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18 Best Long-Distance Sex Toys for Couples (Updated 2024)

by Jane Louis

Being far from your partner can make a relationship tough to manage, but you can still keep your intimacy alive.

The best long-distance sex toys offer plenty of options for romance, intimacy and mutual orgasms.

All the toys mentioned in this article are tested by me and my partner for multiple times.

All the selected vibrators are rather powerful, yet they are quiet enough and offer partners active roles in giving each other pleasure.

Let's dive in.


satisfyer curvy 3 profile 500_500

Best for beginners

Curvy 3 will send you to a big O, but not burn your wallet. 

If you are into clit suction, this is a perfect toy.

And your partner can edge you from miles away.


lovense lush 3 profile 500_500

Best for bedroom & public

Wearable, powerful, waterproof, long battery, and quiet. Lush 3 has it all.

Besides, it has an amazingly versatile app that enables unlimited ways for long-distance play.


Keon & Pearl 2 profile 500_500

Best for realistic virtual sex

Pearl 2 G-spot vibe and Keon stroker can sync with each other and provide the most enticing virtual sex.

Long-distance couple should really try this set. It's amazing!

What Are Long-Distance Sex Toys?

Long-distance sex toys (aka. Teledildonics) use technology to allow partners to control each other’s toys no matter how far they are.

Instead of needing to have phone or video sex to describe what you want your partner to do to themselves, you can control it yourself with an app.

Having the ability to give your partner an orgasm can help long-distance relationships stay spicy.

But it’s not all physical—having mutual orgasms even when you’re miles apart can also strengthen your emotional connection.

The toys use Internet connectivity and apps to help people interact on a physical level, even when they can’t touch their partner.

When choosing a long-distance sex toy, you’ll get information about the related app and controls and these apps comes free of charge.

Whether you use the toy at certain times or keep it inserted all day long, your partner can control the sensations you feel. 

The toys already deliver pleasure, but the unexpectedness of when and what your partner will do pushes the excitement above and beyond.

There are sex toys for long-distance lovers regardless of your relationship type.

Straight couples, same-sex couples, any orientation or configuration, you'll find an interactive sex toy to liven up your intimacy from a distance. 

Long-Distance Toys for Women: Clit and G-Spot

There are so many long-distance toys for women that you might not know where to start.

Here are a few of the best options if you’re looking for something that focuses pleasure on the clit and G-spot and can be used remotely.

1. Lovense Lush 3: Best Long-Distance Sex Toy Ever

lovense lush 3 remote app control

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The Lovense Lush 3 is quiet and powerful for bedroom and public excitement.

This wireless vibrator features an insertable vibrating egg and external fixed tail that keeps it firmly in place on your G-spot, even after hours of play.

The control board on the vibrator itself has three steady vibration levels (low, medium, and high), with unlimited programmable levels inside the app.

The “Lovense Remote” app for Android, iOS, Macs, and PC lets your partner control your pleasure with multiple devices, whether you’re in the same room or on opposite sides of the world.

The app can sync to music and audio books for rhythmic vibrations, and you (or your partner) can even create custom vibration patterns for a one-of-a-kind experience.

I love wearing the Lovense Lush 3 in public when my partner is out of town.

It stays right where I put it so I don’t have to adjust it, and they can connect whenever they’re free.

The suspense keeps me on edge all day, and I love knowing that they could surprise me at any moment, whether I’m having coffee at a cafe or shopping at the mall.

The tail has a small magnetic charge point that quickly gets to a full charge, giving you five hours of continuous use.

It’s great for people who get off on deep internal stimulation, but not so great for people who need clitoral stimulation to orgasm.

The bulb is decently sized and made of ultra-smooth silicone. So, you can insert directly or use a little lube during insertion.

Lush has undergone several evolutions, and this option won’t disappoint you—in my opinion, it’s the best long-distance sex toy ever.


  • Powerful and rumbly vibrations 
  • Only 43 decibels, making it quiet enough for public play
  • Offers five hours of pleasure per charge (super long battery life)
  • Flexible tail ensures it stays in comfortable place 
  • Versatile app offers countless control options
  • Can sync the vibration with sounds, music, audiobooks and many more
  • Perfect for long distance control
  • Completely waterproof and submergible 


  • Only comes in hot pink
  • Internal vibrations only - no clitoral stimulation

2. We-Vibe Nova 2: Best App Control Flexible Rabbit Vibe

We vibe nova 2 flexible clit rabbit

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The We-Vibe Nova 2 is a modern, erotic twist on the classic rabbit vibrator configuration.

The two powerful vibrating motors stimulate your clitoris and G-spot simultaneously, leading to mind-blowing orgasms.

I get mind-blowing orgasms with this toy, whether I’m playing solo or connected to my partner.

Both arms are uniquely curved for more intense sensation than older rabbits.

The clitoral arm is extremely flexible so that it keeps contact with the clitoris no matter how hard you thrust.

You can also adjust the G-spot arm for a gentler or sharper curve to put precision vibration exactly where you want it internally. 

The Nova 2 uses body-safe silicone, and it’s guaranteed to fit your unique body shape.

It’s also waterproof, so, great for people who like to have fun in the tub, shower, hot tub, or pool.

You can control the vibrations using the built-in control panel or We-Connect app, which also allows your partner to connect when you’re together or apart.

Wevibe Nova vs Nova 2 app control

Left to right: Nova 2 & Nova (they both are very good)

The app allows you to connect via video chat, but my favorite feature is the reaction buttons.

My partner can control the app discreetly while they’re out, and I can send a reaction to let them know how they’re doing.  

You can handle the controls directly on the toy as well. If you’re taking the Nova 2 with you, there’s a convenient travel lock to ensure it won’t turn on in your luggage.

It’s rechargeable using a USB port or power adapter and lasts for hours. 

This toy is great for people who love the dual G-spot and clitoral stimulation, but people who are into long and girthy toys should look elsewhere. 


  • Flexible design ensures it can give you pleasure regardless of your body anatomy
  • Waterproof material means you can use it in the tub or shower
  • Stronger vibrations for both clit arm and G-spot shaft (2 motors)
  • App allows your partner to control your pleasure from a distance
  • No voltage limitation and can be recharged in any country 


  • Diameter might be too thin for some people

3. Kiiroo Pearl 2: Best Interactive G-spot Vibe for Couples

Kiiroo Pearl 2 g-spot

The Pearl 2 is an insertable dildo vibrator that packs a powerful punch.

It features two vibration modes - a buzzy tip for external stimulation, and deep, rumbling g-spot vibrations that will set you over the edge. 

I often need dual internal and external stimulation to get off, so this toy is a little lackluster for me on its own.

But I love it for long-distance partner play, especially if I insert the Pearl 2 and use a bullet or clit stimulator on my clitoris.

The Kiiroo FeelConnect app offers an interactive experience unlike any other.

You can sync it to erotic videos, music, and even VR games for an intense solo session that lets you feel what you’re watching on the video, making porn viewing an interactive experience. (Who says women don't watch porn?;))

You can even sync to a webcam platform for live exhibitionist fun.

I love that the app lets me sync my Kiiroo toy to my partner’s toy, so we can both enjoy the sensations no matter how far apart we are.

I use the app to control the speed and rhythm of my partner’s toy, while they use the touch-sensitive control functions of the Kiiroo male masturbators to transmit their stroking movements to my Pearl 2

It takes two hours to charge the battery with a USB cable, but thanks to its subtle curve that fit my body and three levels of vibrations, it delivered one hour of intense, deep, and filling pleasure.

Weighing in at 0.31 lbs/139 g and measuring 7.9 in/20 cm long, this sizable vibrator is powerful.

I recommend this vibrator for tech-savvy people who would love to experience their porn videos and games in a more immersive way.

It’s not so great for people who like long solo sessions, as the battery only lasts about an hour on a full charge.

Even if VR isn’t your thing, you have to try out the video syncing feature, because it’s a truly one-of-a-kind experience.


  • App has more connectivity options than any other device
  • Can play interactive games and videos with your partner
  • Stronger vibrations than previous models
  • Delivers powerful mutual orgasms if connected with Kiiroo male toys
  • Fully waterproof 
  • Decent girth and smooth silicone surface(beginner friendly)


  • Can be tough to reach your G-spot depending on body type

4. We-Vibe Melt: Best App Control Clitoral Stimulator

we vibe melt clit

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This compact toy delivers contactless pressure-pulse clitoral pleasure like you wouldn’t believe.

It’s slim enough to fit between you and your partner during in-person sex and allows remote control via the We-Connect app or syncing of another We-Vibe toy when you’re apart. 

Twelve different settings change the intensity level, so you’ll have no problem climaxing.

Though it claims it’s a suction toy, it uses a unique technology of pulsating waves that pushes air around your clitoris without touching it for additional safety and mind-blowing orgasms.

It uses the same We-Connect app as the Nova 2 above, with the same exciting features, including multi-toy syncing and a wide range of customizable vibration/pulsation patterns.

wevibe melt connect

I have to say, having multiple toys that use the same app is pretty convenient, and being able to control them simultaneously is even better.

If you’re like me and enjoy public play, you should know it’s quiet enough that no one will know what you’re up to.

If your partner wants to tease you, the hard part might be keeping yourself quiet.

But it’s NOT hands-free, so you’ll still have to find a discreet corner to hide in.

It’s waterproof and recharges quickly with a standard USB cord for up to 120 minutes of fun on a single charge.

Though you can select your intensity, even the lowest setting has a lot to offer, so once you fire up the We-Vibe Melt, you should be ready to go.

Newer masturbators may want to stay away from this one, though, because even on low, this toy is intense.


  • Mimics clitoral suction safely, using pulsating airwaves
  • Waterproof material means you can play in the tub or shower
  • Quiet enough to use in public without detection
  • Slim enough to use during in-person sex
  • Contactless stimulation makes sure your clit won't be overstimulation even after binge orgasm


  • Even the lowest suction level is pretty intense for first-timers

5. Lovense Hyphy: Most Unique Toy for Full Range of Sensations 

lovense hyphy attachments

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The Lovense Hyphy is an 8.5 in/22cm long double-sided dildo with deep vibrations to hit your G-spot.

Over half its length is insertable, so you can enjoy deep, powerful thrusting and intense internal vibration.

The other end is a pinpoint wand that sends flicks of pleasure to your clitoris, nipples, or any other part of your body.

Three attachments give the tickler different sensations. The circle provides broad stimulation, and the U-shaped tip hugs your clit or is perfect for nipple play.

But my favorite attachment is the tongue attachment, which honestly feels like the real thing with a little bit of water-based lube.

This toy can do it all. Honestly, it’d be easier to tell you what the Lovense Hyphy doesn’t do than to list everything it does.

With so many different options, I found it tricky at first to understand how to control it remotely, but the Lovense Remote app makes it easy to connect.

I love the video calling feature, so my partner can send me a message when they’re free to connect, and we can watch and control each other’s pleasure all from inside the Lovense app.

This toy is perfect for people who love all-over body stimulation, but if you need simultaneous internal and external stimulation, you may want to look elsewhere. 


  • 3 different attachments ensure a variety of pleasures
  • Double-ended design provides distinct experiences
  • Beginner friendly G-spot stimulation
  • Ultra strong vibration, esp. on the wand side
  • App allows complete control and customization
  • Fully waterproof and can be used during shower/in a bath
  • Quick to charge and long battery life


  • Very slim design might leave your G-spot desiring more girth

6. Svakom Ella Neo: Beautiful Vibrating Bullet

Svakom Ella

The Svakom Ella Neo is a luxurious-looking silicone vibrating bullet that you’ll enjoy using solo or with your partner.

However, it’s important to note that it doesn’t have the long-distance range of many toys on this list.

You must be close enough for a Bluetooth connection to let your partner control your bullet, so it’s not so great for partners who often travel separately.

Though it doesn’t have as much range as other toys on this list, the app gives you plenty of control over the device.

The buttons on the bullet let you cycle through the ten vibration patterns, but the app is what controls the ten-speed levels, plus climax mode and the intensity.

You can control the device's power using your phone's touchscreen. I held my finger on the phone and made my own custom teasing pattern.

The app got stuck a couple of times, but it resolved itself and the Ella Neo never stopped buzzing.

You can insert the bullet to stimulate your G-spot or use it directly on your clitoris. Either way, it’s going to deliver a lot of pleasure.

I like alternating the sensation - holding it on my clitoris until I’m almost to the edge, then inserting it to delay the satisfaction.

The tail stays within reach, so you can hit the button to change the pattern or remove the bullet.


  • Button is easy to access even during use
  • App is easy to set up and use
  • Small size fits different types of people comfortably
  • Charges quickly with a USB cord


  • A bit too loud for some to use in public
  • Short-range bluetooth only, so no good for cross-country long distance play

7. Satisfyer Curvy 3: Budget-friendly Clitoral Sucker

Satisfyer Curvy 3+

The Satisfyer Curvy 3+ is a clitoral sucker you can control through the free Satisfyer Connect app.

It’s waterproof, rechargeable, and ergonomically shaped to fit neatly in your hand. The one downside is that this toy only provides clitoral stimulation.

So if you also like to feel full while playing with toys, you’ll need to buy something to go along with the Curvy 3.

Sucker toys use pressure waves to make the air around your clitoris pulse. It felt like the sensation of oral sex even when my partner was far away.

I like using it in the shower, and it’s whisper-quiet, so it’s great for those of us who like discreet public play. 

One issue with the app is it requires you and the person controlling it to be on a video call together.

This can be an inconvenience, but it gives your partner complete control over the 11 different vibration patterns and 11 intensities, so you have the most mind-blowing orgasm of your life.


  • Create your own vibration patterns
  • Sync the toy to a playlist for musical fun
  • Quiet motors for discreet public play
  • Suction is powerful for intense orgasms


  • Only meant for clitoral stimulation, so you might have to pair it with a second toy
  • Suction head can be a bit small for big clitoris

8. Lovense Dolce: Best Dual-Ended Vibrator

lovense quake present

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The Lovense Dolce has two ends powered by two 3-level motors, ensuring you get the most intense pleasure you’ve ever felt from a toy.

The neck connects the two vibrators and is entirely flexible, so you can position it exactly how you need it and transform it into a clit and G-spot stimulator

There are a few ways to play with this toy. Close range access gives your phone control up to 30 feet from the Dolce.

I enjoyed the safeguards that are in place. When the app briefly cut out while I tried pattern 3 of 10, the toy just reconnected to its previous settings instead of freezing up entirely.

It was less frustrating for me, making it a great vibrator for long-distance couples.

If you and your partner are far away, the Lovense Remote app with two smartphones allows your partner to control the pattern and intensity of the toy or enjoy solo play with it or sync it to a music playlist.

lovense dolce g-spot

Left to right: for clit & G-spot stimulation

It lasts up to two hours on a single charge and recharges with a USB cord.

This is one of my favorite toys for solo and long-distance play because of the strong vibrations internally and externally.

But this toy is not ideal for people who need to be discreet, because it is noticeably noisy.


  • Impressively strong vibration
  • Can be used for clit stimulation (folded shape) and G-spot hits (extended shape)
  • Works with one phone or two, both close-range and remotely
  • Moldable silicone design helps avoid slipping
  • Can sync to a playlist or audiobook for unexpected patterns
  • Lasts for two hours on one charge
  • 100% waterproof and can be fully submerged into water


  • High-level vibrations are much too loud for public use

Long-Distance Toys for Men: Penis and Prostate

After seeing so many options for women’s sex toys, you might wonder what type of long-distance sex toy for men you can find.

Once again, there are plenty of choices, from cock rings to strokers with remotes and apps to control them remotely.

1. We-Vibe Bond: Best Vibrating Cock Ring

we-vibe bond unbox

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The We-Vibe Bond is a vibrating silicone cock ring your partner can control through the We-Connect app.

There’s also a remote control for solo play or when you’re in close range with your partner.

It’s so comfortable and quiet that you can wear it all day long for discreet, exciting public play, and by wrapping it behind the testicles, it will stay in place. 

Thicker guys may want to try a different toy as my partner had to use the extra link to make it snug, but it has limits.

Still, the smooth silicone didn’t cause a strain on my partner’s penis even after hours of wear and play.

If you need a quick release—no, not an orgasm, but to be free of the ring—you can press that link to get loose immediately.

There are ten vibration modes on the remote for various levels of pleasure. It also makes a great vibrator for me just wrapped around my fingers.

It’s waterproof, so you can also use it in the water, and a single charge lasts two hours, so you’ll have plenty of fun with this device.


  • App allows control across long-distances 
  • Remote control has a 10-foot range
  • Charges quickly using a USB cord
  • Comfortable enough for long-term wear
  • Super easy to put on and get off
  • A separate remote is included


  • Not large enough for thick penises
  • The vibration is on the gentle side

2. Lovense Diamo: Strongest Long Distance Cock Ring

lovense diamo connect

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The Lovense Diamo vibrating cock ring slips onto your penis and vibrates gently to keep your erection lasting longer than ever before.

It’s made of one solid ring that the penis slips through rather than using an interlocking clasp, and it has a 1.75 in/4.45 cm opening, so it may not be suitable for everyone. But for those that enjoy a snug fit, this is the one to try. 

The bottom of the cock ring rests against your perineum, so you’ll feel the vibrations there as well, and if you’re using this in-person with a partner, they’ll also get pleasure from it.

When my partner is at home with me, we turn the vibrator to touch my clit for added sensations. 

The app connects via Bluetooth for a limited range in person or over WiFi for a longer distance.

If you use it for solo play, you can use the app to control the intensity. But, as always, I love using the Lovense Remote app to pleasure my partner remotely.

You can set it up to sync with a playlist or turn on sound detection for a buzz at any sound over a certain threshold - like at a concert.


  • Impressively strong vibration
  • Single charge lasts up to three hours
  • Waterproof for wear in the tub, shower, or pool
  • Different positions make it fun to use alone or with a partner
  • Massages your prostate for mind-blowing orgasms
  • Perfect for long distance couples
  • Can sync the vibration with erotic contents


  • Cock ring is has no stretch (but should be big enough for most penis sizes)

3. Kiiroo Keon: Best Realistic Automatic Stroker

kiiroo keon look

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Kiiroo is one of the best male sex toy brands out there, and their interactive feel stroker proves they’ve earned their reputation.

The stroker not only has a realistic look and feel, but it syncs up with their FeelConnect app to make interactive adult content, so you feel like you’re part of the action when watching porn.

It even connects to webcams for a fun experience.

You can control everything about this toy without using your hands.

The Feel Stroker sleeve (7.9inx3.3in/20x8.4 cm) sits neatly inside the Kiiroo Keon, and with it, you can set the strokes to your ideal speed, up to 230 strokes per minute.

Btw, in my opinion, Feel Stroker is the one type that can compete with Fleshlights when it comes to the realistic feelings. 

Or step back and allow your partner to control everything through the app. 

My favorite thing about Kiiroo is that the app allows me to sync multiple female toys, such as Pearl 2, Fuse, and Cliona, to my partner’s Keon for a fully interactive experience.

kiiroo keon interactive

The CoupleSets bundles pair up toys that can help you feel each other’s rhythm, even when you’re miles apart.

It’s great for people who like strokers like the Fleshlight but prefer a hands-free experience, but it’s NOT so great for people with erectile dysfunction issues, since the penis needs to be hard for insertion.


  • Powerful, variable stroking speeds for realistic intimacy
  • Can connect to interactive porn videos and VR contents for immersive experience
  • Can sync with female toys for long distance virtual sex
  • Looks and feels realistic and exciting
  • Offers hands-free experiences
  • The stroker is detachable (so, relatively easy to clean)


  • Not waterproof, so you can’t use it in the tub or shower

4. Lovense Max 2: Best Male Sucking Toy

max 2 by lovense

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Yes, another Lovense toy is on the list because this brand is just too good for teledildonic toys.

The Max 2 is a male sucking toy that feels more realistic than you’d ever believe, with seven vibration settings and three contraction settings.

The pocket pussy with optional sleeves for different textures delivers 360-degree contractions, so you’ll feel tightness and vibrations all over your penis.

Use your app as a remote control for playing solo or for a long distance.

The app's WiFi connection ensures your partner can control the Max 2 and give you all the pleasure you need. 

We spent a Friday night playing together even though we were miles apart when I discovered you could sync the Max 2 with the Lovense Nora

max 2 nora lovense

We controlled each other's toys through their apps with no connectivity issues and then synced them together so we could react to each other’s moves for interactive intimacy. One toy’s stroke became another’s vibration!

You can use the Max 2 for either of their online multiplayer games for other high-tech fun. 

It’s perfect for people who don’t get enough stimulation out of stroking alone and need a little suction to get off, but the opening is a little tight, so people with large penises may want to look for a more flexible sucking stroker.


  • 360-degree contractions give you sensations all over
  • Adjust the air vent to control the suction
  • Syncs with interactive erotic games and videos
  • Can customize the toy with a vagina sleeve
  • Can sync with Lovense Nora for long distance virtual sex


  • Too tight for girthy penis sizes
  • A bit loud when in operation

5. Hot Octopuss Solo Interactive: Best Interactive Gaybrator

The Hot Octopuss takes interactive sex toys to a new level with a sex toy that’s more than just a stroker.

It offers six vibration patterns, nine oscillation speeds, one-click turbo power, and all the buttons and pre-sets for a hands-free climax.

It’s easy to travel with and discreet at only 4.17 in x 2.63 in/10.6cm x 6.7 cm.

As Hot Octopuss partnered with Kiiroo, it is also possible to use the FeelConnect app to control and customize everything, meaning it plays well with Kiiroo toys, too.

It’s one of my partner’s favorite toys to travel with as it is a lot lighter than most of the male masturbators, yet the power is amazing especially in the Turbo mode.

You can play by yourself or through online connections with partners, using it for video calls, or linking to over 4000 interactive videos where the oscillations mimic what you see on screen. 

You can leave it in place to feel pulsations or lube it up to use as a stroker. Either way, it delivers a lot of power, giving you unforgettable orgasms.

If you can’t get hard or experience erectile dysfunction, you can put your flaccid penis on the Hot Octopuss Pulse plate and use it as a vibrating stroker.

As if that’s not enough, the toy is waterproof, too, so it’s a great option for guys who enjoy some shower or tub action.


  • Works for pulsations or stroking
  • Connects to games, videos, and cams
  • Flexible and stretchable
  • Allows you to sync with a partner’s movements
  • You can use it even if you don’t have an erection
  • Light and travel friendly


  • Takes a long time to reach full charge

6. Lovense Edge 2: Power Prostate & Perineum Vibrator

Lovense Edge 2 strong

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Men looking for a unique release will love the Lovense Edge 2. The prostate massager is silicone for a smooth fit.

The arm makes it easy to insert this toy at the most comfortable angle, up to 45 degrees, while still having complete control of it. The varied thickness will help to keep it retained.

The head is adjustable for a tighter or gentler angle, so you can move it to hit your prostate just right.

Once you move it into position, it will stay that way, even if you move around in excitement.

Thanks to dual motors, each of which has three intensity pre-settings and 5 vibration patterns, there will be a lot of excitement.

The Edge 2 is waterproof so you can have fun in the tub, shower, or pool. It charges with a USB cord and lasts for over an hour and a half at a time.

Like all Lovense products, the Lovense app is intuitive and easy to use, with many different functions and settings you can adjust.

With the Lovense Remote app, you can play solo or give your partner the reins so you can have an unexpected experience.

It connects via Bluetooth, WiFi, and even through webcam platforms. 

We tried syncing the toy to music for some unique vibrations and made his favorite song even more memorable.

It’s NOT ideal for beginner prostate players, because the upper bulb is large enough to be uncomfortable.

But if you’ve had trouble hitting your prostate accurately with other toys, you should definitely give the Edge 2 a try.


  • Amazingly strong vibrators (2 motors)
  • App offers many different options for control
  • An adjustable head is sure to hit your prostate
  • Charge lasts for over an hour and a half
  • Allows long-distance control over Internet


  • Lower bulb is so narrow it can slip out during use

7. We-Vibe Vector: Beginner-Friendly P-spot Massager

vector wevibe review

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If the Lovense Edge 2 intrigued you but didn’t seem like the right toy, the We-Vibe Vector might better suit your needs as it is more beginner-friendly.

This prostate massager uses less power than the Edge 2, so you can enjoy a low-key prostate massage instead of feeling the vibration all over your body.

There are ten different vibration settings, so you can start low and keep raising the stakes.

The We-Vibe Vector design is slimmer than the Edge 2, so many men find it easier to use.

The head and neck are adjustable for optimal insertion and comfort.

It uses the same We-Connect app as the other We-Vibe toys on this list, so it’s great for long-distance play, but it also includes a remote so you can better control your solo experience. 

In addition to different types of vibration, my partner noticed that toy stays in place with use and delivers solid pressure to the perineum.

This combination of pulse and pressure provides an orgasm you’ve never felt before.

Experienced prostate players may want to look to the Edge 2 instead, though, because this toy is narrow enough to slip out.

Lovense Edge 2 & We vibe Vector

Left to right: Edge 2 & Vector


  • Slim design fits comfortably
  • Base applies pressure to your perineum
  • Control the vibrations with the remote or through the app
  • Offers smooth vibrations as well as more intense options


  • Relatively expensive for the usage options

Long-Distance Toys for Everyone

1. Lovense Hush 2: Best Vibrating Butt Plug for All Genders

lovense hush 2 size options

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For partners wanting a long-distance vibrating butt plug, Lovense has you covered.

Hush 2 is a wireless unisex vibrating butt plug that comes in 4 different sizes.

You can get a 1-inch/2.54 cm, 1.5 in/3.81 cm, 1.75 in/4.44 cm, or 2.25 in/5.71 cm model - no matter you are a beginner or craving for girthy fullness, you’ll find something you like.

I thought the pointy neck was a great design feature. It feels great, evenly distribute lube and keep it close to where you need it, making it easier to insert and remove even after long hours of play.

Then recharge it using the USB charger and try it in the bath or shower since it’s completely waterproof.

The app works over Bluetooth for a close range or over WiFi for a longer distance.

lovense hush 2 remote app control

You can control your partner's vibration patterns and intensity or sync to music from across the world with almost unlimited vibration options that are discreet enough for public play. 

The range of size options makes it great for beginners and experienced anal players alike, and I love that it’s fun for men and women.

The Bluetooth connection is pretty stable for long-distance and in-person remote play.

Though you might experience minor connectivity issues when there's low internet speed.


  • Hush 2 offers a variety of sizes
  • Impressively powerful vibration for all sizes
  • Toys are well-suited for men or women
  • Waterproof material means you can use it in the tub or shower
  • Has 8 pre-set vibration patterns & unlimited customizable modes
  • Long battery life


  • Can be too intense for some users as the vibration for all 4 sizes are very powerful

2. OhMiBod Lumen: Best Anal Vibrator

OhMiBod Lumen butt plug

This long-distance wireless vibrator delivers pleasure regardless of who’s using it.

You can use the OhMiBod for creative vaginal or anal play and have fun with the stable OhMiBod remote control app, or sync to the FeelConnect app and play with any Kiiroo product.

You can choose to sync the device to a playlist or link it to ambient sounds for surprising vibrations.

Unlike other anal vibrators on this list, it has four different pulse sensations that you can program manually, so you can mix up your experience each time and feel full with the deep insertable shaft (3.98 in x 2.91 in x 0.13 in/10.1cm x 7.4 cm x 0.33 cm).

The Lumen connects to Kiiroo apps, too, so it’s great for people who have other Kiiroo-compatible toys or like high-tech interactive play.

I highly recommend syncing the Lumen to some female Kiiroo toys for a touch-sensitive solo experience.

Newer anal players should try another toy, though, because the rigid silicone ribbing can be a little uncomfortable for newbies.


  • Ribbing adds pleasure
  • Syncs to music, sound, or custom vibration patterns
  • Allows control via Bluetooth or WiFi
  • Links up to other Kiiroo sex toys
  • Strong flashy blue LED display (perfect for dark room play)


  • Vibrations aren’t as strong as other toys on the list

3. Lovense Domi 2: Best Wand Massager

Lovense Domi 2

One of the most tried-and-true sex toys is the wand massager, and technology has only improved it.

The Domi 2 is a small but powerful wand with infinitely customizable levels of intensity and an unlimited number of custom patterns, all controlled by a stable and intuitive app. 

The battery life of this long-distance Bluetooth vibrator lasts three times more than previous versions, and the handle grip is more comfortable so that you can play for a longer time.

I was able to adjust the neck almost 45 degrees each way with just a touch to the vibrating head, making it easy to hit a pleasure spot. 

I love letting my partner control the sensations through the app, and the additional attachments for penises, vulvas, and prostates offer a sensation, unlike any other wands I’ve tried.

When my partner takes our Domi 2 on business trips with them, they use the custom vibration pattern I’ve programmed for them, so I can pleasure them even when I’m busy. 

This is great for anyone who loves a traditional wand massager but would like a little more versatility out of it.

But like many wands, it is a little intense for direct clitoral stimulation, especially for newbies.

If the sensation is too much, even on low, try using it on the outside of your underwear, or with a sheet between the wand and your skin.


  • Strong and rumbling vibration
  • Bendable neck for better angles and pressure
  • Battery lasts three times (longer than many other wands)
  • Has ten different vibration patterns
  • Allows your partner to control everything through the app
  • Cordless design for comfortable play


  • Massage head can feel too hard for certain areas

Ways to Use Long-Distance Sex Toys

Long-distance sex toys are a great way to ensure you and your partner can still experience intimacy, even when you’re far apart.

If you’re wearing a discreet sex toy all day, your partner can control the sensations through the app to give you a little thrill. 

Interactive play can work in different ways with the toys on this list. Some, like from Kiiroo, allow you and your partner to sync your toys to feel each other’s rhythm.

Others, like the Lush 3, can be synced to music your partner controls to allow you to let your partner take over.

The list includes male and female toys, but that doesn’t mean they’re only valuable for heterosexual relationships.

Lovense, for example, allows you to buy two of the same toy and sync up to the same app for gay and lesbian couples. 

Where to Buy Long Distance Sex Toys?

Bedroom play doesn’t require both partners to be physically in the bedroom anymore.

Thanks to long-distance sex toys, it’s happening online or discretely in public, too.

In general, I recommend purchasing long-distance toys in the official stores to get the best after-sale service. 

Brands store for Lovense, We-vibe, and Kiiroo offers excellent service and they sometimes offer exclusive discounts.

I also recommend checking reliable online sex toy retailers such as Lovehoney as it offers better international shipping. 

Sometimes, there can be a bigger discount on some of the popular models. So, worth checking!

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