatile applications, this pink chastity cage provides a platform for individuals and partners to explore their fantasies.


CB-6000S Pink Chastity Cage Kit profile 500_500

Best pink chastity

Made with 316-grade medical-grade stainless steel, this nickel-free cage is the best of its kind.

With 5 sizes to choose from, everyone can find what's the fittest. I love using it for wet play.

What is a Chastity Cage?

Chastity cages are toys that go around a man's penis and are secure with a lock

They're typically made of metal or plastic, making it difficult to get an erection until it's unlocked. You can still get aroused while wearing one, though.

What Does a Chastity Cage Do?

A chastity cage is more than just a toy to prevent a man from having sex.

Depending on the type you choose, it's designed to prevent them from being able to get an erection and even orgasm.

For some cages, they technically can get an erection, but there are parts of the toy that will make it more unpleasant for them, encouraging them not to.

Why You’d Use a Chastity Cage?

Why you'd want to use a chastity cage is a personal one, but there are several reasons why other men choose to like it:

  • Preventing premature ejaculation
  • Building stamina for BDSM
  • Learning how to control their muscles so they can choose when to orgasm
  • So they can be the submissive
  • It can spice up a vanilla relationship

There are plenty of other reasons why you might want to use a chastity cage that could be more intricate, but these are the typical ones.

Best Chastity Cages

Chastity cages are no longer dated contraptions used to prevent sex in a negative way. There are different materials, unique features, and sizes to choose from.

Let's look at the best chastity cages on the market right now.



For those a little more experienced with chastity cages or BDSM play, the Cellmate 2nd Generation Cage.Ink is the perfect toy to elevate your play.

The cage lays securely on the penis and comes with a charging pack because you can use it for e-stim play.

This toy comes in two sizes, with the short being 4.3 inches/110 mm with an insertable length of 2.55 inches/65mm, and the long being 5.11 inches/130 mm with an insertable length of 3.75 inches/ 95mm.

You’ll be able to choose the size that suits you best for the ultimate fit.

Whoever downloaded the app can control everything, including how many electric shocks you receive and when you unlock the cage.

You can lock and unlock the cage without the app, but you'll want to take advantage of the app, trust me.

A unique feature of the cage is that it has "hardcore" mode, which locks you out of the app for a specified amount of time, and you no longer have any control over it.

This is great for solo chastity play, so you can still feel like someone else is controlling you.

When playing on your own, you can set a time in the Qiui app for how long you want to be locked in.

The cage should fit most men and comes with a 2.2 inches/55mm diameter that you can adjust to fit you perfectly.

From experience, as fun as it could be to use this in public, the top part of the device isn't necessarily as discreet as other chastity cages, so this one might be best left to wear at home.

2. STEEL THE GUARDIAN: Best Steel Chastity Cage


Steel The Guardian is a classic chastity cage material and, while simple in design, has numerous benefits that you can enjoy.

Chief among these benefits are that the cage is made of 316 grade stainless steel, which is easier to clean and doesn’t scuff or chip over time.

The Steel the Guardian cage comes in sizes ranging from extra small to extra large, so you can easily slide your penis inside without any unwanted discomfort.

I love how you can choose your size based on the length and then your ring size separately so you can find the best fit for you.

The lengths range from 2.1 inches/53.3mm to 4.25 inches/108mm, and the rings range from 1.7 inch/43mm to 2.44 inches/62mm.

I suggest getting a package of three rings with various sizes to play around with.

If you need help figuring out which size you need, OXY provides a size calculator you can use to determine your exact measurements. 

The cage locks quickly with a key around a chain, so you can literally hand over the key to your dom and put them in full control.

The aspect is huge for the mental side of chastity play and can be highly arousing for most.

Since the cage comes with a loose key, I wouldn't suggest wearing it for solo play unless you have a strong sense of self-control.

Playing with a partner will be better because it allows you to fully submit to them and have a little more fun than on your own.

3. OXY & JOSIE LYNN: Best 3D Print Chastity Cage


You can make just about anything with a 3D printer nowadays, and the Oxy & Josie Lynn chastity cages are proof of that.

These colorful cages are designed with a 3D printer and are made with a multi-jet fusion plastic and nylon that have a grainy and matte finish, so they're safe to use on the body.

Not only that, but the plastic is much lighter than steel, easier to wear for longer periods, and is generally more comfortable than metal counterparts.

I love that this product comes in various sizes, including the micro tube, short tube, and long tube.

This allows for a comfortable yet pleasantly uncomfortable experience while wearing the cage. 

The one downside to this toy is buying the chastity lock and ring separately, but it's not a huge deal.

If you’re planning on going with the micro tube, remember that it’s extremely small and very restrained- perfect for BDSM, not so perfect if you’re not prepared for the experience.

Be prepared and take precautions the first few times you use this toy.

The chastity cage features a TouchStop mesh portion that physically prevents your penis from growing, allowing you to build more stamina and have more control over your body.

The headlock portion isn't effortless to get out of, but it's not supposed to be.

It helps prevent pulling out of the cage too soon, and while you still can, you'd have to put in some serious effort to get out without the key.

You can use this toy with a partner or on your own, but I suggest experimenting with wearing it in public since the mesh portion is flat and can lay against pants quickly and discreetly.

4. CB-6000S Short Male Pink Chastity Cage Kit: Best Pink Chastity Cage for Comfort

CB-6000S Short Pink Chastity Cage Kit

Something about the color pink is just sexy. In the BDSM scene, pink on a man can signify that they’re more innocent or preparing to take the role of a woman in the sexual encounter.

If you prefer to see a large, pink lock sitting on your chastity cage to increase your mental stimulation while wearing it, then the CB-6000s is an excellent option.

It comes with a brass padlock that won't come off, no matter how hard you try without the key.

This cage has a length of 2.5 inches/63.5mm and an interior diameter of 1.37 inches/34.8mm. There are five ring sizes to choose from regardless of if you get the CB-6000s or their other sizes, the CB-X mini and CB-6000.

I suggest playing around with this cage for those who suffer from skin allergies because it's made with medical-grade hypoallergenic plastic.

Wearing the CB-6000s feels far better than a silicone chastity cage because it's more secure around your penis and won't shift shapes as you get aroused. It can hold you in place as it should. 

Depending on your liking, you can even use the pins to adjust the comfort level and make the chastity cage more secure.

I wear this for partner play-over solo, but you can wear it whenever you see fit.

But, since it has a traditional padlock, you might not get a full experience wearing it if you can quickly just grab the key and unlock it yourself.

5. DOMINIX Deluxe Chastity Cock Cage 3.5 Inch: Best Affordable Metal Chastity Cage

DOMINIX Deluxe Chastity Cock Cage

There's something aesthetically pleasing about a metal chastity cage, and the feeling is far different than wearing a silicone or plastic one, but they tend to be super expensive.

The Dominix Deluxe Chastity Cock Cage is one of the best and most affordable metal cages.

The cage's design allows plenty of ventilation and bodily functions and makes it easy to put on and remove when unlocked.

I love how easy this cage is to use because it only comes with two pieces, not counting the two keys you get with your purchase.

The length of this chastity cage is 3.5 inches/88.9mm, so it should work for a lot of men.

There are some downsides to this metal chastity cage, like not coming in other sizes to accommodate other men, but it could be worse.

It can be challenging to put your penis in the cage unless you're entirely soft.

Despite being metal, you can wear this for a long time without feeling any discomfort…well, pain that you didn't ask for.

It would be best if you still took it off when you're sleeping, but otherwise, it's comfortable to wear all day and discreet enough to wear when you're out and about.

6. CHASTITY BEGINNER SET: Best Starter Chastity Kit


If you've never worn a chastity cage before, getting a chastity starter kit is the best way to dip your toes in the water.

The OXY beginner kit comes with two clear cage tubes with sizes of 1.89 inches/48mm and 2.36 inches/60mm and four rings ranging from 1.41 inches/35.9mm to 1.97 inches/50mm.

The options in the kit allow you to find the perfect and snug fit for your member without guessing and ordering a few online and having to send some back.

You also get one padlock and key, so be sure to give it to someone you want to have total control over you.

Despite the padlock being metal, I found that it didn't rattle around on the plastic cage loudly, so you could still wear the cage discreetly without drawing attention to yourself.

While this is generally more fun to experiment with a dom than on your own, the beginner kit allows you to play with self-chastity.

You can do so with the numbered chastity plastic locks and locking the keys into a chastity safe.

Ideally, you won't look for the key to unlock yourself, but if you find and break out of it, it allows for more BDSM play-like punishment from your dom.

7. PENIS PRISON W/ PIN PRICK LINING: Best Leather Chastity Cage


A leather chastity cage has a few benefits compared to a plastic or metal one.

Some say it's more comfortable laying on the penis, but this one has 190 little pins in the lining that might not be so comfortable if you get aroused. 

This is perfect for those who love hardcore BDSM and pain play. They don't hurt per se but allow for discomfort, encouraging you to find more control over your body.

The leather cage secures your penis with a lined, elastic band and a leather cock strap. It takes a small lock, but you can also go without it with enough self-control.

The pins feel more like a thorn prick unless you or your dom presses the cage into your penis.

I think a few things about this chastity cage could improve despite looking sleek and sexy. It only comes in one size and fits most, but not all.

That being said, it doesn't even tell you online how long the leather prison is.

The leather is pretty comfortable on the skin since it's genuine leather, but the pins in the lining aren't for everyone.

They provide a unique sensation you might enjoy more than you think. You never know until you try.

8. CH42 - FLAT PLATE CHASTITY: Best Flat Chastity Cage for Long-Term Wear


The CH42 Flat Plate Chastity cage is a unique option and is best for those who want to wear the cage for a longer time than others.

Unlike other cages with a rounded tip, this one is flat, mostly metal, and has a few holes at the end for bodily fluid and ventilation.

The perforations in the cage are ideal for wearing the cage as long as you want, even 24/7.

Most other chastity cages encourage people to take it off before going to sleep, but you can sleep in this cage if that's what you or your dom want. 

The cage is 1.3 inches/33mm in length but comes with three ring sizes.

You can choose from ring sizes like 1.5 inches/38mm, 1.7 inches/43mm, or 1.9 inches/48mm.

This way, you get the perfect snug fit to help you feel completely locked in.

I recommend this for smaller guys because it will make you feel like you fill the cage entirely out.

Thanks to the flat head, you can wear this anywhere you go. You can wear it under exercise clothes, work clothes, running errand clothes, you name it.

With this chastity cage, you can test your mental strength and see how long you can go without getting aroused and the limits you'll go to to try and get your dom to unleash you.

9. KALI’S TEETH BRACELET: Best Spiked Chastity Cage


For those into sexual denial but on a more intense level, the Kali's Teeth Bracelet comes with four rows of teeth that point inward towards your penis.

If you start to get aroused, you'll press into the teeth and encourage yourself to focus on anything that won't stimulate you.

The teeth on this cage can be removed and replaced according to how you want it to be used.

If you want to reward your sub for being well behaved, pull some of the teeth out. If he’s been a bad boy, add the teeth back. 

The teeth also come in sharp and smooth options.

For BDSM beginners, the smooth teeth are a great way to get used to the intensity of play while still pushing yourself to the limit.

This small chastity cage is perfect for discreet wear, and you can wear it all day without it showing through your pants.

Wearing it all day wherever you go can be incredibly satisfying for you and your dom.

You can use this toy in a few different ways.

You can use it like a traditional chastity device and put it around your penis so the teeth prevent sexual arousal, but you can also use it as a cock ring or a ball stretcher

Your dog will have a blast making you wear it in different ways.

As intriguing as this chastity toy is, I don't recommend it to everyone.

If you've used a toothed ring before, you will probably enjoy it, but if you've never used it before, you need to start slow, or you might not enjoy it like it's intended to. 

I would suggest starting by wearing it yourself to see how you enjoy it or with a dom that has experience with these toys.

10. Caged Beast Male Chastity Device Kit-Black: Best Cobra Chastity Cage

Caged Beast Male Chastity Device Kit-Black

The Caged Beast Male Chastity Device Kit is an aesthetically pleasing and comfortable chastity cage for men who want to be dominated and learn to control their sexual arousal.

The whole cage was designed thanks to inspiration from contemporary architecture.

That being said, I didn't find it a beneficial cage to wear while out and about because it's not as discreet as other options.

Plus, the cage is beautifully designed, so you'll want to see it yourself and show it off to your dom at home or in a private space.

When looking at the cage, you'll see structures that almost mimic nests in trees so your penis can rest comfortably within the cage while still feeling secure and like you're filling it out and unable to get erect.

This chastity cage has seven reversible and double-sided heart attachments to hold you in certain positions and enhance your experience wearing the cage.

The primary device is a little over three inches long and has a 1.3-inch/33mm diameter inside.

I suggest playing around with the three rings they provide since they're all different sizes, and one might fit better than another. 

The rings are classified as large (1.81 to 1.89 inches/45.9 to 48mm), super large (1.85 to 2.05 inches/46 to 52mm), and ultra-large (1.89 to 2.2inches/48mm to 55mm), so keep that in mind when purchasing.

11. Man Cage Medium Silicone Chastity Cage 4.5 Inch: Best Silicone Chastity Cage

Man Cage Medium Silicone Chastity Cage

Silicone chastity cages aren't for everyone because many people find them to be a little too flexible, but this silicone chastity cage is firm enough to keep you securely in place while the device is locked.

The sleek black cage has a length of 4.5 inches/114mm, allowing for more prominent men or some arousal to happen.

Depending on what you want from your chastity cage, this might be an excellent option for you, or it might be a terrible one.

If the silicone version is the one for you, they offer a similar product in plastic for a completely different sensation.

The Man Cage has several vent holes for comfort and even a urination hole, so you can wear it even when you have to go to the bathroom.

It's a good option for those who want to wear the cage for a long time, but how discreet it looks under your pants will depend on how tight your pants are.

Since sliding into silicone can be a little uncomfortable without lube, I'd recommend using your favorite water-based lube inside the cage shaft before inserting yourself.

A water-based lube will make getting in and out easier and even feel fantastic before you're locked in.

12. Man Cage Medium Chastity Cage: Best Urethral Chastity Cage

Man Cage Chastity Cage with Silicone Urethral Sound

Anyone interested in exploring urethral sounding should consider getting the Man Cage Medium Chastity Cage.

This cage comes with a removable urethral sound to allow your partner or dom to explore your body in new ways while still enjoying the benefits of a chastity cage.

The urethral sound insert has a length of 7.75 inches/19.7cm, but I suggest moving slowly when experimenting with this tool.

Even if you don't want to use the urethral sound insert all the time, you should always use lube on the shaft before inserting yourself unless you like the discomfort, then more power to you.

The cage is plastic and fun to use. I found that the product comes with four ball rings, so you can find the perfect fit and even push yourself to new limits.

It even comes with two lock options: plastic and metal.

The end of the cage is completely enclosed, so you are completely locked in, unlike other cages that offer ventilation options.

The product is waterproof, so you can have fun in various settings, like in the shower or in a private pool or hot tub.

The hard plastic cage makes for a completely different sensation than using a silicone, soft plastic, leather, or other material cage- your penis will be squeezed in a way you haven’t experienced before.

13. CH39 - DOME PA CHASTITY: Best Prince Albert Chastity Cage


Prince Albert is a widespread type of penial piercing, but there are Prince Albert chastity cages that you can use to enhance the pleasure that the piercing gives you without getting the piercing.

The piercing involves placing a barbell ring through the glans (on the back of the penis head) through the urethra (where pee comes out).

The CH39 works like a traditional chastity cage because your dom will lock your penis inside the device.

However, the Prince Albert aspect keeps you extra locked in, and even if you unlock the shaft, you still can't get away that easily because there's a lock inserted through the urethra.

This chastity cage is made with high-quality stainless steel, which makes it easy to clean and secure on your shaft.

The CH39 has a Prince Albert lock with a diameter of 4mm, a shaft of 2 inches/51mm long, and an inner diameter is 1.77 inches/45mm.

This isn't the only model of this type of chastity cage from this company. Several other versions are like the CH28, CH29, CH38, CH40, and CH41.

The main differences between the CH39 and these other four models are that it locks differently, and there's no external padlock.

 They all have slightly different appearances and are ideal for men of varying sizes. 

How To Put on a Chastity Cage?

How you'll put on a chastity cage will vary depending on the specific one you buy, but generally, they're similar.

You'll insert your flaccid penis into the cage. I recommend using lube to limit any unwanted discomfort.

Depending on the cage you're using, you might not be able to use lube because it can deteriorate the cage, but some require water- or oil-based to keep the integrity.

From there, you'll secure the cage around the penis and then lock the cage.

Once you're locked in, you'll want to ensure you don't have access to the key, or easy access, so you can reap all the sexual benefits of playing with a chastity cage.

How to Stretch a Silicone Cock Ring?

Stretching a silicone cock ring is a simple process that requires a gentle touch and careful attention.

To begin, ensure you have a high-quality silicone cock ring that is designed to be stretched.

Start by lubricating the ring and your fingers with a water-based lubricant, which will help reduce friction and ease the stretching process.

Hold the ring between your thumb and forefinger, and gently apply pressure to expand its diameter.

Avoid excessive force, as this may damage the ring.

Slowly stretch the ring by moving your fingers apart, increasing the circumference gradually.

If needed, add more lubricant to maintain a smooth stretching experience. 

Take breaks if you feel any discomfort or resistance. It's essential to listen to your body and not force the ring beyond its limits.

Remember to clean the ring thoroughly before and after use to maintain hygiene.

By following these steps, you can effectively stretch a silicone cock ring for a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

How To Enjoy Wearing a Chastity Cage?

Not many people are interested in wearing a chastity cage, but it can be highly pleasurable for specific individuals.

How you'll enjoy wearing one depends on your preferences, desires, and fantasies. Still, you can enjoy it solo, with a partner, and for training your stamina in the BDSM department.

1. Solo

If you want to use a chastity cage alone, you absolutely can.

Many men enjoy doing so because of the build-up to when they can fully get erect, and the climax feels much better, with or without another person.

When you're using the chastity cages on your own, you have complete control of the key and can unlock it anytime.

This is an excellent option if you're just getting into BDSM and want to dip your toes in the water on your own terms before experimenting with a partner.

The Man Cage Medium Silicone Chastity Cage is perfect for this use, since you can still use the bathroom while wearing it.

2. With a Partner

The vast majority of people enjoy using chastity cages with a partner. In many cases, one partner will put it on the other.

You can enjoy it in the bedroom with your partner as part of your session, or your partner can put it on you, and you can go about your normal activities while still subtly engaging in a sexual form of mental play.

My long term partner and I are long distance, and we’ve found the CELLMATE 2ND GENERATION CAGE.INK perfect for us.

We still get to play even though we’re quite literally continents apart, and it can be fun for me to wake him up in the night with some stimulation.

Even if you live with a partner, surprising them throughout the day with this cage is a great way to spice up your relationship.

Men often enjoy using the chastity belt with a partner as part of a larger spectrum of BDSM play.

You definitely don't need to engage in other forms of the practice to use a chastity belt, but it's a commonplace, and once you start with chastity cages, you'll probably continue to be more interested in other BDSM practices.

3. Training Stamina for BDSM

Chastity belts are known for helping increase stamina for BDSM.

You'll be able to practice holding out longer during BDSM play in many cases since many doms prefer that you don't get to orgasm until they allow you to.

When training an experienced sub, I prefer to use the Man Cage Medium Chastity Cage with the urethral inset.

For a new sub, I use the Chastity Beginner Set to ensure comfort without a super intense experience.

Waiting until your dom or partner allows you to can prevent punishment in the BDSM atmosphere and show your dom that you can fully submit to them.

Even if you don't use it in a dominant-submissive way, using it with your partner can still be fun and allow you to last longer in the future.

How to urinate when having chastity?

When wearing a chastity cage, especially one with a small opening for urination, there are a few ways to urinate to minimize any mess:

  1. Sitting to Pee: Sitting down on the toilet to urinate is the most recommended way. This helps to control the direction of the urine flow and reduces the chances of making a mess.
  2. Positioning: Some users suggest positioning themselves in a way that allows for a larger area for urination. For example, you can sit backward on the toilet seat to create a larger area for urine to flow and reduce mess.
  3. Using Q-Tips (Ear Swabs) to guide: In cases where the cage has small holes, you can use Q-Tips or ear swabs to guide the urine flow through the smaller holes and into the larger opening. This can help control the direction of the urine and prevent spills.
  4. Consider Urethral Tubes: If you feel comfortable with urethral tubes and want some convenience, it's suggested to consider cages with urethral tubes as an option. However, it's important to research and consider the safety of such attachments for long-term wear.

It's important to note that each individual's experience might differ, and finding the way that works best for you while maintaining hygiene and comfort is crucial.

If you're new to using a chastity cage, it might take some trial and error to find the most suitable approach to urinate while still having the chastity on. 

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