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9 Best Sex Pillows, Wedges & Cushions to Level up Your Intimacy (2024)

by Jane Louis
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Mundane intimacy can be spiced up with increased access comfort, positioning of your body, and enjoying toe-curling sex life fully.

Everyone desires to get into their best sex positions without straining their muscles.

However, have you been feeling tapped out and sore after an intimate experience with your better half?

Hassle no more, as your ultimate solution lies in the best sex pillows and wedges. These are firm cushions designed to prop up strategic body parts

You can adequately alter sex position and penetration angles with a less strenuous and more enjoyable intercourse experience.

While any old cushion might do the trick, a sex pillow or sex wedge is firmer, more durable, better designed to fit certain angles, and often comes with washable covers.

In this article, you can rest assured to end up as an expert in choosing unparalleled sex pillows and wedges designed to spice up your intimacy, leaving you basking in a post-coital glow.

Let's get started!


dame pillo profile 500_500

Easy to Use & Store

Dame Pillo is a discreet sex cushion that can be used as an everyday back pillow or a sex position enhancer.

It's especially useful for lower back and butt support, and the water-resistant cover is quite easy to clean.


Liberator Wedge profile 500_500

Classic Design & Premium Quality

Liberator Wedge is a 27°-angled sex pillow designed to help you explore new positions in the bedroom and create deeper penetration.

The foam cushion is firm, comfortable, and amazingly easy to use.


Liberator Black Label Hipster profile 500_500

Best for Bondage Play

The Black Label Hipster is a curvy sex wedge with wrist and ankle cuffs.

It's perfect for deeper vaginal + anal penetration, and Bdsm plays in all kinds of positions.

Besides, it's made of the top-quality premium foam.

What’s a Sex Pillow, and Why Use It?

Do you want to try out exciting, new toe-curling sex positions? Of course, who doesn't?

Despite what every sex ad wants everyone to believe, sex isn't a simple exercise.

Whether due to the angle, discomfort, or awkwardness, you may find yourself struggling to hold certain positions.

As time flies, you can’t expect your backbone to be flexible compared to five years ago.

A customized sex pillow or wedge is a deal-breaker to open up a whole new world of pleasure.

Sex pillows, wedges or cushions allow explorative positions without muscle cramping and discomfort.

They provide angles and stability hard to come by with regular pillows and are available in various shapes and sizes.

A sex pillow or wedge isn't any ordinary cushion, as they're designed to hold much more weight without deforming.

For instance, you can be able to angle your pelvis or tilt your back for deeper penetration and improve G, P, or A-spot stimulation.

A sex pillow protects you and your partner from sexually-related injuries.

Moreover, you can also discover new solo sex positions using some of sex pillows, along with sex toys.

How to Choose Sex Pillows and Wedges? & My Top Picks

Each sex pillow or sex wedge featured is worth your time, and I have used several aspects of deduction to choose the best.

These factors include:

  • Its shape and size
  • Materials and stuffing
  • Versatility and compatibility
  • Its functionality and user-friendliness
  • Easiness to clean

After testing more than 30 different pillows, wedges and cushions in the market, below are the best opinions that covers all different sex needs and they are there to spice up your intimacy.

1. Best Sex Wedge: Liberator Wedge

Liberator Wedge Sex

Liberator is a maker of top-quality sex pillows and wedges for sexually charged couples.

When you need a deeper digging, use its 27-degree angle for hip or butt elevation.

I often use this pillow for trying out more flexible positions. The wedge allows oral, vaginal, or perfect anal penetration, lasts long, and is equally stimulating.

The Liberator Wedge comprises high-density foam with a machine-washable microfiber cover.

Its robust and silky nylon material is water-resistant and withstands all manner of sex' abuse'. 

If the 14-inch (35cm) length isn't enough, you can opt for a 24 or 30-inch (60cm or 76cm) plus-size sex triangle cushion.

This was my very first Wedge (around 5 years ago) because it was the most classic option

I am not disappointed and still using it until now.

I also loved that it was shipped in an unmarked, discreet brown box with 14 inches width, 7 inches height, and 24 inches length (35.56cm x 17.78cm x 60.96).


  • Supports multiple sex positions
  • The 27-degree angle of elevation for deeper penetration
  • Lightweight and is discreetly shipped
  • Multiple colors to choose from
  • 2 different sizes to choose from
  • Easy to wash and easy to get rid of stains
  • Helpful for waist and/or hip pain


  • Height and angle are great for 90% of users, but it's still not perfect (some reported it's too high, some reported it's too low)

2. Best for Deep Penetration: Dame Pillow Wedge

Dame Pillo

The Pillow by Dame is discreet and structurally firm to elevate familiar positions for heightened pleasure.

It's made from polyurethane foam and looks just like any other odd-shaped cushion to the untrained eye.

I like this feature because I can keep it around the house for easy access.

Designed for comfort, the Pillo is also recommended for back pain relief, but it's in the sex department where its versatility excels.

If deeper penetration or G-spot stimulation is what you're after, prop this sex triangle cushion under your hips or your partner's butt.

Dame, the Pillo's manufacturer, is a female-owned maker of sex toys. Their products aim to close the pleasure gap, such as the Pillo with its micro-suede storage bag.

I love that the sex triangle cushion makes adapting to new sex positions easy and has dimensions of 15 x 18 x 7 inches (38cm x 45cm x 17.78cm).


  • Compact and portable to take anywhere
  • Waterproof covering that's changeable and washable
  • Ergonomic design that supports your weight
  • It passes for a typical pillow and is discreet in appearance


  • A little on the small size for supporting prominent individuals

3. Best for Value: Liberator Ramp and Wedge Combo

Liberator Wedge Ramp combo

With the Liberator Ramp and Wedge Combo achieving deeper penetration, comfortable support, and better positions didn’t need much hustle for me and my partner.

To attain the utmost experience, pair this two-piece sex furniture in different ways to find angles that work best for you and your partner.

These duos perform well for woman-on-top positions, and you can experiment without any worry thanks to the removable microfiber cover that locks into each other.

Technically, the Liberator Ramp and Wedge Combo are two sex pillows in one, designed with a slanted positioning shape.

You can use these separately or as a dynamic duo that’s great for plus-size lovers.

Use the wedge alone in doggy style to maximize penetration while the ramp works well during oral sex to incline the pelvis.

My partner and I tried leaning back on the ramp and placing the wedge under the head for neck support, which was extremely comfortable.

We also tried the black label series that comes with blindfolded hand and ankle cuffs that easily attach for sensory deprivation and light kink.

The Liberator Wedge measures 24 x 14 x 7 inches (60cm x 35cm x 17.78cm), while its Ramp is 24 x 34 x 12 inches (60cm x 86cm x 30cm) and is shipped discreetly.


  • Available in two sizes, original plus size
  • Made from high-density foam
  • Supports multiple sex positions
  • Machine washable and moisture-wicking microfiber cover
  • Best value, ramp, and wedge combo
  • Also ideal for plus-size users


  • Bulky and requires a lot of space (aka. not convenient to store)
  • Not discreet to the unsuspecting viewer
  • Pricey

4. Best for Sex Toy Support: Liberator Bonbon

Liberator Bonbon sex

The Liberator Bonbon is a sex pillow that resembles half a cylinder and helps improve the range of motion when you're having sex.

Its name, bonbon, is derived from the French word for candy, and it acts as an effective hold-all for your vibrator, dildo, or other sex toys.

That means you can enjoy self-pleasure while freeing up your hands, and having no partner is much less of an inconvenience.

A protective polyester liner is underneath the Liberator Bonbon's velvet or microfiber cover to bar moisture from ruining the spongy core.

It's made of polyurethane, with a hole on top of this sex pillow for your sex toy.

While the hole's deep enough to accommodate the base of any vibrator or dildo, I sometimes find it sacrifices some of my toy's insert-able lengths.


  • It has a top insert for sex toys like vibrator or dildo
  • Small, compact, and portable
  • Multiple color options
  • Machine washable polyester cover
  • Sturdy polyurethane construction


  • Cover not water-resistant
  • Not ideal for plus-sized people
  • The hole is small for thick sex toys

5. Best for Body Lift: Liberator Whirl

Liberator Whirl

While hiding in plain sight, the innocuous cylindrical shape of the Liberator Whirl can fool anyone.

The sex pillow is designed to bolster positioning but seamlessly blends your home or bedroom décor.

It's strong enough to support you and your lover's body fully, providing ample lift while improving access.

The Liberator Whirl gives you the extra boost needed in the lovemaking department with its shape.

I like using it for sex positions from behind or missionary positions.

That's because of its durable high-density foam insert and simplistic design, providing a diverse range of motion.

I also adore this pillow for light BDSM action, as it has hidden D-rings that you can attach wrist and ankle cuffs and other restraint accessories to.


  • Easy to use and to store
  • Discreet and unassumingly blends in
  • Removable, washable cover
  • Moisture resistant polyester liner
  • Good for bondage play


  • Not ideal for bigger bodies lovers
  • The cover isn't water-resistant

6. Best Air Pillow: Adam & Eve Inflatable Position Pillow

Adam Eve inflatable position pillow

The Adam and Eve Inflatable Position Pillow is sex furniture that takes the strain out of your arms, legs, and back during intercourse.

It has the same-sex wedge slant as non-inflatable fixtures while unobtrusive when not in use.

The velvety smooth cover won't rub or chafe, while gripping handles on each side assist in keeping it in place.

Thanks to this Adam and Eve Inflatable Position Pillow, I was able to add momentum, produce a rocking motion, and deliver more powerful thrusts with my partner.

An air-sealed valve makes inflation and deflation easy and discreet so you can achieve positions you never thought possible.


  • Inflatable to enhance any sex position
  • It supports multiple angles with its wedge shape
  • The cover is velvety soft and no-slip
  • Robust up to 300 pounds
  • It doesn't require much space for storage
  • Ideal for most body sizes


  • The cover isn't water-resistant
  • Budget friendly

Related: Another good inflatable wedge is the DOMINIX Deluxe Wedge. It has an angle that is better than hip and waist support while the Adam & Eve one is better for whole back support. 

7. Best Sex Wedge Alternative: Liberator Jaz Original Sensual Positioning Pillow

Liberator Jaz

If you're new to sex pillows, the Liberator Jaz is the best sex wedge alternative.

It's a small-sized sex triangle cushion that fits into most suitcases and is perfect for penetrative sex. 

With its 18 x 14.5 x 6 inch (45cm x 36cm x 15cm) dimensions, you can try multiple positions with this positioning pillow.

The Liberator Jaz is designed with robust materials that push back into shape even with applied weight.

Its smoothness is relaxing while you're protected by its water-resistant inner lining and machine-washable microsuede cover.

You can get a variety of cover colors to match your bedroom décor, and it's discreet enough to leave lying around. I chose a light lavender to match my bedsheets.


  • Petite sex pillow for limitless positions
  • Relieves knee, hand, and back pressure
  • Machine washable soft cover
  • Inner nylon lining that resists moisture
  • Discreet with various cover colors


  • Not ideal for plus size users

8. Best for Movement: Liberator Jaz Motion

Liberator Jaz Motion

The Liberator Jaz Motion sex pillow lets you experience distinct movements to keep your body stable while you're moving.

For subtle back and forth rocking, use this sex triangle cushion on the curved side, and you can lay it flat as a sex wedge.

Its gentle slope helps increase traction for more satisfying penetration by supporting, elevating, and keeping your lovemaking connected.

I loved how this pillow made me feel so close with my partner.

For an added boost, the Liberator Jaz Motion sex pillow keeps you and your lover's bodies aligned.

It's ideal for solo masturbation and discreet enough to be left on your bed until the next session.

The soft outer fabric is plus and romantically aesthetic, and this fixture is compatible with various sex furniture.


  • Allows multiple penetrative and movement angles
  • Small and compact for portability
  • Sturdy core construction and smooth cover
  • Keeps your bodies well aligned
  • Multiple color options


  • The cover isn't water-resistant
  • Not ideal for plus-sized lovers
  • It takes some time to learn how to handle the motion movement

9. Best for BDSM: Liberator Black Label Hipster

Liberator Black Label Hipster

The Liberator Black Label Hipster comes in various colors: black, blue, chocolate, red, and purple.

It's a sex triangle cushion with cuffs for playful restraint and a blindfold if you're into kinky sex.

While lying down, this curved fixture plays a vital role or aiding in access to erogenous zones such as the clitoris during oral sex.

Its machine washable and removable cover makes cleanups easier while discreetly looking like a run-of-the-mill cushion.

The BDSM-friendly Liberator Black Label Hipster is robust enough not to sink into your bed with high-density foam material.

It took the weight off my neck, knees, and back during intercourse. Additionally, the water-resistant liner withstands pressure and stretching.


  • Original microfiber cover that's machine-washable
  • Moisture resistant polyester liner
  • Fully supportive polyurethane
  • Discreet packaging - shipped in a plain, unmarked brown box


  • Pricey
  • Bulky for discreet storage

Tip: Liberator's black label series is designed for BDSM play as all the models support restraining handcuffs.

Liberator Black Label

If you want a fun-shape sex pillow, I recommend kiss and heart shaped ones. 

Despite the unique shapes, they are actually very ergonomically designed and can fully fulfill the mission of deeps penetration and diversifying sex positions.

liberator pillow options

How to Use a Sex Pillow

You can use the best sex pillow or wedge in various ways, the standard being a ramped-up missionary position.

However, you can also try out anal sex positions for either gender. The pillow supports your legs or lower back, depending on how it is positioned.

You can also flip over to support your stomach for a pleasurable version of doggy style or anal. 

One of my favorite wedge pillow sex positions is the reverse cowgirl position.

It's often messy, but the sex cushion has a washable cover, making it easy to clean the evidence. 

Doctors and chiropractors recommend using sex pillows and wedges, especially if you or your partner has physical limitations.

For instance, during partnered sex, the Liberator bonbon assists in propping up parts of the body.

If you don't prefer massive pieces of sex furniture, such sex cushions are relatively small-sized, efficient, and discreet. You can easily hide them among standard pillows.

How to Clean and Maintain a Sex Pillow

The best sex pillows and wedges have removable covers, which you easily take off and wash separately.

If you've done an extra dirtying number on your fixture, soak the shell and liner before tossing them into a washing machine.

However, some spillages tend to seep through into the core. You can also clean these by sponging off dirt with a wet towel and then drying them.


With effective sex pillows and wedges to spice up your intimacy, you can achieve improved doggy, cowgirl, missionary, and from-behind positions.

You can also get into the postures you've read about in the Kama Sutra without having to apologize for strains, sprains, or scrapes.

Besides oral sex, these sex triangle cushions help with self-love or offer discreet restraints for kinky BDSM. 

Don't hesitate to give it a try! You won't regret :). 

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