FUN FACTORY MOODY Review: Pleasure For G-spot and P-spot

by Jane Louis
fun factory moody review

UPDATE: Many sex toy retailers have discontinued this product since it’s an old model. What a pity! It’s a very well-made sex toy. If you really want to try Moody, you can still get it at Fun Factory’s official website.

Call me superficial… Yes, I got this toy purely because I like the color. It’s in candy orange! Seriouly, who else makes sex toys in this color? I am obsessed with collecting sex toys in unique colors. That’s weird, I know! But that’s how I managed to write a review on this toy :).


The Moody is a USB rechargeable dildo-shaped vibrator that can be used for G-spot and prostate play. The vibration from Moody is rather strong and rumbly and this toy can be used internally for vaginal and anal stimulation, or externally for clit stimulation. The insertable part of the toy is super flexible and the undulated surface provides extra stimulation during the play.

Along with the waterproof feature and its cute unique look, this toy surely can enrich the color and mood for your sex life.


Design and Look

The Moody comes in three color options: candy orange, candy violet, and black The insertable part is made from medical grade silicone and the handle is made from ABS plastic. The ergonomic loop at the handle part makes it very easy to hold.

This toy has a lovely twisted shaft with a curved tip ideal for G-spot and P-spot stimulation. The shaft, as well as textured, is also bendy and flexible, meaning that it has the ability to move with your body. And there are 6 vibration intensities and 6 vibration rhythms to choose from.

The total length of the toy is 7.4 inches/18.8cm with the insertable part measures 3.5 inches/9cm. The shaft has a diameter of 0.83 inches/2.1 cm at the top and 1.65 inches/4.2 cm at the most girthy part. Besides, it’s a fairly light-weighted toy – only 0.5 lb/210 g.


The motor on the Moody is awesome, which really make this toy extra special. Recently, I’ve been incredibly impressed with the power behind some of the Fun Factory vibrators and this is no different. The Moody is both powerful and has the beautifully rumbling vibrations that I crave. The vibrations are truly impressive.


As a strong vibrator, this toy is rather quiet. Your roommate may hear a bit of vibration if you turn on the maximum intensity, but the noise is definitely not aggressive. You can easily cover the noise by having some music on.


Moody is a toy that is fully submersible. You can use it in baths or during showers and I found the insertion can be more smooth when using it under the water. I guess water plays a role as a lubricant. Besides, the waterproof feature makes the toy very easy to clean and maintain after each use.

Lock Function

Any experience about accidentally turning on your sex toy in public and pretend that it was not you? I had this embarrassing moment and never want to go back there. The Moody has a lock function, which makes this toy travel-friendly as it ensures your toy to stay quiet in your bag or suitcase when not in use. I think all sex toys should have lock function. It helps to avoid many awkward situations.

Rechargeable and Easy to hold

This toy can be recharged with a magnetic USB cable. I love USB charger because it means I can bring it to travel and there won’t be voltage issues. 

As with many of the released vibrators from Fun Factory, the handle is incredibly easy to hold with the white high gloss and silver ergonomic design. I love the loop on the handle; it’s perfect to hold and the buttons are in an ideal position for both left or right-handed use, and to switch between settings while in use.

Other Features

  • QuickSTOP function (A quick click on the ‘FUN’ button can stop the toy)
  • 6 vibration intensities and 6 patterns


Using the vibrator is pretty straightforward: hold in the ‘FUN’ button for one second and the motor will spring into action. The toy will start from the 3rd level of steady vibration. Not sure why this toy doesn’t start at level 1, but I like this default setting since I never use lower levels of vibration anyway.

You can press ‘+’ and ‘-‘ to adjust the intensity and to switch between different rhythms. Here is an illustration of how to control the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ button:

fun factory moody control

To switch off the vibrator, just press the ‘FUN’ button; the Moody has an instant stop. This is such a great feature if you’re living in a shared house, though I do have a niggle with it. In use, if I accidentally press the power button, the toy will instantly switch off. I then have to go through all the settings to get the ones I was using.

To activate the lock button when traveling with the Moody, simply press the ‘+’ button and the ‘FUN’ button together for 0.5 seconds. And you can unlock the toy by pressing the ‘-‘ button and the FUN button together for 0.5 seconds. Voila! It’s as easy as that ;).

fun factory moody lock


The Moody is rechargeable and hosts Fun Factory’s click and a magnetic USB charger which, in my opinion, is the best magnetic charging on a sex toy that I’ve ever come across. The magnets are quite strong so they tend to stay connected, and there’s no way of damaging the toy if the cable is accidentally pulled out at the wrong angle.

The buttons have a battery charging light so you know when your toy is fully charged or about to run out of juice. The – button flashing will show battery life of 0-33%, a static – and flashing + indicates 33-66% and both the – and + static with the FUN button flashing is 66–100% battery power. The maximum charging time will be 8 hours.

fun factory moody charge


The Fun Factory Moody vibrator was sent to me discreetly and it comes in the packaging just like what I expected from Fun Factory, which is a colorful and nicely presented box. You can find all the basic information about this toy on the box.

Inside the box, you’ll find 5 things:  the Moody vibrator, a magnetic USB charging cable, a bag of lube, a user manual, and a storage bag. The storage bag is big enough to include all the things, which is ready handy for me because I usually don’t like to keep the original box.

fun factory moody unbox


Clean the toy before the first use and after each use. It’s quite easy to do the cleaning since this toy is fully waterproof. Simply clean your Moody with some warm soapy water, rinse it and dry it after. Or you can clean it with a sex toy cleaner. After cleaning, you can keep the toy in the storage pouch attached. Make sure you dry the toy thoroughly after each clean, this can extend the service life of this toy.

Although the silicone is smooth, as with a lot of Fun Factory toys, I find it quite draggy, meaning that to fully enjoy this toy I need to use a lot of lubrication, otherwise it can be uncomfortable and tricky to insert (unless I get really wet). Fun Factory advise that you only use a high-quality water-based lubricant with the Moody (as well as their other silicone toys) or you can potentially risk damaging the silicone.


I have to say, I’ve been so impressed with Fun Factory’s vibrators. They’re comfortable, easy to hold and use, and have powerful motors to boot.

The problem for me is the Moody doesn’t fit my vagina perfectly…I mean I had a hard time hitting G-spot with this toy. I can use the Moody as a clitoral vibrator without any issue, the bulbous end making it exact for pinpoint stimulation, all added in with the high powered, deep rumbling vibrations. It feels amazing. The problem is internal. I have a rather fleshy labia and due to the base of the shaft being flared (which makes it anal safe), it sadly doesn’t allow me to insert the vibrator quite as much as I’d like to, to be able to achieve penetrable orgasms.

Well, there’s always a risk when getting a dildo-shaped vibrator as it’s always anatomy-based. I thought this toy will suits because I love MISS Bi from Fun Factory.

Although I’m unable to orgasm internally from the Moody, I still think it’s a fab vibrator. It has an amazing list of pros: being fully submersible, rechargeable, body safe, comfortable to hold, powerful and anal safe.

Don’t ask me how I get this feedback, but I was told that it’s a perfect toy for prostate stimulation. The flower bottom makes it safe for anal thrusting and it hits men’s sweet spot! It gives fulfilling and strong hits for men. It’s the real deal ;).

fun factory Moody flexible



I’m getting more and more impressed with the designs, the power and even the color selection from Fun Factory. The Moody is no different. Unless you surely prefer a long and thin G-spot vibrator, I think the Moody is a great vibrator compatible for both G-Spot and P-Spot stimulation.

signature Jane L


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