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11 Best Sex Machines in 2024 for Ultimate Pleasure

by Jane Louis
best sex machines

Different types of sex machines have revolutionized the world of pleasure and fantasy.

Since their invention, developers have fed the market with simple contraptions to more sophisticated devices, each for a different experience.

Whether you are a novice or an experienced user, there is something for you in the market.

These simple-to-operate machines are made to offer you unparalleled pleasure and drive you to the fantasy world.

Great thing, you can choose affordable sex machines from the wide array in the market without compromising your desired experience.

We explored the world of sex machines and compiled the 11 best devices to try in 2023.

You can choose one for women, men, or couples from this comprehensive guide.

What is a Sex Machine(& Why They Are a Good Toy for Sex Life)

A sex machine or toy is a mechanical device that simulates sexual intercourse and other fetish activities.

The devices come with a motor that powers their vibration to offer you different speeds and intensities to satisfy your desires.

These fucking machines come in different sizes. Some are portable, while others are large and can only be used from stationary points.

For example, most Japanese sex machines are heavy and usable at stationary points.

You can control a sex machine manually or use electrical power, depending on the design.

Sex machines are important because they improve your performance in bed and allow you to derive pleasure in different positions.

Besides, some models are made for singles and therefore drive you to the sexual fantasy world without having to look for a partner.

11 Best Sex Machines

There are many sex machines in the market today. Therefore, it is challenging to navigate all of them before choosing your ideal one.

To help you search for the best fucking machines, we assembled the 11 hottest models today.

Explore them, their features, and how to use them from this review.

1. Lovense Sex Machine: Best App Controllable Fucking Machine

  • Speed- Up to 300 strokes per minute
  • Size of the machine- 22.28inch x 17.72 inch when assembled
  • Size of each dildo- 5.43 inch/23.8cm and 6.3 inch/15cm
  • Stroke length- 4.49 inch/11.4cm
  • Strength- 5 per second thrusting speed and 1 pattern

The Lovense sex machine is my favorite sex toy.

Although I have many others in my collection, I always go for Lovense because I love penetration pleasure play, which it does excellently.

Its VR feature and app control have always spiced up my long-distance relationship.

The double-sided thrusting action allows me to enjoy sexual play with my two mates.

I always feel them closer while riding this easily adjustable toy that gives me about 300 strokes per minute

I only need to connect it to audio on my phone, and we are good to go. And when we are feeling naughty, the video connection feature does it well.

Made from medical-grade silicone, this toy is safe for my body, and I can use it from different angles. The remote control feature comes in handy when I want to enjoy different rhythms.

I prefer slow speed at the beginning, which simulates my honey pot, before adjusting to more vigorous thrusts right from my app.

Unlike other latest models, the Lovense sex machine is simple to assemble.

Once I put it in place, the device remains sturdy and stable, giving me ample time to explore wild sexual pleasures without breaking down.

Lovense Sex Machine positions

I love heavy-duty play, and the quiet lovense machine has proven to be my perfect companion.

After using it, I don't fear people recognizing it because its bag is simple and discreet.

If you are looking for the best thrusting sex machine which you can adjust to different angles for new experiences, Lovense is for you.

You can use it for solo play, close-range, and long-distance control.

However, this toy is not ideal for you if you are looking for a cheap sex machine because it is a bit costly.

And if you are a beginner, the app is a little tricky. These, coupled with the noise at the highest thrusting speed, may scare first-time users.

2. MotorBunny Buck: Best Thrusting Sex Machine

Motorbunny Buck
  • Speed- varies up to 7000 vibrations per minute
  • Three 100% silicone attachments: Flat, thinner and sweet spot.
  • Size of each the machine- 10x13.4x12.9 inch
  • Strength- 2 thrust motion toggles

The MotorBunny Buck is my go-to dildo when I crave for intensive penetrative sexual experience.

The world's first hybrid saddle vibrator and thrusting sex machine drives my husband and me to cloud 9 and back.

This intensive thrusting machine delivers adjustable stimulation from the up-down vibration and forward and backward thrusts.

Whenever I use the MotorBunny Buck, the orgasmic experience is unparalleled.

There are two parts responsible for the wild sexual experience.

The Thrust Motion Toggle initiates the thrusting movement, and the G-thrust moves upward and forward to my sweet sport.

You can adjust the G-thrust until it touches your sport for a lifetime ride.

My spouse and I love using the Doc Johnson Vac-U-Adapter to customize my ride to my ideal shape, size, and color.

Once I set my MotorBunny in place, it is time to explore new things.

I try new styles and angles; doggy style always brings me to the climax.

What more? I enjoy the rhythmic thrusts with minimal hand work since I use the built-in link technology to customize it to new movements.

If you are a married couple and would like to reach your orgasm faster, the motorbunny sex machine might be what you need.

Its ability to simulate a vagina, penis, and other organs makes it ideal for men and women yearning for fulfilling penetrative experiences.

However, the device is a bit noisy and not ideal for you if you prefer silent fucking machines.

Note that it is crucial to start with foreplay because the dildo sends you squirting quite fast.

3. Hismith Table Top: Portable & Affordable Sex Machine

Hismith Table Top 2 Max
  • Speed- Up to 240 strokes per minute
  • Size of the machine- weighs 25.8 pounds
  • Size of each dildo-  8 inch original dildo and 6.3 inch insatiable length
  • Stroke length- 4.49inch/11.4cm
  • Strength - 4 strokes thrusting speed and 20 modes.

Would you like to pursue ultimate pleasure in your private life? If yes, you need to check out the Hismith tabletop dildo.

This affordable sex machine offers you versatile sexual experiences.

Hismith table top sex machine works under the KlikLok system using remote control.

I love using this machine while on the move because it's easy to assemble and its chromed steel base makes it stable while on the ground.

With a click on my screen, I can easily adjust the speed of my Hismith table top.

What thrills me more is the 8 built-in play modes with predetermined pleasure.

I always connect with some of my friends online to create a room and get naughty through the app.

Although this device is a bit noisy, I like it whenever I crave for wild sexual pleasure when my spouse is away.

I share the link allowing them to control the toy while I enjoy varying speeds and rhythms.

Its adjustable arm enhances penetration to different depths at fantastic speeds.

Besides, the three-in-one control system, including remote and wire, makes it accessible from anywhere. Your lover is nearer than you think with the Hismith tabletop.

If you love the heavy-duty sexual experience and would like to enjoy it with your team, this machine is for you.

However, it has some downsides, such as lack of mobile control and medium weight, which require effort.

You should use this device with 75% medical alcohol and a lubricant for a hygienic and desirable experience.

Adjust it to medium penetration if you are a new user and increase the depth as you get used.

4. Velvet Thruster Prime: Best Small Thrusting Sex Machine

Velvet Thruster Prime
  • Speed- Up to 140 strokes per minute
  • Size of the machine-not specified
  • Size of each dildo-not specified
  • Stroke length-3.3 inch
  • Strength-3.5 inch of vibrating thrusts

You can ride to self pleasure without emptying your bank account with the Velvet thruster prime.

This affordable sex machine comes in different sizes, shapes, and colors.

I love this dildo because it allows me to change the heads to achieve different sensations and sexual experiences.

I use velvet thruster prime for solo play and sometimes with my partner.

In both cases, changing the heads to experience varying simulations drives my pleasure to the peak.

I usually start with Jackie Prime because of its medium size hence comfort.

For a deeper penetration Frankie prime plays the trick.

This head however takes longer to stimulate my walls and therefore I use it when having long sessions with my partner.

Walter prime brings a whole new experience with the intensive vein network making it work like a real dick.

If you are new to sex toys, you can try this one. Sammie time has a big head and I only used it when I mastered the technique.

It is great at internal stimulation although not so good if you love sensitizing your clit first.

Nancie prime is also great. I derive sexual fantasy from its multiple thrusting speeds and realistic detailing.

Overall, velvet thruster prime is a five-in-one electric sex machine.

Whether you love deep penetrations or medium ones, there is a head size that suits your solo and partner fucking needs.

Its slower speeds enhance comfort and pleasure.

One downside about this custom dildo is noise.

If you love solo fucking in silence, thruster prime us not for you. However, if you love experiencing different top sizes and colors, go for it.

5. Kiiroo Sex Machine: Best Interactive Male Mustabator

Keon Sex Machine
  • Speed- Up to  strokes per minute
  • Size of the machine-8.66x5.11x5.72 inch
  • Size of each dildo-0.43 pounds
  • Stroke length-1.85 inch/4.7cm
  • Strength-Firm

The Kiroo sex machine transforms is the best automatic male mustabator in the market today. With its VR sex feature, you can sit back and enjoy a quality blowjob session.

This amazing machine comes with a vacuum lock system and dildo adaptor.

It is therefore suitable for anyone who wants to transform the mustabator into a sex machine and have the pleasure.

And when you pair it with the Keon Table clamp, you can go hands free and use the sex machine from any position.

Kiroo sex machine changes everything when you connect it to interactive VR adult media.

I love its slow thrust movements while connected to the web. It actually restored my libido that was down after a long illness.

And when I don't want the interactive mode, the manual one works equally well. Furthermore, its battery size is great and can last multiple sessions.

Kiiroo is a quiet sex machine. You can use it anywhere around your house.

Additionally, you can choose the couple mode for a mind-blowing experience with your partner.

Despite the great features, kiiroo has its cons. For example, you can easily press the power buttons and put it off in the middle of a steamy session.

Connecting it to the web for an interactive experience is also cumbersome and time-consuming.

This best male sex machine is for you if you want a more fulfilling experience from masturbation.

However, this is not for you if your budget is limited since you have to purchase a dildo adapter separately before you transform the masturbatory into a sex machine.

6. Cowgirl Premium Sex Machine: Best Solo Sex Machine for a Unique Experience

cowgirl sex machine
  • Speed- Up to strokes per minute
  • Size of the machine-4.5 inch
  • Size of each dildo-4 inch
  • Stroke length-4 inch
  • Strength- firm and flexible

The Cowgirl premium sex machine is one of the best sex machine for women today.

If you yearn for a unique sexual experience, you will never go wrong with cowgirl premium.

I have been in a couple of long-distance relationships, and my experience with cowgirl premium was amazing.

The two silicone riding attachments are interchangeable for external and blended simulation.

Furthermore, the attachments enhance safe-body play without slip cases. This ensures a pleasurable ride to the end.

I could control this device remotely or through the wireless app up to 30 meters away. While playing, cowgirl offers me six patterns of vibration at variable speeds.

Whether you love slow rhythmic motions or vigorous penetrations, there is a pattern for you.

The 360° swivel rotation on a handcrafted saddle comes in handy when I am in the mood for a wild ride.

With about 1200 RPM of ultra-strong vibrations, this dildo always leaves me satiated.

I find my favorite style of ride tide from the two attachments. An insertable 4-inch curved probe helps me reach my internal G-spot.

And I always interact with my partner remotely while on this amazing machine.

If you love solo but unique sexual experiences without minding the sex machine price, think of cowgirl premium.

However, the machine is expensive and not ideal for you if your budget is low. One dildo goes for about $299.99.

7. The Tremor: An Exceptional Ride on Sex Toy

  • Speed- Variable, Up to 160 per minute
  • Size of the machine-medium seat
  • Size of each dildo-not specified
  • Stroke length-not specified

 The Tremor is a handheld sex machine built from the ground up with a lightweight, sleek base.

For more granular control, you can use digital controls and motors.

I love the Tremor's removable silicone pad because I can have it clean in no time after a steamy session.

Besides, the pad is comfortable and allows for cleaning between sessions.

The Whammy bar has steam bumps that amplify my clitoral pleasure as it vibrates steadily while rotating.

And to ensure body safety, the accessories are all made from medical-grade silicone.

The package has a quick start guide to help you assemble the parts and experience wild sensations right for the clit.

If you love washable and reusable sex toys at a moderate cost, this device is for you. The roll and vibrate features ensure you rock it without distraction.

However, this dildo is not for you if your budget is tight or you love heavy-duty machines.

8. Cloud 9 F-Slider Ride-on Sex Chair: Power Your Body Movement

Cloud 9 F-Slider Ride-On Sex Chair
  • Speed- Up to  strokes per minute
  • Size of the machine-medium
  • Size of each dildo- 7 inch
  • Stroke length- 7 inch
  • Strength-supports about 400 pounds

Do you love exploring sexual pleasure from a sex chair? If yes, the Cloud 9 F-slider ride-on sex chair is all you need.

Powered by your body movement, the sex machine is ideal for home and out of home pleasure sessions.

The seven inch dildo that comes with cloud 9 sex machine chairs offers a realistic experience.

What more? I always utilize the Vac-U-lock adapter and universal dildo adapter to adjust the machine to different penetration depths.

The insertable 7-inch dildo works amazingly with a water-based lube before jumping on the ride.

I use this handheld sex machine when I am alone to achieve sexual fantasies.

I also use it with my partner, and the hand made experiences are always wild.

When I am busy, this sex chair comes in handy since I use little time to prepare it before hopping on the seat for a quickie.

You should think of adding this fucking device to your sex toys collection if you like manually controlled sex machine chairs.

They make the experience more natural and customized to your preference.

However, you should take care when inserting the dildo to your anal cavity because it can cause tears and discomfort.

And if you love vigorous experiences, this sex chair is not for you, it is a bit slow.

9. Mod Love Deluxe Thruster: Best Thrusting Sex Machine

Mod Love Deluxe Thruster
  • Speed- Up to 200 strokes per minute
  • Size of the machine- medium
  • Size of the dildo-7.5 inches in length and 1.5 inches wide.
  • Stroke length- 2 inch

What sets the Mod Love Thruster apart is its unrivaled motor strength.

With a stroke range of 2 inches and the capability to deliver up to 200 strokes per minute, this machine takes passion to exhilarating heights.

And you can adjust the speed using the intuitive dial remote during the play.

The Mod Love has a detachable thruster that's powered by a plug-in. (Note that you must secure the power thruster before plugging it in)

You can effortlessly switch between hands-free enjoyment with its sturdy metal frame equipped with suction cups for stability, or detach it for a handheld adventure, granting you unparalleled control and freedom.

I really like the fact that this machine isn't that loud while in operation and of course, it doesn't compromise on the power.

Despite not having more official attachments, it's actually compatiable with some large-sized Vac-U-Lock toys on it.

You can surely get creative tips and find new ways to play with this power monster.

10. Evolved Too Hot to Handle: Powerful for Ultimate Satisfaction

  • Speed- varies
  • Size of the machine-1.25x1.38 inch
  • Size of each dildo-3.65 inch
  • Stroke length- 6 inch
  • Strength- 7 vibration speeds

When it comes to evolved too hot to handle, your pleasure is the priority.

The silicone and ABS plastic-made inflatable sex machine has what it takes to give you unforgettable pleasure.

The adjustable suction cup offers you hands-free play for an experience like no other.

This dildo drives me to the peak of fantasy when I click the textured silicone shaft into the main barrel.

The toy makes seven glorious speeds in no time, with about 9.5 inch push. As the vibrations from seven speeds rock my sweet valley, I can feel a warm sensation from inside.

No wonder it evolved too hot to handle.

Unlike other hardcore sex machines that only roll and vibrate, evolved too hot thrusts, vibrates and heats.

You can add it to your collection if you are looking for a sex toy to give you a lifetime ride.

You can control it using the 3-control panel that allies access to each motor separately.

But I won't recommend this toy if you are new to sex machines because the 35° heat evolved can be uncomfortable at the beginning.

11. Fetish Fantasy Inflatable Hot Seat: Experience the Fantasy From a Soft Seat

  • Speed- varies
  • Size of the machine-12 inch by 16 inch
  • Size of each dildo-6 inch
  • Stroke length-6 inch
  • Strength-can hold up to 300 pounds

The fetish fantasy inflatable hot seat affords you the ride of your life.

With a soft flock seat and easy-grip handles, you can experience orgasmic pleasures once you take a seat.

My first experience using this small sex machine seat was fantastic.

And I always grab it when wild sexual desires take a better part of me.

The inflatable seat has an air seal valve that fills the hot seat.

The 16-inch high and 12-inch wide seat takes up to 300 pounds, making it ideal for all.

The 6-inch long rubber dong with a multi-bullet tip crowns it all.

On top of the comfort, I use the wired controller to vary the vibration speeds and experience wild fantasies in no time.

I love the multiple pleasure experiences of inserting the rubber dong through the anal cavity and vagina.

With this auxfun sex machine, you can look forward to a new experience every day.

The fetish fantasy inflatable hot seat is for you if you derive pleasure from internal stimulation. Y

ou will easily maintain the seat as it comes with a mask and repair glue.

Besides, this sex machine's price is low hence ideal for a tight budget.

But if you derive sexual fantasy and pleasure from vaginal stimulation, this dildo is not for you.

How to Use a Sex Machine?

Sex machines are enjoyable to use when you know how to assemble and operate them. However, wrong use can cause discomfort and damage.

The following steps are helpful for a fulfilling experience with a sex machine.

Explore the instruction manual. Manuals are crucial in operating different devices.

Whether you shop for sex machines from online stores or physical shops, ensure you get a user's manual and read it. It gives you the steps and warns you on what to avoid.

Assemble the parts and adjust them to your size. To avoid accidents and breakdowns while using, assemble the sex machine as directed.

Apply lubricant and start slowly. First-time experiences can be nasty. Before you slide your anal and vaginal sex machine in, apply enough lubricant to prevent injury from friction.

And if you are using an oral sex machine, ensure it is clean to avoid contamination.

A fast sex machine is not for you if you are starting out.

Experiment with different positions while observing safety measures. Not all positions are great for you. Experimenting with different positions can help you to choose your favorite style and position.

Whether you are riding a virtual sex machine or hand controlled one, adjust the dildo to different conditions and discover your ideal style.

Ensure you observe safety measures while exploring your new fucking machine.

How Much is a Sex Machine?

The price of a sex machine can vary significantly based on various factors like quality, features, brand, and design.

Entry-level models might start around $100-$200, offering basic functionalities such as adjustable speeds and interchangeable attachments.

Mid-range sex machines with more advanced features like multiple speed settings, remote controls, and sturdier build quality may range between $300-$600.

These often come with a wider selection of attachments and more customization options.

High-end or premium sex machines, equipped with innovative technology, stronger motors, ergonomic designs, and additional features, can cost anywhere from $600 to several thousand dollars.

These models may have programmable settings, wireless connectivity, and durable, high-quality materials.

I would like to share some personal tips when considering purchasing a sex machine:

  1. Research: Take time to research different models, read reviews, and understand the features offered. Look for reputable brands (such as Lovense and Hismith) known for quality and safety.
    If you aren't sure about the brands, at least make sure to buy from reputable stores such as Shevibe and Lovehoney.
  2. Features: Consider the features you desire. Do you prefer adjustable speeds, different motion patterns, or specific attachment compatibility?
    It's not necessary to have machines that have it all. It's better to choose a machine that offers what you're looking for.
  3. Materials and Build Quality: Pay attention to the materials used. Quality materials (such as metal and silicone) ensure durability and safety.
    It's especially important to make sure the dildos you buy are top quality. It goes inside your body, treat yourself safely! 
  4. Noise Level: Some machines can be noisy. If discretion is important to you, look for quieter models or ones with noise-reducing features.
  5. Attachments and Compatibility: Consider the variety and compatibility of attachments available. Versatility can enhance your experience.

Remember, personal preferences and needs vary, so what works for one person might not work for another. Always prioritize safety, comfort, and personal preferences when selecting a sex machine.

Where Can I Buy a Sex Machine?

I've purchased sex toys (including different sizes of sex machines) from many different stores and brands. 

Despite being very experienced in the field, I still run into wrong purchases from time to time. 

If you are new to the field and are wondering whether to buy sex machines. There are some reputable online stores and brands that I can recommend based on my personal experience. 

Recommended Stores:

  1. SheVibe: SheVibe is another reputable online store that provides a diverse selection of adult toys and accessories.
    They offer a variety of sex machines from different brands, catering to various needs and desires.
    They also have good customer service and make sure all the products they sell are safe to use. 
  2. Lovehoney: Lovehoney is a responsible online sex toy retailer that offers a wide range of sexual wellness products, including sex machines. 
    They carry various brands and models to suit different preferences and budgets. They have good customer service and can ship to many countries. 
    As there's a wide product selection, I recommend you read product reviews from other customers before making a purchase. 

Bonus: Use code HERTOYS10 to get extra 10% off on Lovehoney

As for specific brands and models:

  1. Lovense: Lovense is recognized for its innovative and technologically advanced sex toys, including app-controlled and interactive sex toys. 
    They launched a sex machine not long ago. It's sturdily made and reasonably priced for quality and advanced features.
  2. Motorbunny: Motorbunny is a brand known for its high-quality and powerful ride-on sex machines. 
    They offer a range of devices designed for different intensities and features.
  3. Hismith: When it comes to sturdy and reliable machines, Hismith shines. Actually, Hismith is a brand specializing in sex toys. 
    Their range includes versatile and adjustable sex machines designed for different intensities and preferences.

Parting Shot

Sex machines are essential in satisfying our sexual desires. However, there is no one-sex-machine-fit-for-all.

Therefore, analyze the features of different models in the market and choose one that fits your needs.

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