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19 Best Nipple Toys & Stimulators of 2024 (Carefully Picked)

by Jane Louis
BEST Nipple toys

If you want to turn up the heat in the bedroom (or wherever you’re getting naughty), try using nipple play for sex.

Sure, you could use your hands and mouth, incorporating nipple sucking in sex. Or, you could take it a step further.

There’s a whole world of sex toys out there designed to give you more nipple stimulation for sex, whether alone or with a partner.

Keep reading to discover the best sex toys for nipple play.


The Most Versatile

Gemini is an adjustable and app-controllable nipple clamp vibrator.

It is perfect for teasing, foreplay and public play as this toy can be controlled with an app from any distance.


lovense hyphy profile

Strongest High-tech Toy

This toothbrush vibrator is extremely powerful and the focused stimulation will leave your nipples nowhere to flee. 

Plus, it's app controllable and included 3 interchangeable heads.


lelo sila profile 500_500

Best for Suction

Who can resist nipple suction? 

This palm-sized sucker embraces a broad and wide mouth, which can fully cover the nipple. The intense suction sensation is truly unique. You'll get addicted! 

What is Nipple Play?

Nipple play is a safe and natural way to pleasure the nipple, areola, and breast area.

Different individual may experience different sensation. Some only reports light tingling feelings while others can experience a shriving sensation throughout the whole body.

Both men and women can enjoy nipple stimulation though statistics show that women tend to enjoy it a lot more probably because they have a more developed the mammary gland (aka. milk gland).

Yes, men have milk gland as well despite that they are not able to breastfeed.

Nipple play

Nipple-Play Sex Toys

While spontaneous sex drive is the first and most important rule of good sex, having some fun toys at your disposal is a close second!

Here are some highly recommended sex toys that can boost the excitement and sensation of your nipple play.

From nipple sucker, tickler, vibrator to clamps, there’s a little something for everyone on this list. Read on and see if anything captures your attention!

Nipple Sucking Toys

The sensation of someone licking or sucking on the nipples is something that many people crave.

Duplicating that feeling during your alone time has always been tricky… until recently.

Now, sex toy manufacturers have launched a slew of new models designed to emulate the stimulation of the lips and tongue in creative ways.

1. LELO Sila: No-Contact Nipple Stimulator

lelo sila large mouth

LELO Sila is a unique kind of sucking toy because it uses sonic pulses instead of literal suction for a one-of-a-kind sensation.

With this toy, you can simulate nipple sucking without the pulling and tugging you can sometimes get with other suction toys.

LELO Sila is technically meant for the clitoris, but its extra-wide silicone mouth is just as stimulating on the nipples.

Start by applying a little bit of water-based lubricant to your nipples (or your partner’s) and Sila’s opening to ensure good contact and smooth sliding.

Turn Sila on, but start at a low setting because this sensation is unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

I found this toy extremely pleasurable from the very start.

Use Sila’s easy-to-navigate selector buttons to gradually turn up the intensity and cycle through the eight pulsing functions.

I love LELO Sila for solo play because you can use it to stimulate the tits as well as the clitoris, so it can bring you to climax again and again.

It’s also great for foreplay, such as stimulating your partner’s nipples while your mouth is busy elsewhere.


  • The large mouth covers more area for deeper stimulation
  • Up to two hours of usage time for extended solo or partner play sessions
  • More comfortable sensation than traditional suction toys
  • Great for nipple and clitoral play


  • A little noisy, so it’s not very discreet
  • The sensation may take some getting used to for people used to more intense vibrating toys

2. Womanizer Classic 2: Legendary Tit Sucker

womanizer classic 2

The Womanizer line is one of the original air pulse sucking toys and still one of the best.

The Womanizer Classic 2 is the evolution of the original Womanizer, and it feels just like having your nipples gently (or not-so-gently) sucked.

It features ten incredible intensity levels to give you just the suction you need.

This toy's oval mouth is made from a firmer silicone than the LELO Sila, making it easier to maintain contact and more challenging to clean.

The two interchangeable heads are perfect for diverse bodies.

Use a water-based lube to create a comfortable seal for the sonic air pulse to stimulate your erogenous zones.

This toy can also go downtown too. I love it for solo play because you can stimulate your clitoris after you’ve warmed up your nipples.

Or keep it on your tits while your partner satisfies you orally for the orgasm of a lifetime.


  • Ten intensity levels for a truly custom sensation
  • Waterproof for fun in the shower, tub, or pool
  • “Afterglow Mode” turns down the intensity at the push of a button to help you slowly come down from the climax
  • Womanizer’s five-year warranty means you’ll never have to be without your new favorite toy


  • Firmer silicone mouth makes better contact with the vulva than the nipples
  • Tricky to clean inside due to the narrower opening

3. Fantasy for Her Vibrating Pump and Tongue Vibrator: Best Tit and Breast Licker

Fantasy for Her Tongue Vibrator

Suction toys are great, but there’s nothing like the combination of licking and sucking on your nipples.

This combination was hard to come by until now, with the Fantasy for Her Vibrating Pump and Tongue Vibrator Kit.

Don’t let the name fool you - this incredible toy is perfect for your nipples, vulva, and more!

It comes with two suction cups to fit bodies of all sizes that attach to your nipple (or your partner’s) with the help of a little water-based lube, generating three suction patterns to get your body humming.

When you’re ready to turn up the dial on sensation, add the flicking silicone tongue, which has seven individual motion and vibration patterns to choose from.

There’s even a nubby sleeve that you can slide over the tongue for additional stimulation.

Finally, this Swiss army knife of a sex toy doubles as a smooth, curved G-spot vibrator with its own ten vibration settings.

This toy has everything you need for solo or partner play, and it’s fully waterproof for those extra wet romps.

I love using it on my tits and then using it down below when I’m ready to finish my play.


  • Separate sucking, licking, and vibrating settings for unlimited erotic combinations
  • Non-aggressive pump for enhanced sensation 
  • G-spot vibrator handle makes this the most versatile toy on this list
  • Magnetic USB cable for easy charging


  • The tongue feature is extremely loud
  • Getting the position just right can be tricky

4. Calexotics Empowered Smart Pleasure Queen: Classy and Versatile

Calexotics empowered smart pleasure

If you’re looking for the sucking, licking breast stimulation of the Fantasy for Her toy in a smaller, more discreet package, the Calexotics Empowered Smart Pleasure Queen is precisely what you need.

This classy little toy features two interchangeable suction cups in full coverage and demi size for breasts and nipples of all sizes.

The suction, vibration, and licking settings combine to produce 36 mind-blowing sensory combinations that will send you (or your partner) through the roof.

Like the other suction toys on this list, it provides clitoral stimulation as well, so you can bring yourself to climax over and over again.

The Smart Pleasure Queen was great for partner play for me and my partner because its ergonomic handle makes it easy to hold onto while multitasking, so you can stimulate yourself and your partner simultaneously.

Or set them over the edge by using this toy on their nipples while you pleasure them orally.


  • Interchangeable cups fit nipples, vulvas, and more on bodies of all shapes and sizes
  • Discreet storage bag for travel and privacy
  • Removable cups are easy to clean


  • Not waterproof, so no shower play for this toy
  • Max run time is only 70 minutes, so it’s not great for longer play sessions

5. DOMINIX Deluxe Triple Sucker Set: Nipple Suckers for Men and Women

DOMINIX Deluxe Triple Sucker Set

If you’re looking for a little more sucking and less licking out of your nipple toys, you’ll love this three-pack of suction devices from DOMINIX.

They use a simple screw mechanism to create an adjustable vacuum inside the tube, applying constant suction to a nipple, clitoris, or anywhere else on the body.

I loved using this product on my nipples and clitoris at the same time. If you like a lot of action, you’ll love this toy.

This three-pack of suction devices lets you play your way.

Try one on each nipple and one on your clit, or share the experience with a partner (or two) so you can all enjoy the intensity of nipple play.

The suction increases blood flow to the nipple or wherever it’s placed, increasing sensitivity and providing continuous, even stimulation.


  • Easy-to-use screw mechanism makes these suckers better than fussy clamps
  • A clear chamber lets you see the engorged nipple or clitoris inside the device
  • Sturdy quality for lasting use
  • Budget-friendly three-pack for lots of play options


  • No quick release option, so these are best left to more experienced kinksters
  • Suction leaves marks that take a long time to fade

Nipple Vibrators

Vibrators aren’t just for the genitals. The same vibrations that feel explosive on the clitoris can also create wonderful sensations in the nipples.

As nipples tend to be less sensitive than clitoris, I suggest to only choose strong and rumbly vibrators and avoid gentle ones, such as Dame Fin and Iroha vibes.

I tested over 100+ vibrators and think the toys mentioned below are a great place to start!

1. Lovense Gemini: Best Vibrating Nipple Clamps

Lovense Gemini #getclamped

Lovense Gemini is designed to stimulate the nipples with adjustable pressure and vibration.

The clamps are made of non-porous Silicone and body-safe ABS plastic and can be easily adjusted to fit various nipple sizes.

It is perfect for both soft teasing and more intense sexual games - talk about versatility!

It also comes with small, powerful motors that provide targeted vibration to the nipples.

There are 7 pre-set models and patterns to start with, but once you connect this toy to the app, you can have freestyle customization and create unlimited possibilities.

Plus, it's got other fun features like syncing vibrations to music or using it as an alarm clock.

And the best part? It comes with an optional bra clip and necklace so you can easily wear it during public play or carry it with you wherever you go.


  • Super versatile when connected to the free Lovense Remote app
  • Fits all nipple sizes and types
  • Pleasant vibration
  • Quite enough for public ply


  • Vibration is not super strong

2. Lovense Hyphy: My Favorite Remote-Control Nipple Stimulator

lovense hyphy attachments

Another Lovense toy that wins my heart is the Hyphy

The Hyphy is an all-in-one sex toy perfect for nipple play, clitoral stimulation, and insertion. And it's super strong!

It features a long pinpoint vibrating wand with interchangeable silicone tips that can buzz, grip, and flick your nipples or your partners, as well as other sensitive erogenous zones.

There are three vibration levels and ten vibration patterns built-in, but the real magic of the Hyphy is the Lovense app.

It connects to your toy for a truly custom experience, allowing you to create unique vibration patterns to get your motor running.

The app is perfect for partner play, too.

Bluetooth local control allows for app control within the same room, while Wi-Fi connectivity means you and your partner can get each other off from anywhere in the world. My partner and I had fun on the road with this toy.

The handle is insertable up to 4.5 inches, and the curve is perfect for G-spot and anal play.

You can even sync the vibration patterns to music! It truly doesn’t get much better than the Lovense Hyphy.


  • Super intense and rumbly vibrations
  • Not designed specifically for nipples, but works extremely well
  • Multiple wand attachments for concentrated vibration, caressing or flicking sensations
  • The insertable wand is perfectly curved for G-spot stimulation
  • Lovense app allows you and your partner(s) to play remotely
  • Waterproof for shower, tub, or pool play
  • Up to 5 hours of continuous use for extra-long play sessions


  • App control takes a little tech savviness to figure out
  • Attachments are small and easy to lost (make sure to put them back in the storage box after use!)

3. Fun Factory Volta: Licking, Flicking, Stroking Fun

Fun Factory Volta

The waterproof Volta from Fun Factory is a crowd-pleasing toy that’s perfect for nipples, clitorises, penises, and more, thanks to its forked tips that act like two tongues flicking and lapping at all your most sensitive spots.

The Volta vibrator features a looped handle that makes it easy for you to get a good grip, whether you’re stimulating your nipples, your partner’s, or any other erogenous zones, no matter how wet things get.

Place the flapping tips on either side of your nipple and pump up the vibration for deep nipple stimulation, or use it as a stroking toy for blowjobs.

My partner and I tried fitting it between our bodies during penetration for added stimulation, and it worked wonderfully.

This unique vibrator looks a little funny, but you and your partner(s) are going to love it as soon as you turn it on.

Just make sure you have a clear schedule because you’re not going to want to put the Volta down.


  • Flapping tongues are great for all-over stimulation, not just nipples
  • The looped handle makes it easy to hold on to, even in the heat of the moment
  • Great for solo play and partnered sessions


  • The battery takes a long time to charge
  • Silicone flaps are a dust magnet, so keep it in the storage bag between uses

4. SVAKOM Nymph: Double-Head Vibration for the Nipples, Clit & Vaganial Pleasure


The SVAKOM Nymph’s unusual shape may look a little unorthodox.

Still, these three swirling tentacles rotate to stimulate your nipples, clitoris, and just about anything else like nothing you’ve experienced before.

The tentacles are firm but soft, so you can apply the pressure you want, all while stimulating your most sensitive spots from three separate directions.

The 5 satisfying vibration modes are excellent for foreplay, a quick climax, or a slow, deep build-up. Along with the soft and smooth silicone, this toy provides a fingering sensation.

The round head also takes vibration. You can get some nice internal stimulation if needed.

The Nymph is generally best suited for solo play, as its unique shape doesn’t fit between partners, especially during penetration.

The smooth design is nonporous and easy to clean with water or toy cleaner, and you store it in a drawstring bag to keep it lint-free.

I also love that it’s waterproof, so it’s perfect for getting wet in the shower.


  • Deep vibrations for nipple and clitoral stimulation
  • Round head are designed for internal stimulation
  • Waterproof and easy to clean
  • Unique tentacled design is perfect for breast play


  • Somewhat noisy, so not great for discreet moments

5. Cloud 9 Flexible Head Wand Kit: Unique Nipple Massager

Cloud 9 Flexible Head Wand Kit

Customize your pleasure with this nine-function vibrating wand from Cloud 9. It features three detachable tips for a variety of nipple sensations.

The nubby tip is covered in pulsating nubs that massage and tickle your tits and other sensitive areas.

The flutter tip’s flexible outer ring mimics licking by moving quickly and lightly over erogenous zones.

But the real star for nipple play is the Uber tip, a cup-shaped tip that can encircle the nipple, clit, or testicle for all-around vibrating coverage.

I personally recommend this product for light nipple play.

The versatile tips and various functions of the Cloud 9 Flexible Wand make it perfect for solo or couple play.

I recommend using it during foreplay on your nipples or your partners.

During blowjobs, you can also use it on the testicles to give them an orgasm they won’t soon forget.


  • Attachments add a variety of sensations
  • Extremely flexible head
  • It can be used as a full-body massager
  • Waterproof for sexy times anywhere
  • Unique Uber tip is designed for nipple play


  • Not as powerful as other similar toys
  • Only one hour of battery life, so best for foreplay rather than long romps

6. We-vibe Tango X: A Bullet Vibe Can Also Pleases Nipples

we-vibe tango x box

You might be wondering why I suggest a bullet vibrator for nipple play.

Well, Tango X is the MOST POWERFUL waterproof bullet I've had and it won't disappoint you or your nipples.

The handle is made of silicone while the head is made of ABS. The glossy and hard ABS surface makes sure every bit of the vibration will travel to your skin.

There are 7 different patterns to explore and you can easily switch among the levels with the + and - buttons.

Tango X is small, discreet, and lightweight. It measures 3.93 * 0.9 inches (10 * 2.3 cm) and weighs only 1.34 ounces (38g).

Here is a tip from me: If you want to even more intensify the sensation, I suggest getting your nipples clamped while using Tango X to stimulate.


  • Very powerful, especially considering its size
  • 7 different Pinpointing stimulation 
  • Light, discreet and portable
  • Long battery life (up to 2 hours of play)
  • High quality USB magnetic charger (with no voltage limitation)
  • 100% waterproof


  • Might be too intense for some women 

7. Satisfyer Endless Fun Multitoy: The Everywhere Vibrator

Satisfyer endless fun

The Endless Fun comes from the highly-praised Satisfyer line, a sleek yet powerful vibe that does just about everything.

It features two adjustable arms, three powerful motors, a 180-degree rotating head, and 100 possible vibration combinations.

With 33 different possible uses, this Satisfyer toy really does offer Endless Fun.

For solo play, the adjustable vibrating arms can encircle a nipple, penis, testicles, or clitoris, and you can insert the curved handle vaginally for G-spot stimulation or anally.

To be honest, other than for nipples, this toy is also my favorite for anal stimulation.

The unique design of the Satisfyer Endless Fun makes it perfect for couple play, too.

It can be used during intercourse in various positions or use it to turn up the intensity of your usual foreplay activities.

It’s made from body-safe silicone, easy to clean, and it comes with an incredible 15-year warranty, so if you love it (and I know you will), you can love it forever.


  • Nearly limitless sensation applications for a sexual experience that’s never the same twice
  • Perfect for solo use or with a partner (or more)
  • Satisfyer’s warranty plan is better than just about any other sex toy company around
  • Flexible arms provide unique stimulation to a variety of body parts, especially nipples
  • Budget friendly


  • The insertable handle is hard and thick, which may be uncomfortable for some users
  • Some devices develop charging issues over time, but the warranty covers them

Nipple Clamps, Clips & BDSM Gear

BDSM has gone mainstream, and the sex toy industry has responded with a wide selection of items that can help you explore darker, more intense sensations.

Rough stimulation of the nipples can be uncomfortable, and for some people, that’s a plus.

While your hands or a simple binder clip can become a nipple puller or a nipple twister, it’s also fun to get some designated gears.

Below toys are good options if you’re among those who’s into kinky nipple play.

1. UPKO Double Bar Nipple Clamps & Clitoral Chain Set

Upko Double Bar Nipple Clamps & Clitoral Chain Set

This gorgeous UPKO double bar set caught my attention recently.

It is crafted with zinc alloy material and has a unique restraints design concept. 

The nipple clamps can be adjusted via sliding the balls; and the adjustable balls on both ends of the bar allow you to control the degree of pain, offering a customizable experience.

When attached, you will feel a sensations of slight gathering, slow pinching, and repeated tantalizing.

Unlike common nipple clamps, the bar-shaped linear design provides a stronger visual impact and a heightened sense of shame.

The set also includes magnetic dangling clitoral clamps featuring a long chain, two small clips, and a small round ball that decorates the private garden between the legs.

The magnetic round ball naturally falls, enhancing sensitivity and provocation.

To be honest, I got this set out of curiosity and I love it so much now!


  • High quality zinc alloy material
  • Gorgeous packaging, design and finish
  • Adjustable nipple balls for customizable pain levels 
  • Clit decor and clips are amazing extra
  • Nipple and clip part can be used together or separately


  • A bit pricey 
  • Not for hardcore players

2. Entice Tiered Rose Gold Nipple Clamps: Beauty With a Bite

Entice Tiered Rose Gold Nipple Clamps

If you’re a beginner who wants to start exploring the sensations of BDSM, these lovely rose-tinted nipple clamps from Entice are a perfect primer.

The adjustable PVC-cushioned crocodile clamps tighten and loosen with a screw pin for adjustable comfort (or pleasurable discomfort).

The attached chain adds additional weight and sensation to the clamps, which can be loosened or tightened as desired.

The clamps and chain are nickel-free for sensitive skin, and experienced nipple players can get as much pinch as they like out of them.

They’re great for heightening nipple sensation during solo play, to get added stimulation, alone or in combination with other toys on this list.

You or your partner can tighten and loosen the clamps during partner play, tugging on the chains for added pleasure.

The most daring BDSM players may find the bite on these clamps a little weak, but for people newer to nipple play, the Entice Rose Gold Nipple Clamps are a perfect place to explore.

We all start somewhere, and I started with this set myself.  


  • Attractive rose-tinted metal looks beautiful on all skin tones
  • Nickel-free material is safe for sensitive skin
  • Adjustable pressure for BDSM novices and more experienced nipple players


  • Clamps may fall off with more aggressive tugging
  • Not much pinch for those who like a little more pain

3. Bondage Boutique Ostrich Feather Tickler: Best Budget-Friendly Nipple Ticker

Bondage Boutique Luxury Ostrich Feather Tickler

Other than pain, the tickling sensation can also play a good role in BDSM play. This 26-inch soft-touch petite feather tickler is easy to grip and easy to pack.

And the sturdy-wrapped handle offers wonderful flexibility and seamless control at any angle.

Most importantly, it costs less than $20 and the quality is quite decent.

I like to have the feathery strokes run through my breast area when being blindfolded.

This way, I feel more sensitive and the tingling feeling can travel down all the way to my genitals.

I suggest using this feathery toy for sensual foreplay, especially if you are into light BDSM play.


  • Gorgeous and good quality for a good price
  • Provide a unique tingling sensation
  • Can be easily packed 
  • Ideal for non-intimidating BDSM play


  • Hard to clean

4. Fifty Shades of Grey The Pinch Adjustable Nipple Clamps: Weighted for Your Pleasure

fifty shades of grey nipple clamps

Inspired by the sexy series of books and movies by the same name, these adjustable nipple clamps are perfect for boosting your nipple sensitivity during sexual play.

The Fifty Shades of Grey Nipple Clamps have a sliding adjustment mechanism to give you just the amount of pleasure or pain you’re looking for.

Each clamp has a set of weighted balls dangling from it, which flutters and swings with even the slightest movement so they will delightfully stimulate you or your partner each moment.

The silicone cushion tips keep the clamps from tipping too far into the “pain” zone.

You can use other toys like the ones on this list or a bullet vibrator directly on the tits while wearing these clamps or take them off for a surge of sexy sensation.

They’re perfect for solo and partner play, especially for more experienced BDSM nipple play fans.


  • Classic adjustable clamps that give just enough pinch without too much ouch
  • Weighted balls add extra sensation with every move
  • Clamps stay in place even with moderate tugging


  • It could have too much bite for newer BDSM players
  • It may be too narrow for people with larger nipples

5. Fetish Fantasy Vibrating Nipple Clamps: For Newer Kinksters

Fetish Fantasy Vibrating Nipple Clamps

Now for something a little more high-tech! These vibrating nipple clamps from Fetish Fantasy offer ten levels of vibration that go directly to your nipples via the soft rubber-padded clamps.

They’re an excellent combination of comfort, convenience, and naughtiness!

The clamps adjust with a screw mechanism for customized comfort without too much pinch, so it’s perfect for BDSM newbies.

They vibrate via the attached controller with ten unique vibration patterns that satisfy every appetite.

The curve tips make it almost impossible to overdo the pain, which may be a drawback for more experienced kinksters, but for those learning to play with the line between pleasure and pain, these vibrating nipple clamps are just what you need.

I found these to be better suited to solo play than partner play, as they only offer a little bit of grip and can get bounced off during wilder romps. As foreplay toys, though, they’re great.


  • Soft silicone tips are super comfortable
  • Multifunction controller offers lots of vibration sensations
  • Vibrating bullets add weight to the clamps


  • Some users felt like the vibrations didn’t make it up to their nipples
  • Not very tight so that they can fall off during partner play

6. Kinklab Flex Capacitor: Next-Level Nipple Kink

Kinklab  Flex Capacitor Neon Wand Accessory

Experienced kinksters love to push the boundaries between pleasure and pain, and for that, electrosex is the wave of the future.

The Kinklab Flex Capacitor is a double-pronged wand that you can use just about anywhere on the body, and the nipples are an obvious choice!

It’s effortless to use - simply turn it on and let the teasing begin. However, watch out.

This device is not for the faint of heart. It offers just one level of electrical stimulation - intense! - so, there’s no way to turn it down for less experienced BDSM players.

If you enjoy strong sensations and aren’t afraid of experimentation like me, this toy could be just what you’re looking for.

You can use it for solo play, but it’s honestly best for playing with a partner.

Whether you’re the one dealing the pain or receiving it, the Flex Capacitor will turn up the heat on your sexual exploration.


  • Usable on any part of the body that’s otherwise safe for electrosex
  • Easy to use - no clamps or teeth to attach, tighten, or adjust
  • Super intense stimulation for experienced kinksters


  • Sensations of electrosex may not be pleasant for everyone
  • Not for people new to BDSM and electrosex - know all of the safety rules before playing!

If you are looking for a more complete experience, I also recommend Kink Lab Neon Wand.

It has 4 electrodes to play with and are more visually appealing thanks to the colorful sparks. 

Plus, you will need to get the Wand handle for the Flex Capacitor I mentioned above anyway. 

Kinklab Electro Erotic Neon Wand

7. Bondage Boutique Wartenburg Pinwheel: A Classic Kink Toy

Bondge boutique wartenberg pinwheel

The Wartenburg Pinwheel is a classic BDSM tool that you can use to create tiny pinprick sensations just about anywhere on the body.

This hypoallergenic, nickel-free Wartenburg Pinwheel is perfect for all-over use, including nipple play.

I love the textured handle, which makes it easy to get a good grip so you can adjust the pressure to be as light or as firm as you need.

You can use it solo, but it’s a lot more intense when you’re not the one controlling the sensation.

Put a blindfold on the receiving partner for added suspense and intensity.

The 22 spokes of this pinwheel are great for all kinds of fetish play, including medical play, thanks to its scientific appearance and heavy weight.

It’s a perfect way for newer kinksters to begin exploring BDSM sensation, and it’s super inexpensive.


  • Classic BDSM tool perfect for all levels of kink experience
  • Easy to use right out of the box
  • Inexpensive and discreet


  • It could be too irritating for some skin types, even when used gently
  • A little scary looking at first


There’s a wide array of possibilities when it comes to nipple play and so many excellent products to help you enjoy it more fully.

Hopefully, this article has helped you learn more about nipple play techniques and products.

Now go out and explore all the enticing ways to use them. Be safe, be smart, be consensual, and have fun!

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Susan July 25, 2022 - 12:05 am


Jane Louis July 27, 2022 - 5:55 am

A lot of fun 🙂

Dox November 14, 2022 - 8:47 pm

Can any of the electronic vibrators be attached hands-free to nipples (besides the vibrating clamps)? Looking for ones that can be used tied up without the clamping action.

Jane Louis November 15, 2022 - 7:01 am

Hello Dox, I think only pump type of suction toys can be attached hands-freely. However, I don’t know any of the pumping ones that come with electric functions.

Erik January 16, 2023 - 7:32 pm

I’d like to recommend the Rolevin Electric Nipple Corrector. It’s relatively small, runs on rechargeable battery (recharged via USB-C), has 4 different settings with 9 levels of suction on each setting and even at the highest level is relatively quiet. It is entirely hands-free once applied and turned on.

Also, if you enjoy a little electrical play, a good TENS unit is hard to beat. Experiment with the settings to find what you like best. Adjust your level of play anywhere from mild to “Holy Fucking Shit!”. 😉 If you’re daring, it can even be worn under clothes in public, though the base unit might be better hidden in a fanny pouch.

Jane Louis January 22, 2023 - 2:58 pm

Hello Erik, thanks for sharing! Sounds interesting! 😀


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