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12 Best Online (Sexy) Lingerie Stores I Like to Shop at

by Jane Louis

Lingerie is a surefire way to make a woman look and feel sexy. However, with so many types of lingerie on the market, where is the best place to shop for lingerie?

Different stores offer different styles, from edgy BDSM lingerie to a tasteful lingerie corset. Not to mention, every woman deserves to feel sexy–even on a budget.

I have compiled a list of stores that have made my online lingerie experience easy and fun.

These companies provide sensual and beautiful pieces that can spice up any wardrobe. 

Read on to learn more about the best shops for lingerie.

1. Cosabella: Best Collections for Every Body Type

Cosabella Lingerie

First, we have Cosabella–one of the overall best lingerie stores for luxurious lingerie.

The shop’s name is an Italian word for “beautiful thing,” which accurately describes the alluring pieces that make Cosabella the best online store for lingerie for every body type.

The website is home to several lines of high-end lingerie

Among all the products, their bras, pajamas, underwear, and bralettes are most loved.

While scrolling through the site, you’ll find collections with sultry names like “Magnolia” and “Sanika.”

Each includes the primary design in various styles: thongs, corsets, camis, bodysuits, robes, lingerie bralettes, and nighties.

The sexy thong lingerie is typically the cheapest in the collection, coming in at around $70, while the robes cost over $250.

What makes Cosabella stand-out, is their focus on getting the most quality out of their products.

A single thong can take more than 10 hours to craft, and all their garments are made in Italy. Ensuring that you get the most value for your buck.

Cosabella also sells sleepwear and swimwear, but I found their best feature to be the option to shop by body type.

You can choose from 8 styles:

  • Standard
  • Curvy
  • Super curvy
  • Ultra curvy
  • Beauty
  • Petite
  • Extended
  • Mens

I could browse options that best flatter my body type and settle on a collection I loved.

The fit was perfect, and I have never been so comfortable while looking so nice.

Who should shop at Cosabella?

The great thing about Cosabella is that every body type can find attractive options.

They also ship all over the world. So, people everywhere who struggle to find lingerie that hugs their frame in the right way should check out Cosabella to find the most flattering collection.

Also, if you’re all about quality and paying what it takes to ensure that, Cosabella is right for you.

My experience

I loved shopping on Cosabella’s website. They made it easy for me to shop based on style and body type, and the models in their photos showed me exactly how the pieces might fit.

I especially like their bras/strapless bras. Chic designs and they fit me perfectly. 

As someone who wants to have one of everything, their cohesive collections were a great addition to my closet.

2. Journelle: Largest Variety

Journelle Lingerie

The Journelle website is impressively organized, considering how many options they have.

Their bra section has subcategories of t-shirt bras, underwire, strapless, convertible, and even a separate category for DD+.

Their underwear and lingerie sections also have a plethora of subsections, and there’s even a separate page for garter belts.

Being a woman on the Journelle website is like being a kid in a candy shop–there are so many exciting options.

From color to style, to patterns–there is enough diversity to guarantee something for everyone. 

As a bonus, the shop also offers chic vibrators and kegel sets for sexual wellness, for when the beautiful lingerie makes you feel extra sexy.

Journelle also boasts a bridal collection that has something for every stage of your newly started journey.

Whether you want to dazzle your partner in your honeymoon or have something nice since the rehearsal, Journelle has you covered.

I found the prices very reasonable compared to other online shops–Plus, they gave me a 10% coupon to sign up for emails.

Thongs are around $45, while bralettes come in at about $78. Some of their more luxury products, like the Kiki de Montparnasse Handcuff Bra, are over $130.

Who should shop at Journelle?

People who love variety should shop at Journelle.

If you love unique patterns and designs, like cute lingerie with lace handcuff prints or floral-shaped mesh cups, Journelle might be your best bet.

It’s also great for consumers on a budget due to its modest pricing and frequent sales.

My experience

I spent hours on the Journelle website narrowing down my favorite bra and panties combos. Some of their bra collections are gorgeous! 

Their navigation-friendly site made it easy for me to choose and get lost in their catalog. 

When I finally decided which one to get, they arrived quickly and fit perfectly. There was no going through the hassle of sending back and trying different sizes.

These days, I am in love with their silky line pajamas. So smooth and so beautiful!

3. Frederick’s of Hollywood: Best for Bondage Lingerie

Frederick’s of Hollywood Lingerie

Frederick’s of Hollywood is another one of my go-to lingerie stores for naughty lingerie, especially when I am looking for some kinkly feeling. 

They offer a variety of products, but their top sellers are red, black, and strappy–the perfect looks to have you feeling hot.

The black and white site has red accents, instantly setting the store’s mood for shoppers.

Fans of Frederick’s of Hollywood revere the brand for its bold lingerie, and I couldn't agree more.

They offer many styles, from baby dolls to corsets and teddies–yet, every piece has a certain grit that helps enhance your dark feminine energy.

While the shop offers luxury pieces, including a gorgeous bridal lingerie collection, they are also budget-friendly, with sales that include up to 75% off on beautiful products.

“Raven” is my favorite collection. It’s a bondage collection with everything from garter belts to striking black and red lingerie.

They’re also friendly for plus-size shoppers, with full-figure pieces available for purchase. They also post articles for beginner guides to lingerie for any body type.

Who should shop at Frederick’s of Hollywood?

Frederick’s of Hollywood is the perfect online store for United States and Canada-based shoppers looking for sleek lingerie with a little kinky flair.

My experience

Shopping online at Frederick’s of Hollywood was an interesting experince, especially when looking for sexy outfits where I didn’t have to empty the wallet.

Some pieces can take some effort to wear. But once put on, they fit wonderfully. They are simplistic and slimming.

4. Eberjey: Most Comfortable Lingerie

Eberjey Lingerie

Eberjey is a brand that is all about comfort.

Most customers know them for their sleepwear before lingerie, but their sexier pieces are just as suitable for nighttime wear.

Cotton thongs and high waist briefs are among the pieces that Eberjey is most proud of, placing them toward the top of their lingerie page.

They prioritize comfort and wearability over sex appeal, yet they somehow hit the nail on the head for both these categories.

Their lingerie looks simple, with muted colors and minimal patterns, yet I feel beyond sexy in their coziest bras and underwear–perhaps because they make me feel comfortable and thus comfortable in my skin.

Venture to their sleepwear section to find surprisingly erotic silk slips. Remember that this level of comfort comes at a high but sensible cost.

The price of their silk pieces ranges but can be over $200–well worth it for the durable and snug quality of the fabric.

They are not the best option for plus-size shoppers, as most of their bras and bralettes max out at an L/XL.

Who should shop at Eberjey?

Shoppers who want lingerie that hugs their bodies and makes them feel relaxed and reassured should check out Eberjey before any other store.

The brand ships worldwide, so every country has access to simple, sexy, and snuggly lingerie.

My experience

I was among the happy reviewers on the Eberjey website to praise the brand for its soft feel and flattering fit. Some of my everyday underwear came from this brand and I like them. 

5. Adoreme: Most Eco-Friendly Lingerie

Adore Me Lingerie

When a package from Adoreme lands on my doorstep, I’m not the only happy one–my partner throws a mini celebration, too, and I never blame him.

Adoreme is a go-to brand for sensual, seductive, and visually appealing lingerie.

These intimate pieces come at a reasonable price.

You can buy affordable lingerie like corsets and bustiers for anywhere from $20 to $60, especially with the near-constant sales on their website.

There are countless irresistible and creative lingerie pieces. Not to mention, the shop drops new styles every month so that you can always keep it fresh.

The shop has so many fun and sexy pieces that it’s worth scrolling through the online store with your sexual partner to find something that excites the two of you.

I think the piece de resistance of their whole store is their “AdoreMe Cares” collection.

This collection is an entire line of sustainable lingerie available for every body type, so you can feel good about feeling sexy.

Who should shop at Adoreme?

Adoreme is a fantastic option for those looking to spice up their sex life.

Better yet, they ship internationally, so people around the globe can enjoy fun and romantic styles.

My experience

I never purchased from Adoreme myself as most of their products aren't to my taste.

However, I do know a friend who has a pair of lacey and tie-up thigh-high stockings from them. 

Quality is not bad and the piece is still intact today, showing that even for such a low price - Adoreme’s products are durable.

6. Victoria’s Secret: Best for Beginners

Victorias secret Lingerie

Very few people have not heard of Victoria’s Secret, as they are one of the most well-known lingerie brands in the world.

Their world-famous name means they hold themselves to a high-quality standard and offer enough variety to keep things exciting without venturing too far into the kinkier pieces.

Their pieces are undoubtedly sexy–from open-back lacey babydolls to lace-up corset teddies, they have a little of everything. Many regard them as the best brand for lingerie.

Since the brand is so well-known, they’re a stellar choice for people just starting their lingerie journey.

It’s the perfect dose of sexy and simple, with no overwhelming options and a good variety without 100+ pages of products to sift through.

The brand offers modest silk robes as a part of their cohesive collections, so you can cover up and still feel hot and poised.

Who should shop at Victoria’s Secret?

There are several in-person Victoria’s Secret stores, but those who do not have a local shop should check out the online store.

Plus, the website may have options that have sold out in physical stores–after all, they’re the largest online lingerie retailer in the world.

Beginners in the lingerie world should try shopping at Victoria’s Secret as a sampling of all the wonderful things it has to offer.

My experience

I do not shop online at Victoria’s Secret often because I have a physical store in my local mall.

I find it easier to size myself in VS pieces when I have their lingerie in front of me, but I have mixed feeling about this brand. 

7. Agent Provocateur: Most Unique Luxury Lingerie

Agent Provocateur Lingerie

The Agent Provocateur website is home to some stunning, original pieces of lingerie that no other shop can replicate.

Their collections are eye candy for those who love creative floral designs and bright colors.

I also like that they use a lot of tulle in their pieces–it is feminine and alluring while providing body and structure to the lingerie.

Luxury is an understatement for Agent Provocateur, so roughly $90 for these bras makes sense.

Some bras include hardware plating made with real gold–a secret treat that can make any woman feel sexy.

Believe it or not, adjustable straps are a rarity in the luxury lingerie industry, but Agent Provocateur is one of the few companies that make sure the straps are not only functional but accommodate a large range of heights and shoulder sizes.

Every piece of lingerie is gorgeous but delicate–remember to carefully hand wash Agent Provocateur’s pieces.

Who should shop at Agent Provocateur?

Everyone can treat themself to a unique luxury piece from Agent Provocateur.

They ship worldwide and even include detailed shipping estimates on the delivery page of their website so you know exactly when you can show off your new lingerie.

My experience

I found the sizes listed on the website to be very accurate.

They include specs on every product, so by the time the Lorna collection arrived, it was ready for me to wear and show off to my partner.

8. Anya Lust: Best for Bondage Lingerie

Anya Lust Lingerie

Anya Lust offers some breathtaking and sultry lingerie, proving that the word “lust” earns its place in the shop’s name.

I think their bondage bodysuits are some of their most bewitching products, so it is no wonder that Anya Lust is a top-choice store for bondage lovers.

Their garter belts, bondage suits, and chest harnesses come with vegan leather alternatives for those who prioritize the environment and their sensuality.

Gorgeous straps, metal rings, chokers, and handcuffs pepper the site’s plain white background, offering shoppers a multitude of bold accessories to wear with detailed and comfortable lingerie.

The site’s photos show models wearing the pieces at different angles, so you can see exactly how the lingerie looks from multiple viewpoints.

The material for the silk pieces is just as durable as the bondage leather, justifying prices that go up to $300.

Since the site offers afterpay as a payment option, I had no issue splurging and paying for my luxury items in installments.

Who should shop at Anya Lust?

Anya Lust is a clear choice for those who enjoy bondage.

Their designs are unique, and have a variety of pieces that will sure fit whatever you’re looking for. 

Even if they’re quite expensive, by just looking at them, you know why they’re worth the price tag.

My experience

The size charts included on every product page were helpful while shopping online.

The delivery was quick and painless, and I was pleasantly surprised to learn how comfortable the strappy leather bondage pieces are.

9. Bare Necessities: Best for the Basics

Bare Necessities Lingerie

Bare Necessities is second to Victoria’s Secret as one of the biggest online lingerie retailers in the world.

Their lingerie is alluring and sexy, but overall the basics are their biggest selling point.

Solid colors in bras and panties cover most of their website, with a few lacy collections of rompers, babydoll sets, open-cup teddies, and crotchless boyshorts.

There’s nothing too intimidating for lingerie newbies, which makes them a good starter site to begin collecting the basics.

Their collections simply look beautiful. They even have a line of solely black bras and panties–a classic look you can never go wrong with.

Their tagline is, “we fit the curves of your life,” and with good reason.

As a curvy girl, Bare Necessities is a go-to shop for not only fancy lingerie but for simple bras and panties.

I recommend that curvy girls check out the shop, even if you are just looking for some basic underwear.

Who should shop at Bare Necessities?

Bare Necessities is great for curvy girls all over the world.

They ship internationally and detail the plus size specs on their website so you know exactly what you are buying before it shows up.

My experience

Bare necessities is my favorite store for… well, the necessities.

A good lingerie closet is nothing without a good foundation, and that is exactly what this online store offers.

10. Ann Summers: Best for Costume Lingerie

Ann Summers Lingerie

Eroticism is at the forefront of Ann Summer’s lingerie shop. It’s no surprise, considering the wide array of sex toys they sell alongside intimate apparel.

Full-body stockings, Saskia dresses, teddies with vibrating crotches, and sleek leg harnesses are among the most daring pieces in their lingerie section.

Best of all, they offer more costumey wear for extra fun nights.

For example, they sell a “strip search police outfit,” a bondage bunny, a Cleopatra look, a maid bodysuit, and a full sexy nurse outfit.

Whether it’s a Halloween party or a night in with your partner, surprise them with one of Ann Summer’s lively and sexy costumes.

Who should shop at Ann Summer?

Ann Summer is perfect for those looking to impress everyone at the Halloween party or to practice some roleplaying in the bedroom.

Plus, they offer international shipping, so it’s a lovely choice for people who want to take the kink to the next level, no matter where they are.

My experience

I was so excited when my bondage bunny outfit arrived, looking just as amazing as it did on the model.

The fit was perfect on my curves, and the high-quality material made me look and feel sexy.

11. Empress Mimi: Most Royal Lingerie Designs

Empress Mimi Lingerie

The online store for Empress Mimi advertises its tagline, “Unleash your inner goddess.” That is how their lingerie makes me feel: like a goddess.

Reasonable prices on intricate and maximalist designs are a solid selling point for Empress Mimi, coupled with free shipping on orders over $40.

Some of their most gorgeous pieces include little charms on the wires and straps, as well as rhinestones and little pearls that decorate puffy tulle sleeves on slimming corsets.

One look through their website proves there is no shortage of opulence in Empress Mimi’s collections.

All shapes and sizes can enjoy this lingerie on a bed of roses.

They’re consistent with the “goddess” theme, offering collections named after Persephone, Venus, and even some empresses and queens.

Subscription boxes distinguish Empress Mini from other lingerie brands.

They offer two types of boxes. The Queen box; which every month treats you with a matching set of bras, bodysuit, sleepwear or other must-have categories, and the Empress Box packages all what makes the Queen box appealing, plus accessories like kimonos, jewelry, loungewear and more.

Who should shop at Empress Mimi?

Every woman looking to treat herself to lingerie of milk and honey should check out Empress Mimi before any other shop.

Their intimate apparel can make everyone feel like royalty–including you and the partner who is lucky enough to see you in it.

My experience

Even while shopping at Empress Mimi from my kitchen table, I felt like I was sitting on a throne.

My only issue had to do with subscription boxes. 

I’ve had a couple of instances where the delivery takes too long to arrive, and if the pieces do not fit, getting your money back or another one that fits, well, let’s just say they make you wish you had never subscribed in the first place.

12. Fleur du mal: Best Unisex Lingerie

Fleur du mal Lingerie shop

Fleur du mal has a gorgeous selection of intimate wear for women, but their menswear and unisex lines are not too shabby either.

Designs for both genders include highly-detailed designs with strong patterns and bold fits.

There are plenty of lace, floral, embroidered polka dots, and soft and rich color palettes.

Their Lace Boxer Brief are a great example of the creativity in their menswear designs.

Either gender can rock luxury pieces like these, but the artistry behind it means paying a little more.

Fleur du mal also has a gigantic collection of creative lingerie for women.

No matter what you’re looking for, bras, panties, robes or complete bodysuits, they are likely to have dozens and dozens of crafty options for you to choose from.

The prices on their website range from $50 to $300, with most falling at the higher end. 

Who should wear Fleur du Mal?

All genders should shop at Fleur du Mal, as it is one of the best lingerie stores.

Those who do not have fem-presenting bodies should give this shop a shot to see if they find a piece that tickles their fancy.

My experience

I never tried unisex lingerie until I shopped at Fleur du Mal, and I found their silk boxer shorts to be a beautiful and comfortable statement piece for my lingerie collection.

Which perfectly complemented my search for bras. They have a ton of types like floral embroidered, stitch convertibles, balconette pieces, and more.

Why Do Men Like Lingerie?

Men like lingerie for the same reason women do: it is stunning.

Men, even more so than women, are visually stimulated, and lingerie designs flatter the sexiest parts of the body.

So, gorgeous additions to an already-gorgeous woman’s body will keep things fresh and exciting in the bedroom for both partners.

How To Choose Lingerie?

If you are buying lingerie for yourself, there is no proven formula. Everybody is different, and you should look for pieces that bring out your best features.

With that said, here are some tips on how to choose a piece of lingerie that will fit, look and feel the best.

Know your measurements: Before embarking on a lingerie shopping spree, measure your bust, underbust, waist, and hips.

This should be given and will save you a ton of time when deciding which pieces to take or leave on the counter.

Consider your body shape: This is all about choosing pieces that flatter your figure.

Whether you have an hourglass, pear, apple, or athletic shape, there is a lingerie outfit that can accentuate your best features. 

For example, bralettes are flattering for smaller breasts, while bustiers are wonderful for bustier people.

The setting is critical: No lingerie is like a Swiss-army knife. If you're looking for everyday wear, go with a practical and comfortable style.

For a special night, you might want to explore more seductive and alluring options.

Don't be shy: Lingerie comes in a wide array of types and styles, each catering to different tastes and preferences.

Try a push-up, a balconette, or a bralette. Model briefs, thongs, boyshorts, teddies, babydolls, corsets, and more.

I'm sure you will find something that makes you feel confident and beautiful.

Substance over style: The material of your lingerie can affect its comfort and durability.

Cotton is breathable and great for everyday wear, while satin and silk exude luxury and sensuality.

Lace and mesh can add a touch of allure to your lingerie collection.

Some women can’t stand the feeling of cotton or lace lingerie, while others don’t like the feel of silk.

Make sure that you choose a material you feel comfortable in.

Try before you buy: If possible, try on lingerie before taking it home.

This allows you to assess the fit and comfort, ensuring you're making the right choice.

If you're shopping online, read customer reviews, and check the return policy in case you need to exchange sizes or return the item.

How To Be Sexy in Lingerie?

The most important part of being sexy in lingerie is feeling sexy. For some people, just the lingerie is not enough to feel hot.

Try doing your hair in a way you’ve never done before–whether it’s a sexy updo or loose curls.

Treat yourself to a little makeup, and shave your body hair in a way that makes you feel most sensual.

To spice things up, add a pair of heels to the outfit.

Accessories in general can elevate a look, so don’t shy away from necklaces, chokers, or earrings.

Props can be a fun addition, too. Whips, leashes, and sex toys are all friends to lingerie and can give you the extra push you need to embrace your sex appeal.

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