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Best Electro & E-Stim Sex Toys: Experience a Shocking Sex Play

by Jane Louis
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If you haven’t had a chance to dive into the world of sexual electro stimulation, you do not know what you have been missing.

The unique sensation from E-stim toys can level up your sex life by making you feel more aroused, bringing more fun options to bed, or electrifying your most sensitive spots for a more intense orgasmic experience.

As technology advances, more people are open to try out electro sex toys and use the devices to stimulates sensitive areas.

So, how can you use sexual electro-stimulation to experience a shocking connection with either a partner, multiple partners, or all by yourself?

In this article, I'll discuss introduce you different types of electro & e-stim sex toys and how to integrate them in your sex life.

Read on to learn more!


Doc Johnson The stinger profile 500_500

Best for G-spot

The stinger is a simple electro toy to start with as no power box is required, and it has a one-button interface.

Besides, The sensation is not too intimidating, and it leaves exciting cracking sounds once touching the skin.


kinklab neon wand profile 500_500

Best for Full-Body Exploration 

If you want to try something new, this Electro Wand (with 4 different electrodes) is one of the best options in the market. 

From tingling sensation to painful shocks, you will have it all!


Electrastim set profile 500_500

Best for Couples

4 self-adhesive pads, power box, conductive gels, penis loops, insertable plugs - this set has it all, and the level of intensity is hard to ignore.

It's a perfect starting kit for any couple who wants a holistic electro experience.

Table of Contents

What Is An E-stim Sex Toy? (& Why E-stim Sex Can Be Exciting)

An e-stim sex toy (a.k.a. electro stimulation sex toy) is a toy that contains a safe amount of electricity and can be used to create an electro sex experience.

Electrosex involves stimulating physical senses through electronic impulses in different areas, especially highly sensitive private or sexual areas.

Your body already sends out natural electrical impulses through nerve endings and to the brain.

These impulses indicate when we have made some form of contact and provide information on what it felt like - or, in other words, how it stimulated us.

Sexual electro stimulation toys simply take those natural impulses and heighten them by sending additional electrical impulses directly to the brain, without much need for nerve-ending translation.

These innovations are why there are many different e-stim sex toys now.

Here are a few of the most popular types of electricity sex toys:

1) E-stim Dildos

They usually are penis-shaped sex toys that utilize electro-stimulation while penetrating a vagina or anus.

Most of them are made of conductive silicone or metal. 

These are great for both solo and group play, and people use them to lighten a partner’s load during sex and increase deep pleasure during solo sessions.

2) E-stim Wands

These usually are stick-shaped items and can be used on or around highly sensitive private parts to send electrical currents to sensitive nerve endings.

Wands are great for stimulating hard-to-reach places, making them great for solo play.

If you have a wider head replacement, then it can also be ideal broader massage.

3) E-stim Whips, Floggers, and Paddles

A impact and spanking toy with an electrical charge is best used in BDSM play to heighten the intensity of a specific body part, thus increasing both pain and pleasure.

These toys can be made of different materials, such as metal, leather or silicone. Usually, leather ones are the least intimidating and can be used even by beginners. 

Most of the spanking toys require an external power source to reach its full potential.

4) E-stim Anal or Butt Plugs

As the name states, these are the toys that can be plugged into the anus and send electrical charges to the P-spot for intense anal e-stim orgasms.

Depending the overall design, these toys can be very discrete, which may allow for stimulation in public; and some devices even let a partner control your orgasms remotely, which creates fun power dynamics in your relationship.

For a real electro experience, I suggest looking for toys that have a least 4 conductive points - 2 for the inside and 2 for the anus opening area. 

5) E-stim Gloves

These are fun and kinky toys for partner play and they allow users to send electrical currents to their partners simply with the touch of their "hand."

From what I know, electro gloves are one of the favorites among E-stim users for masturbation, as it transforms your most versatile human limb into an all-in-one pleasure device.

6) E-stim Devices or Power Boxes

An e-stim device is not a toy but serves as the control center for a range of electro sex toys that require outside electrical support to function as an e-stim toy.

A Power Box is a must-have for devoted players as it open doors to a way wider range of options. 

Sometimes, they allow for syncing e-stim devices to videos or music that can replicate a domination experience even while solo.

To Sum Up:

When it comes to electro stimulation, people usually looking for 2 types of sensation – Pleasure and Pain.

If you are up for pleasuring session, choose gentler toys or put your toy in lower setting for shriving and tingling stimulation.

If you are interested in hardcore BDSM play like electro-torture. 

It’s also possible to stimulate more nerve-dense areas such as clit, nipples, penis, glans or simply turn the toy to higher settings.

Either way, adding electrifying sensation can increase your sexual sensitivity and an e-stim orgasm is something truly amazing.

Top 13 Single-Piece Electricity Sex Toys 

When items are sold under "E-stim" titles, this could either mean that they have electro stimulation capabilities themselves or that they are compatible with an e-stim unit, powerbox, or power handle that will provide the electro effect.

The following items are individual pieces that you can use for your e-stim adventures.

These include both ready-to-use personal toys and separate attachments that may require extra purchases for e-stim functionality.

Either way, getting a personal toy to play with is the recommended first move for people just stepping their toes into the electro sex toy world for the first time.

1. KinkLab Neon Wand: Best E-stim Set for Beginners

Kinklab Electro Erotic Neon Wand

The KinkLab Neon Wand is a versatile, lightweight, and easy-to-hold wand that is beginner-friendly but with a lot of room for growth. 

Feeling in control is essential when trying out a new, potentially overwhelming sexual kink.

Thus, the intimidation factor on this electro sex device is low because it is easy to adjust the level of intensity by simply twisting the control dial on the bottom of the wand.

The Neon Wand comes with four different electrodes:

To me, the mushroom-shaped electrode was the mildest and is excellent to start with and spreads stimulation over a wide area.

The 90° probe has the most intense sensation and feels like you are getting pinched and would be great in short bursts in specific areas.

The tongue electrode is versatile and can be used in a wide area, or you can switch it up by using the intense tip.

The Comb electrode was my favorite since it gives you a distinct prickly feeling that isn’t overwhelming and is excellent on your chest and nipples.

Finally, I love the fact that it comes with a 10-page manual so that if it's your first time using an electro stimulation toy, you won't be confused for long.

Also, the red/purple electro sparks are visually enticing when the wand is used.


  • Versatile use through four electrodes
  • Lightweight and easy to hold
  • Beginner-friendly / lower intensity levels
  • Extra visual support thanks to the electro sparks


  • It might not be stimulating enough for advanced users
  • Electrodes can be fragile as it’s made with glass (handle carefully!)

2. ElectraStim Bi-Polar Wave Metal Dildo: Best for Vaginal Electro Stimulation

ElectraStim Bi-Polar Electrosex Wave Metal Dildo

Using a standard dildo to penetrate private areas is fun. Using a vibrating dildo adds more pleasure to the mix. And using an electro stimulation dildo? Well, the fun may never end!

The ElectraStim Bi-Polar Electrosex dildo differentiates itself from the competition by its unique pulsing sensations that feel tingly and can get intense.

The 7-inch (17.78 cm) metal dildo is not intimidating in either length or girth and the wavy design enables an easy insert.

You can use it as a standard dildo, but once connected, it can send shriving shock waves throughout your system.

Btw, you don’t have to worry that your hand being electrified while holding it, because there are 7 insulating rubber rings at the bottom, which make the electricity won’t numb or hurt your hand.

I definitely recommend using lube on this dildo to help it slide in and out because the sliding movement also impacts the varying intensity of the pulsations, creating a dynamic and irresistible effect.

Besides, metal dildos generally can be hot or cold, which lets you customize your experience of temperature play.

In my experience with it, I liked the rigidness and the cool feeling you get from the metal that contrasts with hot intense electro stimulation.


  • Slender and smooth feel
  • Reasonable size for both beginners and experienced users
  • Easy to clean
  • Ideal for temperature play
  • Won’t make your hands numb when in use, thanks to the rubber ring
  • Sturdy weight delivers a more intense press on the G-spot, even without the electricity


  • Pricier than competing e-stim individual attachments 
  • Can’t use on the nipples or anywhere across the chest

3. KinkLab Thunderclap & Electro Whip: Best E-stim Toys for All-Level BDSM Play

KinkLab Thunderclap & Electro Whip

I discussed KinkLab's Neon Wand above, which is excellent for beginners, but this brand has more than just beginner-level BDSM toys.

The Thunderclap and Electro Whip are specifically excellent choices for advanced impact play.

It’s hard for me to choose between spanking and whipping, therefore I decided to talk about both of them.

Skin is our biggest orgasm and to BDSM fans, hitting it is arousing in general. The sharp sudden pain from Thunderclap’s hit is hard to ignore, not to mention the added some lighting storm from the electricity!

At the first glance, I thought it was made of leather. I was so wrong!

This thing is made of conductive silicone, which not only enables a safer play but also makes sure an easy clean-up.

The hit from Electro Whip is a bit lighter and you will see the sparks when it touches your skin (the visual part is amazing!).

It’s a mini-flogger (12 inches / 30.5cm in length), so, even beginners can control it easily. 

Other than the butt, I actually like to have my partner use it on my sensitive spots (aka. clit and nipples). 

The whip itself isn’t too strong, but the electro-stimulation really heightens the sensation.

In general, I found the sensation when using these two devices is on the itchy side than the prickly side unless you really press the toys on the skin.

This is not bad unless you are looking for some serious painful shocks.

However, my experience with these toys fell a little flat when it comes to the setup as it requires some basic understanding of how electro toys work and the number of pieces needed was a bit complicated at the beginning.

Note: Keep in mind that you will need the Neon Wand mentioned above for both the thunderclap and the Electro Whip, and you will also need the KinkLab's Power Tripper for the thunderclap to reach its full potential. Both of these items are sold separately but are well worth it.


  • High-quality attachments that can fully be used on their own without e-stim
  • Versatile play - impact, tingles, electrostimulation, etc.
  • More suitable for advanced play
  • Easy to clean and store


  • It might be a hefty investment for beginners
  • Requires to get a Neon Wand and Power Tripper

5. ElectraStim Quadri-Polar Electrosex Silicone Prostate Massager: Best for Anal Electro Sex

ElectraStim Quadri-Polar Silicone Prostate Massager

The ElectraStim Quadri-Polar Electrosex Prostate Massager is a smooth, wavy-looking toy that works well for both vaginal electro stimulation and anal electro stimulation.

Though, as the name suggests, it is best for anal play.

My time with this device went well. The massager’s pulling sensation is very hot, and the wavy design is excellent for readjusting the device to find just the right spot to maximize pleasure.

Sizes of this toy can be quite ideal for both beginner and advanced player. It has 5 inches (12.7 cm) of insertable length and 4 inches (10.16 cm) of girth while the total length measures 6 inches (15.24 cm).

I appreciate that the shaft is posable, which provides flexibility and customization to hit just the right spots.

Also, the base is flared, providing extra stimulation to the perineum.

The conductive contacts locate in the tips, sides and bases (Yes, 4 points to stimulate!).

The only drawback is that there is no conductive material at the edge of the tip that hits the P-spot.

Also, you will need a specific type of power unit to operate this device. It has to be a dual-channel electro sex power unit with 2mm pins.


  • The conductive material in four different areas
  • Stimulate both inside and outside
  • Very intense sensation thanks to the high voltage
  • anal arm is very flexible
  • Smooth silicone feels great
  • Flared base for a safe insertion


  • Nonconductive material at the top of the tip

6. Doc Johnson The Stinger Play Wand: Most Budget-Friendly Electro Stimulator

Doc Johnson The Stinger Electro Play Wand

This close-range, quick zapping electro wand by Doc Johnson uses various senses to create a dynamic and thrilling experience.

It stimulates the skin through the electro currents, like all e-stim sex toys, which provides an intense and exciting physical sensation.

If I remember correctly, this is the very first electro sex toys I owned – not a fancy piece, but definite does the job!

It is a 15-inch (38 cm) long toy, which is a bit bulky but it’s quite light in weight.

And the design is unique because it only zaps on contact with the skin, making it an intimate toy and giving the person administrating it an incredible feeling of control.

You also get an excellent audible crackling sound when the device contacts skin, which fuels the excitement.

My partner is kinky, so he appreciates using e-stim for a more erotic and seemingly taboo sexual experience.

On the other hand, I am more sensual, and the toy lights up all of my senses during playtime.

Also, it can work through thin clothes without any problem. That said, this wand meets both of our needs simultaneously.

Despite being a decent-quality and affordable toy, the biggest drawback is its plastic material and the power support comes from 2 * AA batteries – neither are environment-friendly. 


  • Cost effective entry-level electro toy
  • Stimulates various senses - Touch, audio, and visual stimulation
  • Very intense (you can actually feel the type of painful pleasure)
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight (because of the plastic material)


  • Long and huge in size, given for a close-range toy 
  • Requires 2 x AA batteries (& not included)

7. Zeus Electrosex Arcana Wand Best E-stim Toy for Full Body Massage

Zeus Electrosex Arcana Wand

With 5 vibration levels, 5 E-stim levels, a boost button, and a colored light panel, this Zeus Wand looks and feels great.

The boost button is a unique feature that gives you an instant dose of extra stimulated shock in a targeted area. 

The vibration and e-stim levels are intense, even on the lowest.

It does NOT use rechargeable batteries or a power box but plugs into the wall for easy plug-and-play action.

This toy is made of a combination of ABS Plastic, Metal, and TPR. It measures 12.75 inches(32.4 cm) in total length and feels a bit heavy.

However, considering that I get the vibrating sensations and the pulsating sensations of an electro sex toy all in one big wand, I no longer have many complaints regarding the weight.

I haven’t tried this toy, but my friend who had it for years told me the quality is decent enough and she and her partner loved the flexibility and the freedom to use it on any body part.

She said the electro part does hurt a bit, especially if you are new to the field.

She likes to use it with her partner, be blindfolded, and let him be in control.

The fear of not knowing when he would apply the toy on her gets her wet. 

Furthermore, it’s possible to either solely focus on one sensation or double up by turning both the vibration and electrostimulation on for a powerful dual effect.


  • Electrostimulation plus vibration for dual impact
  • Five intensity levels for each function – plenty options to explore
  • Easy to use and control
  • Comfortable to hold


  • Not suitable for beginners as the electricity part can be too strong
  • Vibration is on the weak side
  • Can be a bit big and heavy

8. ElectraStim Silicone Komodo Dildo: Best E-stim Dildo for Hands-free Play

ElectraStim Electrosex Silicone Komodo Dildo

Suppose you're an experienced electro sex toy user, and your electro-stimulation fetish is on fire.

In that case, you might be ready for a full-on, electrifying orgasm with this suction cup e-stim dildo.

This dildo has it all. Its soft and smooth silicone surface ensures comfortable insertion and it’s easy to clean the toy after use.

The 6-inch (15.2cm) insertable length, along with a girth of 1.43 inches (3.6cm) is a beautiful start for most people – not too intimidating, but definitely long and deep enough when it comes to stimulation.

You can thrust with this dildo, but for some lazy days, it’s also possible to enjoy hands-free play thanks to its twin suction cups.

Besides, this toy is compatible with a 1.5 inch (3.8 cm) O-ring for a strap-on harness.

This can add a lot of additional fun for lesbian couples or men who like to be f*cked or dominated by Mistresses.

To make this electro-dildo fully function, you'll need to get an electro power unit, some lube, and some conductive gel (all sold separately), but once you have your tools and some free time, get ready for an incredibly shocking orgasm!


  • Compatible with 1.5 O-ring harness
  • Smooth silicone surface
  • Twin suction cup design for hands-free play
  • Safe to use for all genders and all holes thanks to the wide-flared base
  • Very effective for P-spot stimulation
  • Latex-Free , Phthalate-Free


  • Could use more conductive zones on the tip and base
  • Can be expensive (as you need to get the power unit)

9. Mystim Tickling Truman Estim Vibrator: Best Electro-Vibrating Dildo for Dual Sensation

Mystim Tickling Truman Estim Vibrator

Like the Zeus Arcana Wand mentioned above, the Mystim Tickling Truman is another 2-in-1 Vibrator that utilizes both electrostimulation and vibration to provide incredible sensations and orgasmic experiences.

It is 10.6 inches (26.9 cm) long and has 8 unique vibration programs.

Thanks to the dual vibration motors, you can experience vibration at both the tip and the shaft.

What’s amazing is that it also embraces 5 distinct electro-stimulation programs with 10 levels of e-stim intensity.

Whether you are looking for a tingling sensation or a painful shock, you can have it!

I personally prefer the Tickling Truman over the Zeus because it’s possible to use it for penetration.

Penetration allows the vibrations and electric shock to travel through the body from the inside and the sensation is a lot more intense when it’s from the inside out!

But one of the best (and perhaps least talked about) features of this e-stim is the pelvic floor training mode, which uses electro stimulation to help strengthen your pelvic floor.

I frequently use Kegel balls to train my pelvis in order to stay tight. It works well, but some extra training for an electro sex toy is definitely something I am interested in trying.

After all, who can reject strengthening the vagina and having an orgasm at the same time?


  • Dual sensation: Vibration + Electrifying
  • Include a pelvic floor training mode
  • USB Rechargeable & No additional powerbox required
  • Curved design to better target G-spot
  • Waterproof
  • High quality storage case included
  • Long battery life (3 hours)


  • Standard lube might decrease e-stim sensitivity

10. ElectraStim Uni-Polar Metallic Adjustable Cock Loops: Best For Penis Punishment

ElectraStim Uni-Polar Metallic Adjustable Cock Loops

The ElectraStim Uni-Polar Cock Loops are one of the most unique toys for men.

You can quickly wrap it around the base and right below the head of your penis for ultra-exciting cock tingles.

Actually, you can choose to use these loops in various places, as long as it's below the waist.

It has a slide-to–fit adjuster that allows the device to fit from 0.25 inches (0.6 cm) wide to 1.75 (4.4 cm) inches wide.

This size will not fit larger sizes, so it is better for a small or average-sized penis.

My partner reports that it feels intense even on the lower settings but didn’t like having to stay lubricated to feel good.

Personally, I like to ride on him when the loops are on his penis because it travels the right amount for electricity to stimulate the entrance of my vagina during the penetration.

Besides, it’s kind of exciting knowing that something down there can “hurt” you a bit when you are fully sitting down.

Keep in mind that you'll need an electrosex unit to use them and that you'll need to use both loops at once for the uni-polar electrical effect to work correctly.


  • Easy to slide on and off and adjust to a penis
  • It brings tingling sensations right to the most sensitive spots
  • Simple, effective and easy to use


  • Must be used as a pair (or with another uni-polar toy)
  • Loop can be a bit small for girthy penis
  • Power unit not included

11. Mystim Opus E: Best Stroker for Male Masturbation

Mystim Opus E Donut

The Mystim Opus E is another excellent male e-stim toy, typically used for solo masturbation.

It allows men to give their hands a break and masturbate in a whole new way by simply putting their penis into the comfortable donut hole and turning up the electricity with the help of the Mystim Powerbox.

Thanks to its stretchable features, this donut can receive penises of various sizes so that a wide range of men can enjoy this toy. Below are the size details:

  • Full length: Length: 8.5 inches (21.6 cm)
  • Insertable length: 6.9 inches (17.5cm)
  • Masturbation case diameter: 3.3 inches (8.4cm)
  • Masturbation sleeve diameter: Approximately 0.4 - 1.1 inch (1 - 2.8cm) as it involves stretchy properties

It's also wonderful that there are eight different points of contact (see picture above) and two main areas of conductivity, meaning that the whole penis will feel sensational.

The Mystim Powerbox is required for the e-stim portion, but you don't need to use the e-stim functionality to have an incredible orgasm with this toy.

This toy was my partner’s favorite from the ones that we tried, the simple design allows for a lot of creativity with use, and he reported that the stim sensation didn’t pinch too much.


  • Fits most of penis sizes
  • Two conductive points of contact
  • Easy and intuitive to use
  • Can be used as a standard stroker without E-stim


  • Need additional powerbox for e-stim function
  • Not that easy to clean after use (esp. if you shoot inside)

12. Mystim Plunging Pete with Strap & Urethral Sound: Best Glans Toy for Serious BDSM Punishment

Mystim Plunging Pete with Strap & Urethral Sound

This Mystim Plunging Pete is selected for experienced kinky players.

It allows men to stimulate all over their penis's head, without any escaping. The head/glans has the densest concentration of nerve endings.

Even some light stimulation on it can make men scream, not to mention electrifying it.

If you’ve never tried toys like this, it may seem nerve-wracking to insert a golden pin into your urethra, but it’s really doable and some men are even addicted to this feeling.

The pin from this Mystim toy is only 4mm in diameter, which is perfect for beginners and is relatively easy to insert.

It also includes three golden balls to stimulate the top and sides of the penis head.

I admit this is not a toy for everyone and the sensation can be uncomfortable for many men, but if you are a real kink lover, this is paradise!

Imagine using this glans e-stim toy in the front while having a girthy vibrator dancing in your anal hole.

The sensation is incredible if you are someone who’s into BDSM play!

Note: If you want to experience glans e-stimulation, but find the urethra insertion doesn't sound quite right to you, you might prefer the Mystim Pearly Pete instead.


  • The urethral pin is 24K Gold-plated, for a luxury look and reducing the chance of infection
  • The corona is made of 100% medical-grade platinum silicone – easy to clean
  • Easy to control the intensity, from tingling to shocking
  • The adjustable corona that fits most of the penis sizes


  • Can be too intense and too intimidating

13. Little Devil Electric Shock Collar: Best For Remote Play

Little Devil Electric Shock Collar

The Little Devil is an app-controllable collar that can release electric shocks from any distance.

It is a perfect toy for BDSM training, especially if you are into sub-dom play. 

Despite its bulky look, it's actually very comfortable to wear, even for people with large neck sizes.
The dom can set up custom shock intensities with the app and control the punishment remotely.

Besides, there are 2 super creative modes I truly adore:

  1. On all Fours: You can ask your sub to bend with the knees and then preset the height with the app. Your sub receives an electric shock if he/she tries to stand up without your permission.
  2. Stand Still: Your sub must maintain certain positions as you requested. If he/she move away from the position, an electric shock will be delivered. 

This Little Devil is so unique that I haven't found any replacement that is nearly as good. 


  • Remote and app controllable
  • Very versatile thanks to the app functions
  • Soft and comfortable to wear for all neck sizes
  • A good range of electricity intensities to choose or pre-set
  • Perfect for posture training
  • Lockable


  • Expensive
  • App sometimes disconnect during the play

3 Best Electro & E-stim Toy Kits

Electro sex kits are perfect for people who want a more complete package.

I recommend one of the following three e-stim kits for people who have experience in the electro-stimulation sex toy world and want to go all-in on an exciting and versatile range of e-stim items.

And, of course, no one will stop you from picking up all three, as each of them stands out in different ways!

1. ElectraStim EM60-M Flick Multipack Set : Best for Shared Couple Fun

ElectraStim EM60-M Flick Electrosex Stimulator Multipack Set

The ElectraStim Set includes a three-inch (7.62cm) probe called Noir Aura, which works wonderfully for either vaginal or anal penetration and stimulation.

There are also two adjustable cock loops for penis play and adhesive pads for contactless fun!

This combination is an excellent set for female/male and male/male partner play or group play because there's a lot of penetrative and electrical fun to be had (and shared)!

It's also helpful that the kit comes with a power unit (no extra purchase needed!).

As talked about before, many individual e-stim toys require a power unit to fully function, which can be inconvenient and costly.

This kit also includes water-based lube and conductive gel, which can intensity electro-play.

Besides, a storage bag is there for your to secretly store your gadgets when it’s not in use.

This is one of the most complete electro-play kits you can find in the market (I’m impressed by the number of attachments!).

It’s not a cheap kit, but the price is reasonable.


  • A great introduction to electro stimulation as it includes anal, vaginal, and penis attachments
  • Adhesive pads are there for contactless fun
  • Conductive gel to increase the sensitivity
  • The sensation is truly amazing!
  • Perfect for quiet and discreet play (unless you scream out of the intense stimulation)
  • 3-year warranty


  • The plug is a bit small and may slip out while in play
  • Cords can be longer
  • You need to circle around the modes, which can be a bit inconvenient during a play

2. Tension Lover E-stim Unit : Classic & Powerful TENS Electro Sex Device

Mystim Tension Lover E-Stim Unit

If you are serious about your electro-play, the Tension Lover is a must-have.

It is a powerful E-stim Unit that you can use either by itself or with various e-stim toys such as G-spot vibe, anal beads, and prostate massager.

Firstly, let’s talk about using the unit itself. There are 4 self-adhesive electrode pads included and you can attach them anywhere on your skin.

Start slow on not-so-sensitive areas such as the arm, calf, and butt; Once you are fully ready, stuck them onto sensitive areas such as the inner thigh and nipples and it will fully level up your full-body sensation.

This E-stim Unit has two physical turn dials that adjust the electric intensity and six different buttons to change impulse width and frequency.

You can also use a quick-select electrosex pleasure program that allows you to go to a favorite setting and will automatically shut off after a particular time.

There’s a lot of variety to explore even if you just explore the seven preset patterns.

My favorite setting was the burst mode which fires 7-10 low-frequency impulses for a relaxing extending session.

In case you are curious about the exact data, below are the specifications:

  • Type of Sensation: Asymmetric biphasic square-wave pulse
  • Pulse width: 30 - 260 µs
  • Frequency range: 1 - 160 Hz
  • Intensity: 0 - 80 mA
  • Duration: 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 minute increments (Timer Settings)
  • Programs: 7 pre-set modes

As mentioned, this Unit can serve as a Powerbox and be attached to a variety of e-stim toys for extended use.

Connect it to a Mystim G-spot vibe if you want some insertable shocks.

Attach it to an Electro-whip if you are up for some thriving hits.

If you want to turn your hand into the biggest stimulator, use the Mystim magic gloves with this Unit.

The possibility is truly endless and I give 5/5 to this powerful Unit.

Shopping Tips: I suggest buying this unit in either Shevibe or Kinkly, as these two online shops usually offer the best price and a reliable after-service. 

It is a very popular unit, be prepared that it can be "out of stock" from time to time. 


  • Can be used alone or with a variety of Mystim toys
  • Beginner-friendly and can be used for advanced play
  • Wide range of electricity pulse intensity, from gentle tingling to super-strong shocks
  • 7 Pre-Set Patterns for a quick start
  • Impulse Width, Frequency, Durable and Intensity are all controllable
  • The LCD display is a good visual support when you are in control
  • 4 self-adhesive pads are versatile to use


  • Take some time to fully understand how to control the Unit
  • Can be expensive if you want to get full use of this Unit as there are many additional attachments are available for purchase

3. KinkLab Obsidian Neon Wand Intensity Kit: Best for Hardcore Bdsm Play

ElectraStim Bi-Polar Electrosex Wave Metal Dildo

Another kit I want to recommend is the KinkLab BDSM kit, which includes The KinkLab Neon Wand, The Electro-Whip, and The Flex Capacitor.

The Neon Wand itself has been in the market for years. If I remember correctly, it is one of the first electro toys I have and I got it from another dedicated Wand Kit.

The wand itself has a very high-quality finish. Most importantly, this electric wand is user-friendly and easy & safe to use.

The Electro-Whip extends is ideal for impact play. It is made of ten heavy falls of conductive silicone.

It feels just like whipping a normal flogger, though the people who receive the hits will experience some serious bites!

The Flex Capacitor attachment has two conductive prongs that can send powerful shocks to any skin it encounters.

I especially recommend using it for nipple play. It has an 8-foot (162 cm) cord that is almost 2 feet longer than devices in its class, and Kink Lab says it's their most intense electro product, and I agree, it will take some working up to for most people.

All in all, this kit has a lot of power that can be concentrated in one area or expanded to a broader surface.

It is excellent to use with others and gives you or your partner ultimate control. I recommend it for anyone who likes the thrill of extra power.

Note: If you're a beginner, my best advice is to get the KinkLab Neon Wand instead since it already comes with an e-stim power unit and four different electrodes to play with, so you can figure out what you like and don't like.


  • Ideal for intense BDSM play
  • High quality finish and safe to use
  • Three items at a discounted price
  • The wand is easy to use
  • The whip feels heavy and sturdy, which is really comfortable to control
  • The flex capacitor is very intense and can lead to a very good orgasm once used properly
  • This kit comes with a storage box


  • The Flex Capacitor can be too intense for beginners

Are Electro Stim Sex Toys Safe?

Electro stim sex toys can be safe if used wisely, appropriately, and consensually.

First and foremost is consent. Just because you are engaging in sexual activity with someone and using other toys does not mean you automatically have their permission to use an e-stim toy.

All parties should be aware and consent to the e-stim toy, as the effect is much more shocking than other sex toys, and your partner might not be comfortable with this stimulation level.

Secondly, it's crucial to never use e-stim toys above the waist and avoid using them close to your head, neck, or heart.

This may be permissible only when using a reputable e-stim nipple clamp, but reserve them for just your nipples.

It is also wise to ensure that you are using an e-stim device built for human use that gradually increases in intensity to feel it out safely and find your perfect edge. Besides, I warn against using household current.

Last but not the least, STAY AWAY FROM WATER! I know many sex toys nowadays are waterproof, but this is NOT the case for electro sex toys.

Actually, 99% of them are not waterproof and it can be dangerous combining electricity and water!

Who Should Avoid Using E-Stim Toys?

People who use a pacemaker or have some form of heart defect should avoid e-stim toys before consulting with their doctor first.

Pregnant people should also avoid e-stim toys.

Finally, you should avoid using e-stim toys if you are near flammable items.

How to Use Electro Sex Toys?

Electro sex, have played a role in sexual pleasure for decades now but only recently brought to "mainstream" attention.

My experience with stim toys involved taking the plunge on one unit, as one aspect of it, and trying out other products that specialize in a different area.

The Kinklab Neon Wand was my starter toy, and I enjoyed using it solo before bringing my partner in on the fun.

The extra skin stimulation feels prickly but not too pinchy, which is the vibe I look for in my products.

It's also a smart idea to test out the intensity of the electrical charge by placing the item on a less sensitive spot, like your leg or your forearm.

If it's too intense for that spot, it will undoubtedly be too fierce for your privates!

You will also want to research conductive gels, which can change the sensation you feel from e-stim, and are required to experience some devices fully.

If you want to use electro sex during BDSM play, I highly recommend getting the KinkLab Thunderclap & KinkLab Electro Whip, especially if you already have the appropriate power unit.

Where to Buy Electro and E-stim Sex Toys?

I am extra careful when purchasing e-stim toys. Electricity can be fun, but safety comes first.

My first go-to site is Lovehoney. It has a wide range of everything, along with plenty of electro toys. But there aren't as many product options from KinkLab and Mystim brands. 

Lovehoney allows international shipping, free or with reasonable prices. Their customer service is also very responsive. I’ve been shopping at Lovehoney for more than a decade.

I also recommend Shevibe and Kinkly. Shevibe is a low-key sex toy retailer but they do have a very big selection.

As for Kinkly, it actually has a dedicated section for electro toys and it includes some of the hard-to-find selection.


There is a whole world of incredibly stimulating e-stim and electro sex toys out there and it could be difficult to narrow it down.

But the ones listed in this article are some of the best, safest, and most versatile of the bunch, perfect for beginners and advanced users alike.

Hope this article provided some shocking inspiration. Stay safe and have fun!

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