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LELO LUNA BEADS Review: Affordable, Simple and Effective

by Jane Louis
lelo luna beads review

Many women are silently dealing with problems resulting from weakened pelvic muscles, such as urinary tract incontinence. Strong pelvic muscles are very important, especially when it comes to providing much-needed support to the uterus, bladder, small intestines, and the rectum.

You can strengthen your pelvic muscles with Kegel exercises. A great way of doing Kegel exercises is by using LELO Luna Beads. These lightly weighted beads are useful in strengthening the pubococcygeus (PC) muscles that play a significant role in helping women achieve effortless and intense orgasms, along with reducing problems such as urine leakage.

Want to make sure you don’t get counterfeit products and get good customer service? DO NOT purchase any sex toy from Amazon or eBay. I strongly recommend that you order only from reliable retailers or official stores, like the ones mentioned in this post. Enjoy! 😃

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Luna Beads are products of LELO, a Swedish company that specializes in the design and manufacture of upmarket sex toys, massage accessories, and massage products. Luna Beads can be described as the modern version of the traditional Ben Wa balls, offering you discreet and prolonged pleasure as you go about your day. Many products out there claim to make Kegel exercising easier, but when it comes to safety, style and discretion, none of them come close to the groundbreaking Luna Beads.



Think of Luna Beads as a pocket-sized personal trainer for your pelvic floor. Some of its key features include:

1. The Design and Look

The Lelo Luna Beads are beautifully designed, and they definitely look the part. They come as a set of four interchangeable beads with one soft white silicone girdle. There are two 28g blush pink and two 37g powder blue beads.

Inside these innovative little beads are rubberized weighted balls. The beads themselves are simply just translucent spherical shells. They work by helping you develop increased resistance over time.

Everything about their design has clearly been carefully thought through. The different color beads help you differentiate the weight, their translucent color helps you clean them more easily by letting you spot anything on the surface, and the different weights give you the option of wearing 56grams, 65 grams or 74 grams at a go.

The fact that the actual weights move freely within the casing helps you get that much-needed feedback: when you can feel them moving around within you, you know they are getting the job done.

luna beads leash

2. The Sleeve and Secure Seal

Luna Beads are sealed through a process known as ultrasonic welding, which allows you to clean the beads thoroughly without having to worry about the beads trapping water or bacteria.

The girdle is made of silicon, which is completely body-safe, easy to clean and non-porous. Its main function is to combine the weights. It is stiff enough to let you pry the beads in and out of their harness with relative ease without them accidentally falling out.

3. A Withdrawal Cord

Two of the beads (one pink and one blue) have a withdrawal cord attached which you can use to remove the beads after use. You can confidently have a stress free work out session knowing that nothing will end up getting stuck in there, and you won’t have to try and pry them out with your fingers at the end of the day, or, God forbid, ask for some help getting them out.

luna beads ball

4. Convenience and Control

Unlike many other similar products, the Lelo Luna Beads hand you the reigns and give you complete control over how you want them to work for you. This feature has been ingrained in the design and is one of the things that makes the Luna Beads so unique.

Besides letting you customize the kind of weight you would like to exercise with, they also let you decide how intensive your kegel exercises should be. If you wear them out on a run, you will feel the weights moving around faster than if you go out walking. Your movement determines how much the weights move, and how much pressure is exerted on your pelvic muscles.

Finally, the little motions you feel even when sitting still can serve as gentle reminders to clench and unclench, and in the end, you may realize that you actually end up doing more kegel exercises voluntarily.

5. Noise Level While Using It

Even though the beads have tiny weights rolling around inside them, they are completely inaudible when inserted. The weights are rubberized to muffle the sound of their motion, making them super discreet. When you have them on, you are the only person in the world who will know they exist.

6. Different Bead Sizes

As mentioned earlier, each set comes with interchangeable weighted beads that can be combined to increase or decrease resistance depending on your preferences. You can also buy them in different sizes. The Luna Beads Classic size is more suitable for women who have undergone natural childbirth, whereas Luna Bead mini is more effective for smaller women who have not had a natural childbirth.

However, size preference is a personal choice. The mini comes in a 1.1-inch diameter, while the classic comes in a 1.4 diameter, Like all LELO products, Luna Beads feature the added peace of mind of being covered by a full one year warranty.

What Are the Major Differences among Luna Beads Classic, Luna Beads Mini and Luna Beads Noir?

Depends on your personal preferences, there are 3 Luna Beads products to choose from. The Luna Beads Classic is the version I got and all my reviews are fully focused on this product. The Luna Beads Mini is a smaller version, which looks just like the Classic version. The Luna Beads Noir is the version that only includes 2 beads instead of four. You may see below chart for details differences among these three versions:

MATERIALBody safe PC ABS/siliconeBody safe PC ABS/siliconeBody safe PC ABS/silicone
COLOR2 × Petal Pink
2 × Powder Blue
2 × Petal Pink
2 × Powder Blue
2 × Black
HARNESS SIZE3.5 × 1.4 × 0.6 in
(89 × 35 × 16 mm)
2.9 × 1.2 × 0.6 in
(73 × 31 × 15 mm)
2.9 × 1.2 × 0.6 in
(73 × 31 × 15 mm)
(In Diameter)
1.4 in
(35 mm)
1.1 in
(29 mm)
1.1 in
(29 mm)
WEIGHTS2 × 0.06 lb (28 g)
2 × 0.08 lb (37 g)
2 × 0.06 lb (28 g)
2 × 0.08 lb (37 g)
2 × 0.08 lb (37 g)

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If you are new to Kegel exercising, you may want to start off with a single pink bead. When you are wearing the beads, your movements cause the inner balls to roll around. This creates discrete vibrations which prompt your muscles to contract and relax while you go about your daily activities.

Remember, constant movement is what will spark off the kinetic vibrations, so, once you master the art of Kegel, you can wear them on a morning run, while you do your chores around the house, or on a walk.

As you get more comfortable, experiment by mixing and matching the Luna Beads to find your perfect weight combination. All you have to do is slip the beads into the silicone girdle and they are ready for use.

luna beads blue


So, how do you use LELO Luna Beads? Kegel balls are generally meant to be vaginally inserted. To insert them, lie down in a comfortable position. You may find lying spread-eagled works best, but it is often different for each woman.

Apply a water-based lubricant to the balls and your vaginal opening for easier insertion. Slowly and carefully, insert the balls. Push them as far back in your vagina as you are comfortable with, usually where your tampon would sit.

The withdrawal cord should hang outside your vagina, so be careful not to tuck it in with the beads to hold your Luna beads insert, slightly tighten your pelvic muscles, and go about your daily activities as normal. If you feel like the beads are slipping, you can discreetly push them deeper.

Different people experience varying intensities of sensations once the Luna Beads are in the vagina, but you can expect a generally tingly feeling that increases in intensity as you move about. The movement of the balls against your vagina walls coupled with the weight of the balls encourages your pelvic floor to clench automatically, generally strengthening the PC muscles.

insert luna beads


To remove the beads, you can slowly pull on the withdrawal cord until they slide out. You can do this while laying down, and if you have difficulty removing them apply a lubricant to your vaginal opening. After removal, it is a good idea to rinse the beads and the silicon girdle with clean warm water immediately. Be sure to separate the beads from the girdle and wash them individually with antibacterial soap.

How Long Should You Leave The Beads Inside?

It entirely depends on you when it comes to how long you should leave Luna Beads in your vagina. Keeping Luna Beads in your vagina for too long may overexert your pelvic floor muscle. An average of 6 hours should be enough, but this varies from woman to woman. If you are a total beginner, start with 20 minutes.

During the use, you shall NOT feel any discomfort. If experiencing pain or any discomfort, you may stop the exercise right away. If needed, you may consult with your gynecologist for advice on how to use Kegel balls without unintentionally hurting yourself.


Your order will arrive discreetly if you order from Lelo’s official website.  Lelo never disappoints me on their packaging and box design. Upon opening the box, you will find the following things:

  • Two 28g beads
  • Two 37g beads
  • Silicone Harness
  • Black Satin Storage Bag
  • Warranty Registration Card
  • Instruction Manual

luna beads unboxing


It is super easy to take care of this toy. After each use, you can simply wash it with warm soapy water and then store it nicely in the satin bag.

If you use lubricant while using the beads, I recommend only use a water-based lubricant. Other types of lubricants may damage the retraction leash as it’s made from silicone.


Have you ever laughed so hard you let out a bit of pee? I have. My boyfriend at the time was messing around with me and he tickled the pee out of me. It was very embarrassing, and although he laughed it off, I was completely horrified. It dawned on me right then that my pelvic muscles have never been that strong.

Fast forward to after the birth of my first kid. I love her to death but she really did a number on me down there. Even after I was completely healed, every now and then I would have pee accidents when I sneezed or laughed too hard. So I got up off my butt and took up kegel exercises, and I have never looked back.

I have been doing kegel exercises routinely for a few years now. You could say I’m kind of an expert on them. However, until I laid my hands on the Lelo Luna Beads, I always had to be conscious as whenever I exercised, clenching and unclenching my vagina rhythmically on an (almost) daily basis. Trust me when I say it gets boring fast. But with my Luna Beads, all I have to do is shove them up there and forget about them, going about my business as usual while all the work gets done for me. It’s actually quite liberating.

Having used them for quite a while now, I can confidently say that they work really well. A few pointers, though. From my experience, they can be really uncomfortable to insert while standing up. Lie down and they will slide in with ease. Also, you do feel the weights subtly moving around a bit when you are wearing them. It is not distracting, but it does take some getting used to. Finally, start with the two lighter beads if it is your first time, then work your way up to the heavier ones through one pink and one blue. Wearing two blues can be a little overwhelming, especially if your PC muscles have not been expecting any weight on them. 

One of the most common concerns of women using Luna Beads is using them while going to the bathroom. I have found that I can keep them in when I’m peeing, but this might not be your experience. If your PC muscles are not strong enough, I suggest removing the beads before using the toilet to avoid accidentally dropping them.

From my experience, the Lelo Luna Beads are a gift from the gods themselves. They really do work as advertised. Plus, when your pelvic muscles grow stronger, your orgasms become more intense. You get to have an easier time having an orgasm, and you can have more of them in close succession. And that is definitely something no one will complain about.

luna beads transparent view


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VERDICT: Looking For an Affordable, Simple and Effective Kegel Set?

The Lelo Luna Beads are quite impressive. I personally completely love them. These traditional style kegel balls have worked wonders for my nether regions. Plus, they look good, and the fact that you can have some fun switching around the balls and the weights makes them even more perfect.

I believe that they are one of the secrets every healthy woman should know about. It doesn’t matter whether you are young, old, single or attached. Get yourself some Lelo Luna Beads and kegel your way to all around better health, and longer, stronger, toe-curling orgasmic experiences while you are at it.

You can read more reviews and find more information about Luna Beads at Lelo’s official website.

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