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LELO MONA WAVE Review: Explore G-spot Differently

by Jane Louis
LELO Mona Wave review

I am sitting next to the window, looking at my new gift LELO Mona Wave and trying to come back from the amazing orgasm I just had. With the come-hither motion continuously hitting my G-spot, LELO Mona Wave is quite a non-ordinary G-spot vibrator. It’s not perfect, but it is definitely a GREAT TOY! Let me share with you my reviews on this toy.


Mona Wave a waterproof and rechargeable G-spot vibrator. It comes with two motions to explore your G-spot: vibrations and “come-hither” movements. This toy has a premium finish and the size of the toy is not intimidating even for beginners.


Texture and Design

The vibrator itself is lovely, the whole insertable part of it is covered with a glorious silky smooth silicone and the handle is made from ABS plastic. There is still a seam between the handle and the shaft, but it is very subtle.

Mona Wave has a curved tip and it comes with a come-hither motion (or you can call it the Wave motion), which means the upper part of the vibrator will move with a 30-degree angle, mimicking your finger movements when exploring G-spot.

LELO Mona Wave come-hither

The video below displays both LELO INA and LELO MONA WAVES. INA is a rabbit vibrator and MONA WAVES is G-spot vibrator. They both embrace the amazing “come-hither” motion. 

Find Your G-spot

Mona Wave is a G-spot vibrator. So, before diving in talking about the product, I want to mention a bit about the G-spot itself so that when you use the toy you can get the most amount of pleasure. Because that’s what it’s all about, right? 😉

Does G-spot exist? Yes, it does! (I myself also explored for so many years before actually finding the G-spot. It’s all about using the correct way to explore, G-spot does exist!)

Just like a belly button isn’t in the same exact place on any two people. Neither does G-spot. Generally speaking, G-spot is located on the frontal vaginal wall so that’s the belly button side of the vagina.


(picture from bodysculptor.com)

There’re actually three different types of G-spots and that’s why we see this huge diversity in how people enjoy getting off from G-spot stimulation. Some people have really sensitive g-spot, some people need a lot of pressure, some people need thrusting to stimulate the G-spot.

There’s no right or wrong way about how to simulate the G-spot as long as it feels good to YOU and you’re enjoying yourself.

The best way to find a G-spot would be to insert one or two fingers-they can be your own or others ;). And then make a come-hither signal to explore.

Tips on texture: Most of the vagina feels like the inside of your cheek, the G-spot has more texture to it so it’s gonna feel like the roof of your mouth

Curved Tips + Vibration + Come-hither Wave Motion

The exploration of G-spot can be done either by the fingers or through sex toys. I prefer using a sex toy because it assists me to explore a wider range and I won’t accidentally scrape my vaginal wall with the nails .

All G-spot toys have a curved tip. Because it is the curve that can do the magical job. LELO Mona Wave also has a curved bulbous rounded tip, but that’s not what makes it unique.

The amazing thing LELO did is that they took the come-hither motion and they put it into the Mona Wave toy for you. Thanks to this motion, this toy can give you something totally new and totally different and again a whole new way to play and enjoy yourself.

After all, that’s what toys are about – play, explore and enjoy!

LELO Mona Wave vibration

Four Different Ways to Use the Toy

The first is only use the come-hither wave motion, without turning on any vibration or anything else. I personally think this is the best way for beginners to seriously explore their G-spots.

The second would be to just use the vibration because that’s an option too. And that’s great for the nights when you’re not in the mood for the up-down. Or maybe you just want to use this on the clitoris because G-spot toys can be really firm to hold while doing clit stimulation.

One thing I would like to point out is that Mona Wave doesn’t really provide rumbly and powerful vibration. I think LELO lower the strength of vibration in order to accommodate the Wave motion. The vibration definitely is not enough for a power queen, but my friend who prefers gentle vibration said she really enjoyed the vibration MONA WAVE provided.

The third way is that you can use the toy both with the wave motion and the vibration. There is a bunch of different options to choose for vibrations.

The fourth way is to use the toy more like a dildo and just insert and thrust with it . This can be a really great way if you want to do some gentle G-spot exploration and have a little fun with it and figure out what works best for you.

All of these different ways to use it means you can take the time to play and explore. During the exploration, you can tell yourself, “hmm… I really like the come hither motion but I don’t really like it with the vibration as much” or “I really like to thrust with it”- whatever you are looking for.

Generally speaking, give yourself at least three times to try any new toy before you make a judgment about it. You most likely would need more than 3-time exploration if you are new to the G-spot field. Take your time and it’s worth it. Because sooner or later, you will have this “ohhh yes yes yes” moment ;).

LELO Mona Wave


Mona Wave is louder than most toys when it’s waving (not when it’s vibrating).  Not saying it’s louder than a wand, but it definitely is louder than most of the vibrators.

SO, the noise level of a toy is definitely something to think about – you have kids next door? any roommates? thin walls? Even if you say “no” to all these concern, you still need to ask yourself, “am I gonna get distracted by that mechanical whirring while I’m using this”.

If that’s gonna be an issue for you, probably the Mona Wave is not the best option. If not, then go for it and enjoy!

Other Features

  • Waterproof
  • Rechargeable
  • Instant stop function
  • ‘Remember’ function (this toys will start from where you left)


The shaft is white – and has a button in the center; There are five buttons in total, the circular button is solely to switch on and off the vibe, this is great! If you share a house and hear someone coming, you can just press it and it’ll instantly be turned off, woo! no more pressing and holding in for several seconds.

You do however have to hold the button in for 2 seconds to switch it on.  The up and down arrow go through the many different modes (10 in total), with the + and – button going through the different speeds.

The new settings on this also have a ‘remember’ function, so once you’ve found that perfect pattern and switch off the vibe, it will still be on that pattern once you turn it back on. A feature I particularly enjoyed, since there are so many settings! I’d hate to have to go through each one every time I use it, to find the one that works for me.

LELO Mona Wave control


It’s fairly easy to charge this toy, you just need to plug the cable into the power socket, voila! The LED will glow in red when the toy needs to be charged. It takes 2 hours to charge the toy and the LED will show a steady glow when Mona Wave is fully charged.


The Mona Wave comes in the usual lovely packaging by Lelo, with the black outer box, and the vibe neatly nestled inside. You also get a storage bag, a wall charging cable and a small sachet of lubricant. Besides, the toy itself receives a 1-year warranty and 10-year quality guarantee.



Although the charging port is exposed, it is still fully submersible; so you can play with the Mona Wave in the bath/shower. It also makes clean up a breeze – either clean it with some sex toy cleaner or pop it in some warm water and give it a thorough wipe down; make sure to clean in-between the handle and shaft though as some gunk may get trapped in there.


In general, it’s hard for me to orgasm from thrusting the vibrator alone – which is sad, but honestly not that much of a surprise to me. I know my body, my clit always wants to play a role ;).  However, when I used Mona Wave combined with a clitoral vibrator, I was able to have some seriously strong orgasms. 

So, although I wasn’t able to climax from using this as a vibrator alone, I still like this vibe quite a lot. The motion part of it is great (although I do have to keep a tight hold of the handle so that the shaft doesn’t stop ‘waving’ when my pelvic muscles tighten – as I found if I don’t do that then the handle will wave and the shaft just won’t.) and it was able to tip me over the edge from what would have been an OK orgasm to something so much more.

It’s not the quietest vibe, but by no means is it the loudest I’ve ever heard; the vibrations could be increased and I would like the wave motion to be a little quicker. But as this is a G-spot vibration, it can quite rely on anatomy-exploration.  So, what works for me may not work for someone else. Sex is all about exploration anyway ;).

One last thing to mention is that because this up-down Wave moves in a really steady way and there’s no way to change how fast that goes.  When you’re using this and you reach your orgasm, it’s going to continue stimulating you and kind of draw that orgasm out a little bit longer as well, which can make a totally unique and different experience. I loved it!

LELO Mona Wave size


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Mona Wave is a great toy for G-spot exploration, especially if you haven’t yet found your G-spot. This solo toy enables at least 3 ways of exploration, you can turn on the come-hither to stimulate a large G-spot area, you can combine the vibration with the come-hither motion to have a more relaxing exploration or just use the toy as a traditional dildo.

Make sure you keep the wave motion on when you reach the orgasm because it does prolong the pleasure and make it more intense! Enjoy 😉

You can read more reviews and find more information about Mona Wave at Lelo’s official website.

signature Jane L


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