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10 Best Tongue Vibrators For the Love of Oral (Updated 2024)

by Jane Louis
Best Tongue Vibrators

If you’re looking for the intense pleasure of oral sex without a partner present, a tongue vibrator can be a life-changing experience.

Tongue vibrators are gaining popularity worldwide for the pleasurable sensation of oral sex.

Just because you can use them without a partner doesn't mean you can't use them with a partner.

You might be wondering if these small sex toys can actually mimic the feeling of oral sex, but they can.

The thing is, they all feel and work a little bit differently.


lovense hyphy profile

Best for solo & distance play

Packing robust power into a compact vibe, the flicking tongue-like head offers intense stimulation and satisfaction. 

Controlled via the app from any location, this vibe allows couples to connect and play from afar.

Note that this toy includes 3 heads and also can be used as a G-spot vibe.


womanizer premium 2 profile 500_500

Intensity Rocks

With 14 intensity levels and revolutionary Pleasure Air technology, the Premium 2 surrounds the clit for deep, focused sensations. 

Besides, its Autopilot mode intelligently adapts to your needs, while Smart Silence only activates upon contact.

It feels like being licked and sucked at the same time.


Lovehoney Rose Glow 2-in-1 profile 500_500

Best for Dual Pleasure

The Rose Glow combines clitoral suction and vibration for dual stimulation.

With 10 suction modes and 9 vibration modes across two motors, this waterproof toy offers thrilling settings to explore.

Its soft silicone tip surrounds the clit as gentle suction pulls it in; meanwhile, vibrations is there for intense, blended orgasms.

What Are Tongue Vibrators?

A tongue vibrator is a vibrator that mimics the sensation and pleasure of oral sex.

They look and feel different compared to a dildo vibrator, rabbit, or another type because manufacturers design them to feel like someone is servicing you, not that you're using a sex toy.

Various types and styles of tongue vibrators exist, including some with a suction component, g-spot egg, and app controls for partner play to mimic the tongue’s job during oral sex.

Best Tongue Vibrators

I’m a frequent user of sex toys and wasn’t sure about adding a tongue vibrator to my collection, but I find myself reaching for it over and over.

Let’s look at some of the best tongue vibrators on the market.

1. Lovense Hyphy: Best for Long Distance Play

lovense hyphy attachments

I travel frequently, and for those with a partner away, the Lovense Hyphy is an excellent choice because of its unique app features for long-distance play.

Your partner can control the intensity of the vibrations from a free and convenient Lovense Remote app on their phone, as long as there's internet. 

But rest assured, you don't have to be long-distance to enjoy this tongue vibrator.

Designed for versatile fun, this toy offers G-spot, nipple and clitoral stimulation. 

You can use it with a partner at close range and even on your own if you want some orgasmic moments.

The sex toy comes with three head attachments, including a circle attachment for a broad touch, a U attachment for a cupping sensation, or the tongue attachment for oral stimulation with its specific G-spot stimulation design to simulate different sensations throughout your body's erogenous zones.

With a soft yet sturdy silicone material, it feels smooth against your body, mimicking the lightness of someone's tongue.

This toy measures 8.5 inches (21.6 cm) with an insertable length of 4.5 inches (11.4cm) .

You can use this toy wherever you want, even in the water.

It's fully submersible if you choose, so you can get creative about using it and play around with different sensations you might enjoy.

It has several strong vibration settings, so this is a perfect toy if you are looking for intensity.

While it's not necessary, I find using a slight amount of water-based lubricant enhances the pleasure you can feel from this tongue vibrator.

Regarding the noise, the toy is NOT louder than many others I own, but it's not the best if you plan to use it in public.

Despite of being convenient and versatile, there can be privacy risks associated with internet-connected devices, so it's wise to understand the security measures when sharing access or data.

All in all, Lovense Hyphy is a worth-trying dual-end vibrator. With it tongue shaped attachment, you will be able to enjoy quick flaps on your sweet spots. An orgasm is guaranteed.

2. Fun Factory Volta: Best for in the Bath or Shower

Fun Factory Volta

Receiving oral in the bath, shower, private pool, or hot tub isn't always feasible, but the Fun Factory Volta tongue vibrator makes it possible.

The toy is submersible in water and allows for more intense pleasure.

This vibrator has a soft silicone material and is very flexible, allowing it to feel more like a real tongue than stiffer models.

The material feels more like a tongue and comes with six vibration strength settings, from gentle to strong and various patterns to simulate different movements.

It has silicone prongs that flutter like a human tongue can, allowing for intense pleasure in seconds. It's not just for your clit.

You can play around with this toy, allowing the fluttering prongs to explore your body and your other erogenous zones.

This toy comes remarkably close to mimicking tongue stimulation, but a lubricant helps it feel even more realistic, allowing the Volta to glide easily over your clit and body.

The Fun Factory Volta is rechargeable and has a handle you can easily grab and hold onto while exploring your body or partners.

This waterproof toy is reliable and a great option for those looking for some solo play in the shower. Pleasure is guaranteed.

3. Fantasy for Her Vibrating Pussy Pump and Tongue Vibrator Kit: Best Combo Vibrator

Fantasy for Her Tongue Vibrator

The Fantasy for Her Vibrating Pussy Pump and Tongue Vibrator Kit is the ultimate, one-stop shop for complete pleasure.

This is for women who want various oral stimulation and foreplay options because it provides similar tongue sensations, a suction ability, and a G-spot vibrator.

The tongue vibrator is made with a firm silicone that will entice your body no matter where you play with it.

You can experiment with the seven vibration speeds and patterns along with tongue stimulations.

Suction function can be used separately or in tandem for a mind-blowing experience.

When you're ready, you can add on the suction abilities of the toy. I suggest using it on your clitoris, but if you enjoy nipple play, you can use it there, too, while you or your partner pleasure yourself downstairs.

The suction pump is detachable, so if you don't want to use the tongue vibrator simultaneously, you don't have to.

But if you ask me, it's worth trying because it provides a unique and intense sensation you'll crave once you try it.

You can also use the handle of the sex toy as a G-spot vibrator.

While you can't use that and the tongue vibrator at the same time, if you're with a partner, having them use the g-spot vibrator while they pleasure you can take your foreplay and oral sex sessions to the next level.

4. Lelo Ora 3: Best for Traveling

lelo ora 3 look

Nowadays, sex toys are coming in smaller models that make it easier to take with you on vacation, a work trip, or wherever you're going when you might need some "me" time.

The Lelo Ora 3 is a great mini tongue vibrator that can easily be packed for travel. Compared to other tongue vibrators on this list, the Ora 3 looks very different.

It's in more of a ring shape without tongue-like prongs, but I swear it's still one of the best tongue vibrators out there.

It has a small area that jets out of the ring that will rotate around and around like a tongue would on your body.

The vibrations and circular motions feel similar to a human's tongue and will feel sensational no matter where you play with this toy.

The handle is easy to grip, so you can focus on keeping the rotating "tongue" in place while you pleasure yourself.

One of the best parts about this compact tongue vibrator is that there are 12 settings that you can experiment with and enjoy. 

I personally enjoy the fast and firm sensation, but you can easily adjust the intensity and mode during use.

5. Womanizer Premium 2: Best Autopilot Mode

womanizer premium 2 weight

The Womanizer Premium 2 is a sleek tongue vibrator that feels as elegant as it looks. They make the vibrator with high-quality silicone to mimic a more natural tongue feeling.

It doesn't have prongs at the end that flick around like a tongue would, but it still feels fantastic.

You'll find a small circle on the toy to place around your clitoris. It won't suction onto your clitoris, but the sides of the circle will vibrate around you, simulating the feeling of a tongue.

The silicone is soft and firm, similar to an actual tongue.

When you play with this vibrating clit sucker, you'll find 14 intensity levels.

I recommend starting low if you're new to this type of sex toy and working your way up slowly to whatever feels the most pleasurable to your body. 

I began with the soft pulse and gradually worked my way up.

Now for my favorite part about this sex toy, the autopilot mode. If you want to mimic the feeling of being with a partner without having one with you, you need to try the autopilot mode.

This specific mode allows the toy to randomly change intensities and patterns without you knowing what's coming next.

While some people might like being more in control, you need to play around with this setting if you want to surrender to intense pleasure.

6. We-Vibe Melt: Best Suction Tongue Vibrator

we vibe melt clit

At first glance, the We-Vibe Melt looks like any regular vibrating dildo, but this suction tongue vibrator stands apart from others thanks to its super smooth silicone design.

The edge is thin, making this We-Vibe toy idea for bringing yourself or your partner close to climax, then slowing to build intensity again. 

The silicone toy will vibrate and suck around your clitoris, allowing pleasure to take over. When playing with this toy, there are 12 intensity settings, starting low with a gentle flick or strong to get you there fast.

Another feature worth noting about the We-Vibe Melt is that you can download an app and control the vibrator.

This aspect is perfect for playing with a partner and allowing them to tease you as they see fit from wherever they are.

The toy is completely waterproof and quiet, so you can get creative when and where you want to use the toy.

As with most tongue vibrators, using lube will only enhance your pleasure. The toy comes with a small sample to get you started.

We-vibe Melt vs Womanizer Premium

If you’re looking for partner play, the We-Vibe Melt is a better choice when compared to the Womanizer Premium 2.

The We-Vibe Melt is more slender, allowing it to fit between bodies during play, and it has a powerful suction and air pulse.

7. Sir Richard’s Control Rimming Warming Tongue Vibrator: Best for Anal Play


Tongue-vibrating toys aren't just for clitoris stimulation. If you're into rimming and anal play, then the Sir Richard's Rimming Warming Tongue Vibrator is the perfect toy for you to add to your collection.

The toy is fairly small, but its "tongue" part is longer than others, allowing you to easily reach for rim play without struggling.

The little prong that acts as the tongue moves gracefully back and forth to simulate the feeling of having a partner with you.

It's designed to lick, lap, and penetrate your anus while still being sensitive to all the nerve endings in that area of your body.

There are only two vibration levels and five patterns to choose from which is far less than other tongue vibrators, but for the specific reason the designers made this toy, that's more than enough for tantalizing rimming.

The tongue vibrator is rechargeable and waterproof, allowing for play whenever you want it.

Something unique about this tongue vibrator is the internal heating system.

As you use the toy, the internal heating system will warm to your body temperature, ensuring it's perfectly comfortable when you use it.

8. Orion VibePad 2: Best Sit-On Vibrator for Hands-free Pleasure

Orion VibePad 2

For those who prefer hands-free play, the Orion VibePad 2 is an excellent sit-on vibrator that doesn't require you to hold the tongue vibrator in place to orgasm.

It's not your traditional tongue vibrator built with features designed for female orgasms.

You can place the pad on any surface, and it won't slide around.

This toy comes with a small remote, and the small mounds focus on the clitoris, vulva, and anus for hands-free play, making any surface a fun way to play.

With seven vibration modes, you can have a new experience every time you use the toy, including the flicking tongue setting and a heat setting for warmth.

If you enjoy grinding, then you'll easily be able to do that with this sex toy.

I will say that there can be a learning curve with this toy. If you've never used a sit-on vibrator, finding the best spots for you can take a little while.

I always recommend using lube with a sex toy, especially tongue vibrators, because it can help enhance sensation, especially with this one.

With lube, it will feel more like you're sitting in a partner's mouth. The soft tongue-like prongs feel as close to a real tongue as possible with this toy.

9. Lovehoney Rose Glow 2-in-1: Best Tongue Vibrator with a G-Spot Egg

Lovehoney Rose Glow vibrator

This Lovehoney vibrator is a beautiful little rose that will suction your clitoris and elevate your orgasms quickly.

It comes with a G-spot egg that you can insert inside yourself at the same time that you're using the suction for maximum pleasure.

The material is super soft and feels natural on your body. The rosebud suction part is gentle, sucking on your clitoris at different strengths to provide different sensations.

You can choose from nine vibration settings for the g-spot egg comes with three vibration intensity levels that can move in six different patterns.

As for the gentle rose suction cup, it has six speeds and four different patterns to experiment with.

I always suggest starting with the lowest intensity for both parts until you feel more comfortable using the toy, but you won’t be disappointed with the sucking and suction functions. 

The unique air pressure technology makes it contact-free while it slips around and pleasures your clitoris.

Holding the sex toy isn't ideal, but the rose suction cup can easily fit within your hand if you or your partner have larger hands.

Water-based lubricant is vital to making your time with the toy more pleasurable than without it.

The Rose Glow tongue vibrator is made with some of the most flexible silicone, so you can easily bend it to fit inside you while still suctioning to yourself.

10. Zalo Hero: Best Compact Tongue Vibrator

zalo hero review

There are plenty of small tongue vibrators out there, but the Zalo Hero is the best compact one available.

Zalo makes their Hero vibrators with food-grade silicone, so you know it won't irritate you as you try playing with the toy.

It has an ergonomic design, so it fits perfectly in almost anyone's hand.

What makes this tongue vibrator different from the others is the use of revolutionary electromagnetic PulseWave technology that Zalo is known for using.

It creates a swing width of 30 mm and a frequency of up to 75 times every second the toy is on.

The tongue-like prong at the tip of the toy swiftly moves back and forth to tease and pleasure wherever on your body you decide to play with the toy.

The "tongue" portion of the sex toy is a little stiffer than others, but with some lubricant, it effortlessly glides over the body, feeling even better than a real tongue. 

Not only is this toy great for oral stimulation and foreplay, but it looks stunning. It comes in three regal colors and has embedded SWAROVSKI crystals.

How To Use a Tongue Vibrator?

The best part about using a tongue vibrator is that you can use it in several ways.

The first and most obvious use is to place it on your clitoris and other areas nearby to mimic someone servicing you. You can do this with or without a partner.

When I was using the We-Vibe Melt with my partner, my orgasm was even more intense as my partner personalized the play, starting with gentle flicking and increasing to pulsing before fully getting me to climax.

Other ways to use a tongue vibrator are to move them around your erogenous zones.

You can use the light vibrations that feel like a tongue on your neck, ear, nipples, or wherever you like someone's tongue to be on you. 

I really like the Fantasy for Her Vibrating Pussy Pump and Tongue Vibrator Kit for multifunctional play; I’m able to use the breast suction while my partner gives me oral.

If you want to play with a tongue vibrator with your partner, you can use the toy to show them where to place their tongue and have fun learning more about your body.

You can also use tongue vibrators if you enjoy anal play and rimming; I really liked the Rim Joy for this unique experience.

No matter who you choose to use your tongue vibrator, lube can make your experience more pleasurable. Just be sure to use the appropriate lube for the specific tongue vibrator you have.

How Tongue Vibrators Feel Compared To The Real Things?

Even though tongue vibrators are designed to simulate the feeling and sensations of another person's tongue, they won't feel 100% like a human tongue.

That isn't to say that they don't feel sensational because they can when you use them properly.

They have the same hard/soft contrast that the human tongue can have, but they're far smoother than an actual tongue. You'll be able to feel a difference between the two, but the feelings are still fantastic.

Depending on the tongue vibrator you buy, the vibration settings might go pretty high.

The higher the vibration setting, the less like a human tongue will feel because real tongues can't provide that sensation.

The smooth silicone or other material will still feel soft and tongue-like against your body.

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