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Best Hands-Free Vibrators and Sex Toys for Toe-Curling Orgasms

by Jane Louis
hands free sex toys

When you first journey into the world of hands-free sex toys, you’ll likely get intimidated.

With all the available options and companies that keep trying to swing you-know-what in my face, I sure was intimidated at first.

You don’t have to be, though. Finding the perfect hands-free toy to spice up your sex life is relatively easy if you know where to look.

Reading this means that you’re already in the right place.

I’ll walk you through an extensive list of the best sex toys to achieve a hands-free orgasm that’ll make your toes curl.

To make it much easier for you to sort through the mammoth list of options available for your pleasure, I’ve grouped all available products into different categories.

Without further ado, let’s dive in!


lovense lush 3 profile 500_500

Most versatile G-spot Experience

This love egg is ideal for public play, solo masturbation, and couple play. 

It's so well-made that you can keep it inserted for hours without feeling any discomfort.


ferri lovense product

Best for Clit Stimulation

Clip it on your panty and this thing will vibrate on its own!

And yes, it is strong enough to make you come without a single touch.


velvet thruster teddy mini

Best Self-thruster

Who needs a man if you have Teddy!

This thruster can hit your sweet spot so intensively that it's impossible to hold the moan.

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Hands-Free Vibe for Clit

Unless you're a beginner, you probably already know that your clitoris is where the fun is.

However, what you might not know is that playing DJ on your clit only offers a fraction of the pleasure you could feel.

With the right vibrators on your special spot, you’re sure to experience a world of ecstasy.

Some of the best I’ve seen are:

1. We-Vibe Moxie: Ideal for Quiet Clit Stimulation

moxie panty vibe

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  • Size: 3.62 in./9.2 cm length, 1.41 in./3.575 cm width, 2.53 in./6.43 cm depth
  • Weight: 1.3 ounces/37 grams, extremely lightweight
  • Vibration Patterns: Low, Medium, High, Pulse, Wave, Tease, Ultra, Massage, Tempo, Ramp

We-Vibe Moxie is a wearable panty vibrator that sits comfortably in your underwear with a magnetic clip holding it in place.

Whether alone or with your partner, you can satisfy your kink for discreet teases in public by letting the lightweight Moxie tickle your clit anywhere.

The wireless remote control has a close range and lets you choose the preset options.

Low, Medium, High, and Ultra are constant modes, increasing in intensity and speed. Pulse, Wave, Tease, Massage, Tempo, and Ramp have a rumbly yet gentle feel.

moxie we connect

Using the We-Connect app, you can create a unique vibration pattern that fulfills your desires.

You can even connect the app to other We-Vibe products to have fun with your partner from any distance.

That’s right - my boyfriend can make me cum wherever, whenever.

Your pelvic area is only affected with the lowest setting, but your entire body rumbles when increased to Ramp.

Although the app might take some getting used to, I enjoy creating custom vibrations.

Sometimes I let my partner control it through his phone from across the restaurant table.

Another plus is Moxie's quietness. You could use the lower levels in a quieter public place, like a restaurant or grocery store.

However, the loud settings will draw attention unless you are in a club.

I find that crossing my legs keeps the noise down (you better work on your poker face).

I really enjoyed it because it can stay on and keep working, even if you're a squirter, thanks to the strong magnetic clip and waterproof design.

For example, I tend to wear the Moxie when I’m leaving work.

Nothing relaxes me more from a hard workday than the quiet vibrations massaging my clit while on a long train ride home.


  • Strong slip-proof magnetic clip to hold it in place at all times
  • Waterproof build materials
  • Ten different vibration modes for maximum pleasure
  • Versatile (esp. with the app)
  • Quiet vibrations for public use
  • Comfortable body-safe silicone material


  • Difficulty making initial app pairing if not in the same room as mobile device

2. Lovense Ferri: Most Intense Panty Vibe

lovense ferri app control

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  • Size: 2.93 in./7.45 cm length, 1.06 in./2.7 cm width, 0.96 in./2.45 cm depth
  • Weight: 1.23 oz/35 grams
  • Vibration Patterns: three steady levels, ten patterns, unlimited customizable options

Lovense Ferri easily fits into your panties with one of the strongest magnetic clips in the industry, and it is so lightweight that you might forget it’s on.

Known for delivering quality pleasure, Lovense combines technology with sex to enhance solo or public play.

The Ferri allows close-range control via a remote and long-distance control through its app, making it perfect for naughty dates.

You can design vibration patterns to get a killer orgasm every time

The app has a slider to choose between multiple steady and pulsating speeds and intensities.

Plus, you can text your partner a pattern or take control of their toy to get them screaming from anywhere in the world.

lovense ferri clip to panty

If you and your man have a sexy song to get you in the mood, you can make your Ferri vibrate to the beat.

Best of all, it offers up to three hours of nonstop pleasure for those extra-long nights out.

You could sync it to a band’s setlist to have the best concert of your life.

Whether it’s Skype sex with my partner or when he’s standing a feet away, I let him control the speed using my moans as a guide.

Since the highest sound level is 43 dB, the only thing you hear are my screams.

I can be squirming on my back or standing in public; either way, my partner likes to play little games and control the Ferri from 45 feet away.


  • Unlimited range of play with internet-enabled remote control
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Unlimited strong vibration patterns
  • Synchronization with music
  • Convenient and comfortable
  • Waterproof for extra fun
  • Incredibly strong magnets to keep the device in place


  • App disconnects sometimes

3. Fifty Shades of Grey Relentless Vibrations Remote Couple's Vibrator: Best Clitoral Vibrator for Couples

Fifty Shades of Grey Remote Couple's Vibrator
  • Size: 6.5 in./16.51 cm length, 3.5 in./8.89 cm insertable length, 4 in./10.16 cm circumference
  • Weight: 1.62 oz/46 grams
  • Vibration Patterns: ten patterns, six intensity levels

Another lightweight vibrator is the Fifty Shades of Grey Relentless Vibrations Remote Couple’s Vibrator.

This one has a remote control and bendable arms that give extra attention to the G-spot, clitoris, balls, or penis.

Since it is designed for couples, one of you can wear it while the other thrusts, letting you both enjoy the sensations.

The flexible arms give you control over where to put the vibrating tip.

In true “Fifty Shades” fashion, I like to blindfold myself and have my man put it on me how he pleases.

As soon as he turns on the remote, I explode. Whether you like it fast, slow, intense, or pulsating, this vibrator delivers.

I like to try new things, and this toy provides countless possibilities for solo or couple pleasure.

Due to the unusual shape, it is a little difficult to hide in your panties. However, I have tons of fun using it on my man as a cock ring.

That shape comes in handy when it comes to hitting my G-spot.


  • Six different vibration intensities and ten patterns
  • Latex and phthalate-free
  • Wearable during hetero sex for shared ecstasy
  • Flexible enough to fit wearer’s natural contours
  • Perfect size for comfort
  • Hands-free mode for discreet pleasure


  • Comparatively shorter run time of less than 90 minutes
  • Silvertip instead of relatively more convenient silicone

4. OhMiBod Club Vibe 3.OH: Best for Party Time

ohmibod clubvibe 3.0

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  • Size: 3 in./7.62 cm length, 1.4 in./3.56 cm width, 0.5 in./1.27 cm depth
  • Weight: 1 oz/28.3 grams
  • Vibration Patterns: Club Mode, Tease Mode, Groove Mode

If you think a sex playlist is erotic, wait until you get a load of the Club Vibe.

The best thing about this vibrator is that it can sync its vibrations to the beat of any song.

So, while you're filling your ears with erotic goodness, the Club Vibe plays around in your panties to the tune of your music.

While it is too loud for a restaurant, I like to keep it in the included thong for a trip to the movies and enjoy the score.

The battery life isn’t the best, but when it’s on, it’s on. I do wish it would last a little longer, but it does have a decent range for hands-free foreplay with my partner.

I think I’ll wear it the next time I get bored at a party.


  • Can sync vibrations with live music beats
  • It comes with a black lace thong
  • 20-foot/6-meter wireless range
  • Safe build materials
  • Quick charging


  • Incompatible with OhMiBod remote application
  • Short battery life

5. Dame Eva II: Gentle & Discreet

Dame Eva II
  • Size: 1.7 in./4.32 cm length, 1.3 in./3.3 cm width (body), 2.4 in./6.1 cm width (body with wings), 1.1 in./2.8 cm depth
  • Weight: Unlisted
  • Vibration Patterns: three intensity levels

Dame Eva II clitoral vibrator has a unique design with two wings that snuggle under your labia to keep the device in place.

The wings are flexible enough to adapt to your body type while remaining convenient and comfortable.

One thing you'll need to note is that it isn't slip-proof, so it isn’t the best for squirters.

You may need to use a finger to push it back in place. As such, it's great for foreplay.

Also, it is less quiet and intense than many of the other options, and you get a buzzier feeling rather than rumbly. 

Nevertheless, I love using it while I get ready for bed. It doesn’t need a remote, so I can strap it on while washing my face.


  • Flexible wings that tuck underneath labia for comfort
  • Safe, medical-grade silicone
  • Charging case for reliable power supply
  • Three different vibration speeds for maximum pleasure
  • Waterproof


  • Might need one finger to keep in place
  • Less intense than other options

Hands-Free Vibe for Couple Sex

Going solo is pretty fun most of the time. You already understand your body and know what you want, but nothing beats mind-blowing sex with someone who gets you.

The only thing that could possibly make it better is a hands-free vibrator that you and your partner can share.

Here are some of my personal favorites:

1. We-Vibe Chorus: Best for Penetrative Sex

we-vibe chorus look

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  • Size: 3.1 in./7.8 cm length, 1.71 in./4.35 cm width, 1.3 in./3.3 cm depth
  • Weight: 3.14 oz/89 grams
  • Vibration Patterns: Low, Medium, High, Pulse, Wave, Tease, Ultra, Massage, Tempo, Ramp

This G-spot and clitoris vibrator is flexible enough to fit around all bodies. Its remote is “squeeze activated,” which is perfect for sex.

Instead of pushing some silicone buttons, you can push your partner’s.

This baddie can respond to your movements and adjust vibrations accordingly.

You can use the We-Connect app to share the control with your partner, no matter where they are.

You can sync it to music in Beat mode or control it manually with Touch mode. It fits on your vulva and can stimulate your partner’s shaft.

we-vibe chorus size adjust

I recommend trying it while you lean against a wall with your legs wrapped around your partner, or while in Happy Baby pose.

You can feel the depth of his penis while having plenty of access to the Chorus, and he can ram into it too.

It has a strong vibration, making couple play a powerful experience for both parties.


  • Squeeze-activated remote for easy control
  • Touch sensor that adjusts vibration based on movement
  • Ten different vibration modes for maximum pleasure
  • Versatile & customizable via the free app
  • Adjustable to fit different body types
  • Comfortable body-safe silicone material
  • Durable and waterproof


  • Some reports it might be difficult to keep in place during sex

2. Lelo Tiani 3: Best Multitasking Clit/G-spot Vibrator

Lelo Tiani 3
  • Size: 3.14 in./7.98 cm length, 1.25 in./3.18 cm width, 1.77 in./4.5 cm depth
  • Weight: 2.56 oz/72.57 grams
  • Vibration Patterns: 8 settings that increase intensity from light tease to pulse

If you're comfortable with your partner, The Tiani 3 is perfect.

It has two arms; the first vibrates inside you, stimulating your G-spot, while the second vibrates on your clitoris.

These two arms take the intensity of sex to a whole new level!

While it works in most positions, it stays in place best in missionary.

It comes with a wireless remote controller that you rotate to your preferred intensity.

The Tiani 3 is quiet enough for public use, but it excels in the bedroom. If your partner likes vibration, he can feel it on his penis when he enters you.

Unlike the We-vibe Chorus, the Tiani requires a remote. It attaches to you with small arms rather than resting inside, giving it a firmer grasp.


  • FDA-approved body-safe silicone
  • Excellent battery life
  • Eight different pleasure settings
  • Quiet vibrations for discretion when necessary
  • Adjustable fit for different body sizes
  • Easily controlled with a wrist flick


  • It might provide more pleasure for one person in sex than the other

3. Desire Luxury Rechargeable Strapless Strap-On Dildo Vibrator: Best for Lesbian Couples

Desire Luxury strapless Strap-On Dildo Vibrator
  • Size: 5 in./12.7 cm length for receiver, 4.5 in./11.43 cm length for wearer, 4.25 in./10.8 cm circumference
  • Weight: 1.21 lbs/549 grams
  • Vibration Patterns: 8 patterns and 12 speeds

Despite having no strap, this dildo is a comfortable fit for ladies.

The intensity ranges from a murmur to an intense vibration, and you can move it to hit all of your spots.

However, it can slip out if you move too much.

It makes an excellent toy for some spooning couple play. It is also fully waterproof, so you’re covered if you want to get naughty in the hot tub.

I find that the length isn’t overwhelming, so I can enjoy the moment without getting overloaded with pleasure.

You can have a long or short lovemaking session with this dildo.


  • 12 different vibration speeds
  • Fully waterproof for shower/bathroom sex
  • Latex and phthalate-free
  • Flexible for adjusting to the thrill of sex
  • Eight vibration modes to suit different intensities and tempos of sex


  • One-hour runtime might be too short for some
  • Control buttons are not accessible during sex

4. Fifty Shades Freed Rabbit Love Ring: Best for Shared Sensations

Fifty Shades Freed Rabbit Love Ring
  • Size: 3 in./7.62 cm length, stretchy ring
  • Weight: 0.71 oz/322 grams
  • Vibration Patterns: seven patterns, three speeds

This cock ring may not have the most customizable vibration, but it does enhance female pleasure.

Your man can confidently fit it on no matter his size, and the rabbit ears will stimulate your clit.

It is quiet, but you may need to read it during sex.

I don’t mind getting a little dirty fixing it up, but it can ruin the tension. Cowgirl and missionary feel great with this ring.

You just put it on your man and go to town, and you might just climax simultaneously (I know I did).


  • Excellent shared sensations
  • Seven different vibration patterns
  • Comes with a luxury storage bag
  • Potential for separate bullet vibe use, giving two toys in one
  • Completely waterproof
  • Great value for price (esp. when discounted)


  • It can move around sometimes

Hands-Free Vibe for G-Spot

The only thing that could possibly be more intense than that all-too-good clitoral orgasm is a G-spot orgasm.

Sadly, the G-spot isn’t always the easiest thing to find and pleasure, even if it’s your fingers in there.

A hands-free vibrator for your G-spot is perfect for taking your body to even higher levels of pleasure.

Here are some of the best products in this category:

1. Lovense Lush 3: Best for Long Distance Couples & Public Fun

lovense lush 3 noise level

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  • Size: 3.77 in./9.6 cm length, 2.94 in./7.5 cm total width, 1.5 in./3.7 cm insertable width, 1.37 in./3.47 cm depth
  • Weight: 2.47 oz/69.9 grams
  • Vibration Patterns: ten preset patterns, three steady levels, unlimited custom patterns

Here comes one of my favorite hands-free toys - Lovense Lush 3

Touted by its creators as the most powerful Bluetooth remote control, this vibrator packs a punch.

Your partner can make you cum anywhere with the high-tech app.

The Lush 3 has two arms: one that pulses on your G-spot and the other on your clit.

You slip it inside for hands-free fun at a movie, restaurant, or your bedroom.

Lovense built upon the Lush 2 by giving you more control.

You can design vibration patterns or sync it to music with the app.

Plus, its 5-hour run time means you can have solo sex until you feel weak. There’s a reason cam girls love this vibrator.

The curved tail holds the Lush 3 in place, and it’s cute pink design helps you put on a show.

My boyfriend loves watching me twitch in bed with it on, and he can control its every move.

If you like to get freaky on camera, you can have your fans take over the settings and bring you to climax (at a fee, of course).

The app even has sound-activated vibrations, though the toy itself stays under 43 dB.

Once I wore it at the library, and nobody even noticed. Sometimes the app disconnects at a long distance, but it almost always works at a close range.


  • Extensive battery life
  • Quiet vibrations for discretion
  • Rumbly & powerful vibrations
  • Super versatile and customizable with the app 
  • Unlimited patterns
  • Can be controlled from anywhere in the world
  • Fully waterproof


  • Sometimes the app disconnects

2. Velvet Mini Teddy: Best Self-thrusting Vibrator

velvet mini teddy thruster
  • Size: 9 in./22.86 cm total length, 5 in./12.7 cm
  • Insertable length, 2.5 in./6.35 cm thrusting distance
  • Vibration Patterns: six speeds, up to 125 thrusts per minute

For some girls, a slight vibration is all they need. Others need a solid thrust.

If you’re in the latter category, this vibrating thruster will do the trick for you.

Despite its mini size, it goes deep and fast, leaving you sore for days.

I had to work my way up to the top speed, and I still struggle to walk after.

It has a suction base that you can stick to the floor, wall, headboard, or table for hands-free use.

You may need to perform some balancing acts, but it is possible. I recommend holding it, or having your partner do it so you can have a hands-free experience.

I love all the available colors. I can match it to my nail polish for some sexy photos for my man.

Plus, it’s small enough to fit in my purse if I need a pick-me-up during my lunch break.


  • Excellent size for beginners and intermediaries
  • 2.5 inches of thrusting length
  • Easy to use and control
  • Suction base for hands-free mode
  • Lightweight and easy to carry around


  • Relatively poor grip-ability
  • It takes time to find the right angle to hit the G-spot

3. Fifty Shades Remote Control Egg: Beginner-friendly Love Egg

Fifty Shades of Grey Remote Control Egg
  • Size: 8 in./20.32 cm total length, 3 in./7.62 cm insertable length, 4 in./10.16 cm circumference
  • Weight: 1.62 oz/46 grams
  • Vibration Patterns: five patterns, two speeds

This cute little love egg is perfect for beginners looking to explore their sexuality.

Once you apply lube, it snuggles right into your vagina and rocks you to your core. Just shove it deep enough inside and it stays in place.

It is somewhat noisy, so I would only wear it at home or at a metal concert.

It is great during oral or anal sex, especially when I let my boyfriend suck on my tits.

The remote works all over my apartment, and I like to have my boyfriend play with it while I take a shower.

The Lovense Lush 3 is much quieter and provides clitoral stimulation, but it can get overwhelming with all of the settings.

If you want something a little simpler and cheaper, I’d suggest this one. However, they both make excellent additions to your sex toy collection. 


  • Small but firm
  • Latex and phthalate-free
  • Remote control for added excitement
  • Strong & rumbly vibration
  • Completely waterproof


  • Fewer vibration patterns and speeds
  • A bit too loud for public play

4. Fun Factory Sundaze: A Multi-tasking Stimulator for Sensitive Sweet Spots

fun factory sundaze
  • Size: 6.9 in./17.53 cm length, 1.4 in./3.56 cm circumference
  • Weight: 11.68 oz/331.1 grams
  • Vibration Patterns: rumbly or zingy vibration, fluttering, stroking, and thrusting; 11 patterns, four rhythms

The Fun Factory Sundaze not only vibrates on your G-spot, it thrusts, flutters, and vibrates to bring you maximum pleasure.

You can combine multiple settings to get a new experience each time.

I like how the flat tip caresses my G-spot, and the tapping feature helps me cool down after an incredible orgasm.

It’s quiet enough to not stir up any trouble when I visit my parents; they can’t even hear it on the highest settings.

It lasts 1-3 hours, so I can have a relaxing solo session for as long as I need. Unlike the Velvet Mini Teddy, the Sundaze can do more than thrust.

This all-in-one thruster hits all of my sweet spots.

It doesn’t have a suction, so hands-free play only works when I squeeze it between my thighs, prop it against a pillow, or have my partner use it on me.

Regardless, it feels fantastic.


  • Better stimulation of your sensitive nerve endings
  • Perfect for use with a partner
  • Premium quality & Body-safe materials
  • Versatile
  • Completely waterproof


  • Not designed for remote control or public play

5. Romp Reverb: Value-for-Money Dual Stimulator with Customizability

ROMP Reverb dual stimulator

  • Size: 5.5 in./14 cm total shaft length, 4.6 in./11.8 cm width
  • Insertable length: 3.9 in./10 cm, 4.9 in./12.5 cm insertable diameter
  • Weight: 11.6 oz/330 grams
  • Vibration Patterns: 10 intensity levels for suction, 3 vibe speeds and 7 patterns

A problem with many toys is that they feel too mechanical, leaving you craving human contact.

This dual stimulation vibrator mimics someone sucking on your clit while massaging your G-spot for the ultimate solo experience.

The Romp Reverb uses innovative air pleasure technology to give you a humanistic experience without having a creepy robot head.

You place the tail in your vagina, wrap the suction head onto your clitoris, choose the desired settings, place your hands behind your head, and relax.

To achieve hands-free experience, I suggest to put on  an underwear after insertion. High briefs work the best, in my opinion.  

Since the controls are on the suction head, I like to up the intensity as I get closer to orgasm.

I tease myself by changing the sucking intensity and stroke length.

Sometimes I alter the stroke length to match the penis size of my lover for realistic phone sex.


  • Dual stimulation
  • Ten different intensity settings
  • Mimics human touch
  • Excellent fit for different body types
  • IP7 Waterproof
  • Travel lock included
  • Budget-friendly


  • G-spot shaft may not be curved enough for some women

6. Lifelike Lover Luxe Thrusting and Rotating Dildo 8 Inch: Most Realistic Hands-free Dildo

Lifelike Lover Thrusting and Rotating Dildo
  • Size: 8 in./20.32 cm total length, 6.5 in./16.51 cm insertable length, 5 in./12.7 cm base circumference, 1.5 in./3.81 cm shaft diameter
  • Vibration Patterns: thrusting, rotating, vibrating

If you hate your ex but miss the sex, you’ve got to get this dildo.

You can stick it to a smooth surface, bend over, and let it thrust and twist inside you. 

It has a few vibration modes as well if you want to take a break from riding.

I like that it is big, yet not unbearable. It has the texture and firmness of real testicles and penises, so much so that I thought my boyfriend entered me instead of a dildo.

This one is for the ladies that like G-spot stimulation.

However, it has a short run time and does not always thrust and twist when you want.

Nevertheless, it’s hard to find a more realistic dildo, so you may want to add it to your collection just for that.


  • The perfect pleasurable size and length for most
  • Body-safe build materials
  • Realistic look and feel
  • Suction cup for amazing hands-free experience
  • Waterproof
  • Ideal penis size for maximum pleasure


  • Relatively short runtime
  • Noisy

Hands-Free Vibe for Anal

If you are new to anal and want to explore it, a sex toy is probably the best way to start.

It allows you to explore on your own before going ahead with someone else.

If you’re not a beginner, the right anal vibe will make you want it even more.

Here are some great products in that category:

1. B-Vibe Rimming 2: Best Butt Plug for Him and Her

B-Vibe Rimming 2 anal rotation
  • Size: 6 in./15 cm total length, 4.8 in./12.3 cm insertable length, 1.5 in./3.8 cm insertable diameter, 1 in./2.7 cm neck diameter
  • Weight: N/A
  • Vibration Patterns: seven rotation/rimming patterns, six tip vibration intensities

If you are tired of stimulating your G-spot, consider getting a butt plug for your A-spot.

If you decide you don’t like it, you can use the B-Vibe Rimming as a vibrator or use it on your man’s prostate. 

The vibration relaxes your anus, helping you get it in and out of this massive butt plug comfortably, and the rotating imitates rimming.

I would say that the sensations and size are challenging for beginners (opt for the smaller option if you are still interested in this sensation).

I am a fiend for speed and still use the slower vibration and rotation settings. It really does feel like someone is eating my ass voraciously.

I recommend easing into it until you can slip it in completely.

Then, you use the remote to control the settings and let it rattle and twist in your sphincter.

Butt plugs are good for moving around in or wearing during vaginal sex since your anus is tight enough to keep it in place.


  • Simulates rimming/analingus
  • Ideal for solo anal training
  • Remote controlled for distance play
  • Premium and soft silicone material
  • Up to seven rimming patterns
  • Up to six vibration patterns
  • Splash-proof and shower friendly


  • Take times for beginners to get used to the size and intensity

2. Lovense Hush: Best Anal Plug for Public Play

lovense hush review

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  • Size: 4.76 in./12.1 cm total length, 3.8 in./9.7 cm
  • Insertable length, 0.75 in./1.9 cm neck width, 1.5 in./3.8 cm diameter (small), 1.75 in./4.45 cm diameter (medium)
  • Vibration Patterns: ten patterns, three steady levels, customizable

Lovense Hush vibrating butt plug comes with several features that I have grown fond of over the years.

For starters, it has close range and long-distance control via the remote and Lovense app.

Secondly, the vibration levels are completely customizable using the Lovense app.

Despite being called “small,” both Hushes are quite girthy. Beginners can use them, but they will need to ease into it.

You apply lube and slip it in your sphincter. The neck and base latch onto your butt to keep it in place without getting stuck.

From there, you connect it to the app and explore vibration patterns from anywhere, similar to the other Lovense products mentioned.

The app lets you tap and slide to design patterns and manipulate speed, send patterns to your lover to use, control the butt plug remotely, explore other people’s patterns, sync the vibration to music, and activate the movement with sound.

When I get bored of my modes, I like to connect to a random one on the public page to see how random people like their butt play.


  • Long-range and short-range control
  • Syncs with music
  • Unlimited vibration patterns
  • Perfect for public play
  • Latex and phthalate-free
  • Designed to stay put during use
  • Easy insertion & Easy removal
  • Waterproof


  • A bit loud for quiet public places
  • This model has not been updated for 3 years

3. We-Vibe Vector: Best Prostate Massager

vector wevibe review

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  • Size: 4.3 in./10.9 cm length, 3.94 in./10 cm base width, 1.18 in./3 cm insertable diameter
  • Weight: N/A
  • Vibration Patterns: Low, Medium, High, Pulse, Wave, Ultra

Why should the ladies have all the fun? The We-Vibe Vector stimulates your prostate and perineum, providing glass-shattering male orgasms with its rumbling feel.

You insert the body into your anus and loop the handle onto your taint.

From there, you use the We-Connect app or remote to control the vibration pattern and sync it to music.

My boyfriend tells me that this is one of the most powerful prostate massagers he has tried.

He likes to use Ultra on his prostate and Medium on his perineum while I ride him.

It is quiet enough for public play, if you are adventurous (wink), but it does not stay in place well enough to walk around. 

However, you can comfortably leave it in and control the intensity during solo or partner play.


  • Six different vibration modes
  • Quiet during use
  • Remote controlled for added excitement with a partner
  • Easily customizable
  • Waterproof
  • Flexible and slightly bendable
  • Low battery alert, so you're never stopped in the middle


  • The app is not very intuitive

Suction Cup Dildos

Before going ahead, I should tell you that you need to be careful when selecting a suction cup dildo.

The major thing you should know is that not all suction cups actually stick.

I’ve picked the best suction cup dildos that will work on most surfaces and let you have the best solo session imaginable.

1. Vixen Mustang VixSkin Realistic Suction Cup Dildo 7.5 Inch: Best Flesh Colored Dildo

Vixen Mustang Realistic Suction Cup Dildo
  • Size: 8 in./20.32 cm total length, 7 in./17.78 cm
  • Insertable length, 4.5 in./11.43 cm base circumference, 1.5 in./3.81 cm shaft diameter
  • Weight: 15 oz/425 grams
  • Vibration Patterns: N/A

Vixen Mustang has some of the best dildos out there, and this model is one of their best works.

It comes in flesh and rainbow shades with a suction base with veins and sexy curve.

The length is great if you're looking for an accessible adventure.

Its powerful suction cup makes sure you hardly use your hands. You stick it to a flat surface to ride hands-free.

I like it best vaginally, but you can use it for anal play or in a strap-on harness.

It feels like a real penis when deep inside, and I like to simulate doggy style with it.

If you want it to feel like a blood-filled erection, you can soak it in warm water to get it to body temperature.

Then, pull up a picture of your favorite hunk and pretend he’s really taking you from behind.


  • Realistic look and feel
  • Comes in different colors
  • Perfect size for intermediaries
  • Compatible with harness
  • Latex and phthalate-free


  • Can be challenging for beginners
  • Doesn’t vibrate

2. Impressions N4 by Blush: Gorgeous Vibrating Dildo for Solo Fun

impressions N4 blush novelties
  • Length, 7.5 in./19 cm ?
  • Insertable length, 6.75 in./17.2 cm
  • Diameter: 1.6 in./4.1 cm
  • Weight: 15.68 oz/444.5 grams
  • Vibration Patterns: five steady speeds, five rumbly patterns

One thing a dildo can do that a penis can’t is vibrate.

Impressions N4 by Blush can rumble at five speeds and patterns to bring you to a climax.

While not realistic looking, it is smooth, humble purple, and has hand-sculpted curves to please and tease you to perfection.

I like to stick it to my shower wall for the ride of my life without the discomfort of regular shower sex in my cramped bathroom.

Whether you like anal or vaginal play, you can readily stick this dildo to a smooth surface and thrust against it.

The controls are on the base, so you may need to choose your settings before using it.

Also, it is 100% waterproof. Sticking it to your headboard makes a quiet and relaxing way to get ready for bed.

If you are interested in pegging, this vibrator is also compatible with O-ring harness. 


  • Great size for beginners
  • Vibrates for extra pleasure
  • Five different vibration speeds
  • Silicone body for realistic penis feel
  • Five different vibration patterns
  • Compatible with O-ring strap on harnesses
  • Powerful suction cup for hands-free play


  • May not be girthy enough for some people

3. AVANT Suction Cup Dildo by Blush: Best for Array of Colors & Shapes

avant blush suction cup dildo collection
  • Size: 6.5 in./16.51 cm to 8 in./20.32 cm total length, 5 in./12.7 cm to 7.5 in./19.1 cm
  • Insertable length, 1.25 in./3.18 cm to 1.75 in./4.45 cm diameter
  • Weight: about 10 oz/283 grams
  • Vibration Patterns: N/A

AVANT suction cup dildos offer quite the experience. You can choose from a vast array of colors and shapes, whether you want something girthy, curved, mini, rippled, veiny, smooth, or straight.

Each dildo has a powerful suction cup and comes at an affordable price.

I have the D17, which I love for its pastel hues and simplicity.

All I need to do is stick it to the ground and unleash my inner cowgirl. It stays in place no matter what I do to it, making it great for hands-free solo play.

While they are not high-tech, you can experiment with tons of colors and feels. They even offer ones in various pride flag patterns.

If you like to show off your collection, these are a must for their appearance.

Overall, they aren’t anything special, but you can choose between countless options, depending on your experience level.


  • Wide variety of aesthetic colors
  • Perfect sizes for beginners and experienced individuals alike
  • Powerful suction cup
  • Realistic silicone feel with veins


  • Simplistic design

4. Addiction Luke Silicone Suction Cup Dildo: Yes! It Glows in the Dark!

Addiction Luke Glow In The Dark Silicone Suction Cup Dildo
  • Size: 7.5 in./19.05 cm total length, 5.5 in./13.97 cm
  • Insertable length, 1.5 in./3.81 cm diameter, 4.7 in./11.94 cm girth
  • Weight: 12.8 oz/362.9 grams
  • Vibration Patterns: N/A

Although carbon-based men cannot glow in the dark, the silicone-based Luke can.

It even comes with a pair of plush gonads that add to its zing while riding hands-free. I like to masturbate in the dark.

 Once I’m done, I just roll over and go to bed.

The Luke sticks securely, so I only need to pull off my panties and slap on some lube to engage in solo play.


  • Powerful suction cup
  • Excellent for vaginal or anal play in the dark
  • Comes with balls
  • Attractive design and color
  • Realistic silicone feel
  • Latex and phthalate-free


  • The length might be a bit of a challenge for a first-timer
  • No vibration

Sex Mounts

Liberators’ sex mounts are excellent gadgets for a hands-free experience whether you’re going solo or with a partner.

You can use almost any product with them, including the ones above. I picked three of their best products for you:

liberator sex mounts

The BonBon Sex Toy Mount is great when you're toeing the line of a lone wolf. It holds dildos, vibrators, wands, and almost everything else.

Even if you're having sex with your partner, it serves as an excellent sex mount for a simulated threesome.

My favorite thing about it is its super-dense foam that completely supports your weight without getting uncomfortable.

The major downside is it might be a bit too tall for shorter women.

The Tula Toy Mount is another Liberator product that caught my eye.

One of my favorite things about this bad boy is that it can hold two toys at once, so you and your partner can receive maximum pleasure.

Besides that, the double toy feature makes it great for threesomes.

Much like the BonBon mount, this also has super dense foam.

However, one primary difference is that it is designed specifically to suit different body sizes. So, you don’t have to worry about being too short.

Wing is another excellent product. It doesn’t support two sex toys at once, but it certainly offers you a lot of flexibility.

You can use it alone or with your partner. My only challenge with the mount is that its openings are pretty small.

You might not enjoy this mount very much if you like larger toys.

Sex Machines

Sex machines offer the ultimate human feel as far as sex toys are concerned. They can thrust independently, and you can increase the speed however you like.

Some of the best sex machines include:

1. Cowgirl Sex Machine: Ultra-Powerful Motor

cowgirl sex machine

The Cowgirl Sex Machine by Ride The Cowgirl stimulates your G-spot intensely.

All of their models have a unique saddle shape and vibrating capabilities.

The vegan leather saddle seat has padding to keep you comfy as you explore the six vibrating patterns and various swiveling attachments.

The vibrations are toe-curling and transmit throughout your vagina by using the penetrative attachments.

The Rawhide attachment is textured with a protrusion, letting you grind as you experience the intense 1200 rpm vibrations.

The Wild West one is a gentle dildo that you can use while you ride.

You can get the smooth Bareback, which resembles the Rawhide, or explore the more phallic Lone Ranger or Bronco.

The Buckwild offers double penetration for the anus and vagina.

The Cowgirl has two control mechanisms – wired remote and your phone. Finally, you don’t need to assemble it after purchase. Simply buy and start riding.


  • Up to six different vibration patterns (all very powerful)
  • No assembly required
  • Flexibility with controls
  • Silicone attachments with realistic feel
  • Incredibly powerful rotations for toe-curling orgasms
  • Perfect for solo or partner play
  • 400 pound weight capacity


  • Not for the faint-hearted or those on a budget

2. Cloud 9 F-Slider Ride-On Sex Chair: Best Weight Support for all Sizes

Cloud 9 F-Slider Ride-On Sex Chair

This product pretty much functions like a chair, and as the name suggests, it takes you up to cloud nine.

It's powered by your movements and gives you complete control.

It comes with a 7-inch (17.78 cm) realistic dildo and a universal dildo adaptor for any of your sex toys.

Using the knobs, you can adjust the penetration depth and rocking speed to get the best pounding of your life.

Finally, with support for up to 400 pounds, you hardly have to worry about it being the right pick for you.

Since you control it, you can make it go faster or slower to replicate real lovemaking.

Many machines have a mechanical feel, but this one is completely natural.


  • Can support a lot of weight
  • Includes a 7-inch dildo
  • Provides a lot of flexibility in control
  • Excellent thrusting rhythm
  • Great for solo play


  • Might be a bit too slow for some
  • Challenging to assemble
  • Dildo is cheaply made

3. Hismith Sex Machine: Best Adjustable Sex Machine

hismith premium sex machine

The Highsmith Sex Machine has a 100-Watt quiet motor. You can adjust the seat’s angle from 0-90 degrees, letting you try your favorite positions.

This easy-to-assemble machine comes with a soft 8-inch (20.32 cm) dildo, but you can attach yours as well.

Using the remote, you can adjust the speed of the thruster to pound you without you having to do any work.

You can make it hit and thrust however you like, but you shouldn’t adjust it during use.

Its highest power is too much, even for seasoned users like me, and you can definitely hurt yourself with it if you don’t know your limits.


  • Adjustable
  • Discreet packaging
  • Easy assembly
  • Quiet but satisfying thrusts
  • Comes with an 8-inch dildo


  • A bit heavy

How to Use a Hands-Free Sex Toy?

Using a sex toy is really not complicated. The only part you might have a challenge with is assembly, but that's only necessary for sex machines.

Nevertheless, I'll walk you through using a sex toy hands-free.

1. Using a Hands-Free Sex Toy Solo

There are several types of toys on this list, and each one has a different approach. Some are manual and require your hands or hips to work actively. Others simply need the push of a button. 

With the VixSkin Realistic Suction Cup Dildo, for example, you’ll only need to attach it to a wall or some other flat surface with its suction cup.

From there, you'll simply slip it into you and have at it.

You could try a few interesting positions, depending on where you mount it, including doggy style, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, standing position, etc.

With more automatic models like the Highsmith Sex Machine, all you need is to follow the assembly guide.

Once assembled, you’ll hop right on top and enjoy the ride. Alternatively, you could try out positions missionary style, standing position, etc.

2. Using a Hands-Free Sex Toy with a Partner

One important category to mention is the hands-free vibrator.

With these, you simply need to connect these to your partner’s mobile app or your Bluetooth. For those that support internet control, that’s even better.

Then, in a place of your choosing, have them control your toy and make your knees quake every few seconds.

For a sex mount like Tula Toy Mount that can hold up to two toys at once, there are a lot of ways you could use it.

My favorite thing to do is a girl-girl position where a dildo is attached to the top, and a vibrator is in front.

That way, while my partner rides the rails at the top, I can get those toe-curling vibrations from the magic wand in front while looking right at her.

Final Thoughts

If used right, sex toys have the potential to make your sex life absolutely amazing.

I have carefully selected all these products to help you decide and filter out the barrage of mediocrities online. Good luck!

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