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How to Use Vibrators In Public? Tips from Experienced Players

by Jane Louis
use vibrator in public

I was with my girlfriends, enjoying a tea talk. One of us suddenly asked, "Has any of you used a vibrator in public?" There was a moment of silence after this question was raised. But none of us were shy about our sex life, so, that topic got wild that afternoon and we all shared our dirty little stories.

We were all so creative about public-play and that afternoon, I am pretty sure all of us were a bit turned on by the talk.

For us, traditional toys are fun to bring outside, but App-controlled or remote control sex toys are the real life changer.

It's a shame not to share our public-play experience with you, right? That's why I am writing this article.

Many new experimenters can be under-prepared for public play. Sexy movie clips don't tell you how you should prepare yourself in order to not get hurt, not get caught and gain ultimate pleasure from public sex toy play . I will explain all these, along with suggesting some toys that my girlfriend or I have used.

Top Picks Sex Toys For Public Play

Product Name



Internally wearable & long distance controllable


Externally wearable & long distance controllable


Internally wearable & remote controllable


Vibrates along audio fantasy books or his voice


Insertable & short-distance controllable


Discreet & powerful


Quiet, discreet & long battery life


Rumbly, light & Easy to use

How to Choose A Good Vibrator for Public Play?

No matter which vibrator you choose for public play, there are always FOUR key points you must keep mind.

These tips will not only keep you away from being lured by exaggerated advertisement, but also avoid getting embarrassed in the public. 


Before your purchase, make sure to read reviews or real-life comments instead of only trusting the sales page.

You can simply search things like "XXX review" or "How is XXX" in order to get some honest insights of a sex toy. 


Trust me, there are plenty of people talk about their experience on using a certain sex toy online. These opinions could really help you to understand whether a toy would perform in the way you want.


You are looking for a toy that suits public play, so It must be a quiet vibrator! More specifically, the highest noise level should be no more than 50db


Many vibrators claim to only produce low noise level, but they don't! I have countless examples at hand, such as Lelo Sona Cruise, Zalo Queen, etc. Don't get me wrong, there are great toys, but they are just too noisy to go public. 

So, my advice is not trust the sales page when it comes to how quiet a toy is. All vibrator claims that they are quiet. But that's not the truth. Test it yourself!

How to test? Turn on your TV in a normal volume and then turn on your vibrator to the maximum speed, can you hear the vibration? If you hear obvious buzz sound from a toy, then it definitely isn't an ideal one for public play. If not, feel free to do all the naughty things you have in mind!


No matter for external or internal use, you must make sure the vibrator can stay at where it should be, aka. there should be no accident that your toy can slip out of your dress or your trousers' leg.

For example, insertable metal bullet vibrator is not a good option for public play. They usually are heavier and easy to slip out of the vagina. So, unless you have very good control over your pelvic floor muscles to do the suction movement to your vibrator, don't go out with a metal bullet.


For wearable play, the vibrator you get must include a remote control. 

Some women go out wearing a vibrator that can only be controlled by the buttons on the toy itself. I've done something like that as well, thinking it was a sexy idea! Turned out it was not!

You never know what can happen outside, having a vibrator stimulating your most sensitive spot without a way to stop it not only increase the risk of being embarrassed, but also can cause some safety issues.

So, please don't do that and make sure your remote control has enough battery before going for a public play.

With all these tips in mind, I would like to introduce you 8 interesting vibrators that could be ideal for public play.

As mentioned, you are the one who knows the best what you want. All what I am sharing is just to help you gain more information, so that, later on, you can make the best choice :).

8 Best Remote-Control Vibrators for Public Play

1. Lovense Lush 3: Best Egg Vibe for Long Distance Couples

lovense lush 3 review

Read a detailed Lovense Lush 3 review

Lovense Lush 3 is my favorite public play toy and it is an upgraded version of the beloved Lush 2. It is a powerful and internally wearable egg vibrator. This toy has everything you can ask for!

Lush 3 is made from premium silky silicone - the surface of this toy is super smooth against the skin. It is lightweight, rechargeable, seamlessly designed, and gives powerful vibrations.

Mostly important, this toy is super quiet. Even putting on the highest speed, it only produces 45.5db of noise.

Besides, Lovense Lush 3 enables app-control functions, which means you can control the vibrations remotely and there are versatile ways to do that, including voice control, music beats control, partners' touch, etc.

Thanks to the app-control, you can be as creative as you want for discreet public play and long distance play.


  • Strong and Rumbly Vibration
  • Silent (Max. 43db)
  • Comfortable to insert
  • Comfortable to keep inside for hours
  • Waterproof
  • Controllable from anywhere with an app
  • Stable connection
  • Versatile ways of playing (vibration syncs with touch, music, sounds, etc.)
  • Easy to clean
  • Super long battery (around 5 hrs)


  • No travel lock


Lush 3 is by far the best remote control toy, in my opinion. It is a must-have for all long distance couple. The free App that comes with the toy is very easy to manage and there is really stable connection during the use. 

It's magical how a simple-looking toy like Lush 3 can bring so much joy to the sex life!

2. We-Vibe Moxie: Best Panty Vibe for Discreet Play

we-vibe moxie panty

Read a detailed We-vibe Moxie Review

The Moxie externally wearable Bluetooth clitoral vibrator is a toy that can leave you begging for more.

Unlike most vibrators, Moxie comes with a unique design, elegant appearance, and not forgetting the portability that makes it even more efficient. You can use it anywhere you want, at any time.

App control really raises up the fun to a new level. I literally can turn the vibration on at anytime. If needs some surprise, just give the control to your boyfriend and let him make you moan!


  • Steadily attached to panties or strings
  • Hands-free experience
  • Controllable from anywhere
  • Rumbly vibration
  • Small, light & discreet
  • Waterproof
  • Quiet


  • The vibration can be stronger
  • A bit expensive


I've been looking for an externally wearable clit vibe for a while. Finally, there comes the Moxie. This is truly the only one that actually can firmly be attached to my panty all the time - sitting, walk, dancing, anything! 

I am so grateful for the creation of this product! Love it ;)!

3. We-Vibe Chorus: Best Couple Vibe for Penetrative Sex

we-vibe chorus look

Read a detailed We-vibe Chorus Review

We-vibe Chorus is a dual vibrator, which means it can stimulate your clit and your G-spot at the same time. It's an updated version for the famous couple toy Sync. This toy is designed to fit any body anatomy (Yes, it’s has a very flexible hinge). This toy is made from high-quality silicone and it's also waterproof and rechargeable.

This vibrator can be controlled with an app at any distance and there’s numerous of vibration patterns that constantly keep you on the edge or aim to bring you orgasm repeatedly. Even on the highest setting, the noise level won't go pass 50db, which is very ideal for public play.


  • Hands-free experience 
  • Strong and rumbly vibration
  • Quiet
  • Controllable from anywhere with an app
  • The hinge makes this toy very easy to adjust and it hence can fit for all anatomy
  • Waterproof


  • Vibration on the G-spot arm can be stronger
  • Noticeable G-spot arm during penetrative sex
  • Minor Bluetooth connection issues


Chorus is one of the most acknowledged couple toys and it lives for its fame. This toy indeed is ergonomically designed. Combined with the strong and rumbly vibration, it's hard to resist using it again and again!

4. Vibease: Best Bullet Vibe for Solo Play

Vibease remote control

If you want to learn more about the Vibease, click here to read my detailed review.

Vibease is a Bluetooth controlled cute-looking bullet vibrator that you can easily carry in your purse. The vibrations can sync with music beats, any vocal sounds, and thousands of fantasy books. Most uniquely, this vibe can play a role as an AI lover. It responses to your needs by vocal cues.

It takes 2 hours to recharge the vibrator completely, it is water-resistant but you must avoid submerging it into the water. To see how it feels inside your vagina, you might want to slip it inside your panties the moment you touch the skin-soft silicone.


  • AI lover is unique and responsive
  • Sync with fantasy books
  • Sync the vibration with music beats
  • Controllable from anywhere with the app
  • Quiet


  • Bad hands-free experience
  • Occasional disconnects
  • No storage pouch


Vibease is quite a pioneer for long-distance sex toys. It embraces really unique functions such as AI response and fantasy book synchronization.

I love high-tech toys. If you are like me, you should not miss this toy!

5. Fifty Shades of Grey Relentless Vibrator: Best for Teasing & Foreplay

Fifty Shades of Grey Relentless Vibrations Remote Control Egg

I bought this toy to fulfill my fifty shades of fantasy and this vibrator didn't disappoint me! Fifty Shades of Grey Relentless Vibrator has a very reliable remote performance as long as you are within the 10 meters range. It never failed me – works every time! Besides, it’s a rather quiet toy and delivers earth-shaking orgasms.


  • Very stable remote control
  • Good for vaginal and anal use
  • Waterproof
  • Comfortable to insert
  • Subtle vibration noise


  • Vibration is not very strong
  • Short battery life


Fifty shades' vibe is a fun toy to play with, but not a must-have. It has great quality, classic design and does what it promises to do, but that's about it. 

If I have budget to get more than one remote control vibe, then why not? Otherwise, I will skip this toy.

6. Ohmibod Esca 2: Best for Erotic Interactions

Ohmibod Esca 2 Review

Read a detailed Ohmibod Esca 2 Review

Ohmibod Esca 2 is a premium-quality egg vibrator and it is one of the most versatile high-tech vibe in the market. I

Esca 2 is designed to bring your inner glow out by giving you what you want. This vibrator can be run on advanced remote-control technology and can vibe with your lover's touch, erotic videos, VR clips, cam model shows, erotics games and many more.


  • Rumbly vibration
  • Light to carry with
  • Sync with music beats
  • Sync with games, videos and more
  • Long distance control 
  • Easy-to-use App
  • Quiet


  • Short battery time
  • Some people report connection issues
  • Water-resistant instead of 100% waterproof


I believe Esca 2 is a truly unique piece of toy. I love the simple app, and the different intensity and speed settings, more so the Club Vibe mode.

Its ability to stimulate both my G-spot and clit is straight out of this world and the deep vibrations are to die for. Let this high-tech toy really bring your sex life to a new level!

7. Lelo Mia 2: Best Lipstick Vibe for Traveling

Lelo mia 2 discreet

Read a detailed Lelo Mia 2 review

Lelo Mia 2 is a beautiful USB rechargeable lipstick bullet vibrator. This little lipstick is perfect for direct clitoral stimulation. And it’s very light and portable.

You can take it to anywhere and use it even in public thanks to its discreet buzz noise. You can even use it in the swimming pool or during shower time because it’s fully waterproof. It definitely is a pocket rocket!

These is no remote control for this toy. I mainly use this toy to release some tensions in the office - "Excuse me, I need to use the restroom." 😉


  • Beautifully and discreetly designed
  • Quiet to use (<50dB)
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Quiet
  • Lock function
  • Quick charge and long lasting battery


  • Vibrations are not super strong
  • Some people may not like hard plastic touch


Every girl should own a lipstick vibe. If you are looking for a safe option, Lelo Mia 2 can be the one. It's not a high-tech toy, but it's cute and vibrates well, considering its tiny size. 

8. Lelo Lily 2: Light Yet Strong Bullet for Everyday Orgasm

Lelo lily2 chocolate

Read a detailed Lelo Lily 2 review

Lelo Lily 2 is a portable and delicately scented vibrator. Yes, you heard me correctly! It’s scented, like a candle. Besides, it embraces strong vibration and a silky surface that ensures premium experience no matter for solo or partnered play. Lily 2 is also 100% waterproof and USB rechargeable, which means you can enjoy this little magical thing in any country, without worrying about voltage issues.

Besides, this is one of the strongest bullets vibe I've ever used, yet it's super quite (maximum 50db). This toy also don't come with a remote control, so, I never wear it to go outside. However, it has been my good friend for long flights. If you know what I mean ;).


  • Delicately scented
  • Strong and Rumbly vibration
  • Lock function
  • Fully waterproof
  • Light and very portable
  • Low level of noise
  • Long lasting battery


  • Scent fade away after a few uses
  • Hands can feel numb due to the strong vibration


Lily 2 is a very simple toy - no fancy function but works magically. It's light and smooth, with addicting vibration that all power queen would fall for. 

Girls Share Their Public Play Experience

Now that you are more familiar with the choices for vibrators, let's hear what other people says about their own experience on public play! 

"My boyfriend and I were both really excited to try the Lovense Lush. We did it and it was great! This toy has a remote control and I was mostly just using it as a vibrator. but after a little while, My boyfriend suggested we go out in public with it and have some fun experimenting. I put the vibrator in and we decided to go grocery shopping since it's loud enough at the grocery store that the background noise cancels out any vibrating noises. Who knows grocery can be this fun ;)!"

"My wife and I use a Lovense Lush when we go out on dates, and it is super fun. The first few times I buzzed her, she actually jumped and yelped, which was VERY hot. It's a very fun control game, and I love that she gives me the power to stimulate her at will."

"The first time we tried the We-vibe Chorus in public. The battery in the controller died almost immediately after I turned it on at a restaurant (what a stupid mistake!). We were not demotivated, we tried it again the second day and it was OMG! I was so nervous and feeling the waiter might sense something is "wrong". The fear and excitement got me super wet. I didn't even order dessert that day. All I wanted is to go home and have sex with my husband."

"We have one of the external "bullet" shaped ones. My girlfriend wore it to go see a 2-hour long movie. She said it was nice but she couldn't focus on the movie at all. So, we went home early that night, but I have no complaint about that!"

If you are interested in finding more personal stories about couple using vibrators in public, you may check forums like reddit or simply go ask your besties ;).

What to Keep in Mind Before Going for a Public Play?

1. Test the Toy Before Going Out With It

NEVER go out with a vibrator that you've never use before. Try the vibrator at home first. It's important to learn how to control the toy in advance. Most importantly, you should let your body feel the vibrator first. Is the vibration rumbly or buzzy? Is the vibrator comfortable to insert? Is it loud on the maximum speed. If it's a toy controlled by Bluetooth, is the connection smooth? What is the control range for the Bluetooth?

It's necessary to figure out all the basic things before you actually do public play with a certain toy. This will reduce the risk and chances to be embarrassed in public.

TEST vibrator public

2. Choose a Location You Feel Comfortable With

Popular public-play locations include restaurants, grocery shops, cafe, theatres, malls, and bars.

No matter which place you choose, it's important to make sure it's a place where you (and your partner) feel comfortable about. If it is your first time doing public play, it's better to start from somewhere close. In case you start to feel uncomfortable, it can be easy and quick to fix.

Personally, I think restaurants are the best place to do the play. A sitting position can intensify the vibration feelings. The fact waiters can come at any time also make the play really exciting.

You will need to eat elegantly and hold your vaginal muscle tightly - not that easy to do, but that's what makes it exciting!

Besides, the restroom is nearby, you can easily take the vibe out in case something happens.


3. Lube Yourself Very Well

This point is extremely important if you plan to play with an insertable vibrator. Lube your vibrator well before you insert.

Also, bring the lubricant with you. In case your body doesn't react positively to public play, for example, you might not be able to get wet enough to actually enjoy the vibe inside of you. Lube can free you from the pain or uncomfort.

Besides, it's important to be cautions about hygiene. If you need to adjust or take out the vibrator in public, make sure to do it in a sanitary way.

Four Types of Public Play


Self-Play with External Stimulation. It means you anticipate in a public play by yourself. You can use a vibrator to stimulate nipples or most likely, your clitoris.

Make sure not putting the vibrator on the most sensitive angle during clit stimulation. This can make you orgasm way too fast.

To extend the play and pleasure, I like to let the vibe stimulate the surround circle of the clit or the labia part. The vibration will spread to your clit - it'll be pleasant, yet, not too intense.


Self-Play with internal Stimulation. It means a vibrator will stay in your vagina when you are in public.

Make sure to choose an egg/bullet vibrator that can stay inside stable and comfortably (use some lube if necessary).

During the stimulation, your G-spot won't be hit continuously, however, it's super intense to have a vibe vibrating inside of you while you are walking or sitting in the restaurant.

The vibration really takes your attention, you have to make great effort to control your movement so that other people won't figure out what's going on.


Couple Play with External Stimulation. You will mainly let the vibe stimulate your clit, but this time, you are not the one in control. Instead, your partner will hold the permission.

A single touch from him can drive you to the edge of an orgasm. It's extremely fun to receive all these unexpected vibration, in different strength levels.

Very likely, you will reach the climax in public (I am experienced on that). So, make sure you hide your secrets well when the orgasm arrives ;).


Couple Play with Internal Stimulation. This is my favorite way to play! The idea of having an inserted egg in my vagina while going out is already exciting, not mentioning receiving unexpected stimulation.

The excitement and the fear of being caught can drive you crazy. But it's just so addicting to go back play like this again and again.

Of course, you can go out with more than one vibrator. I've tried that, but I don't recommend that because the vibration noise from two toys can be a bit too loud and the fact the two vibrators are quite close to each other (one in the vagina, one next to your clit) can even amplify the noise.

What Do Men Get Out Of Controlling Their Women’s Vibrator in Public?

It's a game about controlling and being controlled. Men loves the feeling of have a full control over the level of pleasure women can get - when to arouse her, when to edge her and when to let her come.

Many men enjoy seeing the subtle changes in expression while the girl is trying to hold things together in public, the ineluctable moves because of the stimulation, the intolerable urgency to let out what's inside, and the anticipation of how she will react during the orgams. 

As for women, many of us love the feeling of being dominated during sex. By relinquishing control to him, she can be fully relaxed and only concentrate on her own body and pleasure. 

No wonder public play is the fantasy for many couples! I am grateful that technology allows fantasies to come true.

Other Related Questions

What to do if my girlfriend/boyfriend is too shy to do the public play?

Firstly, you must understand that it's absolutely normal to feel too shy about public sex toy. Despite of the excitement, public play is out of many people's comfort zone.

Ask your partner to try something in a small scale first. For example, you can wear a small vibrator, put on lowest speed and go for walk around your building

You can also take a bit alcohol to overcome the shyness. Don't over-drink though, because you won't want to lose control to your pelvic floor muscle.

How do I know whether my vibrator is quiet enough to be used for public play?

In general, a vibrator should be fine to use as long as its maximum noise level is lower than 50db.

However, many toys claim to produce only 50db, but in reality is way louder than that. You can test it by leaving some music on while the vibration is on. If the noise is not noticeable this way, you are safe to go.

Verdict: Public Play - Addicting, Exciting and More

I loved all the traditional toys such as lipstick vibe and tiny bullet vibe, but I have to admit that when it comes to public play, remote control sex toys are the real game changer! 🙂

No matter what kind of toy you toy, you won't understand how exciting it is to do public play until give it a try! It's a totally new level of sensation.

Some may love it, say may feel intimidated by it. But anyhow, don't let anything stop you from spicing up your sex life!

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Love wands they are my favorite sex toys I prefer them to be plunged into a wall.

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Jane, what is your favorite outing for this type of fun? The article gave some examples on how it feels, curious on where it works best for you as an example.

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Hi Lain, my fav. two locations are grocery shop and airplane. Have you tried yet?


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