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LELO LILY 2 Review: What a Powerful Bullet!

by Jane Louis
Lelo lily2 review

There are plenty of portable-sized vibrators in the market and many of them are powerful to use and comfortable to hold. What I found special and interesting about LELO Lily 2 is that this powerful bullet vibrator not only gives a great physical touch but it is also infused with a pleasant scent.

Depending on the colors you choose, It has 3 different scents. The light purple one for Lavender and Manuka Honey smell, the pink one for Rose and Wisteria smell, and the dark purple one for Bordeaux and Chocolate smell.

Let me more about Lily 2 with you in this detailed review.


Lelo Lily 2 is a portable and delicately scented vibrator. Yes, you heard me correctly! It’s scented, like a candle. Besides, it embraces strong vibration and a silky surface that ensures premium experience no matter for solo or partnered play. Lily 2 is also 100% waterproof and USB rechargeable, which means you can enjoy this little magical thing in any country, without worrying about voltage issues.

Lelo lily2 colors


Design (Small, Light, and Portable)

Lily 2 is a lot smaller than most of the bullet vibrators in the market. It measures 2.9 x 1.4 x 1 inches / 75 x 36 x 25 mm. Its almost pebble-like shape makes it really easy to hold and use and it only weighs 1.5oz / 42g (To be honest, this is the lightest vibrator I’ve ever owned).

While the toy itself is incredibly smooth and manages to feel somewhat silky, you’d be forgiven for thinking that it was made from silicone. However, it’s actually made from ABS plastic, which of course is another 100% body-safe material.

Besides, there are three lovely colors you can choose from: lavender, pink and plum. And each color links to a specific scent.

The Only Scented Vibrator in the Market

When I opened the box, I was hit by a rather strong scented smell. As I got the plum Lily 2, the toy is in Bordeaux & Chocolat scent. I tend to associate the smell of chocolate to my husband because he got me a box of Ferrero Rocher on the first date. We did 5 years of long-distance dating before we actually settled down. Every year when we celebrated our anniversary, there’s always a box of Ferrero Rocher. That’s why chocolate smell brings me so many great memory and all these romantic moments with my husbands.

The sad part is that the scent doesn’t last that long. After frequently use it for one month, the scents got very subtle and I have to really put the Lily 2 under my nose in order to sense the Bordeaux +chocolate smell. To make up for that, every time I use Lily 2 to do foreplay, I also light up a chocolate flavored candle.

I know this sounds a bit bizarre, but I just like it this way ;).

Lelo lily2 chocolate wine

Pinpointing and Strong Vibrations

When it comes to vibrators, I am a power queen. Only super strong and rumbly vibrators like We-Vibe Tango, We-Vibe Rave and JimmyJane Form 2 can lead me to an orgasm. So, I didn’t expect too much from this tiny bullet vibe, but it surprised me, positively!

As such as tiny bullet vibe, Lily 2 surprisingly provides quite strong vibrations. I generally use the lower speed during foreplay or when my clit is too sore to take any strong vibrations. And then turn to the stronger modes when I’m closer to the orgasm. No matter in low or high speed, the vibrations from Lily 2 always have a slight rumble undertone. I love this part!

Thanks to the shape, this toy actually manage to produce pinpointing vibrations. With the pinpointing head and the rumbly vibration, I can’t ask for more from this product.

Lelo lily 2 pinpointing head


Lily 2 is fully waterproof. You can bring it with you to your bathtub or a swimming pool and submerge it fully in the water. Go on, be creative and have some wet fun with the Lily 2!

Travel Lock

Any experience about accidentally turning on your sex toy in public and pretend that it was not you? I had this embarrassing moment and never want to go back there. The Lily 2 has a lock function, which makes this toy travel-friendly as it ensures your toy to stay quiet in your bag or suitcase when not in use. I think all sex toys should have lock function. It helps to avoid many awkward situations.


This is a rather quiet toy. The vibration sound is rather light and it doesn’t produce much noise even on the highest setting. This makes the Lily 2 a great toy to play with even if there’s a roommate next door or in public.


Lily 2 is very easy to use. There are only 2 buttons on this toy. Simple press RIGHT button to turn on the toy. You can increase the vibration strength by holding the right button. You can turn the toy off or decrease the vibration strength by holding LEFT button.

I usually like to keep the vibration continuously on, but if vibration patterns are your thing, you may hold the RIGHT button for 3 seconds to activate the pattern mode. To go back to the continuous vibration mode, just hold the LEFT button for 3 seconds.

Lelo Lily 2 button

Besides, you can lock/unlock the Lily 2 by holding RIGHT and LEFT buttons together for 5 seconds. There’s a light indicator to show you whether the toy is locked or unlocked.

It takes around 2 hours to fully charge this toy. During charging time, the light on Lily 2 will pulsate. When it’s fully charged, the light will emit a steady glow. To my experience, you can use the toy for around 5 hours after each full charge. 

A visual instruction is always clearer than a booklet manual, so please see the below video regarding how to use Lily 2:


As usual, I was impressed by LELO’s packaging. I’ve yet to be disappointed by LELO’s packaging, and I was even more impressed with the packaging for the LELO Lily 2. I really liked the little window in the box, it managed to make the toy look even more stylish and luxurious.

I know, I know – the packaging isn’t everything, it’s the toy that matters. However, personally, I can’t stand badly designed boxes. I like unwrapping pretty things. It’s just the way I am.

Packaging is always going to be my first impression of the toy, and that matters.

Inside the box, you’ll find the LELO Lily 2, a USB charging device, a warranty card, a user manual, and a satin pouch. The pouch is big enough to store both the cable in and the vibrator if you don’t want to keep the box.

Besides, Lily 2 comes with a 1-year warranty and a10-year quality guarantee.

Lelo lily 2 box


It’s really easy to clean Lily 2 as it is fully waterproof. Simply wash it with soapy warm water before the first use and after each use. Ensure that you rinse the device thoroughly and dry it afterward. Or you can clean it with sex toy cleaner.

If you would like to apply lube while using this toy, make sure only use water-based lube, otherwise, the silicone surface of the toy can be irreversibly damaged.


As mentioned before, I pay great attention to olfactory sensation during sex. Actually, I can be attracted by men who carry pleasant scents. It may just be me, but that explains why I am really excited about this toy.

Many reviewers don’t like the fact that this toy comes with a scent. Personally, I do like this add-on, especially that the scent from Lily 2 is actually quite pleasant :).

Scents might not be so important for some women during sex, but it definitely plays a big role for me as I rely a lot on olfactory sensation during sex.

Imagine this, you are blind-folded with your partner’s tie. He asks you to sit straight on a wooden chair. Your hands are bonded and attached to the back of the chair so that you barely can move…

He puts the vibrator right next to your cheek. The softness and the smoothness of the vibrator touch your skin. You sensed it’s the Lily 2 because of the delightful chocolate scent. He then slowly slides the vibrator down… It passes your chest, hovered around your nipples, then it moves down all the way to your labia.

He switches the Lily 2 on right next to your clit. Your body shakes and you ask him to make it vibrate on your clit. It feels divine when the vibrator touches your clit. It’s like you can still smell the alluring chocolate scent despite that the vibrator has moved all the way down there…

I am definitely turned on by something like that. In fact, I can’t stand not reaching out for my LELO LILY 2 just by imagining all this … 😉

I’m quite lucky because my partner really spend time doing foreplay and LELO LILY 2 has been one of his favorite toys to tease me up. The Lily 2 has 10 different speed settings to choose from and the variety helps to extend the foreplay time.

One thing I must point out is that the vibration from Lily 2 is surprisingly strong and rumbly. To be honest, I didn’t put too much hope for the vibe strength as it is such a small vibe. This tiny magical bullet really surpassed my expectation and it’s intense enough to make them come a few times in a row.

I know Lily 2 is just an external vibrator, but I do like to use it internally as an egg vibrator. It is not recommended to do that, for safety reasons. But saying that the slightly curved shape make Lily 2 a great internal vibrator for me. The pinpointing head really does a good job in my vagina ;).

Despite all the things I adore about this toy, there’re two things I am not a big fan of. Due to the small size and the strong vibration, my hand will get numb every time after using the Lily 2.

Sometimes, the toy even slips from my hand due to while vibrating. Besides, the buttons are rather small to find and to press, especially if you are using it in a low-light situation.


👉🏻Click here to learn more or order Lelo Lily 2 now (Official Site)!


The LELO Lily 2 is a very well-made and super light and portable! 

The vibration is intense and strong enough for most women! You are recommended to use the mild mode for foreplay and the intense mode for masturbation.

Besides, Lily 2 is designed for those of you who like to stimulate olfactory sensation during sex. It’s also a great toy to bring during bath as it’s fully waterproof.

Time to light some candles and take Lily 2 for a soothing ride ;). See you later!

You can read more reviews and find more information about Lily 2 at Lelo’s official website.

signature Jane L

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Murat July 31, 2023 - 4:34 pm

Hi, Can Lilly 2 be used by a male on premium, balls, and maybe even anus?

Jane Louis August 12, 2023 - 2:52 am

Hello Murat, It’s possible. But I find it not that effective on men until they are really into pinpointing vibration.
Btw, Lily 3 is already available. You might want to check that out.


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