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Lelo Lily 3 Review: Is This Clit Vibe Worth Buying?

by Jane Louis
Lelo Lily 3 review

For its 20th anniversary, the sexual-wellness brand LELO has launched the new LELO Lily 3 personal clit vibrator that has taken the market by storm.

I found this portable and stylish vibrator to be a game-changer, perfect for sprucing self-love or sensual adventure with my partner.

Continue reading to learn more about LELO Lily 3 and why I think it's one of the best mini vibrators to slay your intense sensation monster!

What Is LELO Lily 3?

Lelo Lily 3 vibrator

A 2023 debutant, LELO Lily 3 is the third generation of the coveted Lily series by LELO. It's discrete, palm-sized clitoral vibrator that elevates women's passionate journeys.

Despite its discreet appearance, the Lily 3 stands out for its powerful vibration and quiet operation – you don't want to interrupt other people with your sensual adventure.

Lily 3 comes with a whopping ten vibration patterns! I was dazzled by the adjustable intensity settings on the vibration patterns, which allowed me to customize my stimulation experience to my preferences.

Key Features of LELO Lily 3

Before diving deep into what I liked about the LELO Lily 3, look at the standout features of the mini vibratory.

Here are the key aspects that make this personal massager popular among women looking for orgasmic clitoral stimulation:

1. Light Weighted and Smooth Surface for Portability

The Lily 3 has a discrete and lightweight design, at 39 x 34 x 74 mm (1.5 x 1.3 x 2.9 in) and weighing only 45g (1.6 oz), making it perfect for women who travel frequently and value privacy.

Also, this vibrator is made with body-safe silicone, giving it a smooth surface that's super easy to clean and safe to use.

Lelo Lily 3 small strong

2. Strong Vibration for Intense Stimulation and Pleasure

A clitoral vibrator is all about the intensity of the vibration! The LELO Lily 3 boasts a strong vibration for increased stimulation and intense pleasure.

The power of the vibration is adjustable to personal preference, with ten different vibration patterns. You can choose from a teasing murmur to a satisfying pulse to meet your desired stimulation level.

3. 100% Waterproof for Use in Shower or Bathtub

The silicone design on the LELO Lily 3 is 100% waterproof to IPX7 standards.

So, they toy is fully submersible and you can extend your orgasmic adventures in the bathtub or the shower.

It also means easy to clean, whether you use soap and lukewarm water or the convenient LELO Toy Cleaner.

Lelo Lily 3 waterproof

4. Whisper-Quiet Operation For Discret Enjoyment

The LELO Lily 3 operates quietly, meaning you enjoy discreet yet sensual stimulation pleasure, even in shared spaces, without worrying about noise.

Besides, that is all sex toys represent; the ability to explore your sexual fantasies without needing another person's attention.

The Lily 3 is a button press away from brightening your dull alone time on long business trips and solo vacations.

5. Rechargeable Battery for Long Life

This personal massager comes with a rechargeable Li-Ion 3.7 V with a 300 mAh battery which takes up to two hours to charge.

Therefore, you can skip the hassle of halting your pleasure on unpredictable disposable batteries, making Lily 3 an environment-friendly option.

How To Use LELO Lily 3?

Lelo Lily 3 charging

Using the LELO Lily 3 is easy, even if you're trying self-pleasure exploration.

The toy arrives with some battery inside, but I still suggest to use the provided USB charging cord to completely charge the LELO Lily 3 before using it for the first time.

Like other sex toys, it's better to add a liberal lube to your LELO Lily 3 vibrator to minimize friction and discomfort and increase pleasure, especially if you have a sensitive clit.

Note that the lube must be water-based, and I recommend either either the LELO Personal Moisturizer or the high quality Sliquid lube for the smoothest experience.

  • Turn on the vibrator by holding the (+) button until it vibrates (make sure to unlock the toy before the first use).
  • Then, choose a vibration pattern that appeals to you using the (+) and (-) buttons to cycle through the options.
  • Place the vibrator's tip on your vulva and adjust the vibration intensity when necessary.

The pebble-shaped vibrator fits nicely over the vulva, and you may twist the narrower end to direct the vibrations in the most pleasurable direction.

Finding the right spot requires only a few minor tweaks; once you're there, settle in and let Lily 3 do what it does best - orgasmic stimulations!

Unbox and Packaging

Throughout the years, I ordered plenty of things from LELO and it does prioritize discreet and secure packaging to ensure customer privacy. Most of time, the shipping process was smooth and fast. 

LELO uses high-quality black cardboard, along with golden prints for the Lily 2 package, which reflect the premium nature of the toy. 

Upon opening the box, I found the following things:

Lelo Lily 3 unbox
  • Lily 3 bullet vibrator (with 10-year warranty)
  • Premium feeling black satin storage bag
  • USB charging cable
  • Lubricate sample
  • Warranty card 
  • Simple manual (no much are included in the manual, you will need to check the online manual for all the details)

My Experience With LELO Lily 3

I have tried various sex toys for a long time, but the Lily 3 bullet vibrator is a fresh breath of air in clitoral stimulation.

This vibrator turned me on from the word go, the packaging. The adage that great things come in small packages is evident on the LELO Lily 3, which I found smaller than most LELO sex toys I have used.

I quickly registered my vibrator online and activated the warranty and guarantee. Now I was getting ready to hit the gushing orgasms.

Lelo Lily 3 box

At first, I was eager to discover the secret addition to the Lily 3, having used its predecessor. Would it feel the same? Would I become insatiably addicted to the toy? I had to find out, so I applied the lube and took a plunge.

I was taken by surprise by the sheer power of this vibrator, considering its compact size. However, I found my sweet spot after a few tweaks and intensity adjustments.

Adjusting the intensity settings of the vibrator was pretty straightforward; the buttons are conveniently located near the vibrator's base and are easy to navigate.

Once you get a knack for your most preferred intensity, set it before you play.

However, the control buttons on the LELO Lily 3 could be tricky to operate once covered in lube, given its small size.

What I loved the most about the Lily 3 is its tongue shape that perfectly "hugs" the vulva, stimulating the sensual area below the clitoral hood to induce toe-curling orgasms!

I enjoy shifting the vibrator from side to side to create more rubbing. If you make these movements when your orgasmic spasms wane, you'll build another orgasm.

You can bid bye to the random one-night stands that leave you wondering when the next orgasm will occur with Lily 3.

Lelo Lily 3 size

I'd recommend this vibrator to any female looking to invest in their own pleasure and sexual wellness. Clitoral stimulation is vital to achieving your dreams.

I use this vibrator with my boyfriend, and it has changed our sex life, breaking the repetitive action.

I didn't find any significant downside to using the Lily 3, and it's worth every penny!

LELO Lily 3 vs LELO Lily 2

The Lily 3 and Lily 2 are popular vibrators in the same line, sharing various features. Both vibrators come with body-safe material that's non-toxic, and I find it easy to clean.

Also, Lily 3 and Lily 2 share exactly the same external design and are both 100% waterproof; I mean, who doesn't like an earth-shattering clitoral orgasm in the shower?

I loved the Lily's pointed design as it offers more focused stimulation, enabling me to find my glory spot precisely.

While the two high-quality vibrators share a manufacturer, they also differ. I noticed some minor differences when using Lily 3 and Lily 2.

Unlike Lily 2, Lily 3 is not scented and it offers new color options.

The charging duration is a noticeable difference between Lily 3 and Lily 2. The new update takes about two hours to charge, while the predecessor takes 2.5 hours.

While they don't charge for the same duration, both vibrators are still convenient.

I found the intensity on the Lily 3 to be more stimulating with ten adjustable settings, while the Lily 2 features eight intensity settings. 

However, please note that both toys share same vibration power. The only difference is that Lily 3 has 2 more patterns to choose from



Average Score

Design & Features (rechargable, waterproof, etc.)


viBRATION (strong enough considering its size)









  • High-quality material and smooth surface
  • Discreet in size
  • Rather quite while in operation
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Intuitive controls (2 buttons)
  • Travel lock included


  • Relatively expensive
  • Short battery life

Parting Shot

The LELO Lily 3 lives up to the hype. It justifies why LELO decided to launch the vibrator for its Platinum anniversary.

The massager is a perfect fit for first-time sensual explorers and seasoned sex toy users who've mastered the twists and turns of using a vibrator.

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