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Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Interactive Review

by Lucas Andersen
hot octopuss pulse solo interactive review
hot octopuss pulse solo interactive look

The Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Interactive is an extremely powerful penis vibrator that also gives you an interactive experience through compatible mobile apps and adult videos.

The stimulation hits both the penis and the glans. And with the FeelConnect mobile app, you can control the pulses and vibrations of the toy from your smartphone.

Similarly, when you connect this guybrator to an interactive video (either 2D or VR), the Pulse Solo Interactive mimics the movements from the screen, so you can get off when your p*rn stars do.

It’s already an award-winning male sex toy, but the interactive element makes it even more intense for solo or couple ventures alike.

Key Features of the Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Interactive

This high-quality male masturbator will give you more key features than any alternatives, with a better payoff.

1. Compact, Flexible & Fits All Sizes

hot octopuss pulse solo interactive use

As a stretchable toy, the Pulse Solo Interactive has very few size restrictions, meaning almost everyone can fit inside.

They have only two main requirements; a minimum length of three and a quarter inches (flaccid, not even erect), and a maximum of two and a half inches wide (erect).

If you land between these two requirements, you’re golden.

The toy itself measures 4.6 * 2.6 * 2.8 in (117 * 67 * 72 mm) and weights 7.76oz (220g), which is way lighter and more compact than most other male masturbators.

hot octopuss pulse solo interactive size

2. Turbo Boost to Send You to the Moon

The Turbo Boost function from the Pulse Solo Interactive is the most intense feature you’ll find on any vibrator for penis satisfaction.

When you press the guybrator or mobile app’s Turbo button, the vibration will ramp up to 4,450 rpm for an extra powerful kick.

Though you might not need such an explosive feature at the beginning of your masturbation session, it’s extremely helpful to finish your play with these extra powers.

Anyway, it’s a fun and exciting addition most male vibrators don’t embrace - you should try at least once and I bet you’ll get addicted.

hot octopuss pulse solo interactive flexible

3. Pulse Plate Technology

Hot Octopuss’ patented Pulse Plate technology delivers more powerful oscillation than any other pulse guybrator, such as Lovense Gush or Fun Factory Cobra.

The sensations focus on your penis head in a concentrated way for the ultimate mind-blowing orgasm.

Both vibration and pulses get you where you need to be, with more power than any other brand.

4. Realistic Experience with Interactive Contents

hot octopuss pulse solo interactive app

The mimicking feature of the guybrator via your interactive videos can make you feel like you’re feeling what the characters are in real-time.

Whether you pick a 2D or Virtual Reality, you’ll get the full feeling of what’s going on without leaving the bedroom.

Btw, there are over 4,000 interactive adult videos to pick from the feelxvideos.

5. Possible for Stroking & Hands-Free Orgasm

You can either leave your pulse guybrator in one spot for a hands-free experience, or you can manually move it up and down.

Thanks to the Pulse Plate feature, you don’t need to move it, but some guys might find just as much pleasure working the Pulse Solo Interactive manually.

I suggest to add some lube if you plan to stroke with this toy.

6. 100% Waterproof

hot octopuss pulse solo interactive waterproof

It’s always a fun plus when a sex toy is full waterproof. It enables an easy clean after each use.

Also, if you are into wet play, simply bring this Hot Octopuss guybrator in the shower, bath or swimming pool.  

7. Not a Loud Toy

As Pulse Solo Interactive is a powerful toy, you can't expect it to be mute.

However,  the operation sound isn't that loud compared to most of the other male masturbators. 

The maximum noise level is around 55-60 db, in the condition that you put highest speed for vibration plus activate the pulsation. 

hot octopuss pulse solo interactive noise

How to Use Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Interactive?

You can control the vibrations either through the 4 buttons on the sides of the guybrator, or through a sliding control on the FeelConnect app.

Besides, a separate button for the Turbo Boost will give you that powerful kick of intensity.

hot octopuss pulse solo interactive buttons

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If you’re using it with a partner, you can also control vibrations through the FeelConnect app, whether you’re in the same room or another building.

You can also connect your toy with another Pulse Solo Interactive via WiFi & Bluetooth, so they vibrate at the same time.

There are plenty of modes and patterns to choose from when it comes to stimulation - 9 Speed Oscillator + 5 vibration modes.

You surely can find one that fits you the most. If not, just create your own patterns via the app.

Oh, remember to put on lube first before trying it out!

See user video below:

The Pulse Solo Interactive can be charged with a magnetic USB cable, which means there's no voltage limitation and you can take the toy anywhere in the world.

It takes 3 hours to fully charge the toy and then you have 45 minutes of playtime. 

hot octopuss pulse solo interactive charging cable

Packaging & What's in the Box?

I got my Hot Octopuss from the official site. The package arrived in less than 4 working days, discreetly. 

The toy lays in a soft cardboard box. Nothing fancy, but it delivers what is needed.

Upon opening the box, I find the following things:

My Experience with Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Interactive

For someone who’s never used interactive guybrators before, I was apprehensive. But I have to say, the Pulse Solo Interactive was seriously impressive.

Overall Feel

This pulse guybrator is made of a combination of silicone and ABS plastic, making it comfortable enough to put on but rigid enough to hold its shape.

When worn, it perfectly cradles the head of the penis so I don’t feel crushed or in danger of slipping out.

The size works perfectly for me and I don’t even feel any discomfort even after wearing it for long time.

hot octopuss pulse solo interactive patterns

What’s Good and Bad About this Toy?

One of the things I really appreciate about the Pulse Solo Interactive is how you can control it over long distances.

So, if you have a partner in another state (guilty as charged), they can control the vibrations and make you feel more connected to them.

Also, unlike previous versions of interactive male masturbators, it’s not clunky and doesn’t stroke your entire Johnson.

Instead, it’s much more compact and concentrates its power for a more intense experience. It’s also waterproof and super easy to keep clean.

It’s a little loud, but the biggest drawback of this guybrator is the battery life.

For me, it only lasted about 45 minutes and charging takes almost 3 hours.

While it wasn’t a problem for a single session, it does mean I feel like I’m continuously charging it just to get a good run.

If you really care about battery life, I suggest you to take a look at another guybrator, which is called Lovense Gush. It's less powerful than this model, but fast to charge and can last hours.

Lovense Gush vs Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Interactive look

left to right: Hot Octupuss & Lovense Gush

Why Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Interactive is Different from other Male Masturbators?

The Pulse Solo Interactive is one of the only penis toys that’s compact, highly capable and interactive.

With everything it can do vibration-wise, like the six vibration patterns, hands-free option, stroking option, p*rn connections, and Turbo Power, there’s no way you won’t enjoy yourself.

You don’t even have to be erect to get started. Scratch that, you don’t even have to be semi-erect.

You’re guaranteed a good time no matter what your situation.

Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Interactive VR

On top of that, the interactive side adds a whole new dimension to bedroom fun. Ever envisioned yourself in a porno? It’s much easier now.

The Pulse Solo Interactive oscillates in time with the movements on screen, so you can really feel immersed in the moment.

If you have had problems focusing on the “task at hand”, this interactive feature can really help you be more present so you can stay interested and engaged.

Who Should or Shouldn’t Buy This Hot Octupuss Toy?

hot octopuss pulse solo interactive vs Pulse duo

Solo Interactive & Solo Lux

Finding a good male sex toy is a pretty personal task and can take time.

If you’re the kind of guy who prefers simplicity over frills, you might not enjoy the interactive side of the Pulse Solo Interactive.

Hot Octopus has a lot of terrific options that share many of the same features as the Pulse Solo Interactive, like the vibration intensity or hands-free performance.

So, if you’re not into Bluetooth connectivity or the VR experience, choosing another male masturbator, such as a classic Fleshlight stroker might be the best route.

However, if you’re ready to be more adventurous in the bedroom, want to get off at the same time as your partner, or even if you are in a long-distance relationship, this could be the guybrator for you.

Both the FeelConnect app and the interactive video features can bring you closer to your partner, no matter where they are.

So, you can still have a good time with them even if they’re thousands of miles away.

Even if they’re right there with you, they can control the Pulse Solo Interactive remotely through the mobile app for a more exciting play.

Plus, the Pulse Solo Interactive has incredible stimulation, so what more could you ask for?

Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Interactive package

Review Summary

Pulse Solo Interactive FINAL SCORE


Average Score

Design & Features (rechargable, waterproof, etc.)


viBRATION (Intense + pulsation)









  • Strong and intense vibration & pulsation
  • Stretchable & Fit all sizes
  • Turbo boost 
  • Waterproof
  • App & Remote controllable


  • Short battery life (45 mins)
  • App sometimes lose connection when in use  

Ultimate Comparison: Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Interactive vs Pulse Solo Essential vs. Pulse Solo Lux vs. Pulse Duo vs. Pulse Duo Lux vs. Pocket Pulse

hot octopuss comparison

Hot Octopuss has a ton of great options you can look at for a penis toy.

The Pulse Solo Essential is Hot Octopuss’ basic product, although basic is not the word for an ultra-powerful revolutionary male sex toy.

The Pulse Solo Lux is a step up from the Essential and uses a wrist control remote, the Pulse Duo is a couples’ toy with included remote, the Pulse Duo Lux is also for couples, using two watches for remote control, and the Pocket Pulse is the travel-sized stroker of the group.


Pulse Solo Interactive

Pulse Solo Essential

Pulse Solo Lux

Pulse Duo

Pulse Duo Lux

Pocket Pulse

Remote Control

(+ app control)


(+ remote control watch)

(+ remote control button)

(+ remote control watch)


Interactive App Control






Hands Free


Material (Silicone)

(silicone + ABS plastic)


Toy: Yes;

 Remote: No





Electric Blue




7.76 oz

220 grams

3.06 oz

187 grams

7.76 oz

220 grams

9.5 oz

270 grams

9.5 oz

270 grams

5 oz

142 grams


4.6 * 2.6 * 2.8 in

(117 * 67 * 72 mm)

4.6 * 2.6 * 2.8 in

(117 * 67 * 72 mm)

4.6 * 2.6 * 2.8 in

(117 * 67 * 72 mm)

4.6 * 2.6 * 2.8 in

(117 * 67 * 72 mm)

4.6 * 2.6 * 2.8 in

(117 * 67 * 72 mm)

2.95 * 2.95 * 2.36 in

(75 * 75 * 60 mm)

Noise level








Vibration + Pulsation

Vibration + Pulsation

Vibration + Pulsation

Vibration + Pulsation

Vibration + Pulsation


Battery Life

45 min

1 hour

1 hour

1 hour

1 hour

1 hour

Charging Time

3 hours

3 hours

3 hours

3 hours

3 hours

3 hours


All in all, the Pulse Solo Interactive is a terrific option if you want to get more adventurous in the bedroom.

The guybrator gives you awesome interactive capabilities as well as an intense orgasmic experience. As per the manufacturer, it does all it claims in style.

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