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Best Fake Vaginas of 2024: Take Self-Pleasure to A New Level

by Jane Louis
Best Fake Vaginas

With so many sex toys on the market, choosing a fake vagina can feel overwhelming.

Every manufacturer claims to have the most realistic toy or the pocket vagina with the most pleasurable features.

I’m a firm believer in using masturbation as a way of exploring your sexuality and developing a positive relationship with your body.

After testing several realistic toy vaginas, I’ve compiled a list of the best fake pussy toys with picks that reflect different preferences and use cases.


THRUST Pro Elite Alicia profile 500_500

Best Overall

Butt, Breast, Waist, Vagina, and asshole - you get it all! Alicia has a skin-like texture and flesh-like weight of 16.5lb, delivering an authenticity that's bound to astonish. 

The 7.5''-deep vaginal canal, adorned with inviting lips and a stretchy opening, engulfs you in a world of textured pleasure during penetration. 

Meanwhile, the 5-inch tight anus, with its petite 0.3-inch width promises an unforgettable backdoor adventure.


Fleshlight Stamina Training profile 500_500.png

The Best for Beginners

Here comes the classic Fleshlight onaholes model!

After inserting, this vagina wraps around you with a tight, passionate embrace, sending amazing stimulation that mirrors the sensations of a real pussy.

You can't go wrong with this beginner-friendly toy!

If you like the texture but want to explore more options, there is a line of Fleshlight girls' fake pussy for your to explore.


Kiiroo Keon profile 500_500

Best Auto Masturbator

This is my fav. masturbator! The texture of the sleeve is realistic; meanwhile, it can stroke and contrast automatically once charged.

After inserting, the journey starts with a breathtaking realism that leaves you breathless, and it evolves into unstoppable moaning as the device is rather powerful.

Besides, the toy can sync seamlessly with Virtual Reality videos, creating a tantalizing multi-dimensional adventure that transcends reality.

What Is a Good Fake Pussy?

As a sex toy reviewer, one of my favorite categories to explore is fake vaginas due to the creative designs and the unique features manufacturers come up with to introduce new sensations.

After testing different fake pussy toys, I’ve compiled a short list of the key features to look for in the best artificial vaginas:

  • It should be a quality product with safe materials.
  • The design should be appealing to you. If you don’t feel aroused by it, you won’t use it much.
  • Most importantly, the toy should be pleasurable to use, whether it aims to reproduce realistic sensations or introduce new feelings.

Ultimately, choosing a fake pussy is a matter of personal preference, which is why I included a variety of pussy toys in my recommendations.

Whether you’re new to sex toys or already have an extensive collection, I highly recommend looking into getting an onahole.

These realistic sex toys originated in Japan and quickly became popular thanks to the authentic experience they deliver.

You can find onaholes with a simple pocket pussy design, as well as models that incorporate different body parts or cater to specific fetishes.

We can further break down the products I recommend into three main categories:

  • Pocket pussies. These simple sex toys, also known as fleshlights, use a tube-like design to replace your hand.
  • Realistic vaginas with torsos. These male masturbators feature exciting designs that often incorporate hips, waists, buttocks, breasts, and other body parts.
  • Sex dolls. While some men turn to sex dolls to simulate the experience of having a romantic partner, a doll can also be a great way to explore your sexuality through realistic experiences.

Best Fake Pussy Toy Reviews

1. THRUST Pro Elite Alana: Best for Doggy Style

THRUST Pro Elite Alana Ribbed Vagina and Ass Masturbator 7kg

This curvy masturbator tops my list of the best fake pussy toys with its soft material and ridged design.

With its 27 to 30” waist and 36 to 38” hips, this faux pussy feels inviting and will quickly get you turned on if you’re an ass man.

Alana uses a simple but effective design. This toy has the appearance of a slightly raised behind with two realistic orifices to alternate between vaginal and anal penetration.

What I enjoyed the most about this toy was the distinct feel of each opening.

The vaginal canal is 7.5” deep and 0.5” wide while the anal opening offers a much tighter feel with 5.5” in length and 0.1” in width.

The soft plastic material is another plus. Caressing, pinching, and spanking the material adds to the experience and will keep you coming back to this toy.

Both openings use large and smooth ridges that feel very pleasurable.

The feeling remains enjoyable regardless of how fast you thrust, and it’s a relatively simple feature that doesn’t feel intimidating if you’re new to using pocket pussies.

I recommend using quality water-based lube so you can glide in and out comfortably.

The Alana toy is perfect for doggy-style penetration, but you can flip it to simulate missionary intercourse and try different angles of penetration.

Another highlight is around 16 lbs./7kg weight and a wide base that makes the toy stable enough for a hands-free experience as long as you have a flat surface or can keep the toy against a wall.

2. THRUST Pro Elite Alicia: Best Small Torso Masturbator

THRUST Pro Elite Alicia Realistic Vagina, Ass and Tits Masturbator 7.5kg

Torso masturbators open up new possibilities for play by combining penetration with breasts you can grab and squeeze.

The THRUST Pro Elite Alicia sex toy is my top pick for men looking for the fun of a torso masturbator without the bulk.

At 19” in length, this fake pussy toy remains compact and easy to store, but it has all the features you would expect from a torso masturbator.

The soft texture of the material feels great to the touch. It invites you to explore the toy and interact with the realistic breast and buttocks.

It’s available in two realistic colors - flesh pink and flesh tan.

I love how varied the possibilities are. You can use this toy on its back or flip it for a different experience.

You can also alternate between the vaginal and anal openings. The realistic toy vagina is 5” deep and feels amazing thanks to the soft lips and ridged interior.

The anal opening provides a tighter feel at 0.3” in width. It also features soft nubs that enhance pleasure.

At a little over 16 lbs., the toy has enough weight and stability for hands-free use. The weight adds to the realistic experience, but the toy is light enough to maneuver.

This fake pussy toy isn’t as deep as other options, and I can see how some men would prefer a slightly larger toy for the sake of realism, but I feel that this torso masturbator is an excellent compromise if you want a realistic onahole with buttocks and breasts in a compact design.

3. Zhang Xiao Yu’s Realistic Pussy: Most Realistic Experience

Utensil Race Proof 005 Zhang Xiao Yu's Realistic Pussy Masturbator 1.2Kg

This ultra-realistic fake pussy toy is the closest thing you can experience to an actual sexual encounter.

The toy uses porn actress Zhang Xiao Yu as a model, but whether or not you’re familiar with her work isn’t relevant.

The main reason to get this toy is that it replaces the usual plastic feel of the vaginal opening with a texture that reproduces the look and feel of the tissues you would find in a real vagina.

It’s easily the most realistic fake vagina, and the detailed appearance of the opening supports the realistic impression.

The vaginal canal is 5.5” and 0.5” wide. I think these dimensions are a good fit for most men.

The 5.5” sleeve features three zones with different textures, and the shape of the canal is another detail that adds to the realistic experience since it uses curves and turns that create a life-like sensation.

The material is a soft TPE plastic. It feels soft to the touch and remains easy to clean.

The design of this fake pussy toy is close to a classic handheld fleshlight, but the toy has a few curves and uses a skin-like material instead of a plastic outer shell.

Overall, the design feels like a good compromise between a classic fleshlight and a more detailed toy without adding the weight or bulk of a fake pussy with a torso.

I can’t recommend this toy enough if you’re after a realistic feel that results in intense orgasms.

4. Fleshlight Stamina Training: Tightest Fit


Read my Ultimate Fleshlight Guide to learn more

This pocket pussy is one of the best artificial vaginas I’ve had the pleasure to test thanks to its tight fit and realistic look.

With its 8.5” interior sleeve, this handheld toy can accommodate everyone comfortably and it provides a tight and extremely stimulating experience thanks to the use of large nubs on the inside.

Compared to other fake pussy toys I tested, the nubs feel closer together and provide a sensation of tightness.

However, the toy never feels uncomfortable to use thanks to the soft skin-like material.

The design uses a discreet gold outer sleeve.

The opening features a realistic vagina, and the quality of the sculpt was a major selling point for me with the visible clitoris.

The manufacturer presents this sex toy as a tool you can use to improve your stamina.

The toy even comes with a digital guide with a few exercises designed to teach you to last longer.

I think that with some dedication the toy can help train you to last longer in bed thanks to the tight feel and strong stimulation, but it’s an enjoyable experience for anyone who prefers a tight fit.

Due to the size and design, this pocket pussy only works as a handheld toy.

Stroking gives you full control over speed and depth, but the experience feels less realistic compared to the other onahole toys I reviewed that are sturdy enough for hands-free thrusting.

Overall, I recommend this tight fleshlight to anyone looking to build up their stamina or who wants to maximize stimulation. I also think it would be a great first sex toy.

5. Fleshlight Riley Reid: Best Ribbed Texture for Stimulation

Fleshlight Riley Reid

Read my Ultimate Fleshlight Guide to learn more

Riley Reid is one of the most recognizable performers in the adult film industry.

I was curious to try this fake vagina based on a cast from her body because it sounded like a fun novelty item, but the soft material and incredible ribbed texture quickly turned this fleshlight into one of my favorite toys.

The soft plastic material feels exceptionally soft and responsive.

It absorbs heat and will warm up after a few minutes of use for a more realistic feel. You can also submerge the toy in warm water before use.

The 9” sleeve has a tight 0.5” opening. The soft and stretchy material makes penetration easy and comfortable, and the feel of the coiled and ribbed texture of the inside feels amazing.

The sleeve has a first section with some large nubs that create a pleasant sensation.

As you thrust deeper into the sleeve, the texture changes and feels tighter.

I love being able to adjust the sensation and found that I could use the first portion when I want to take things slow and go deeper when I’m ready for an intense orgasm.

The toy also features a cap that you can adjust to control the airflow and suction.

The ribbed texture alone is sufficient to justify getting this toy in my opinion, but playing with the suction is a fun extra.

In case you are looking for more automated pleasure, this fake pussy is compatible with Fleshlight Universal Launch, a beautiful male masturbator that offers interactive experience.

Fleshlight Universal Launch

And if you like the idea of using a fake pussy based on your favorite porn star, there is an entire collection of fleshlight girls you can explore.

6. Keon by Kiiroo: Best Interactive Fake Pussy Toy for Watching Adult Content

kiiroo keon realistic stroker

Read my detailed Kiiroo Keon Review

Keon by Kiiroo turns the concept of the pocket vagina into something new by introducing an automated stroking feature. In other words, the toy does all the work.

I was curious to test this smart toy and found that it does an excellent job of mimicking the experience of having a partner stimulating you through their movements during sex.

With a maximum speed of 230 strokes per minute, Keon by Kiiroo is a powerful toy.

You can of course customize how rapid the movements are and adjust their intensity, with a maximum stroke length of 2.9”/7.4 cm.

The feel of the toy is fairly realistic with the 0.8”/2 cm opening that quickly narrows down to a 0.5”/1.3 cm canal with a ridged texture.

The best part of this interactive sex toy is that you can sync it with adult content and the toy will match the movements of the performers.

Kiiroo also offers an AI that automatically syncs the toy to any video.

If there's a scene in the content involving a particular type of motion (e.g. a blowjob), the device might replicate that sensation through its own movements and vibrations.

This synchronization aims to provide users with a heightened level of immersion and a more interactive experience.

While the toy can be noisy, I found the concept unique, and syncing the toy to adult content feels like a brand-new way to watch porn.

Plus, you can customize this toy with a collection of sleeves based on different performers.

Currently, there are fake pussies from porn actresses such as Victoria June, Daphne Laat, Kayley Grunner and Reagan Foxx.

And Kiiroo is constantly adding more and more Feel Stars to this collection.  

7. Lovense Max 2: Best App-Controlled Toy for Long-Distance Couples

max 2 by lovense

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After my first experience with the Lovense Max 2, I couldn’t help but feel that I had seen a glimpse of the future.

This toy is an impressive high-tech masturbator packed with features you didn’t know you needed.

It uses a simple sleeve design with a soft texture and pleasurable nubs and ridges. The sleeve is 6.25” deep and the toy has a total length of 9.5.”

The rechargeable air pump causes the toy to contract to recreate the feeling of vaginal contractions, and the toy also uses small motors to stimulate you with vibrations.

You can use the toy with the Lovense Media Player.

This platform gives you access to 2D and VR videos while the toy performs vibrations and contractions that match the action.

There is an active community of users creating and sharing new patterns all the time.

While the media player is a fun and immersive experience, the Lovense Max 2 truly shines when it comes to long-distance sex. 

You can pair the toy with your phone via Bluetooth and let a partner control the toy remotely. And thanks to the wide selection of Lovense toys, you can find a female sex toy to control remotely, or even sync two male masturbators.

For straight couples who are in long-distance relationships, I recommend getting Max 2 and Nora. These two toys together create unforgettable long-distance sex.

For gay couples, I think either getting two Max 2 or one Max 2 plus a Calor can be interesting. Calor is another male masturbator.

lovense Calor vs Max 2

Read a detailed Lovense brand review

It’s less bulky and can warm up itself to provide a more realistic experience as if you are inside a vagina.

The main downside of this toy is the non-transparent plastic design. It feels modern and aesthetic, but it lacks the realism you’ll find in most onahole toys.

Testing the toy with a remote partner was a completely new experience for me, and I feel that it brought us closer together.

If you’re in a long-distance relationship, do yourself a favor and bring up Lovense to your partner.

8. Clone-A-Pussy Plus+ Sleeve Kit: Best for Couples

Clone-A-Pussy Plus+ Sleeve Kit

This fun activity kit is going to spice up your relationship.

It comes with everything you need to cast a realistic mold of a vulva and attach it to an included pleasure sleeve.

Unfortunately, you can’t customize the inside of the pleasure sleeve or the color of the mold.

But this product feels unique and does an excellent job of capturing the most intimate details of your partner’s anatomy.

Using the kit can be messy and I ended up having to use both molding powder packets, but it’s a fun activity to share with a partner.

If you’re a woman looking for a fun gift for your boyfriend or husband, this kit is the perfect combination of kinky and thoughtful.

The sleeve has a textured interior that feels pleasurable, but it doesn’t differentiate itself from most fleshlights.

The main draw is definitely the possibility to replicate the look and feel of a wife or girlfriend’s vulva.

9. Sir Richard’s Intimate Therapy Stroker: Most Subtle Fake Pussy

Sir Richard's Intimate Therapy Stroker

For those of us with families, hiding sex toys is a necessity. This manufacturer got it and created a fake pussy with a convenient and discreet design.

When closed, the toy looks just like a bottle of shampoo or lotion that easily blends in among other cosmetics and hygiene products.

Sir Richard used a material called FantaFlesh, which is specifically crafted for realistic sensations.

It provides a soft and bouncy texture which feels very much like a real vagina.

The bottom twists off to reveal a penis sleeve.

There are three styles available, including an oral, anal, and vaginal toy.

Each toy has a realistic and detailed opening, but the interior sleeves are virtually identical.

The interior of the sleeve has a smooth and soft plastic that allows for gliding with just the right amount of textured nubs to provide stimulation.

The cap also opens and closes to adjust the airflow and create a sensation of suction that enhances pleasure.

It’s not the most convenient fake pussy due to the large diameter of the bottle, which can feel awkward, but the discreet design is perfect for hiding a toy in plain sight.

10. THRUST Pro Elite Lexi: Best for Vibrations

THRUST Pro Elite Lexi Rechargeable Remote Control Vibrating Masturbator 21kg

The Lexi toy is one of the best artificial vaginas if you’re into playing with vibrations.

There is a small opening in the back of the toy that you can use to insert a small bullet vibrator.

This device makes the entire toy vibrate, and you can use the remote to cycle between 10 vibration modes.

Adding vibrations to a masturbation session can introduce new sensations and enhance your orgasm, especially if you focus on the frenulum and base of the penis.

Beyond the vibration feature, this toy is an excellent option if you’re looking for a fake pussy with a torso.

The hips, belly, breasts, and buttocks feel inviting with their soft skin-like texture, and the 46 lbs. weight adds to the realism.

The toy also has a vaginal and anal opening, with a respective depth of 6 and 5.”

11. Vina: Asian Pornstar Sex Doll: Best Life-Like Sex Doll

Vina Asian Pornstar Sex Doll

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If you’re looking to splurge and spoil yourself with a full-size sex doll, the Vina doll from Irontech Doll is my top pick.

My experience with this doll was nothing short of mind-blowing.

The attention to detail sets this doll apart, with an incredibly realistic facial expression and life-like skin paint that even shows small veins in some areas.

The doll is also easy to pose and dress, and the medical-grade silicone means it’s safe to use makeup on the doll as long as you apply quality products.

The petite build of the doll contrasts with its curvy proportions.

The doll measures 5’2” for 90 lbs, while its bust, waist, and hips respectively measure 37, 23.6, and 39.”

The built-in vaginal opening is 7” (17.8 cm) deep and provides a realistic feel.

It’s where the silicone makes a difference and mimics the sensation of human skin. The doll also has a 6.3” anal opening with a tighter feel.

Whether you want to explore roleplay scenarios or need something more realistic than a fleshlight, the life-like appearance of this doll and its beautiful features make it an ideal choice.

How to Use Fake Vaginas?

Penetrating a vagina is an incredible experience between the soft and warm tissues, the difference in tightness from one section to another, and the movements of your partner.

Pocket pussy can reproduce these sensations to a certain extent but even the most realistic artificial vagina falls short of the real thing because plastic doesn’t feel quite the same as mucosal tissues.

The closest thing I ever experienced was the Zhang Xiao Yu's Realistic Pussy, but it still felt like a toy.

However, a fake pussy doesn’t have to feel life-like to be enjoyable.

A textured penis sleeve can be extremely pleasurable and even create sensations you wouldn’t experience during sex, such as the vibrating feature on the THRUST Pro Elite Lexi toy.

If you’re new to using male masturbators, I’ve compiled a list of tips and ideas to help you make the most out of this experience:

Invest in a quality water-based lube. Toys can’t replicate the natural wetness of a vagina, which is why lube is essential to help you glide in.

All the toys listed above are safe to use with water-based products.

Fake pussy toys lack the warm feel of the real thing.

With the exception of toys with electronic components, you can submerge most fake pussies in warm water or use a warming rod.

Try replacing watching porn with the visual stimulation of using a realistic onahole.

If you’re into buttocks, the Pro Elite Alana is ideal, but the Pro Elite Alicia or even the Vina: Asian Pornstar Sex Doll are great if you enjoy playing with breasts.

Take watching porn to the next level with an interactive toy like the Keon by Kiiroo.

If you’re in a relationship, get your partner involved by giving them control of your toy. The Lovense Max 2 gives your partner a level of control no other toy can match.

You can also let your partner watch you use a toy, either in person or remotely if you’re in a long-distance relationship. The Clone-A-Pussy Plus+ Sleeve Kit can be fun in this context.

What Lube to Use when Playing with Fake Pussies?

There are three main types of lubes in the market: water-based, silicone-based, and oil-based.

Water-based lubes are thin and slippery, making them easy to rinse off. Besides, they are safe to use with silicone condoms and dental dams.

I recommend getting high-quality lubes with clean ingredients, such as Sliquid.

Because some water-based lubes may contain glycerin, which could potentially lead to yeast overgrowth for some individuals.

Silicone-based lubes can break down silicone toys over time, so to ensure the longevity of your toys, it's recommended to opt for water-based lubes when using silicone sex toys.

Oil-based lubes can degrade latex condoms, so they are not recommended if latex barriers are being used for contraception or STI prevention.

Most fake pussies are made of silicone, therefore, the best option is water-based lubes.

How to Clean a Fake Pussy Sleeve?

Cleaning and drying pocket pussies/fake pussies are a bit time-consuming.

Below are what I usually do:

  1. Fill a small tub with some warm water and add a few drops of dish soap or some antibacterial soap. It doesn't have to be too much. Just enough water to cover the fake pussy
  2. Soak the sleeve under the soapy warm water. Stretch the opening and make sure the cleaning liquid gets inside of the sleeve as well.
  3. Gently squeezing and rubbing the sleeve with your hands. And pay close attention to textured areas, if there are any. (Don't turn the sleeve inside out because it will damage the product)
  4. Rinse the sleeve thoroughly, inside and out, until the water runs clear and there are no traces of soap.
  5. You can leave the sleeve on a rack and allow it to air dry completely. If budget allows, you can buy a dedicate sleeve drying unit. It speeds up the process. I don't recommend drying it with a towel because dust from the towel will stick on the silicone surface

Drying is extremely important! If not properly dried, molds will grow inside the sleeve. It takes a few hours for the sleeve to be fully dried. So, be patient.

Where to Buy Fake Pussies?

Fleshlight and Kiiroo are two of my go-to brands when it comes to pocket pussies.

There have very high-quality products and both brands work with porn stars to create a more realistic vaginal feel.

If you are done with standard sleeves, I suggest searching for more options on Lovehoney and Shevibe.

They are my go-to online sex toy shops as they has a very wide range of product selection.

You can find fake pussies in all price ranges there and usually, the shipping is free.

Of course, if you don’t mind expand your budget. Sex dolls can also be an interesting option. With a sex doll, you don’t just get a fake pussy, you get it all.

But please note that most sex dolls aren’t battery-powered, which means they won’t provide vibration and/or contractions like Lovense Max 2 and Kiiroo Keon.

Max 2 & Keon

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