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Best G-Spot Vibrators of 2024 (New Toys Added)

by Jane Louis
Best g-spot vibrators

In a world where adult toys are more numerous, varied, and perhaps all-too-well marketed than ever before, it might sometimes seem like making a choice from among the possibilities is a matter of pure chance.

It's not like you can try them all out before you buy, is it? Well, that's why I am here - to give you a candid, true-to-life, honest idea of what you can expect from some of the most popular G-Spot vibrators available right now.

That's right - I did all the hard work here just for you, dear reader. Below is a list of the top picks of G-spot vibrators.

Top Picks

Product Name


Womanizer DUO


Divine for clit & G-spot

Zalo Queen


Pretty, unique & Effective

Stronic G Pulsator II


Intense thrust & handy

We-Vibe Nova


2 powerful motors & Very flexible 

We-Vibe Rave


Rumbly & ergonomic design for G-spot

Satisfyer Petting Hippo


Very affordable & good quality

Lelo Soraya


Classic, powerful & stylish

Lelo Mona Wave


Unique rotation & handy

What is G-Spot Vibrators?

Sex satisfaction can be achieved in various ways, one of them being through a G-spot vibrator. G-spot vibrators are sex toys that you use to stimulate your G-spot through vibrations, pulsations or any other means.

They are made for both men and women and comes in different shapes, materials, colors, and sizes. 

1. Womanizer Duo (New Launch in 2019)

Womanizer Duo look

(If you would like to read a detailed review on Womanizer Duo, please click here!)  

Womanizer is the sex toy every woman should have! It actually falls among the 2nd generation of the Womanizer range, which means it's better and improved.

DUO is designed to only start up when in contact with your skin and goes on standby mode once it is out.

It is ergonomically designed to go with the shape and the curves of your body.

It offers 12 intensity levels for G spot and 12 for clitoral stimulation for you to choose. This makes the sex toy the most ideal friend on your journey towards orgasm.

The feature that makes this toy outstanding is the pleasure air technology behind the clitoral vibrator. It covers your clit without touching it, stimulating it through soft pressure waves.

Another amazing feature is that the vibrator and the pleasure air technology can be individually controlled. This means that you can start with clitoral stimulation then, later on, switch to vaginal stimulation.

The premium silicone coat is skin safe and cleans easily using warm water and soap.

Duo can run for up to 2 hours allowing you to decide how many times you want to orgasm.


  • Divine clit stimulation
  • Amazing G-spot vibration
  • Flexible G-spot arm
  • Waterproof
  • 2 clit head sizes


  • A bit pricy


I have to admit the clit stimulator part contributed more than the vaginal arm when it comes to orgasm. But hey, this toy is just divine. I never fail to reach an orgasm with it and it has been F* good every time. Duo works so much better than the Satisfyer Pro G-Spot Rabbit. Thank you! Womanizer! 🙂

2. Zalo Queen

zalo queen set review

(If you would like to read a detailed review on Zalo Queen Set, please click here!) 

Just like the name suggests, Zalo queen will make you feel more of a queen. The luxury it gives is on another level to give a strong orgasm ever experienced.

It is very simple to use as you are only required to insert it, lie back and enjoy without thrusting it in and out like the normal vibrators. 

It is body safe with the premium silicone coat on it. What makes this vibrator special is the Queen's innovative PulseWave technology that delivers intense sensation as it caresses and pulsates the G-spot.

It can be transformed into a clitoral stimulator by slipping the additional suction attachment over the queen's head after applying some water-based lubricant to do that.

Another great feature is that it is designed to preheat itself before use. This makes it comfortable to use in any season of the year. 

The powerful design and quiet operation it comes with leaves you fully satisfied with the vibrator.

It is coated with non-porous premium silicone that makes it skin safe. Cleans easily using warm water and soap.


  • Heating system for extra comfort
  • Amazing PulseWave stimulation
  • Moderate Vibration (strong enough for most women)
  • Quick charge & long battery life
  • Can be transformed into a clit stimulator
  • Travel Lock


  • Awkward App control
  • Moderate Vibration (not for power queens)
  • A bit noisy


Zalo Queen is the prettiest toy I've ever owned. It's a pure piece of art! The pre-heating function really make a big difference esp. during winter time. And I love the fact that the G-spot stimulation is done with automatic PulseWave. ByeBye, hard work!

stronic G look

(If you would like to read a detailed review on Stronic G Pulsator II, please click here!) 

For any of you who are not familiar with Fun Factory - it was perhaps the very first adult toy company to come out with pulsator technology products. So, it's no surprise that it has come to be pretty good at them.

Pulsators are toys that go the extra mile and actually thrust rather than just go bzzzzzz (vibrating) all over the place.

Fun Factory has a series of pulsators, but I personally think the Stronic G Pulsator II is the best one among all!

Stronic G is a toy that works well mostly to women. It allows you to give your G Spot the rhythmic sensation it desires without holding it.

It is slimmer and sleeker in design that lets you experience powerful orgasms handsfree.

Stronic G comes with a firm tip and a serious curve that touches your G-spot effortlessly, so all that you need to do is relax and enjoy the rhythm.

What is unique about this pulsator is that it offers you 7 speeds and 3 rhythms that you can choose from. No matter you prefer a wild thrust or a steady one, this pulsator gives you what works best for you.

Truely, this toy allows you to enjoy the deep sensations without lifting your finger. Do other stuff as you feel the thrusts it throws at you to your orgasm.

Do not worry about allergies as the premium silicone coat is body safe and cleans easily using warm water and soap.


  • Hands-free experience 
  • Unique and effective self-thrusting movements
  • Waterproof
  • Quiet


  • Pricy
  • No storage pouch


This is an expensive piece of toy, but it's truly unique and provides the kind of pleasure no other toys can compete with. Stronic G is the perfect toy for lazy masturbators or couples who are looking for unique sensations.

We-vibe nova motors

(If you would like to read a detailed review on We-vibe Nova, please click here!) 

This amazing 100% silicone coated toy is designed for those women who want blended orgasms in less than 5 minutes!

Nova rabbit style vibrator comes in a dual stimulation model that targets your clit and the G-spot.

It is designed to thrust without losing its focus on the clitoris. This is the feature that makes Nova so unique as many rabbit style vibrators lose focus on the clit during the thrusting moment.

The clit touches the top part of the bendy clitoral arm as you thrust the vibrator in and out. You will experience strong, deep and rumbly vibrations from the We-Vibe as compared to other weaker rabbit style versions.

Never worry about noise, it produces low sound even at full blast.

Because of the premium silicone coat, We-vibe Nova is body safe and cleans easily using warm water and soap.


  • Very ergonomically designed (flexible and curved G-spot and clit arm)
  • Deep and rumbling vibrations from both of the two motors
  • Control the toy from any distance
  • Quiet
  • Hundreds of ways to create vibration patterns
  • Firm and comfortable to hold
  • Waterproof


  • Dual vibrators, in general, are anatomy based 
  • Some people report connection issues


Nova has been one of the best rabbit vibrators in the market for years and it still is the best! It vibrators so rumbly that makes me addicted to it for year and it has TWO motors! If you are looking for your very first rabbit vibe, Nova should be the one!

we-vibe rave look

(If you would like to read a detailed review on We-vibe Rave, please click here!) 

Are you interested in a vibrator that is only for internal use? We-vibe Rave makes the perfect bedmate.

It comes in a simple but weird design that makes you think that it is just a curved rod. The feature that makes Rave interesting is that it is comfortable to hold, looks good and targets the G-spot effortlessly. 

It is ideal for those women who love firm but not squishy toys. It exerts firm pressure on your G-spot but you need to thrust it carefully not to poke your cervix.

When turned on, it gives a powerful vibration but you are allowed to scale it down to your desired strength. It does make noise, but not as much as a vacuum cleaner.

The sound is less under the comforters but you need not worry, the sound cannot pass through the walls. The premium silicone coat makes it body safe and easily cleaned with soap and water.


  • Rumbly and powerful vibration
  • Hundreds of ways of vibrations and pulsations
  • Long Battery life
  • Smooth and silky surface against the skin
  • Ergonomic friendly


  • Splash-proof, instead of being fully waterproof
  • Some customers experienced connection issues


Rave's asymmetry design enables it to perfectly suit the sweet zone and thoroughly stimulate the G-spot. It's a firm pressure type of stimulator, producing suitably rumbly and powerful vibrations primarily on the tip, though the fun transmits well down the length of the whole affair.

I haven't run into anyone who is not satisfied with Rave, so it's quite a safe choice :).

6. Satisfyer Petting Hippo 

satisfyer petting hippo master

Petting Hippo is a great bedroom companion for women. It comes with 12 intensive vibration programs for your preference. This makes the sex toy the most ideal friend on your journey towards orgasm.

The feature that makes this toy outstanding is the voluminous tip and the flexible shaft that allows it to massage your G-spot in unimaginable ways. 

With 12 rumbly, powerful, and deeply satisfying intensity and pattern settings to be played around with, the Petting Hippo, with its intuitively designed looping handle and inspired nose-shape tip will open up a whole new world of sensual satiety to both beginner and veteran bedroom DIY enthusiast. 

If you are not a fan of cute-looking G-spot vibe, you may try Satisfyer Master instead. 


  • Good value for Money
  • Cute Design
  • Thick Girth
  • Premium silicone coat
  • Good vibration
  • Waterproof


  • Pricy
  • Thick Girth (not for women who likes slim G-spot vibe)


Petting Hippo is just so worth it! It is less than $50 but embraces premium silicone coat that only luxury brands will use. The vibration power is not bad either. The only thing I don't like is that it's not super handy to hold during thrusting. But for this price, I have nothing to complain!

soraya look

(If you would like to read a detailed review on Lelo Soraya, please click here!) 

Soraya is one of the most luxurious rabbit vibrators and has been among the bestsellers from Lelo for years.  It is a stylish and rechargeable dual-action vibrator with a number of advanced features.

To be honest, the quality is outstanding!

Thanks to the silky touch and the strong vibrator, it brings women divine orgasm. The size of the Soraya is longer and larger than average in the market, which provides a deeper and stronger sensation. Besides, it is 100% waterproof and it has a comfortable grip to let you enjoy yourself while taking a shower.


  • longer than the average in length
  • Two powerful motors (for Clit & G-spot)
  • Fully Waterproof
  • Travel lock
  • Quiet (maximum 50db)
  • Long battery life 


  • Pricy
  • A bit Heavy
  • Might be too big or too long for some women


Soraya has been in the market for years and many women speak high about this toy. It has beautiful and luxurious look, strong vibration and long battery life - basically, all you want from a good vibe. So, this toy is a very safe choice if you are looking for a G-spot vibe from a prestigious company. 

LELO Mona Wave

(If you would like to read a detailed review on Lelo Mona Wave, please click here!) 

Mona Wave a waterproof and rechargeable G-spot vibrator. It comes with two motions to explore your G-spot: vibrations and "come-hither" movements. This toy has a premium finish and the size of the toy is not intimidating even for beginners.

What is a come-hither movement (or you can call it the Wave motion)? It means the upper part of the vibrator will move with a 30-degree angle, mimicking your finger movements when exploring G-spot. Interesting, isn't it?


  • Unique come-hither movement, for intense pleasure
  • Great vibration 
  • Ultra smooth and silky surface
  • Travel lock 
  • Fully Waterproof


  • A bit noisy when using the Waving Motion (not during vibration though)
  • G-spot hitting is anatomy-based, so it is not suitable for everyone


I hold mixed feeling about the Mona Wave. It does provides a unique sensation with the come-hither movement, but the angle is really important! I can't patiently look for the sweet spot when being very turned on. I am a lazy masturbator after all...


I've been testing hundreds of G-spot toys. To be honest, it is not difficult to separate good and bad quality sex toys. You feel the difference the moment it touches your vaginal, or even the moment you hold it.

However, it does take a lot of to select the best ones from all the good toys. I am glad to finally come up with the above top picks! Hopefully, the article can be helpful for you to choose the one that is the most suitable :).

signature Jane L

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