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10 Best Prostate Massagers of 2024 for Unforgettable Stimulation

by Jane Louis
Best Prostate Massagers

Do you want to stimulate your P-spot further but are unsure which prostate massager to try?

I’ve been there. The first time I stimulated my prostate, I felt the after-effects from the orgasm for half an hour!

Since then, I knew I wanted to introduce a prostate massager into my toy box to enhance this feeling.

I started reviewing options on the market. And so, I handpicked some of the best prostate massagers I’ve tried in the article below.

What Is a Prostate Massager?

A prostate massager is a toy you insert into your anus. It touches the prostate gland, a small bundle of nerves in your pelvis.

It’s between your bladder and rectum, behind your penis. 

While you can reach your P-spot with your fingers, a toy can deliver even more intense pleasure.

A good prostate stimulator has a sturdy base, so you don’t have to worry about losing track of it.

Even if you have a mini vibrator in your collection, you shouldn’t use it as a P-spot stimulator.

However, toys with vibration can elevate your orgasm, so keep that feature in mind.

I started with a small prostate massager to see how it fit and felt.

If you have experience with butt plugs, you might already know what size and shape you want for a prostate massager.

If this type of play is new, I recommend you start small to get used to the sensation. If you like it, you can upgrade to a large prostate massager.

Whether you want a remote control prostate toy, a wireless prostate massager, or a rimming prostate massager, you’ll find the best toy for prostate play on this list.

10 Best Prostate Massagers

After years of testing toys to find what would give me an intense prostate massage, I found many diverse options on the market.

This list includes the best prostate-milking toys that have elevated my orgasm into something more intense than I’d ever experienced.

1. Lovense Edge 2: Best Overall

lovense edge 2 review
  • Material: Silicone
  • Dimensions:
  • 4.25 inches circumference
  • 4.5 inches long
  • 3.5 inches insertable length
  • Run Time: 100 minutes
  • Waterproof

The Lovense Edge 2, in my opinion, is the best prostate stimulator with many interactive functions.

It’s a hands-free toy that stimulates your P-spot while leaving your hands free for other fun.

You can also let your partner control the device in the same room or far away due to a long-distance relationship.

I love that the tip curves perfectly stimulate my prostate. I can adjust the neck to ensure it suits my body better.

For example, I can modify the internal arm to apply just the right pressure on my prostate. This adaptability gives me a new and unique experience every time I use this toy!

It has three pre-set speeds and four unique patterns that deliver the best feeling once inside.

The vibration is amazingly strong and rumbly. You can even set your own patterns for more control!

The Lovense app completely customizes your experience with the Lovense Edge 2.

You can connect it with your speaker and allow the toy to vibe with the music, or even sync the device with interactive cam shows to feel part of the action.

The interactivity and flexibility of the Lovense Edge 2 make this toy ideal for beginners, but even more experienced individuals will find this a good option.

2. We-Vibe Vector+: Best Beginner Prostate Massager

  • Material: Silicone
  • Dimensions:
  • 3.5 inches circumference
  • 4.5 inches long
  • 4 inches insertable length
  • Run Time: 120 minutes
  • Waterproof

Don’t confuse this toy with the original Vector—with a redesigned remote for better control; the Vector+ is the best prostate massager if you’re new to P-spot stimulators.

The We-Vibe Vector+ isn’t as powerful as the Lovense Edge 2, so I recommend this toy to complete beginners or those of you who are more sensitive to stimulations.

Vector+ provides a great way to ease into prostate play without feeling overwhelmed.

It has a longer run time than the Lovense Edge 2, so you can explore yourself more.

The toy has six vibration patterns; you can set them at four distinct intensity levels. It includes a remote for short-term control and an app for any-distance control.

Therefore, you can use the device’s remote for easier bedroom play or put yourself in someone else’s hands – this feature makes Vector+ the perfect toy for long-distance relationships.

I love how this toy is submersible, letting me play in the shower for some squeaky-clean fun.

With one part of the massager vibrating against my prostate and the other hitting my perineum, this sex toy hits just the right spots and gives me the most mind-bending orgasms.

It only takes 90 minutes for the We-Vibe Vector+ to charge using a USB cable.

Each charge lasts two hours, giving me plenty of time to explore myself with the toy.

Before using it, start with plenty of water-based anal lubricant to introduce yourself to the pleasure of P-spot stimulation.

3. Lelo Hugo SenseMotion: Best Intense Vibration Prostate Massager

Lelo Hugo butt plug
  • Material: Silicone
  • Dimensions:
  • 4 inches circumference
  • 4.5 inches long
  • 5.5 inches insertable length
  • Run Time: 120 minutes
  • Waterproof

The Lelo Hugo SenseMotion is one of the more expensive vibrating prostate toys, but it’s worth the investment.

The unique design is curved, so you can wear it and keep your hands free.

The tip turns into a bulb to make you feel full while applying pressure to your prostate.

It hits your P-spot while you wear it and has twin motors to deliver more intense vibrations.

I recommend this toy to anyone, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced prostate pro.

Due to those twin motors, the vibration is more intense than the Vector+, closer to the Edge 2.

However, it’s not as adjustable as the Edge 2. It also has a thicker shaft than the Vector+, making it harder for me to reach my P-spot the first few times.

Like the Vector+ and Edge 2, it’s a silicone device, making it firm and easy to clean. However, it doesn't have a bouncy soft touch like Edge 2.

It has a silky surface, which is even smoother than Vector+’s silicone.

The tapered tip, along the ultra-smooth surface, makes it super easy to insert the Hugo, even if you are a beginner for anal toys.

The most unique thing about the Lelo Hugo is the motion-controlled remote.

It responds to my hand movement, making the sensation more interactive and responsive to my motions.

I love using the remote to operate it while the toy is inside me, changing the vibration patterns or intensity to what pleases me most.

Seeing my partner’s hand motions replicated through the SenseMotion remote made this toy all the more enjoyable, giving me one of the best orgasms I’ve ever had!

4. Lelo Loki Wave 2: Best Prostate Massager for Couples

  • Material: Silicone, ABS plastic
  • Dimensions:
  • 4.5 inches circumference
  • 8 inches long
  • 4 inches insertable length
  • Run Time: 120 minutes
  • Waterproof

The Lelo Loki Wave 2 is a handheld prostate massager that best mimics the sensation of your partner’s fingers curling against your prostate.

When I tried it, it genuinely felt like someone was teasing me from the inside, giving me orgasms on a whole new level!

Besides the distinct design that already applies an ideal amount of pressure to your prostate, this toy has 2 motors to provide the right vibration and wave motion.

The prostate shaft and perineum arm together come with 12 modes.

You can set the vibration to a specific intensity level to tease yourself or deliver a hardcore orgasm in no time flat.

Combining fingering motion with vibration really intensify the whole experience.

The curved design gives external stimulation as well as internal.

The toy's bottom part feels like someone is running their fingers against your perineum.

Many people compare the Lelo Loki Wave 2 to the Billy 2. Lelo is an outstanding toy brand regardless of what you buy, but the slight differences in toys can impact your enjoyment.


While both have the same insertable length, the Billy 2 has a smaller circumference than the Wave 2 and feels less full when inserted.

However, it's more of a handheld option without the external vibration on your perineum.

My favorite thing about the Lelo Loki Wave 2 is that it's thicker than many options on this list.

While I like the flexibility of some of the smaller toys, the 4.5 inches circumference elevates this device into a powerhouse that delivers pleasure to both my prostate and my anal walls, making me feel full and teased as soon as I insert it.

5. Mantric Rechargeable P-Spot Probe Vibrator: Best Probe Prostate Massager

Mantric P-Spot Probe Vibrator
  • Material: Silicone
  • Dimensions:
  • 4.5 inches circumference
  • 7 inches long
  • 4 inches insertable length
  • Run Time: 100 minutes
  • Waterproof

The Mantric Rechargeable P-Spot Probe Vibrator is a handheld toy that looks like a dildo but provides many engaging features. It’s specially shaped to fit in your anus with the help of water-based lubricant.

I particularly love this toy as I can feel every inch of it until it reaches my prostate gland and applies the perfect amount of pressure to make me orgasm hard.

It has three speeds and four vibration patterns that hit just the right spots.

While there’s no remote, you can check the settings on the handle’s LED screen to determine your favorite mode.

It's submersible in water, so I love using it in the shower. It has a similar circumference as the Lelo Loki Wave 2, making it a better choice for more advanced prostate players than beginners.

However, the insertable length is less than the Lelo Hugo SenseMotion, so you'll have to determine what feature matters more to you: length or girth.

The only thing I disliked about this prostate massager was the lack of remote control. It makes it harder to have long-distance foreplay with my partner.

However, its curved shaft more than makes up for that con.

Overall, this is an affordable option that's worth having in your sex toy box.

It's comfortable and offers enough vibration options to deliver incredible orgasms, whether alone or with a partner.

6. Aneros Helix Syn V Vibrator: Best Motion-Sensor Prostate Massager

Aneros Helix Syn V Vibrating Silicone Prostate Massager
  • Material: Silicone
  • Dimensions:
  • 3 inches circumference
  • 5 inches long
  • 3.75 inches insertable length
  • Run Time: 180 minutes
  • Waterproof

The Aneros Helix Syn V stands out because it's one of the best vibrating prostate toys I've tried.

You can tell by the looks alone that this design delivers intense prostate massage.

It has two small arms to ensure it stays in place once you insert it, giving you hands-free fun, whether alone or spicing things up with your partner.

What I love most is that this toy reacts to my movements.

When I rock my hips, the device responds, applying pressure and vibration to my prostate like someone is using their fingers.

Besides, it can stimulates 4 erogenous zones simultaneously.

The circumference dimension threw me off initially because it's one of the smallest on the list.

I wasn't sure it would be strong enough to deliver the pressure I needed for an intense orgasm.

But that size works great to mimic fingers, so when I paired it with a specific vibration setting, it felt exactly like my partner playing with me.

It has eight distinct vibration patterns, along with three different intensity levels.

Since the toy runs for 180 minutes on one charge, that’s plenty of time to try everything and see what you love best about this toy.

7. Hueman Black Hole Remote Control Cock Ring Butt Plug: Best Versatile Prostate Massager

Hueman Black Hole Galactic Cock Ring Butt Plug
  • Material: Silicone
  • Dimensions:
  • 6 inches long
  • 4.5 inches insertable length
  • Run Time: 50 minutes
  • Waterproof

The Hueman Black Hole offers more pleasure than I’d expected from a single toy.

I slip on the cock ring for pressure, then insert the butt plug for prostate stimulation.

I can use it alone, with a partner, or even let someone else completely control the toy if I feel extra naughty.

It has four vibration speeds and six distinct patterns, giving me a unique experience with every use.

The cock ring keeps me hard for a long time, and the toy gives me intense orgasms that leave me shuddering.

However, the downside of this device is that it only lasts 50 minutes per charge.

I try to use the vibrations carefully, adding them only when needed, and otherwise, I just enjoy the butt plug.

If you want some sensation for your penis while your anus feels full, you'll love this toy.

The cock ring gently pulls on my shaft when I squeeze my butt muscles.

All these sensations together give me such mind-blowing orgasms; I lose a sense of reality for a few minutes every time.

Despite this good experience, I must point out that this toy is not for everyone.

Some users pointed out that the cock and balls ring is quite tight, which may hurt a bit when fully erected.

So, it is not a good toy for those of you having a girthy penis.

8. Fun Factory Duke: Best Prostate Massager for Experienced Users

Fun Factory Duke Vibrating Prostate Massager
  • Material: Silicone
  • Dimensions: 4.5” circumference, 7” long with 5.5” insertable
  • Run Time: 90 minutes
  • Waterproof: Submersible

I’d only recommend the Fun Factory Duke if you’re an experienced prostate player.

There’s a bit of a learning curve when trying this device, but it also delivers so much pleasure that it might overwhelm a beginner.

It's also pretty thick and long, so you should use plenty of water-based anal lube each time.

The design of the toy alone exudes pleasure. The tip has a large bulge that presses against my prostate gland, making me feel completely filled.

Then throw in the vibrations with the three intensity levels, and I'm immediately over the edge.

Depending on your vibration settings, this toy may last anywhere from 45 to 90 minutes, shorter than many options on the list.

However, the length and circumference compensate for the lack of run time. The dimensions alone feel so good to me, so I don't need the toy to last that long.

This prostate massager is rechargeable, so while it may not last for hours, it’s easy to plug in and charge at any moment.

It has a Click ‘N’ Charge cord that magnetically locks onto your toy to charge through a USB port.

It’s possible to use the Duke for both masturbation and couple sex.

Personally, I think the toy works the best when having a blowjob. Due to the curvy design, it feels intense even without moving it.

Therefore, I like leaving Duke inserted while enjoying some suction on the penis.

For that extra thrill, I pair Duke with the remarkable Kiiroo Keon, creating a symphony of satisfaction that consistently leads to the most fulfilling orgasms. The combination is pure magic!

9. OXY “Spot On” Huge Butt Plug: Best Large Prostate Massager

OXY SPOT ON Huge Butt Plug
  • Material: Silicone
  • Dimensions:
    • 1.97 inch / 5 cm (S) or L 2.55 inch / 6.5 cm (L) widest diameter
    • 5.70 inch / 15 cm (S) or 8 inch / 20 cm (L) insertable length
  • Waterproof: yes

While many prostate toys can provide a fulfilling sensation, the OXY "Spot on" Huge Prostate Massager gives you a completely elevated experience due to its extraordinary girth.

In order to better cater to your needs, there are 2 sizes to choose from - S or L

And this toy is super flexible! You can bend it to any direction.

The round head can be a bit challenging to insert, but the top-notch soft silicone offers maximum comfort once it's inserted. 

The small horn is not enough for perineum stimulation, especially because it's quite soft instead of being firm.

However, the small horn, along with the narrow neck did make sure the toy would stay in place steadily

It's a beautiful toy for anal training and anal stretching.

However, I have to point out that it is definitely not a toy for beginners.

I love that the design curves with my body, so I can wear it for longer without getting sore.

Is it a reward or punishment for using this Huge butt toy? You tell me :). 

10. Njoy Pure Wand: Best for P-Spot and G-Spot

njoy pure wand
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Dimensions:
  • 5.5 inches circumference
  • 9 inches long
  • 8 inches insertable length
  • Run Time: No batteries needed
  • Waterproof

If you want your pleasure entirely in your hands, the njoy Pure Wand is the toy for you.

This prostate massager is a stainless steel wand that adjusts to your body temperature, but you could soak it in warm or cool water for more intense sensations before insertion—just don’t put it in the freezer!

Each end of the wand has a ball—one is 3 inches, and one is 5.5 inches.

The curve makes it so either ball will hit your P-spot just right.

You can apply more pressure with your hand or allow your partner to tease you with however much pressure they think you deserve.

You can also clench your muscles around the toy for a stronger push.

The njoy Pfun is another great toy from the brand, but it's pretty basic compared to the Pure Wand.

There are no vibrations or remotes—simply insert the stainless steel toy to apply prostate pressure.

Njoy toys

You can squeeze your muscles to get a hit of pleasure during masturbation or while having fun with a partner.

It’s easy to insert and angle to feel pressure, so it’s a good option for beginners.

Since this toy is metal, you don't have to worry about charging it or having a limited run time.

It's also easy to clean, though make sure not to use abrasive cleaners that could damage the metal's finish.

My Experience with How to Use a Prostate Massager

Using a prostate massager elevates your orgasm from using about four muscles for a penile contraction to dozens with prostate stimulation.

This fact most likely intrigues you, but starting slow with a prostate toy is essential. You want to find your P-spot and stretch your butthole without harming yourself.

Always use water-based anal lube. You can also use a condom on the toy for extra cleanliness, protection, and lubrication.

Let yourself relax so you can ease the toy inside. Never push too hard because you can cause tears.

I learned that the hard way! You can make yourself relax by massaging your perineum.

The way you insert the toy varies depending on its design.

Some have a wide base you can sit on or hold onto. Some are handheld, so you’ll want to guide them carefully.

Once you feel the toy inside, move it around gently to ensure it hits your prostate.

This gland is behind the bladder on the other side of the anal wall. It’s a fleshy bulb, so you’ll be able to feel it.

If your prostate massager has a curve or bulbous tip, turn it to your stomach, not your back, to find your P-spot.

When you start feeling the pressure on your prostate, consider playing with yourself in other ways, using your hands, masturbation toys, or inviting your partner to play.

I find that the njoy Pure Wand is especially fun to play with if you’re still exploring your body, especially with its stainless steel material.

Playing with a prostate massager can prepare you for BDSM play because you’ll have experience inserting things into your anus.

You can also try prostate milking, which means you’re purposely stimulating your prostate to release more semen than a standard orgasm.

Regardless of your reason for trying a prostate massager, start slow and be gentle with yourself. Don’t get frustrated if you can’t do it right away.

Try different toys because some might suit you better than others. In my experience, the We-Vibe Vector is a good place to start.

Whatever method of P-spot stimulation you choose, remember to have fun with it!

Where to Buy a Prostate Massager?

I recommend buying prostate massages at Lovehoney because it has a wide range of selections that fit all budgets and needs. And it offers international shipping.

If you are based in the US and Canada, I also recommend checking shops such as Shevibe. It has some exclusive models and has very good customer service.

LELO, Lovense, and We-vibe are three brands that offer good quality sex toys. If you are already familiar with the brands, I suggest to check the official sites. They sometimes offer better deals.

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