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Ella Paradis Review: My Experience Shopping at this Online Sex Toy Store

by Jane Louis
ella paradis review

Update 2022: I am having mixed feelings about Ella Paradis. It used to be a shop I love and I’ve bought plenty of interesting toys with great discounts from them.

However, I started to have terrible experiences this year. Their shipping was so slow and their customer service is the worst I’ve ever experienced. Most importantly, some of their products even arrived in not-so-good condition.  

Maybe I am just unlucky these few times, but I think it’s important to inform you about my negative experience. 

Because of these experience, I no longer shop at Ella Paradis. At least not any time soon. My recent favorite online sex toy shops are Lovehoney, Shevibe and Wet for Her

Thanks to the Internet, I have opened the doors to the discovery of new forms of pleasure that I didn't know before and I take advantage of it to share my experiences. My most recent discovery is called Ella Paradis

It’s a neatly-designed sex toy store with a great variety - once you enter, you open the door not only to a place where you find a vibrator but to a place where you can learn about healthier, better sex and find an immense variety of tools to enjoy it.

ella paradis sex toy

What is Ella Paradis Sex Toy Shop?

Ella Paradis markets itself as a brand that promises to provide its consumers with a site full of variety and good service, based on the premise of "making the world a better place by offering pleasure". 

Unlike other stores that may have thousands of references or even more time on the market, Ella Paradis designs and manufactures its own sex toy, with top quality materials, great design, and functionality, and guaranteed the best value for the price.

There are thousands of sex toys to choose from and it can be quite annoying to know what to buy.

Ella Paradis carefully selects the brands and sex toy models they want to sell on their site because customers deserve the best.

In addition, all the toys offered by the store are 100% healthy and free of toxins such as phthalates or parabens. 

This reaffirms the brand's commitment to providing a great overall experience by making pleasure healthy and accessible to all with quality products at affordable prices.

Other than having all the most popular sex toys, it also regularly publishes free articles on their blog, covering all kinds of sex topics.

ella paradis blog

Why is Ella Paradis Different From Other Sex Toy Stores?

The store Ella Paradis has a wide variety of products for pleasure, although not as big as other stores such as Lovehoney and Shevibe

Its creators have invested in quality over quantity, something that makes it a place where you will buy not only once but several times.

Buying is easy and fast, the only really difficult thing is to choose. The products available are often the brands' best sellers and the top-performing toys in their category, so if you're not looking for something specific, it will be very complicated to choose only one thing.

Ella Paradis covers toys for all tastes, and even for all holes, you can really explore all your perversions with the items in this store, from the most classic vibrators to the most exaggerated sex tools.

They work in a similar format as of Pinkcherry and Adam and Eve, offering toys and accessories for men, women, and couples. You will also find lots of tips and educational guides for beginners in the “joys of better sex”, as they put it.

Another nice aspect of Ella Paradis is that, just like Lovehoney, they also have their own product brand, under the same name. These products look rather affordable, a very decent price tag compared to more renowned brands. 

Unlike stores like Amazon, where you would have to pay full price most time and not sure whether the toy is a counterfeit, Ella Paradis takes care of all the hassles. 

For those who plan on buying frequently on Ella Paradis, it's a sound idea to register as a Preferred Customer. This membership grants many benefits, such as priority shipping and service, discounts and gifts, early access to product releases, and more!

ella paradis membership

What I Like About Ella Paradis

What I like the most about this store is that it offers free shipping no matter how much you spend!

ella paradis shipping

As an online sex toy store, Ella Paradis has a modern and elegant design and is well-indexed. Compare to shops like Betty's Toy Box, it’s neater and clearer to explore this modern site.

I like the fact that Ella Paradis has a carefully selected variety. Within the products it offers, they have a good stock of my favorite brands such as Njoy, Womanizer, B-vibe, and Liberator.

The shipping service is extremely discreet, so you don't have to worry about anyone finding out what you're getting when a package is delivered.

Deliveries are generally fast since they have several locations, they manage to cover more territory.

During the pandemic time (2020), shipping time is very much prolonged though and it takes efforts to know where the package is... I hope this situation will change soon.

Next, the bundles! Ella Paradis offers the best bundles! They include very popular sex toys in the bundle such as Lelo Sona, We-vibe Sync, Tango, etc. Make sure to check their bundles regularly and buy fast because it's really a steal! 

Even if you don't like every product, they could make great gifts to your friends.

Thanks to the bundles and free-shipping, this is site I regularly go to dig cheap and quality deals. 

ella paradis bundle discount

Besides, I really like the fact that they have a sexual wellness category that is dedicated to promote positive sex (e.g. Kegel, sex hygiene, and more). 

More sex shops should promote sexual wellness. After all, sex should positive and diversified. There’s no such thing as “bad at sex” as long as we learn how to practice the action.  

Oh, did I mention that they have a dedicated category talking about new tech that revolutionizing what we've done for millions of years? (Fun to read!)

What I Don’t Like About Ella Paradis

Although they offer very interesting discounts, especially for their Preferred Customers, something I don't like, is that they usually raise the price for some of their products and then offer the discount. 


ella paradis price

Retail price on Ella Paradis


womanizer price

Retail price from the official store

And it is an activity that they do on a recurring basis which, in my opinion, really creates distrust in the public.

What else? Despite their great efforts, their customer service is not very responsive. Actually, I would use the word “terrible” to describe their customer service.

When you make a complaint, it is difficult to contact them as they do not show interest in replying and receiving your suggestions.



Average Score

product overall quality


product selection






customer service



  • Relatively big selection of sex toys 
  • Neat navigation
  • Extremely good prices for bundles
  • Discreet shipping
  • Free shipping (without minimum spend)


  • Shipping can be very slow
  • Slow/irresponsive customer support
  • Some discounts can be scammy (aka. raise up the original price in advance)

Final Words

In my personal opinion, Ella Paradis was a good place to go find a good read on sexual wellness and buying a sex toy or two when there’s a good discount, especially when your desired is sold in bundle!

Their bundles are such as a steal and it many times includes trendy toys such as Tiktok rose vibrators

If the toys you want are not on sale, then make sure to check shops such as Shevibe and Lovehoney, before buying. Because these ones may offer better prices and better customer service for sure!

signature Jane L

This article is NOT sponsored. All the opinions are based on my personal experience.

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