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19 Best Couple Vibrators For Intimate Sex (Updated 2024)

by Jane Louis
best couple vibrators

Adding a vibrator to your relationship can make your sex life more exciting and creative.

It's a way for you to explore together and learn new feelings you didn't know of before.

However, no two sex toys for couples are the same. Everyone has unique tastes, and what blows your mind might be average for someone else.

So, even if a toy has high reviews, you want to pick something perfect for you.

In this article, we listed 19 best vibrators for couples to do just that. 


lovense lush 3 profile 500_500

Most Versatile Vibe

Looking for adventurous sex? Lush 3 is for you! It adds tons of new ways to both bedroom sex and public play. Super fun!


we-vibe chorus profile 500_500

Best For Penetrative Sex

Looking for a unparallel bedroom sex? Chorus is there for you! It intensify every hits and G-spot will be in heaven!


kiiroo Onyx plus & pearl 2 profile 500_500

Best Long-Distance Toys

This set is for HIM & HER. Strong vibration for her and Enticing stroking for him. You can enjoy amazing intimacy from anywhere. 

What are Couple Vibrators?

A couple vibrator is a sex toy you can use for mind-blowing interactive pleasure in or outside of the bedroom. 

Some toys can vibrate between you both during intercourse, so you share the sensation. 

Others offer creative designs to use on each other, making for a fun mutual masturbation session.

Couple vibrators have enormous benefits for your love life. That's especially true for her.

study from the Archives of Sexual Behavior showed that 95% of straight men could orgasm during sex without a vibrator.

Meanwhile, only 65% of straight women could do the same! And the #1 reason women couldn't was because they needed more pleasure on their clitoris. 

Your clitoris has 8,000 nerve endings, making it a powerhouse of sexual pleasure. So vibrators close the orgasm gap by delivering mind-blowing pleasure to this center.

lesbian couple sex

And it's fun for him, too. More than 60% of men said they enjoy using sex toys on themselves or a partner.

So, getting a couple's vibrator is a great way to start spicing up your love life.

How to Choose a Good Couple Vibrator?

There is no one-size-fits-all for picking an excellent couple vibrator. However, a few key factors can help you shop for your favorite couple sex toys.

1. External or Internal Use

Some of the best vibrators for couples target different body parts. Some are better than others for stimulating the clitoris, G-spot, penile area, or other erogenous zones. 

So, look for unique features, not just top reviews.

2. Distance 

If you're in a long-distance relationship, you can take advantage of WIFI-based sex toys. Some couple toy sets sync two devices from far away.

And when your partner touches one device, it sends vibrations to yours.

long distance sex

3. Shape Matters

For shape, the best toys to stimulate your G Spot and prostate are curved vibrators. Both of these sex organs are located in the front wall of the vagina or rectum, respectively.

So, a curved vibrator helps focus the toy on the exact spot for precise pleasure.

vibrator for clit

4. Size Matters

As for size, you want to think about what girth will blow your mind. That's especially true if you're trying something new and fun, like pegging.

In addition to these tips, remember to pick body-safe materials in your sex toys.

All of the couple vibrators on this list were either latex-free, phthalate-free, or both.

Top 19 Best Couple Vibrators You Should Not Miss

Below are the top-rated couple vibrators I really like:

1. We-Vibe Chorus: Best for Penetrative Sex

we-vibe chorus review

Read a detailed We-vibe Chorus Review

The We-Vibe Chorus is a C-shaped vibrator with one arm over the clitoris and another that enters the vagina. 

It has strong, rumbling vibrations with 10 modes and patterns to choose from. 

When you charge it completely, it'll run for a full 90 minutes, so you can count on it to stick through even the most passionate sessions. 

The shorter arm is three inches long, making it satisfying to fit the Chorus and a penis in the vagina at the same timeThen, he can enjoy its vibrations down his shaft.

It comes with remote control, but it's the We-Connect App that makes it a hit. My partner used the app from across the country, and he could speak into the app to send vibrations to my toy. 

I loved how flexible this toy was. It has two joints you can pinch or pull to make it as tight or broad as you need. 

At its widest, the arms were more than 90° apart. It takes slow, gentle pressure to move each arm. 

But once it's set, you don't have to worry about it moving during sex.

we-vibe chorus size adjust


  • Waterproof / Submersible
  • App Controllable
  • Intense vibration
  • Very Flexible & adjustable neck
  • Advanced storage case
  • Quiet


  • Remote may disconnect sometimes
  • Difficult to adjust during use

2. Lovense Lush 3: Best Vibe for Couples into Public Play

lovense lush 3 remote app control

Read a detailed Lovense Lush 3 Review

The Lush 3 is known as the most powerful Bluetooth remote control egg vibrator
It is tailored to help women achieve bigger, more intense, more pleasurable orgasms.

Lush 3 is made of premium body-safe silicone that is soft to the touch.
It weighs 68 grams and has an insertable bulbous part measures around 3 inches (76 mm) in size, which is compact enough to be carried everywhere.

This high-quality vibrator is completely waterproof and designed to stimulate the areas that matter most.

The feature I love the most distinct during couple play is its app control functions, especially when my partner and I are in long-distance relationship.

Basically, it is remotely controllable via a smartphone app, which means you can enjoy it from anywhere in the world.

The device includes many programmable modes and is also capable of vibrating to music.

Lush 3 is my go-to vibration for public play. My favorite spots are movie theatres, shopping malls and restaurants.

Thanks to the silky silicone surface, it's very comfortable to keep the toy inserts for hours. Also, it's very responsive to the app control.

All you need to do is to get it connected in advance and enjoy hands-free stimulation while you do whatever you please.


  • Strong and intense stimulation 
  • Silky soft silicone
  • App and remote controllable
  • Stable connection
  • Hands-free play
  • Extremely Versatile
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Very long battery life (up to 5 hours)


  • A bit pricey

3. We-vibe Moxie: Best Panty Vibe for Playful Couples

moxie magnet

Read a detailed We-vibe Moxie Review

The Moxie by we-vibe is another remote-controlled vibrator that delivers intense sensations from anywhere in the world.

Unlike Lush 3, it is designed for external use and can be clipped to the panty for gentle clitoral stimulation.

Compact, thrilling, and 100% waterproof, Moxie provides 10+ stimulating vibration modes that are sure to leave you wanting more.

The vibration from Moxie is more on the gentle side, which makes it a perfect toy for teasing and foreplay.

The vibe can be controlled either manually with a single-button interface or with a free We-vibe App.

With the app, you can control the Moxie remotely, without being limited by distance.

What impressed me the most is the magnetic clipping system Moxie has.

I've tried many panty vibrators, such as Fifty shades Freed and Ohmibod Clubvibe. None of them can stay as stably as the Moxie.

Whoever came up with the idea of using the magnetic clip is a genius! It revolutionizes the experience of using panty vibrators.


  • Steadily attached to panties/strings
  • Hands-free experience
  • Gentle vibration
  • Small, light & discreet
  • Waterproof
  • Control without distance limit


  • Vibration can be stronger

4. Fifty Shades of Grey Remote Control Egg: Best for Beginners

Fifty Shades Remote Control Egg vibe

I had a lot of fun keeping this vibrator inside my vagina throughout the day.

It comes with a remote control that works from up to 10 meters away, so my partner could turn it on and surprise me at any time. 

The insertable length is about three inches, but the cord adds another five inches. 

So, we could deliver strong vibrations deep into the vagina or anus and pull it out easily. 

If you like public teasing, though, be careful. Some of the vibrations are loud and buzzy, so it's not totally discrete. 

My partner enjoyed using it on his perineum or as a teaser on her nipples.

The vibrator comes with two speeds and five patterns to adjust the intensity to our bodies' sensitivity. 

It's not as strong as the Chorus, but just enough to tease your partner for foreplay.


  • Rumbly vibration
  • Lasts about 100 minutes on a full charge
  • Discrete-looking remote
  • Waterproof
  • Includes a satin bag for storage


  • Might slip out while walking
  • A bit loud

5. Dame Arc: Best for Teasing & Sensitive Body

Dame Arc

The Dame Arc works as a stimulator for the G-spot and clitoris. But we noticed its squishy head makes it perfect for almost any sensitive part of your body.

The head is soft enough to roll over nipples, scrotums, or necks without a problem. It didn't feel overwhelming or have too much friction.

Instead, it felt soft and delivered soft, rumbling vibrations across five speeds and five patterns.

I found it easy on the wrists, too. The curved, 4.5-inch end helps you target the G Spot, but it also lets me apply a lot of pressure without straining my hands.

While this toy is excellent for nestling it on your body, it's NOT the best for thrusting. 

Its dramatic curve makes it difficult to thrust fast without getting uncomfortable.


  • Gentle stimulation
  • Takes just 20 minutes to charge
  • Comfortable, ergonomic handle
  • Quiet
  • Waterproof
  • Silent travel mode


  • Awkward for fast-paced sex
  • No remote control

6. Lovense Max 2 & Nora 2 - Best for Long Distance Intimacy

Lovense MAX 2 NORA

Read a detailed Lovense Max 2 Review

The Max 2 is a 9.5-inch long stroker that combines vaginal contractions with strong vibrations. 

A lot of users were blown away by how tightly it can contract. Plus, it has textured nubs in the sleeve for exciting texture. While the vibrations aren't too loud, the contractions can be. 

On the other hand, the Nora 2 is a sex toy that targets the clitoris and G spot. It comes with an insertable, rotating head for her. On the clitoris, it has a vibrating arm. 

You can adjust both between low to high intensity. At the highest intensity, it's not as strong as a Hitachi wandBut it is strong enough to get sensitive users to orgasm.

The best part is that these sex toys can sync together. You can control each other's toy over an app, or turn them on simultaneously.

One more bonus: It's LGBT friendly. A Max can connect with a Max, and a Nora can be with a Nora.


  • Deep and intense dual stimulation from Nora
  • Realistic stroking from Max 2
  • Simulates real sex positions
  • User-friendly app
  • Super versatile 
  • Can sync with music, songs, VR, games
  • Battery lasts two to three hours
  • LGBT- friendly


  • Not water submersible
  • A bit time consuming to clean Max 2 after use
  • Nora's movements are stronger than the vibrations

7. Fun Factory ShareVibe: Best for Pegging Experience

Fun Factory Sharevibe

The Fun Factory ShareVibe has a slim, 5.5-inch long dildo that makes it comfortable for vaginal and anal sex.

But on the other end, it has an insertable arm to enter the vagina. 

When it's in your vagina, it feels big and presses perfectly against your G spot.

Then, you can use the cock end to peg your partner without a harness.

Both ends vibrate simultaneously, so both he and her (or her and her) can enjoy mutual sensations

But the vibrations are more like a soft teaser compared to the bullet vibrator it comes with.

That's right, unlike other strapless strapons, this one includes a deep rumbling bullet.

This toy might be best for women who have a strong pelvic floor or who have done Kegels.

If you can manage to make it stay in place, though, pegging is a fun way to try being a dom in the bedroom.


  • Bullet vibrator with five modes included
  • Great for mutual stimulation
  • High-quality look and feel
  • Waterproof
  • Runs for two to three hours


  • Too large for some users
  • Can't be used in many positions
  • Not easy to adjust

8. Lelo Sila: Best Suction Toy for Foreplay

lelo sila look

Read a detailed Lelo Sila Review

SILA is a beautiful, powerful, and luxurious clit suction toy. It measures 80 x 75 x 35 mm / 3.1 x 2.9 x 1.4 In in size, which is handy and comfortable hold. 

Contoured to fit the female form, the Sila features a soft silicone head and a motor that produces powerful stimulation through sonic waves.

It has 8 sonic wave intensity levels and 10 wave patterns.

Unlike conventional vibrations, its unique vacuum-like suction head wraps the clit and delivers contactless airwaves in 360 degrees. 

I usually don't recommend suction toys for couple use, but Lelo Sila is an exception. 

Most of the clit suction toys are super intense and have a small suction mouth which only fits the size of a clit. 

This makes them perfect for solo masturbation, but it can be too much for couple play (Your partner won't be happy if you come before he even starts to enjoy the game).

As for Sila, it has a large suction mouth, which makes it a better toy to increase the sensitivity of a clit, meanwhile not over-stimulate it. 

Besides, it can be an ideal tool as a nipple sucker, and nipple play can be an enticing experience for couple sex. 


  • Strong and intense stimulation 
  • Ultra-soft silicone
  • Large mouth for better coverage
  • Waterproof
  • Long battery life (2 hours)


  • A bit pricey

9. Kiiroo Onyx + & Pearl 2: Best Automatic Interactive Toy

Kiiroo Onyx plus & Pearl 2

A few things make the Onyx+ and Pearl 2 set a unique couple vibrator. 

First, the Onyx + is an automatic stroker. He only has to hit the ON button, and it'll start moving the suction. 

Unlike the Max 2, it has a sleeker, quieter design. It has about an inch wider girth than the Max, and studded sleeves that contract and vibrate while they stroke you. 

Overall, the sleeve feels more like a real vagina than the Max 2.

While the Pearl is for the G Spot, it isn't curved enough to blow your mind. But the vibrations are perfect because they're neither overwhelming nor tame. 

It doesn't come with a clitoral vibrator like the Nora 2. But it has a unique touch-sensitive mode that only vibrates the part touching your vagina.

You can sync the devices with each other internationally, and the connection between them doesn't falter like other toys.

So, if she strokes the tip of the Pearl 2, he'll feel the vibrations at the end of his penis. 


  • App controllable
  • Great connection between devices
  • Onyx+ feels very realistic
  • Pearl 2 is easy to clean
  • Pearl 2 is waterproof
  • Super Versatile
  • Waterproof
  • Lasts one to two hours
  • Unlimited vibration patterns via the app


  • Onyx+ is bulky
  • Onyx+ is noisy
  • Onyx+ is not waterproof

10. Ohmibod Clubvibe 3.0: Best for Dancing

ohmibod clubvibe 3.0

Read a review about Ohmibod sex toys

We're not kidding when we say the Ohmibod is best for dancing. This 3-inch long vibrator reacts to music and comes with a thong to hide it in public. 

It worked best with heavy base music to produce strong vibrations.

We were delighted to notice it lasted for two to three hours, even at its highest intensity.

The vibrator doesn't have a comfortable handle, so it's not as good for using alone at home.

But if you want to try something public, adventurous, and discrete, this is a good bet.


  • Quiet enough for bars, clubs, concerts
  • Comfortable size and material
  • Syncs to music and audio
  • Discrete remote


  • Thong is one-size only
  • Too loud for a restaurant
  • Not water-resistant

11. Fun Factory Manta - Best for His Pleasure

Fun Factory Manta

The Manta has a strange design but more than delivers on sexual pleasure. The flaps at the end of it are extremely flexible.

But when it vibrates around his penis, it turns his entire cock into a vibrator. That feature makes it pleasurable for both of you during intercourse.

Some people used it at the base of their penis to vibrate their balls.

Others like using it as a stroker or keeping it on the frenulum. 

You can also put it on the low to high vibration pattern, where it'll feel like it squeezes his penis.

To try it on her, use the wings around her clitoris for an intense orgasm. On a full charge, it’ll last about an hour.


  • Diverse speeds and patterns
  • Ridges hold lubricant
  • Small, maneuverable size
  • Quiet
  • Waterproof


  • Tricky buttons
  • No carrying bag included

12. We-vibe Vector: Best for His Anal Pleasure

wevibe vector look

Read a detailed We-vibe Vector Review

This is another good toy for HIM. Most couples don't introduce anal pleasure to their sex toy.

But a survey shows that around and 40% of men are open to trying anal stimulation.

If you are a couple who is interested in exploring the rare area, the We-vibe Vector can be an ideal add-on for either beginners or advanced players.

We-vibe Vector is a vibrating prostate massager. It is made of high-quality silicone in its entirety and comes with a remote controller. Most importantly, it embraces the best type of vibration!

It offers you more ways to enjoy pleasure in the palm of your hand. Also, The exclusive remote control app lets you play from anywhere in your home.

Vector is rechargeable, with up to 2 hours of play on a single charge.
My partner and I are big fans of involving sex toys in our sex life.

We've tried tons of female toys and I was triggered to use this male toy on him!
He said the vibration is amazing!

Note: It's important to apply a great amount of lube to make sure of a comfortable insertion.


  • Adjustable head and flexible base
  • Strong & rumbly vibration
  • Easy-to-use App control
  • Stable Connection
  • Waterproof
  • Long battery life


  • A bit pricey

13. Lelo Tiani 3 - Best Remote Control

Lelo Tiani 3

The Lelo Tiani 3 has a similar design to the We-Vibe Chorus. But what makes this couple vibrator unique is its remote control.

The remote has a SenseMotion mode that lets you feel the vibration you're sending to your partner. 

You use it by moving your wrist, and whatever you feel in your hand is what your partner is getting.

Some people find the vibrations to be on the tame side.

It's not as flexible as the Chorus, but it has a luxurious texture, design, and interface for you to feel pleasure in sync. 


  • Fits many body shapes and sizes
  • Luxurious material
  • Smooth, velvety feel
  • Eight vibration settings
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Waterproof


  • May slip out if you don't hold it
  • Tricky controller
  • Loud

14. Kiiroo Titan & Fuse - Best for Interactive Masturbation

Kiiroo Titan & Fuse

The Titan & Fuse come from the same company that made Onyx and Pearl. 

But instead of contracting, the Titan penile toy in this kit comes with more vibrations.

Also, the Fuse comes with a clitoral arm that the Pearl doesn't have.

The Titan has a ribbed grip that makes it easy to hold onto. But a downside is that you need to stroke it manually.

Still, its nine vibration options might be enough to make up for this for you. Plus, unlike the Onyx, you can switch between 3 sleeve options.

To use the toys over long distances, we used Kiiroo's Feel Connect App

It has user-friendly vibration adjusters and lets you call your partner within the app.

Each lasts between 45 to 90 minutes before you need to charge them again.


  • Sync in with each other over long-distance
  • Lots of presets
  • Stroker feels realistic
  • Fuse has strong vibration
  • Fuse is waterproof


  • Not quiet
  • Tatian is not waterproof
  • Titan is awkward to clean

15. We-vibe Nora 2: Best Rabbit Vibrator

wevibe nova 2 demo

Read a detailed We-vibe Nova 2 Review

The Nova 2, a rabbit-style vibrator with dual stimulating arms, features at least 30% more power than most of the rabbit vibes.

The nova's rumbling vibrations stimulate the clitoris and G-Spot for incredible blended orgasms.

It also includes a remote-controllable App for partners to play with long distances.

The Nova 2 has a super flexible clit-arm, which ables spontaneous stimulation for the clitoris and G spot at the same time. I have many rabbit vibe and none of them can be as flexible as Nova 2!

Besides, Nova 2 is cord-free, waterproof, and rechargeable. The lithium-ion battery allows for up to 120 minutes of pleasure on a single charge.

My partner really enjoys to tease me with Nova 2. The vibration is so amazing that it can get me wet in just a few minutes.

Also, the G-spot shaft is quite skim, which is ideal for gentle stretching my vaginal opening and prepare it well before my partner enters.


  • Strong and rumbly vibration 
  • Remote controllable (app control)
  • Very flexible
  • Waterproof
  • Quiet
  • Travel Lock included


  • G-spot arm may not be girthy enough for some women

16. Fantasy for Her Tongue Vibrator: For Unique Sensations

Fantasy for Her Tongue Vibrator

This couple vibrator has a lot of variety in one package. With three suction patterns and seven tongue motions, it feels amazing on your clitoris and his nipples.

The long wand end is insertable. Sadly, the arm's vibrations aren't as strong as the others on this list.

But it still makes a great dildo because it heats up while you use it, stimulating the G spot.

This toy is amazing if you want to make your nipples, vagina, and clitoris feel great. 

It's not a toy you can both use simultaneously, and it doesn't have a remote. But it still delivers on variety more than other toys.

The insertable length stands at 5.5 inches long with a gentle curve. Some users wish the tongue moved in circles, but the suction still made them orgasm.

Finally, you don’t need to worry about batteries on this toy. It is completely USB rechargeable. 


  • Broad suction area
  • Long handle makes it easy to move
  • Good for both nipples and clit suction
  • A 2-in-1 toy
  • Simulates oral sex


  • Need music to cover loudness
  • Long end has weak vibration
  • No continuous suction pattern

17. Rocks-Off Cocktail: A New Level of Shared Satisfaction

Rocks-Off Cocktail

Most of the couple vibrators take care of clit and vagina, the cocktail toy can pleasure your butt hole and vagina at the same time. 

This is the first time I see a toy like this. Surprisingly, it actually works. 

This toy embraces all the premium features a good toy should have - waterproof, USB magnetic charger, and remotely controllable.

Meanwhile, it holds 2 super powerful motors that will blow both of your holds. These 10 deep and rumbly vibration and pulsation levels are a charm. 

Rock-off is a wearable toy, which means it supports a hands-free experience

The stimulation in the anal part makes the whole process extremely intense as it provides a strong sense of fullness. 

The vaginal arm is rather thin, so it was quite easy to insert, and my boyfriend doesn't really feel bothered thrusting me while having it inside.

However, he doesn't like having the vibration simultaneously. Luckily, it's possible to control the two motors independently

I usually just let the vibration run in the back hole and enjoy his thrusting at the same time. 

  • Insertable Vaginal Thickness: 0.4"
  • Insertable Anal Plug Size: 3.5'' (length) x 1.2" (diameters)


  • Super smooth body-safe silicone
  • Flexible to adjust
  • Remote Controllable (A Remote Included)
  • 10 powerful vibration levels
  • Dual motors & can be controllable independently
  • Support hands-free stimulation
  • 100 %waterproof
  • USB magnetic charge
  • Last for 1 hour after 1 hour of charge


  • May not fit all body anatomy
  • Can be too intense if you are not a fan of a full feeling

18. Doxy Number 3 Wand Massager: Most Powerful Vibrations

Doxy Number 3 Wand

I love the Doxy Number 3 Wand because it's so much lighter and slimmer than other wands. 

The head is also smaller than average, which makes the vibration feel concentrated. 

Want to use it as a teaser? Run it across the tougher, less sensitive parts of your body at high vibrations.

It can deliver a good back and neck massage to relax your partner into arousal.

We found this felt great on the clitoris, alone and during sex. The head size makes it easy to slip between you and your partner during missionary. 

Another small detail we liked was its 3-meter long cord. That made it easy to connect anywhere in places like hotel rooms for a bit of fun.

If you want a lot of vibration patterns, this isn't the toy for you. It only has one vibrator pattern on top of its manual mode.

Still, it delivers a powerful, pleasurable sensation. 


  • Extremely powerful vibrations
  • Compact enough to store
  • Very long cord
  • Easy buttons to navigate
  • Easy to clean


  • Not waterproof
  • One vibration pattern only
  • Noisy

19. Liberator Wedge: Best Sex Pillow for A Better Sex Life

Liberator Sex Position Wedge

Read a detailed Liberator Wedge Review

This is not a sex toy, but I personally think it's a must-have if you want to make couple sex easier, hotter, and more fun.

Liberator Wedge is a low-rise, wide-base sex pillow that supports the hips and can be used to elevate the upper body.

It will help you find and enjoy more positions while making sex with a partner easier to attain and more comfortable.

Wedge is made from the highest-quality, food-grade polyurethane foam to ensure a luxurious experience every time you use it. 

It's also waterproof and easy to clean, with a removable, machine-washable cover. 

If you are an adventurous couple, this Wedge is for you! Because this versatile pillow can provide you with a solution to almost any sexual challenge you might encounter.


  • More Position Options Made Easier
  • Added Comfort for Both
  • Easy to Clean
  • Eliminates the Need for Pillows that May Move
  • Works Well for All Fun Ideas
  • Discreet, as others won't notice it's a sex pillow


  • Height May Not Work for All
  • Not easy to store

How to Use a Couple Vibrator?

We know that a couple vibrators can make your G spot, clitoris or penis feel amazing.

Still, you might need to do some workarounds depending on your favorite positions. Here are some tips for using fun couple sex toys.

1. Use it during Doggy Position

Get down on all fours. Then, stack pillows under your stomach and place a wand on it. The head should rest against your clitoris.

While he's thrusting, you should feel the wand vibrate against your clitoris in a big pleasure sandwich.

gay couple sex

2. Use it during Oral Sex

During a blowjob, you can press a vibrator against his perineum to guarantee an orgasm.

Some couples even like to use couple vibrators to switch their roles.

For example, she can put a strapless strap-on in her vagina while he gives it a blowjob. He won't feel it, but it can make for fun roleplay.

3. Use it on his Shaft

Like we mentioned in the Fun Factory Manta review, you can place a vibrator at the base of his cock.

His cock will look like it's vibrating and give her a mind-blowing sensation when he enters her.


No matter what couple sex toy you decide to try, you'll have a new world of sensations and experiments to explore. 

Even if one toy doesn't work for you, it can open you up to something you didn't know could feel so good.

The trends show that couple vibrators are only getting more creative and tech-based.

 So be sure to take advantage of these great tools for intimate, spicier sex now.

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James August 2, 2021 - 11:38 pm

I Love your reviews.. so informative, and unbiased. for different peoples tastes. I usually don’t find these reviews very accurate after I have made a decision or purchase, but with your description it is pretty spot on!


PS don’t suppose demonstration videos would be out of the question?

Iain March 20, 2022 - 1:23 am

Love all your work! I am surprised to see only one Lovense product in your top 18? You have mentioned that you always take price into your analysis. Is that partly why or are their other reasons. I am kean on not using multiple apps for the items that use one.

Jane Louis March 20, 2022 - 7:22 am

Thank you Lain! I am happy to know you appreciate my articles 🙂
You are right, price is one of my concerns and I wanted to diversify the brand range so that readers can have more options (For example, one reader told me that she really don’t like toys in hot pink color).
I in general really like Lovense toys because their app is by far the best I’ve used (considering stability and versatility). Are you looking for couple vibe or solo vibe? Either way, I want to say my fave ones are Lush, Ferri and Hyphy ;).

Iain March 20, 2022 - 2:36 pm

Thanks for the quick reply Jane. We were thinking for couple experiences. Lush3, Diamo are on our list, Ferri we have. What do you think of the Quake? Is it too close to the Lush? Is their a reason to have both? Thanks for the suggestion on the Hyphy!

Jane Louis March 23, 2022 - 1:12 pm

Personally, I mainly use Quake (now is named Dolce) for solo masturbation. Lush and Quake look quite similar on pictures, but they vary quite a lot once you see the toys in real life. Quake’s clit arm is a lot thicker, which explains why it can handle a second motor inside. It massages both the vagina and vulva very well (and depending on your body anatomy, it might even be able to stimulate your clit at the same time). I come quite fast when using it this way and I don’t think my partner would appreciate having Quake competing with him haha. Did you check my Dolce review? I mentioned there it’s possible to unfold it and use it like a slim G-spot vibe (somewhat like Kiiroo Pearl 2). If your partner is interesting in doing the thrust for your, that can be fun :).

Iain March 25, 2022 - 6:07 pm

Thanks again for all the great insight. What do you mean at the bottom when you say “if your partner is interesting in doing the thrust for you?” Sounds fun but what are you trying to describe?

Jane Louis March 27, 2022 - 1:48 pm

Sorry I didn’t explain well. You can unfold the Dolce to around 160 degrees and turn it into a G-spot vibrator (see pictures in this review). It’s actually quite a good G-spot toy and you can move it in and out easily (aka. the thrust) as it’s rather slim. This movement can be done either by yourself or your partner, if he/she is interested :).

Iain March 20, 2022 - 2:37 pm

Was going to also say, if you were to build your wish list, what would you suggest!

Jane Louis March 23, 2022 - 1:17 pm

That’s really hard to say. I got more than 100 toys haha. I have a Best Pick list for different categories and I selected my favorite models to talk about in these articles.
I also have a top list (which I updated regularly) where I picked out my fav. of the moment. Feel free to check them :).


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