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How to Choose and Use Bullet or Egg Vibrators?

by Jane Louis
choose and use bullet vibrator

If I could choose to only keep one type of sex toy for the rest of my life, it would be a bullet vibrator!

A good bullet vibrator is heavenly to use and is known for providing some of the most intense orgasmic experiences.

No type of vibrator can be as flexible and as versatile as a good bullet vibrator and luckily, there are plenty of amazing bullet vibrations for you to choose from.

What is a Bullet Vibrator?

Bullet vibrators (many times also known as "egg vibrators") are small and discreet vibrators that can be made of metal, plastic, glass, silicone, or other composite materials.

It's available in different shapes and sizes - some are in bullet shape, others can be longer, rounder, slimmer, or even in asymmetric shapes.

This type of vibrator is originally designed for clitoral stimulation, but it can also be used to stimulate the penis, testicles, anus, and even sore body muscles.

Both men and women can use bullet vibrators to enhance their sex experience, whether for solo play or couple play.

bullet egg vibrators

How to Choose a Good Bullet Vibrator? 

When choosing egg or bullet vibrators, there are many aspects you need to consider, such as the price, shape, material, vibration strength, control distance, etc.

Which aspect(s) matter the most to you? If you fancy some specific scenes, make sure the product you choose can fulfill your fantasies. 

For example, if you plan to do some public play, make sure to choose a vibrator that produces low noise. 

If you fancy using your vibrator under the water, make sure the product you choose is fully waterproof and submersible.

If you plan to insert your bullets inside for G-spot stimulation, you should consider choosing a longer bullet so that you can good grip.

It's also really important to consider your personal preferences and restraints.

use bullet vibrators

If you are allergic to nickel, it's better not to choose a bullet vibe that is made from metal material because most metal sex toys contain few percentages of nickel.

If you prefer mild stimulation on the clitoris, you should choose softer materials such as silicone and avoid bullets that are too strong and too pinpointing.

On the contrary, if you are a power queen, you'd better go for a bullet that can produce powerful and rumbly vibrations.

It's all up to your taste, but it's important to know in advance what your body loves.

If you are unclear about what can suit you the best, it's safer to choose a more versatile toy - a toy that has a broad range of features to test on.

Materials, Brands, Price, Shapes, Vibration strength, Ways to control or Others?

Throughout the years, I've used more than 30 different bullet/egg vibrators.

I summed up the toys I used into different types and would like to share my opinions and experience with you. Hope it can help you to make a better choice.

1. Single VS Dual Bullets

single vs dual bullet vibrators

Single Bullet is the most common type of bullet vibe and this type usually contains a single bullet or egg.

The performance of a single bullet can vary quite a lot - some are strong, some are gentle, and others are more pinpointing. 

There are also Dual ones, even Trio Bullets in the market, which literally means the toy set contains two or three bullets or eggs.

There are plenty of excellent single bullets in the market.

A good single bullet must provide rumbly and pleasant vibration, which means the vibration should travel well under your skin and not make you feel numb or sore after the stimulation.

This point is extremely important especially if you will use the toy mainly for clit stimulation.

Your clit has 8000 nerve endings and this nerve-rich organ needs great care. 

If you reach orgasm with a bad vibration, your clit can be sore for hours or even days. This can be a very unpleasant experience.

What are the benefits to stimulate your clit with a bullet that has good vibration?

Firstly, no soreness or discomfort during or after the stimulation.

What's more appealing is that you can go for multiple rounds in a row with a good vibrator! A binge orgasmic night can be really addicting ;).

Which single bullet(s) to choose then? If you are a power queen, I definitely recommend the We-vibe Tango X.

It's a very high-quality product and the vibration from Tango X is just amazing, purely strong, rumbly and it's very pinpointing.

Besides, it's a waterproof toy and can be attached to some third-party attachments to become a new toy.

we-vibe tango x box

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If you prefer a softer texture and less progressive stimulation, Lelo Lily 3 can be a good option.

The vibration from this product is not as aggressive as the Tango X, but it's still really powerful and rumbly.

Both Tango X and Lily 3 are made of top-notch medical-grade silicone, waterproof and rechargeable.

Lelo Lily 3 size

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As for Dual/Trio Bullets, despite the fact I like the concept of having multiple bullets, I don't find any good dual/trio bullets in the current market.

The relatively usable Dual Bullet I can think of is the Lovehoney Bedtime Bullet. It is a quite strong dual bullet that has a really affordable price.

lovehoney bedtime bullet

However, the surface of the toy is plastic coated, which can turn yellow-ish throughout the time. Besides, this toy is powered by two AAA batteries.

The battery doesn't last that long (maximum 2-3 times of play for me) and the vibration strength really decreases when the battery is not full.

2. Short vs. Long Distance Remote Controllable Bullets

Technology changes life...I mean bedroom life! I was in a long-distance relationship for 5 years and that's how I discovered remote-controllable vibrators.

This type of bullet is designed to be controlled with distance.

Some toys enable room-distance control, others can be controlled at any distance as long as there's the internet.

If you are just looking for short-distance remote control, I think the Fifty Shades of Grey Relentless Vibrator can be a good option for couples' play, either in the bedroom or in public.

This toy has a very reliable remote performance as long as you are within the 10 meters range.

It never failed me - works every time! Besides, it's a rather quiet toy and delivers earth-shaking orgasms.

Fifty Shades Remote Control Egg vibe

If you are like me - in a long-distance relationship and don't want to limit the intimacy by distance.

Then you need a vibrator that is not restrained by distance and Luckily, it's possible!

The idea that my partner can control my vibrator from anywhere is just so appealing. My favorite love egg, in this case, is Lovense Lush 3.

Basically, you and your partner just need to connect to Lush with your phone and then either of you can control the strength and the pattern of the vibration.

What's more, this toy is also insertable and performs extremely quiet during vibration (maximum 43 dB).

Think about this: your husband is on a business trip while you are feeling lonely at home.

Just giving him a call, tell him how much you miss him while masturbating and you just inserted the Lush toy inside of you.

I bet he can't resist the idea of controlling your vibe from the distance.

lovense lush 3 antenna

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3. Bullets in Special Shapes

Some of the bullet vibrators are created in non-standard shapes. They are designed this way to be more ergonomically friendly.

Usually, bullets in special shapes are not ideal for insertion, however, they tend to perform better for external stimulation.

My favorite two irregular-shaped bullets are We-Vibe Touch X and Happy Rabbit Ears Bullet Vibrator.

special bullet vibrators

They both are waterproof, made from silicones, and produce top-notch powerful vibrations.

We-Vibe Touch X is a big spoon to your bean and the toy is sculpted to envelop your clitoris with thrilling vibrations. The tip is just wow for the clit!

It gets me off every time within just minutes. My favorite use for this toy is during penetrative sex.

If you're like me and struggle to orgasm from internal penetration alone. Touch can be a life-saver!

Besides, my husband absolutely loves this bullet vibe as well. He says that it feels amazing when used on his testicles and against his shaft.

Sometimes, I have the toy stimulating his testicles while giving him a blow job and he is in heaven.

we-vibe touch x unbox

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Happy Rabbit Ear is another outstanding bullet vibe. 

The toy is in bunny shape and it reminds me of Miffy all the time. What's special about this rabbit vibe is that it offers a flickering type of stimulation. 

I feel this toy so strongly especially when the clitoris is wrapped around the two ears. Since the ears are flexible,

I can easily pinch them together and place them on the clitoris for an even more intense orgasm. It’s just impossible to fail to orgasm with this Rabbit Ear!

happy rabbit bullet vibe

4. Wearable Bullets

There are two types of wearable bullets - the ones that are insertable and the ones that can be stabilized by panties.

If having an orgasm is fun and addicting, then a hands-free orgasm is like fun in laziness. This is just even more addicting!

Insertable bullets are more designed for G-spot stimulation. As mentioned, my favorite insertable love egg is Lovense Lush 3.

What about externally wearable bullets? in my opinion, Ferri is the winner! This oval-shaped bullet revolutionized the way to masturbate.

Like most people, I like to read erotic stories or watch erotic videos while giving myself a treat.

It can be quite annoying to hold something in one hand and reach for my clitoris with another hand. With Ferri, the experience totally changes.

Basically, you can connect Ferris with tons of audio resources and listen to them during your private time, the vibration strength changes along with the beats.

Besides, Ferri stays stably inside your panties thanks to the strong magnet and you won't even need to touch it for the whole process. 

All you need to do is to relax in a comfortable position, indulge yourself in the scenes, and let the orgasm come.

lovense ferri product

5. Lipstick-Shaped Bullets

Lipstick-shape bullets are the most discreet ones in the bullet family. It's perfect to take and even if you accidentally leave in on the table, no one can really notice it's a vibrator.

Lipstick bullets are always wireless and due to the way they're designed, the vibration tends to be less powerful compares to other types of bullet.

I personally think lipstick bullets can only be good for clit stimulation and it's too weak for G-spot, nipple or anal play.

As a person who enjoys a strong vibrator, I found it's hard to be very satisfied by lipstick vibrators.

Looking at all the products in the market (and tested many), only very few lipstick vibes can meet my expectations.

One of my fav. lipstick vibe is Lovense Exomoon. The whole lipstick body has a matt finish, very beautiful.

It looks small and discreet, but packed with power. I can come easily when using the Exomoon to stimulate my clit.

What's more? the toy is controllable via the Lovense app and the strength of vibration can also sync with music and any sounds.

Lovense Exomoon lipstick vibrator

11 Creative Ways to Use Your Bullet/Egg Vibrators

There are so many ways to play with bullet vibrators. You can only be limited by your own imagination when it comes to this little versatile thing.

1. Public Play with Your Bullets. Thanks to its small size, bullet vibrators are fantastic toys for women to carry around. My husband and I love to play restaurant naughtiness.

I have no idea if the waiters have ever figured out what is going on, but it always makes dining out experience doubly delicious.

2. Joy from Dual Pleasure. Who said you can only use one vibrator at a time? Your clit needs stimulations, so does your nipple, your vagina, and your anus area.

3. Wet Play. Go get a waterproof vibrator and you will be able to experience another level of pleasure in the bath. It’s quite a different sensation when the vibration functions under the water.

Water plays as a natural lube and it lowers the change of soreness. Thanks to that, it’s easier to go for multiple orgasms in a row under the water.

4. Couple Play at any Distance. For those of you who are in a long-distance relationship, but don’t want to stop the intimacy because of the distance.

Go get a remote controllable bullet/egg vibrator, like Lovense Lush 3. It’s just so fun to play with. Both you and your partner can control the vibration through an app.

Leave the vibe on your clit and let your partner surprise you with unexpected touches.

5. Let the Bullets Dance inside of You. Have you tried to insert your bullet in your vagina? More specifically, have you tried to insert multiple bullets in your vagina and let them vibrate at the same time? The pleasure is multiplied if played this way!

Your G-spot can get some very intense hits from the bullets. If your bullets are the ones that attached with strings, you can also insert them in your anal, for a different sensation.

6. Play Hands-freely. Who doesn’t want a lazy orgasm? Lie on your bed, slip your bullet vibe into your underwear and just enjoy!

Let your body sense as much pleasure as possible and only press the vibe against the most sensitive point of your clit at the end. The process is a sweet agony, but the orgasm can be really intense thanks to the build-up!

7. Make Your Bullet a New Toy. Don’t limit your bullet to be only a bullet! There are plenty of third-party attachments that are specially designed to fit a bullet in its base.

A good example will be We-vibe Tango X, it can transfer a bullet into a G-spot vibrator or a vibrating butt plug. Another simple way to use the bullet is to insert a dildo in your vagina and let the bullet stimulate the end of the dildo. The vibration can transfer to the head of the dildo and hence give you some good hits on the G-spot.

8. Use Your Bullet as a Massager. Having some sore muscles on your neck and shoulder? You can press the bullet vibe on your muscles and the vibration will release all the aches and soreness.

It works super well with the neck – your cervical nerves will cry for more once you tried to massage it with your bullets.

9. Light a New Sensation During Oral Sex. While giving a blow job, trace the bullet left and right at the end of his shaft to add extra sensation.

You can even slide it around his testicles and the entrance of his anus. Take your cues from your partner so nothing becomes unbearably intense.

(Note: you can stimulate the entrance of your partner’s anus while giving a blow job, but don’t insert it! Most bullets are not designed for anal insertion).

10. Add a Bullet During Sex. Doggy style and reverse cowgirl position are the two best positions for clitoral access.

If you are like me – can’t reach orgasm only by penetrative sex, it’s definitely worth it to apply some external stimulation. Actually, the vibrations can be pleasant to both you and your partner.

11. Add a Bullet during Penetrative Sex. Ever tried to insert a bullet while having penetrative sex? This definitely can bring you unexpected surprises, positively!

Your vaginal muscles will feel more relaxed with the vibration, which makes the penetrating process easier and more pleasant.

As for the men, the vibration on the shaft can provide a new level of sensation. My husband and I both love it!

Don’t Forget to Attach Lubricant

vagina clit lube

It's necessary to keep a bottle of lubricant with you when using bullet vibrators.

Simply apply some soft and silky lubricant on your clitoris and you will feel more comfortable during the vibrating process and it helps to prevent any possibility of soreness, numbness or over-stimulation.

If you plan to insert the love egg for vaginal or anal stimulation, it's even more important to apply some lube. This will make the insertion process a lot more smooth.

Cautions: If your bullet/egg vibrator is made from silicone, make sure you only use a water-based lubricant. Otherwise, the silicone surface can be damaged and it's irreversible.

Verdict: Level-up Your Sex life with A Good Bullet Vibe

Are you excited to experience a new level of orgasm with a bullet vibe? I know I am. Despite having a whole drawer of sex toy.

Bullet vibrator has always been my favorites. If you've never owned a bullet vibe, go get one and you won't regret!

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