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LELO IDA Review: Don’t Buy This Lame Toy!

by Jane Louis
lelo ida review

I am holding LELO IDA at hand now and feeling confused. This is a toy I bought totally out of curiosity. It caught my eyes due to its unique appearance and concept and it was promoted as a best seller in LELO’s official website. Actually, I got this toy even before I started this review blog.

LELO has been one of the most popular sex toy brands around. It was launched in 2003 and continues to make waves in the sex industry since then. Their hugely popular Ida toy has a range of fantastic features and is loved by men and women alike (at least that’s what they claimed in the advertisement).

This toy supposes to be a prototype of a new age sex toy, claims to be the world’s first ever couple’s vibrator that comes with a dual functionality that assists in the process of lovemaking. The dual functions include that the vibrator rotates and is remote-controlled.

But Did LELO Ida work for me? It’s hard to say. I used it solely, stimulating my G-spot and clit. I used it with my partner while he was doing the penetration. I also used it as an anal massager. I have truly mixed feelings after trying it everywhere in my body. Let me tell you more in this review.

Want to make sure you don’t get counterfeit products and get good customer service? DO NOT purchase any sex toy from Amazon or eBay. I strongly recommend that you order only from reliable retailers or official stores, like the ones mentioned in this post. Enjoy! 😃

NOTE: LELO site sometimes offers good discounts (can be 20% off or more). I’m not sure how long the promotions last, so if you’re considering purchasing a toy or two, You should really check out the available promotions on the official site.

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lelo ida warranty

Simply put, LELO Ida is made of two pieces, the Ida massager and the remote control.

The Ida massager is a sex toy designed to be worn by women in order to help both them and their partner to have more fun in the bedroom.

It’s a remote-controlled vibrator and has been featured in a number of high-profile magazines. Designed specifically for couples, the sex toy is sensual, sexy and claims to display the ultimate expression of indulgence.

In theory, the rotational feature makes it a better product among many others aiming to give similar benefits. The internal rotation is integrated into the device to such an extent that it places utmost attention on the G-spot, which should be not only exciting to the women, but to their men as well in terms of the affected derivation of pleasure.

The vibrations are provided externally and are highly powerful in nature. It makes way for the effective stimulation of the clitoris, which can engage the partners to step into a higher state of action and involvement.

The product claims to assure that both the partners achieve their climaxes in unison. Therefore, it allows no more for anyone to miss out on achieving the state of total relaxation.


Remote Controlled

Remote controlled vibrators are becoming hugely popular as they provide fuss-free fun. The Lelo Ida comes with a wireless remote control which saves fumbling around to change the setting. Instead, get it in and get on with it!

The remote control allows you to explore sensations with no interruptions, while also allowing you to surrender control to your partner – something many people love.

One special function of this toy is that when you shake your remote control, the Ida massager will vibrate. The faster you shake the remote control, the stronger the massager will vibrate. This is quite fun to play with.

Vibration and Rotation

The LELO Ida not only vibrates, it also rotates! And that’s what makes this toy special. While many vibrators are designed solely for one partner, and not both, LELO Ida brings intense pleasure to both of you – allowing your partner to enter you and enjoy the sensation while it’s inside you.

The Ida will tease both your G-Spot and his length at the same time so no one is left out. It’s designed for couples and when it comes to pleasure, it certainly is important to have two parties to be satisfied.

I personally think this toy is fairly anatomy-based and it can’t really fit all type of body. As a woman who has rather a tight vagina, I found it’s difficult to have Ida comfortably stay inside while doing penetrative sex with my partner.

Soft and Flexible

This vibrator is soft and flexible and it supposes to provide intimate satisfaction no matter what kind of body shape you or your partner have.

The surface of the Ida indeed is silky smooth and it comes with a slender arm that is stretchable to a wide range of angle. The bendable feature complements your curves, making it easy to use and easy to insert. Make sure to apply a generous amount of lubricant on the insertable arm, this can make the inserting a lot more smooth. 

8 Pleasure Settings

This sex toy has not one, not two but eight pleasure settings! Choosing from these eight settings means you can go with what best suits your mood – whether that’s fast and fiery or slow and sensual. No matter how you’re feeling, the toy will have a setting to suit you so you’ll always find that sweet spot.

Fully Waterproof

If shower sex is your thing, the LELO Ida can give you that whole experience. It’s fully waterproof which means it can be used in either the bath or shower which means, if you’re on your own, it can make that Sunday night hair wash a little more appealing!

Being waterproof also makes it far easier to clean and more hygienic. It can be cleaned thoroughly after each use with no worry of water damage.

Not-Silent Vibrations

Loud vibrators might be fun because they add in the fear of getting caught, but they’re not hugely practical or good at saving you from those awkward moments! The LELO Ida claims to have maximum 50db of noise.

I am not sure how this is measured, but I personally found the toy is louder than expected. The vibration is not strong enough to my stand, especially when compared to LELO Soraya, which is quieter and stronger in vibration.

Rechargeable Battery? Not Fully

The Ida Couples Massager is fully rechargeable but the remote control requires 2-AAA rechargeable batteries. I was really surprised to find out that. Why would a company still use no-rechargeable battery nowadays? It’s just so inconvenient and not environmentally friendly.


lelo ida sensemotion mode

The toy has two parts to it: The Ida massager and the remote that controls it. Wherein the massager is to be worn by women, the remote control has a unique feature of sensing motion technology which can be tilted in termed of positioning, inducing a newer set of vibration patterns.

For example, the faster you shake the remote control, the more intense it will be for the Ida Massager.

Besides, It provides a total of 8 sets of vibration patterns, out of which 6 are in the standard format and 2 that are motion-sensitive. You can control the Ida Massager either with the remote control or click the button on the Massager itself.

There is only one button on the massager, which means you need to cycle the click in order to find the program you like. However, there are 3 buttons on the remote control. They are ‘+, ‘()’, and ‘-‘. You can easily switch between programmes through the remote control.

To charge the Ida massager, simply insert the plug into the charging port and wait for 2 hours. Please note that the intensity can decrease when there’s not enough battery, that’s a sign indicating it’s time to recharge the toy.

lelo ida battery


When you purchase the LELO Ida you will receive an Ida Couples Massager and wireless remote control. There is also a USB charging cord as well as a satin storage pouch and a warranty registration card.

Besides, there’s a detailed instruction manual as well as 2xAAA Batteries for the remote. That’s all you need to get started, just charge it up and you’re ready to go!

lelo ida box


A look into the customer reviews regarding the LELO Ida really gives you an idea about its utility, durability, benefits, drawbacks and much more. Most of the customers suggested that the feeling can differ based on a couple’s individual preferences, their build, body anatomy and some such.

Some percentage of people said that it was a bit painful upon attempted usage of the product. Also, that the vibrations are a bit on the louder side and so a constant hum may be present while you are in the midst of achieving a high state of pleasure.

Personally, I also feel it’s painful to use LELO Ida during penetrative sex. This toy just doesn’t work for me. Instead of stimulating my clit, the flat round part of the toy really blocks the way. And my vagina found it was too challenging to include both the arm of Ida massager and my partner’s penis.

My partner also doesn’t like how it stimulates his penis. He said it was irritating and bothering. 

However,  I do like using this toy for solo play, for both front and back use.

Vagina-wise, I like to keep Ida rotating and vibrating at the same time while stimulating my clit with my LELO Lily 2.  The arm of Ida doesn’t really hit my G-spot that well, but the amazing thing about using the two toys together is that Ida provides me intense vaginal experience, Lily 2 provides intense clit experience, and these two toys don’t steal the thunder from each other.

Anal-wise, it’s really safe to use and adds a new level of sensation. The flexible yet firm silicone makes it really smooth to insert Ida. I only want mild things for my back side of the hole and Ida does the job. And it’s quite a special sensation when Ida starts to rotate.

Besides, I found it’s quite interesting to control the Ida massager by shaking hands. Basically, the more you shake the remote control, the faster Ida will vibrate.

lelo ida couple


👉🏻Click here to buy Lelo Ida now! (Official Store) 


This toy indeed included some interesting concepts, but I don’t use it that much as the remote control requires 2 AAA batteries. I feel guilty using non-chargeable batteries due to its damage to the environment.

If you do want to try this toy, don’t expect too much for couple play because this doesn’t fit many people’s anatomy. But LELO Ida does the job well for solo play, no matter for vaginal or anal stimulation.

Besides, while the LELO Ida is loved by some people, it currently doesn’t have the reputation of some of Lelo’s other vibrators and toys.

So, for me, LELO Ida is more like an experimental toy instead of a pleasure-guaranteed toy.

You can read more reviews and find more information about Lelo Ida at Lelo’s official website.

signature Jane L

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