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ELVIE TRAINER Review: The Best Kegel Exerciser I’ve Ever Used?!

by Jane Louis
Elvie trainer review

I never thought that Kegel exercise would actually help and getting an Elvie Trainer was totally a coincidence (My bestie offered that to me as a joke, because we had a bladder control challenge one day and she won – Yes, we play weird games privately).

I always tell myself, “I have a healthy and active sex life, that’s enough to protect my pelvic muscles”. But after doing Kegel exercise with the Elvie Trainer for more than 8 months, I am now humbled to realize the importance of Kegel exercise for women’s genital organs and body shapes.

Besides, I clearly feel that my abdomen gets stronger and flatter after 8-month of Kegel practice, this toy really makes me love my body even more.

Elvie Trainer is neither a sex toy, nor a traditional ben wa ball. Instead, it is a high-tech pelvic trainer that actually can improve and extend sex life to a new level. That’s why I think it’s useful and important to introduce this toy to you.


Elvie trainer

The Elvie Trainer is a App-enabled Kegel training device which helps you to perform vaginal lifting exercise in the pelvic floor. These are movements that women are encouraged to perform so as to strengthen the muscles located at the base of the abdomen. These muscles support the bladder, uterus and small intestine. They are loosened over time by activities such as pregnancy, childbirth, and natural aging.

Loose muscles in the pelvic floor can cause problems such as urine leakage and reduced sexual function. Kegel exercises are designed to solve these problems, or at least to delay the symptoms from happening. Kegal exercise also helps to restore the strength and tightness of the pelvic floor muscles.

The Elvie Trainer offers a simple yet effective way to practice Kegal exercise. Besides, this toy can warn you if you do the exercise incorrectly because a false practice can lead to many issues. I am going to talk about everything about Elvie Trainer in this review. Hope it can help you better understand Kegal exercises and Elvie Trainer.


1. Design and Look

The Elvie trainer is a pebble-shaped little device which is made from medical-grade silicone. Its surface is soft and pliable. This makes it easy to insert into your vagina when you do your Kegel exercises.

The cute mint color toy is fully rechargeable, 100% waterproof and it comes with an optional silicone cover that enables you to customize the size to your wish.

Elvie trainer optional cover

2. APP Tracking for the Performance

A special feature of the Elvie Trainer is that it can be paired with an application. The app has an interactive interface that resembles a video game. A little diamond bounces up and down across the screen as you perform your Kegel exercises. Its rate of movement directly depends on the frequency and strength of your muscle contraction motions. This video-game style really makes the Kegel training fun and easy.

By using the app, you can view your Kegel exercise performance and visually see if you’re doing them right. The application helps you to track your performance over time as well.

3. Other Features

  • Real-time guidance from the App
  • As long as you do not have any complications, you can use the toy during pregnancy


So, how does Elvie Trainer work?

In order to use Elvie, the first step that you need to perform is to connect the device to your smartphone through Bluetooth. This can be done by squeezing it in your hand gently for 3 seconds. After it connects, launch the Elvie app.

After that, insert Elvie into your vagina. The pebble-like section goes into your vagina and the tail remains on the outside. As you do so, ensure that the tail is facing forward.

As you use the Elvie, insert the pebble-shaped section fully but do not insert it too high up in your vagina.

To confirm that you have inserted Elvie properly, pull down gently on the device. It should cause some resistance against your vaginal opening. If you experience some discomfort as you insert Elvie, simply use some water-based lubricant to help it along.

Elvie trainer position

After you have inserted the device, find an appropriate position to do your Kegel exercises. You can stand
up with your legs shoulder width apart with the device inside your vagina. Hold your smartphone by your midriff and begin the exercises.

If this position is not comfortable enough for you, try to lie down on a comfortable, soft surface. Keep
your legs apart and engage in the exercises. As you use the Elvie Trainer, set your targets and try your best to achieve them. Moreover, ensure that you exercise in the same position every time.

Elvie trainer exercise

Your muscle contractions will control a gem in the application and deliver performance statistics over time. If you need more guidance on how to perform Kegel exercises, tap on the help icon in the top left part of the application. It will give you more information on how to use the device and perform the exercises properly.

Elvie trainer app


It is quite easy to charge up the Elvie Trainer. Begin by placing the trainer in its carry case and close it. Make sure that its tail is on top and facing towards the USB port. If you are using the extra cover for the device, make sure that it is removed before charging. Ensure that you charge Elvie while in a horizontal position instead of vertical.

With the USB cable that is provided, connect the Elvie carry case to a power source using the USB cable. An example of such is your phone plug or computer.

Check to see that the light above the cable on the carry case turns on. It will go off when Elvie is fully charged. An excellent feature of the application is that it will inform you if the device needs charging during use.

Elvie trainer charging


Upon receiving this product, you will find a couple of items in the box. Firstly, you will find the Elvie Trainer itself. You can pair the device with the free app immediately, to track the movements of your pelvic floor as you perform some Kegel exercises. You will also find a carry case. This item helps to keep Elvie safe and also performs as a charger.

Push the carry case to open it. There is also a Micro USB cable in the package. It connects the carry case to a USB power supply for charging purposes. Last but not least, the package contains an optional cover. It provides custom sizing for an easier, better fit on the device. And of course, there’s an easy-to-follow user guide comes with the device.

Elvie trainer box


The Elvie Trainer is made of medical grade soft silicone. It is not abrasive and can fit in the vagina easily.

The Trainer is easy to clean and maintain as it is 100% waterproof. Make sure that you clean the Elvie trainer with warm, soapy water before and after every use. Ensure that you rinse the device thoroughly and dry it afterward. The Elvie should NOT have any moisture as you store it in the carry case.

Cautions: Do not wash Elvie in boiling water or sterilize the device. Do not use cleaning agents on it or microwave the device. Elvie is not washing machine-friendly. Moreover, avoid leaving Elvie trapped under anything and do not use Elvie in the bath. If lubricant is needed, make sure you only use water-based lube, otherwise, the surface of the toy can be damaged.


The Elvie Trainer has a premium feel and appearance. So I was enthusiastic to use it for tracking my Kegel exercises.

The packaging was professional and discreet. Upon opening it up, I was pleased with the variety of items in the box. They were clean and ergonomic too. After I had got myself prepared, I referred to the manual so as to use the Elvie properly. The instructions were clear and concise so it was easy to follow them.

The Elvie is light and compact in shape. It fit snugly and after a few muscle clenches, it communicated effectively with the smartphone application. The app is easy to use and the graphics are quite vivid.

The gem bouncing along makes the experience quite entertaining. Best of all, it has a tracking feature that can help to monitor the progress over time. I do see some improvements over time!

I started to feel some results after 2 months. First thing I noticed is that my abdomen becomes stronger (this is not a result claimed from Elvie, but it happened for me :)). Besides, it really makes a contribution to my sex life.

Not sure whether it happens to other women, but every time when I receive an intensive G-spot stimulation, no matter from sex toys or my partner, I always feel like peeing. I really have to well control myself in order not to leak something during the orgasm. There’s no accident yet, but I am always concerned…

…It’s such a bummer because I just don’t want to worry about anything when reaching orgasm. After 2-month of Kegel exercise, I felt it got easier to control my bladder during G-spot stimulation. That was just such a plus for sex! ;).

So, to sum up, the Elvie Trainer was satisfying to use for me and it creates a rewarding feeling every time when I complete the exercises. 

Elvie trainer effective


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The Elvie Trainer is a bit pricey, but I think it’s one of the best things I’ve ever got. A stronger pelvic floor is necessary for a long and healthy sex life, besides, it makes you feel more confident about your femininity.

I especially recommend this toy to beginners – if you have no or little experience on Kegel exercises, the Elvie Trainer is a perfect toy to start with because it can help you to learn how to perform Kegel exercises correctly.

Even for many experience Kagal exerciser, this toy can be nice to have. I found it is harder and more boring to do the exercise without having an indicator telling me how well I am doing it.

Besides, Elvie can also help you to monitor your progress over time thanks to its application. This toy indeed is the most effective personal Kegel trainer!

(If you need further information about Kegel exercises, you can read all about Kegels in this Complete Kegel Guide)

signature Jane L

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