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Kiiroo KEON & Feel Stroker Review: Best in Masturbation? (2024)

by Lucas Andersen

The Kiiroo KEON is the most reliable men's automatic masturbator on the market. Allowing you to receive the most realistic blow job of your dreams.

With a hands-free option and synchronized videos that stroke you to your favorite adult content, you won't be leaving your house anytime soon! 

Read on to find out why this Kiiroo KEON machine and its Feel Strokers will blow more than just your mind.

Kiiroo Keon profile 500_500

The Most Realistic Rubs

The real feel stroker is made from the softest silicone that rubs in the most realistic way. You can change speed and stoke depth with just a push of a button and it can go all the way to 230 strokes per minute! You can also connect your VR device to interact with adult content and even webcamming for a completely hands free ride.

What is the Kiiroo KEON?

kiiroo keon section

Left to right: Keon & Stroker

Kiiroo KEON is an advanced teledildonic masturbator for men that gives an “interactive blowjob” a whole new meaning.

Featuring two modes and tons of enticing visual supports, this device can put any man in the mood. 

The first is the manual setting, for the man who likes more control.

You can use this to stroke to the depth and speed of your liking. Made for a quick release or even a longer more enjoyable session. Whatever you want, you have the power.

kiiroo keon interactive

The second setting is interactive mode, which is made for the man who likes a little more spice and who doesn’t mind giving up some control. 

This allows you to enjoy a synchronized, hands free experience to any of your favorite adult content or web cams.

You can also download the Kiiroo app to create personalized settings depending on any mood you’re in.

What are Feel Strokers?

Feel Stroker is Kiiroo's patented masturbation sleeve. And it is, by far, the best alternative to Fleshlights.

These strokers replicate women's vaginas and intend to provide an ultra-realistic feel.

You can just manually grab the Stroker, use your preferred hand, and stimulate the penis into an orgasm.

A better way is to attach the stroker to the KEON and use it for auto-masturbation. 

When purchasing a KEON, it comes with a Feel Stroker of your preferred skin color.

keon kiiroo feel strokers color

If you fancy a more personalized experience and want to rub in the pussy of a porn star, Kiiroo also offers a line called "Feelstars Stroker"

So far, there are 14 hot women molded their pussy, including Alexis Fawx, Apolonia Lapiedra, Ashley Barbie, Britney Amber, Kenzie Taylor, Lauren Phillips, Leigh Raven, Molly Stewart, Natalia Starr, Nicolette Shea, Rae Lil Black, Romi Chase, September Reign, and Victoria June.

kiiroo feelstars stroker

Each Feelstars Stroker embraces a different feature and a unique interior.
Kiiroo provides a size guide showing the interior of every FeelStar's beautiful pussy, so that you can pick your favorite ones.

kiiroo feel strokers interior

Now that you have an idea about what KEON and Feel Stroker are, let's dig deeper to see what kind of features KEON provides and why I love them so much!

Key Features of the Kiiroo KEON

1. A Realistic Replication

Made from ABS, PC and soft silicone, the inside interior is perfectly replicated to give the most realistic look and feel.

To be honest, the sensation it provides are so good that I think it's somewhat better, or at least as good as the famous Fleshlight.

The stroker texture features little bumps on the inside that makes for a very lifelike experience.

kiiroo keon sleeve texture-inside

Inside texture of the standard stroker

It’s not too intense, not too tight, the perfect amount of pressure to simulate a real blow job or even a nice relaxing ride from the girl of your dreams.

kiiroo keon look

2. Speed Demon for Intense Play

Enjoy up to 230 strokes per minute with this bad boy. Whether you like it fast or slow, the Kiiroo KEON has 4 speed modes and 4 depth modes.

No matter your size you can find the adjustment that tickles your fancy.

From 0.8 to 2.56 inches in depth, even on bigger guys, this is the perfect stroke length and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how deep it really feels.

3. Can It Go All Night Long?

Depending on usage, you can get up to 2 hours of fun with the Kiiroo KEON.

It takes 4 hours to charge completely, just plug the whole thing into an outlet with the stoker in the base and wait for all the lights on the side to turn blue.

kiiroo keon charging

Charging hole

4. Does Size Really Matter?

All this power comes with some weight. The full weight is 4.2 pounds with everything combined.

Taking a deeper look, the stroker is 1.7 pounds and the KEON is 2.4 pounds, but it is a joy to hold.

The full dimensions are 220 x 130 x 146 millimeters with the stroker itself being 200 x 84 millimeters.

kiiroo keon functions

How To Use The Kiiroo KEON?

There are 2 modes, manual and interactive. Manual is very simple to use, you can change the speed and stroke depth with just 4 buttons (up/down).

If you want to enjoy a longer session, I recommend the manual mode so you can fully control the speed and depth you’d liked to be stroked.

Now for the interactive mode! This mode has an option to download the Feel Connect 3.0 app where you are given the choices between partner, website and app control.

kiiroo keon feel connect

Let’s break down these three sections so you can fully understand the experience you can have with the Kiiroo KEON.

  • Partner -  If you have a partner, they can connect to your device over the phone and control it from afar.
    In the app, there is a chat and video call so you can use it while your partner is controlling the KEON at the same time. This is a great option for long-distance relationships too!
kiiroo KEON Long Distance Play
  • Website - You can connect with 2D or VR adult content and even webcams. Kiiroo also has their own interactive website you can log on to, just scan the QR code to connect.
  • In app control - The Feel Connect 3.0 allows you to control the device itself. With touch control you can make the KEON move based on sound or music and even create your own pattern.
kiiroo feelme

Check feelme.com for videos and live cams

Packaging & What’s Included?

When I picked up the package, I had a feeling that something big was about to happen!

With a good weight, this has got me really excited!

In the package came:

  • the Kiiroo KEON
  • the Feel stroker (casing and sleeve)
  • A USB Charger
kiiroo keon unbox

My first impression was this is a solidly made quality toy, that can become a part of my collection very quickly. Definitely giving me a luxury experience!

Cleaning & Maintenance

Cleaning is easy and doesn’t take a lot of time.

Simply take the Feel stroker casing out of the sleeve and rinse with water. To dry I like to pat it with a paper towel and put it on a hanger so it can air dry evenly. 

What’s also great is that the device comes with a 1-year warranty.

kiiroo keon sleeve stroke

My Exciting Experience Using the Kiiroo KEON & its Feel Stroker

Using the Kiiroo Keon feels great! It’s a whole different kind of experience that you simply cannot get from other strokers on the market.

I would say it doesn’t compare with actual intercourse either but I wouldn’t choose one over the other.

Right now, honestly all the other toys I have are gathering dust since I’ve used this magnificent masturbator.

kiiroo keon feel stroker soft

My favorite way (here’s a tip), was using it on the couch hands free.

You just prop up pillows so that the KEON can stay directly on you and you can watch your favorite adult content and it really allows you to imagine that someone is there doing it all for you.

I also like to use the app control to adjust the speed and thrust to my liking if I feel like the simulation is going too fast or if I just want to enjoy my session for a little longer. Works like a charm!

kiiroo keon sleeve inside

inside of the sleeve

If you want a high-quality masturbator that gives you the real feel of a blow job, this is the one.

It does the work for you and all you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy.

The technology in this device is unmatched from anything I’ve seen on the market so far.

The fact that you can have a VR experience without leaving your couch is really the reason why I purchased it.

The only thing I will say is that it’s a tad on the pricey side.

If you’re on a budget and cannot afford the almost 250 dollar price tag, I would stick with just a manual masturbator instead.

kiiroo keon power light

Doesn't it just look like a coffee machine?

This also isn’t the best to bring if you plan on traveling with it.

Since the whole device is above 4 pounds, expect to be packing light if you want to fit this buddy in your suitcase.

If you are looking for more portable fake vagina toys or simply want to explore other options, feel free to check my list of best fake pussy toys

Review Summary



Average Score

Design & Features (rechargable, waterproof, etc.)


viBRATION (Intense suction)


Battery life


Value for Money


Orgasm Rate



  • Realistic sensation from Feel Stroker
  • Benefit of interactive VR
  • Hands-free option
  • Easy to clean
  • 2 different modes
  • 4 different speeds


  • On the pricier side
  • Somewhat heavy

KEON VS The Fleshlight Launch

Honestly, before this device took over the market the “best” interactive masurbator was the Fleshlight Launch and it really wasn’t that great.

With the technology that the Kiiroo KEON has it blows the Fleshlight out of the water.

kiiroo keon stroker

It’s more silent, feels correct and comfortable in your hand, you can definitely feel the quality difference and connecting with the app is simpler than the Fleshlight Launch.

Which also gives a better VR experience and a less choppy simulation.

The Fleshlight Launch has nothing compared to the amount of features, strength and overall experience the KEON brings to its users.

Let’s take a look at some key feature comparisons below:




Remote & App-control 


Manual & App-control

Manual (when bought separately) & App-control


ABS, PC, Silicone

ABS and Silicone

Highest Stroke Speed

Up to 230 strokes/ minute

180 strokes/min




USB Rechargeable

Yes 4 hour charge

Yes plus USB/ 6-8 hour charge


1 year

1 year


220 x 130 x 146 mm
(8.66 x 4.72 x 3.75 in)

324 x 152 mm

(12.75 x 6 inches)


1.9 kg

(4.2 lbs)

2.13 kg

(4.7 lbs)

Noise level

pretty silent

pretty silent

Usage Time

up to 2 hours

2 hours




(only comes with base, Fleshlight stroker not included)


1. Can I put Fleshlight's sleeves in the KEON?

No, the Fleshlight sleeves can not be used inside the keon as the will not insert and lock into place correctly.

Because Kiiroo's stroker has special ridges built into assist with locking the sleeve into the keon. 

Please note that more sleeve options from Kiiroo will be provided in the near future. The collection is growing!

kiiroo keon sleeve options future

upcoming strokers for KEON

2. Is it possible to buy the stroker only if I don't want the auto masturbation machine?

Yes, the Keon's feel stroker can be purchased separately at Kiiroo's official store. It's actually the first ever stroker designed with the most realistic sensations in mind. 

kiiroo keon realistic stroker

3. Is there any lubrication comes with the KEON?

No, the keon does not come with lube*. These are sold separately here on Kiiroo's website.

(*In the video demo, you see that there are 120 ml of toy cleaner, 60 ml of water-based lube and 60 ml of water based warming lube come with the KEON. This is not the case anymore. These liquids are not included in the packages) 

Final Thoughts

The Kiiroo KEON has everything you might possibly need for a hot and steamy solo session built into one high quality maturbator.

There is no need to purchase anything separately or buy any add-ons, it all comes in a slightly big (but worth it) package!

Once you get the hang of all the amazing features this device offers, you’ll surely enjoy playing with this sex toy.

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K March 3, 2021 - 10:25 am

Yea you can use fleshlight sleeves. Literally just take it out of the fleshlight casing and put it in the kiiroo one and it fits. Only issue is due to the size difference of the sleeves the fleshlight sleeves rub on the sides of the keon and wear away around the outside leaving minire silicon residue on the inside.

Alex Berth November 16, 2021 - 5:15 am

Umm, pardon me, but how exactly did you have great experience “using” the keon, you being a woman and all…?

Jane Louis November 16, 2021 - 6:51 am

Hello Alex, sorry for the confusion! Articles about male sex toys are either tested and written by my male friends. Or they test the toys and tell me their feedback, and I then write the reviews based on what they shared.


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