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How To Squirt During Sex: A 6-Step Guide to Slippery Sensations

by Jane Louis
how to squirt during sex

Squirting is something that can look pretty hot in porn. But, is it something that the average couple can accomplish in their bedroom?

Scientists debate whether squirting is real or not while many online testimonies praise squirting for revamping sex lives. So, is it possible to learn how to squirt during sex?

Keep reading to learn more about squirting, what science has to say about it, and tips and toys to help you achieve an extra-wet orgasm at home.

What is Squirting?

First things first, what is squirting? While there's some debate on which liquids come out when a woman squirts, the consensus is that squirting refers to fluids expelled from a woman's urethra when she orgasms.

Typically, the urethra is the tube used to move urine out of your body. However, surrounding the urethra is the female-equivalent of a prostate called the Skene's glands. These glands provide additional openings that release female ejaculate instead.

Unlike urine, which is typically clear or yellow, female ejaculate is a milky white color with a thicker consistency.

When squirting, some women may release just a few drops, while others can experience a gushing sensation.

what is squirting

Is Squirting Real?

Squirting is real in the sense that, when stimulated correctly, at least some women can release liquids like men during their orgasm. However, by "real," you're likely asking "is squirting just peeing on your partner?"

The debate is out on whether squirting is really female ejaculate or just a symptom of urinary incontinence, the loss of bladder control. 

Some scientists argue that urine makes up most of the released liquids, while others claim it really is female ejaculate shooting out from the Skene's glands, similar to male ejaculation.

Those in favor of the urinary incontinence argument point to the presence of bladder fluids like urea and creatinine, while the latter point out the presence of enzymes similar to male prostate fluids.

On the other hand, the squirting you see in porn isn't always real. While a steady stream during an orgasm sounds like a sexy and fulfilling experience for you and your partner, it may not be attainable. Porn stars often fake extreme squirting orgasms by using other liquids or expelling urine to create the effect on set.

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How To Squirt During Sex or Masturbation?

Scientists also debate whether squirting is something every woman can do with a little practice or a secret skill of the special few. This is because they are unsure if all women have Skene's glands.

To test their theories and see where you fit in, you'll need to know where to start. Check out the steps below to learn how to squirt during sex or self-play.

Step 1: Empty your bladder.

When first attempting to squirt, the familiar feeling of having to pee will likely arise. While urine can cause this sensation as it rises through the urethra, the Skene's glands located at the end of the urethra also fire sensations when the G-spot is stimulated.

Emptying your bladder before you begin attempting to squirt will help you remain confident that the feeling you're experiencing is budding female ejaculate not urine.

Step 2: Relax your body.

While it may seem counterintuitive, it's best to relax your body before you start the squirting process. Tensing up and cluttering your mind with pressure to make it happen, will only make things more difficult.

Whether you're with a partner or not, set the mood with candles, music or a sexy video to help you relax and get turned on and stimulated comfortably.

It's also a good idea to put down towels over your sheets beforehand, so things can get as wet and messy as you want.

Step 3: Start by focusing on the clitoris.

Whether you're playing alone or with a partner, move the stimulation to your clitoris first. This will help prepare your G-spot for more intense pressure and stimulation, which is needed to squirt.

Some women may find it helpful to continue clitoris stimulation throughout the squirting process, while others will find it most useful just to kick things off before switching to G-spot stimulation.

Step 4: Find your G-spot.

If you already know where your G-spot is, you can treat this step as optional and skip to step five. However, if you're still unsure where your G-spot is located, it's important to learn. After all, stimulating the G-spot is essential to squirting.

Scientists debate exactly what the G-spot is. However, it's important to note that they believe it isn't one specific part of your anatomy. Some researchers argue the female G-spot is an area of urethral tissue that swells with blood when a woman is turned on.

On the other hand, others claim the G-spot is more of a root region for your clitoris on the front wall of your vagina. While we think of the clitoris as more of a pleasure button, some studies promote that it has two four inch roots that experience stimulation and intense sensations.

To locate this G-spot area, massage the opening of your vagina and then insert a finger or two. Reaching upward towards your stomach and moving your fingers in a come-hither motion will help you find it.

You'll know you have the right area because it will feel slightly more rough or rigid and provide more pleasure.

Step 5: Apply vigorous pressure to your G-spot.

Now that you've located your G-spot, it's on to the more fun stuff. To start squirting, lay on your back comfortably while your partner inserts their fingers and moves them in a come-hither motion to focus the pleasure to your G-spot.

However, note that the proper fingering methods needed to make a woman squirt are more intense than your average petting and playing session.

This is going to require vigorous hand movements on your partner's part and generous amounts of lubricant before and during to avoid pain or injury. This is especially important if you switch to bigger objects like dildos, vibrators or your partner's penis instead of fingers.

sex toy lube

While you can also try to squirt by inserting your partner's penis, it is often more difficult to properly curve and reach the G-spot. While this can be better achieved from behind, this may also stall the process.

After all, many women find it necessary to remove G-spot stimulation during the final few seconds and focus vigorous stimulation back to the clitoris. Having to pull out and rearrange is often more time-consuming than using fingers for the task.

However, when you are practicing to squirt on your own, using your fingers is often not enough pressure.

Performing a come-hither motion on yourself puts your hand in an awkward position. Instead, using a toy designed for G-spot stimulation helps to reach your desired hot spots with the right pressure more easily.

Step 6: Don’t stop when you feel the urge to pee.

Like we mentioned above, that urge to pee you feel when you're on the verge of squirting may really be your Skene's glands firing and ejaculate rising.

Remember that you emptied your bladder before you started and keep going with the targeted pressure.

If you or your partner let up, you may stall or stop squirting. Fight through that feeling and release both your screams and a squirting orgasm.

What Does Female Ejaculation Feel Like?

You just learned that the moments leading up to squirting orgasms often cause a urination sensation. However, the actual moment you squirt is less similar to how you feel when you pee.

Instead of releasing in a stream, female ejaculation squirts out and syncs up with the pulse of your orgasms.

Yes, the squirting fluids released are typically warm like urine, which may make your fear you wet the bed.

However, you can notice the difference because female ejaculation is thicker than urine. In addition, the amount released is usually less than what comes out when you pee.

Some women describe female ejaculation as a forceful release, while others say they didn't know it actually happened until their partner confirmed it and they saw a wet spot on the bed.

Generally, most women describe the feeling as a more intense orgasm or climax than usual.

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What Does Female Ejaculation Look Like?

Female ejaculation is typically a milky white color with a thick, sticky consistency. However, in some cases it can appear more clear and watery.

Scientists that argue its connection to urinary incontinence also report an occasional slight yellow tinge.

When a woman ejaculates, the liquids released generally resemble a clogged hose sputtering water, rather than maintaining a free-flowing stream.

This may be barely enough to fill a spoon in some cases or enough to fill a cup in others.

Does Female Ejaculation Smell Like Urine?

When you're asking does female ejaculation smell like urine, the answer is maybe.

Located in the urethra and possibly dispelling some urine with the ejaculation, it can carry the smell.

However, other firsthand reports online argue that female ejaculation smells and tastes nothing like urine, describing it as a sweet or odorless liquid.

Best Sex Toys For Squirting Orgasms

When you are looking for toys that will give you a squirting orgasm, it's important to realize what different toys specialize in.

Some focus on clitoral stimulation that relaxes you and allows you to cum, while other toys are designed for intense G-spot pleasure and cause squirting orgasms.

Check out the sex toys below to help your squirting journey.

1) Njoy Pure Wand

njoy pure wand

For more information about Njoy Pure Wand, click here to read a detailed review.

The Njoy Pure Wand is a 7.5 inch (19cm) curved metal sex toy with bulbs on either side. While many reviewers use it for prostate play, online sex therapists also recommend the non-porous toy for G-spot stimulation.

When it comes to squirting, the Njoy Pure Wand offers the option needed to squirt on your own. Moreover, if you're doing things with a partner, it gives their fingers a break and lets the pleasure continue even if the squirting process is taking extra time.

The curve and ball design makes it ideal for continuous G-spot stimulation, while its heavy 1.5 lb(680g). weight provides the perfect amount of pressure for squirting purposes.

To use the wand, decide whether you want to insert the side with the smaller or bigger ball. As one reviewer notes, no vibration is necessary for intense pleasure.

Simply rock back and forth and the Njoy Pure Wand toy will hit all the right spots with ease.

2) We-Vibe Rave

we-vibe rave look

For more information about We-vibe Rave, click here to read a detailed review.

The We-Vibe Rave is perfect for the woman who prefers simultaneous clitoral and G-spot stimulation when attempting to squirt.

While it is also 7.5 inches(19cm), the We-Vibe Rave differs from the Njoy Pure Wand in that it is made from body-safe silicone and includes vibration options and a two-year warranty.

However, the true standout feature for squirting purposes is its unusual asymmetrical design. Curving at its midpoint, the We-Vibe Rave hits your G-spot every time with ease.

While your partner may fumble with their fingers, the Rave doesn't waste any time getting to work on the right areas with ideal intensity.

By connecting wirelessly to a smartphone app, your partner can control the toy and cause you to mess up the sheets even when they aren't able to be with you in the bedroom.

In addition to aiding the squirting process, this provides a sexy game for the next time you have a day off and your partner has to work.

To use the We-Vibe Rave, simply insert the curved end and connect to the smartphone app to choose between vibration patterns and syncing options.

To achieve squirting with the toy, you will also likely have to move it back and forth.

3) Fun Factory Stronic G

For more information about Stronic G, click here to read a detailed review.

Finally, the Fun Factory Stronic G adds a twist to the We-Vibe Rave design by being a vibrator that pulses. Its insertable feature is 5.75 inches(14.6cm) long.

The strong pulsing motion is exactly what you need when you are trying to squirt, imitating your partner's thrusts.

With its hands-free capabilities, you can let the toy do all the work while you use your hands on your clitoris or your partner.

To use the Fun Factory Stronic G toy, simply set which pulsing or thrusting setting you want and insert its medical-grade silicone.

This option requires the least work on your part to achieve an extra-wet orgasm. The only caution on the website is that this toy can be harmful to pacemaker wearers.

Final Thoughts

It's important to remember to be patient with yourself and your partner. While squirting comes naturally for some, it may be more difficult and time-consuming for others.

Go into the process with an open, relaxed mind. Focus on having fun rather than achieving an orgasm or squirting. Keeping the pressure out of your mind and on to your clitoris and G-spot will help you get there.

In addition, practicing Kegel exercises beforehand will help you strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, which work to control fluid-flow in the urethra. This gives you a better chance at squirting success.

With the steps above and these final tips in mind, hopefully squirting will become less of a far-off fantasy and more of a reality in your bedroom.

Good Luck! 🙂

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