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LELO ENIGMA Review: A Good Dual Massager?

by Jane Louis
lelo enigma review

Dual massager sex toys are quickly becoming a favorite amongst women for intense pleasure.

Massagers for both the clitoris and G-Spot are a fantasy come true, as these are the most sensitive areas that provide satisfying orgasms.

Enter the Lelo Enigma—a powerful vibrator that provides dual stimulation to the clitoris and G-Spot using advanced technology.

Let’s dive into the Lelo Enigma’s key features, how to use it, our experiences in detail, and pros and cons.

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Most Flexible Dual Vibe

ENIGMA is the most sensual dual-action massager ever created. Its unique design and ultra powerful stimulation will internally and externally stimulate all the right places for an incredible experience.

What is Lelo Enigma?

If someone asked me what the Lelo Enigma is, I'd have to say it's an advanced dual massager that might look simple but has the technology you need to achieve true satisfaction. 

Dual stimulation means I can both insert the massager and enjoy clit stimulation (and the latter hands-free).

Eight vibration patterns plus sonic wave tech means I have options ranging from light and teasing to hard and intense.

At the same time, I can't call it "rough" because the toy is smooth, flexible, and just the right size for fun that really fits my body.

So, don't you want to know more?

Lelo Enigma package

Key Features of Lelo Enigma

The Lelo Enigma presents aspects that make it unique, such as dual stimulation, multiple vibrations/pulsations, discreet-friendly, waterproof, and ample design.

Read on to find out more about these essential features in-depth.

1. Easy Ergonomic Design

The Lelo Enigma presents a unique design for its dual stimulator action.

For instance, the shape ensures optimal penetration to reach the G-Spot while pleasuring the clitoris by controlling the super flexible neck.

The material of Enigma involves top-notch silicone that is body-safe, smooth, and easy to clean.

The product is lightweight at around .43 lbs (195g). The insertable length is about 5.5 inches (13.9 cm), which is beginner-friendly.  

Lelo Enigma size

Overall, the design conforms to my body to pleasure the two most sensitive areas that offer mind-blowing orgasms, without any awkward reaching around or repositioning.

2. Quiet or Noise?

The Lelo Enigma presents discreet-play because of its easy-to-use 3-button interface.

Once the G-Spot vibrator begins, it’s not so loud that anyone outside my room can hear it. 

I can't say I'm a fan of the fact that the clit suction doesn't turn off independently, because although the feature really makes my toes curl, it adds a little bit more noise overall.

Lelo Enigma noise

3. Strong Vibration for G-spot

The Enigma embraces eight vibration modes to fit your mood.

It ranges from a murmur to intense pulsating action, so I can pick a setting that's as hard or gentle as I want.

The G-Spot vibrator part of the design facilitates the pulses the most, as the clit suction also intensifies.

While some people might say the Enigma is ideal for foreplay, the strength of the vibration says otherwise.

If you're like me, you might get a bit carried away before your partner is ready, which may or may not be a good thing.

My Demo Video of Enigma:

(You will have to watch it on Youtube because sex toy demo is considered as adult content)

4. Pulsing Sonic Waves for Clit

LELO says the sonic waves on the Enigma offer a "fluttering" sensation, and I'd have to agree.

The sonic waves use air pressure to create vibration, which isn't something I've ever tried on a vibrator before.

That, paired with the super-strong vibration, really does create an orgasm that's really intense. 

You might think it's funny when Lelo says the Enigma will make you "think you've left this planet," but the varied sensations make for the kind of climax every woman dreams of.

Lelo Enigma & sona 2

5. Super Flexible Neck

The neck of Enigma offers optimal flexibility to experience pleasure at any angle with comfort. And it beats all other dual massager in the market.

I am dearly impressed!

Lelo Enigma flexible

6. Unique Dual Stimulation

The dual stimulator mechanism from the Lelo Enigma involves patented technology for an unforgettable experience using waves and the silicone design.

Its SenSonic technology allows for sonic waves to stimulate the clitoris and the area around it without touching it.

The touchless clit stimulation combined with a vibrating insertion hitting the G-Spot results is honestly the sensation I (and probably every other woman) am after.

Plus, each sonic wave is absorbed into the silicone, pulsating back onto the toy for more stimulation during penetration. This is one toy that doesn't leave me asking, that's it?

How to Use Lelo Enigma?

Enigma embraces a three-button interface. This is the same for most of the Lelo toys such as Soraya Wave, Ora 3 and Sila.

Lelo Enigma control button
  • To turn on the toy, simply press the "+" button.
  • To increase/decrease the stimulation strength, long press or tap on "+" and "-" buttons.
  • Press "()" button to switch between the 8 vibration patterns.
  • To turn off the toy, please press and hold the "()" button.
  • To lock/unlock the toy, press and hold the "+" and "–" buttons together for 3s until the light turns on.

Note: You CAN'T control the clit airwave and the G-spot vibration separately. They will be turned on/off simultaneously.

The Lelo Enigma is relatively easy to use and probably the best for solo play.

Although couples can enjoy this toy for foreplay, too, I'd say it's not the absolute best for couples.

Solo Play

I like to use the Enigma on my back so I can relax and allow the toy to hit my G-Spot and reach the clitoris simultaneously.

I vary the vibration settings depending on how frisky I feel, but the strength of the vibration means I can get carried away if I feel like it.

The toy is manageable with one hand because of the ergonomic design, not to mention the touch-free clit stimulation.

Basically, I have a hand free to explore elsewhere while the Enigma is working away.

The Enigma is also easy to use while lying on your stomach, though I've found my wrist can sometimes get tired if I need to reposition my toy.

lelo enigma solo play

Couple Play

This Enigma toy gets the juices flowing with its powerful vibrator and clit suction.

I like it for foreplay with my partner, but we use the lowest setting to get things started. 

You can increase the vibration a notch as the moment gets heated, but let's be honest, it could get too heated. 

Which could be fun, but let's just say, don't underestimate the power of the Enigma to get you closer to the edge than your partner.

How to Charge?

It's recommended to charge the ENIGMA for up to 2 hours before the first use. 

Charging the Enigma is the super simple. Just insert the DC plug into the DC port at the base of your ENIGMA and insert the main plug into a USB port. Voila!

The LED will flash when the toy is in charging mode. When the Enigma is fully charged, the LED will emit a steady pinky glow.

Lelo Enigma charging

Packaging & What's in the Box?

LELO never disappoints me when it comes to packaging and shipping. The toy arrived in less than 3 days, discreetly. 

Upon opening the beautiful box, I was presented with the following things:

Lelo Enigma unbox
  • LELO Enigma Dual Massager
  • USB-Charging Cable
  • High Quality Satin Storage Bag
  • Warranty Card
  • Instruction Manuals

My Experience with Lelo Enigma

In my experience, the Lelo Enigma provides intense orgasms with minimal effort because of its dual stimulation.

Operating the Enigma is easy, as it unlocks by pressing the plus and minus simultaneously after it’s charged.

Applying a water-based lube was helpful, as the silicone felt kind of tight upon insertion.

While the surface is smooth, there needs to be more lubrication for more comfort.

Luckily, the silicone design does minimize friction once you get going.

As the Enigma is penetrating, I can feel those G-Spot shaft vibrations that Lelo likes to talk about.

The clit suction was louder and got higher as the mode increased, but really, at that point, I didn't care about a bit more noise.

The combination of the pulses surrounding the vulva and clitoris made me feel more sensitive all over.

I really liked the pulsating, which the Enigma boasts about as hitting the G-Spot with each stroke, but the clitoris stimulation is really what turned things up a notch for me.  

Lelo Enigma waterproof

I think if you’re someone who cannot orgasm without clitoral stimulation, this toy is a great fit.

You might want to use it to heat things up before getting intimate with your partner, but it's not going to be great for use during oral sex because of the sonic wave action.

Sure, the sonic wave function allows for touchless clit stimulation, but you probably don't want your tongue anywhere near that. 

The dual massager mechanism also sets this toy apart from the rest, as the G-Spot vibration also helps women who can only orgasm through penetration (or those like me who can really climax with either but want the dual sensations). 

Lelo Enigma design

Beautiful gradient color!

While the 5.5 inches and Enigma’s girth is great for beginners looking to explore, those who are experienced and want more size may not enjoy this product.

At the same time, the dual massaging features aren't something you'll find on a bigger toy.

Enigma vs Enigma Cruise

Lelo launched Enigma Cruise in 2022, and you might be wondering how it differs from the original Enigma.

Lelo Enigma vs Enigma Cruise

To be honest, these two products share exactly the same look and feel.

The only difference between the Enigma and its Cruise version lies in the added "Cruise Control" function. 

The Cruise Control feature ensures no power drop when you press the clit mouth against your body. By achieving that, LELO added a 20% power booster to the toy.

There is only a tiny price difference between these two models, especially when they are on sale. 

Lelo Enigma vs Sona vs Soraya (My Experience Shared)

The design of the Enigma was inspired by the SONA models as this is one of Lelo's bestseller.

By saying that, I mean the clit stimulation part of the Enigma should feel very similar to the SONA series.

To be more specific, both the air wave intensity and the noise level are very similar to Sona 2.

Besides, the mouth on Enigma is almost the same as on SONA 2.

The minor difference is that Enigma have a slightly smaller clitoral mouth for a more focused vibration when performing the external stimulation simultaneously to the internal stimulations. 

Lelo Sona vs Enigma

A suction sensation is possible when the mouth of the device is closed and a vacuum is formed.

So, if you use the device in a way that will close off the entire mouth and form a vacuum, you should experience Suction with the Enigma, just as with Sona 2.

What about the power then?

The Enigma models are slightly less intense motor-wise than the SONA models, which are some of LELO's strongest items. 

Don't get me wrong. That doesn't mean Enigma is less intense.

As the Enigma and Enigma Cruise have the G-spot stimulator, they offer a different sensation with vibrations both externally and internally that may still feel more intense for users who prefer dual stimulation. 

Due to the insertable arm, there is a limit on how the device can be used: once the G-spot arm is inserted, the clitoral stimulator will have less adjustability based on your anatomy.

The SONA models don't have an internal arm so they can be moved more freely to find the exact spot that works for you.

At this point, you might be wondering whether to get the Enigma or simply get a Sona?

I can't claim either of these items is better as they highly depend on personal preference, but I can suggest going with either of the Enigma models if you're interested in dual stimulation.

If you're more interested in intense clitoral stimulation, the SONA 2 models may be a better choice.

Lelo Enigma vs Sona 2 vs Soraya 2

Left to right: Soraya 2, Enigma & Sona 2

As mentioned, Enigma is designed for both clitoral and internal stimulation and the G-spot part is inspired by the iconic Lelo Soraya (More specifically, the Soraya 2).

The G-spot vibraiton should be similar to the Soraya 2 intensity, but it does offer a slightly different sensation because of the different curved design and the different external stimulation.

Besides, the insertable length for Enigma is 140 mm / 5.5 in, which is shorter and slightly less girthy than the Soraya 2.

Lelo Enigma & soraya 2

Up to down: Soraya 2 and Enigma

I've used Sona 2, Soraya 2 and Enigma. In my opinion, toys like the Lelo Sona 2 provide clitoral stimulation, which sure, I can appreciate.

But sometimes I want penetration, which that toy does not provide. The Soraya 2 was more fulfilling as it is a rabbit vibe that stimulates the clitoris and G-Spot.

But the focus is more on the G-spot side, which is not really the same way the Enigma does.

But I do think the G-spot tech on the Soraya 2 is more accurate than the Enigma.

However, the sonic waves from the Enigma are very intense, which compensated the slightly weak G-spot stimulation and garantees a mind-blowing orgasm. 

Lelo Enigma vs Womanizer Duo (My Experience Shared)

I was holding the Enigma in my hand, appreciating its futuristic design. Meanwhile, in my head, I was thinking whether the design was inspired a toy called Womanizer Duo, which was a dual massager that was launched 2019. 

At that time, there was no such sex toy that combines clit suction and G-spot vibration and Womanizer was a pioneer to come up with the toy. 

At that time, I was impressed by the innovation and the sensation from the Duo. And Lelo's new launch (Enigma) reminded me of the Duo.

So, I took that toy out to compare and see whether one performs better. 

womanizer duo unbox present

Read a detailed Womanizer Duo Review

The G-spot vibrations are quite similar. Both Duo and Enigma have a not-so-girth G-spot shaft and both of the toys deliver pretty rumble vibrations. 

The clit stimulation from Duo is intense yet gentle, which in my opinion is better than the Enigma. Sometimes, Lelo's sonic wave clit stimulation can be too aggressive

However, the Enigma is so much more flexible than the Duo, which is a big plus!

Thanks to the flexibility, I think most women can find a good angle to stimulate G-spot and clit at the same time. As for Duo, it has more restriction regarding the anatomy. 

So, if you are looking for a suction + vibration toy, I think Enigma is the best option in the market for now.

But for women who have a sensitive clit and still want to try this type of toy, I think Womanizer Duo can be a better option. 

Review Summary



Average Score

Design & Features (rechargable, waterproof, etc.)











  • Size suitable for beginners
  • Smooth body-safe silicone material
  • Easy to clean
  • Rumbly vibration for G-spot 
  • Intense suction for Clit
  • Ergonomic design with a flexible neck
  • Waterproof for the shower and bath
  • Patented SenSonic technology


  • Girth may be too small for some
  • Pricey

Where to Buy Enigma or Enigma Cruise?

Most of online sex toy shops don't have Enigma or Enigma Cruise in stock now. So, your best shot will be getting it at LELO's official shop

However, I do suggest you to check reliable retailer such as Lovehoney and Shevibe, as they sometimes offer better discount. 

Final Thoughts

The Lelo Enigma is a dual massager that provides a pleasurable experience with its clit stimulator and G-Spot vibrator.

I found that it served my solo pleasuring needs, so I'd wholeheartedly recommend it to all the ladies who want dual stimulation and maybe don't want to involve a partner, or those who need a more intense (and more frequent) climax on their own.

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Dane August 27, 2023 - 4:39 pm

Question: because the enigma is so flexible, can you use just the sonic part at times, and not have to insert the vibrating section?

Jane Louis August 27, 2023 - 5:55 pm

Yes, you can! 🙂


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