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LELO Ora 3 Review: Comparable To The Real Thing?

by Jane Louis
Lelo Ora 3 review

Want some clit licking?

Almost all of our orgasms come from clit stimulation, so why not have a toy that can fulfill that wish?

Dildos are usually the first thing women go to when looking for a way to have fun and pleasure themselves. A simple offering of perfection penetration, foreplay and everything in between.

But what if you just want to get eaten out? This LELO Ora 3 Review will talk about why this suctioning vibrator is the most realistic device to mimic the actions of the human mouth!

It’s practically impossible to replicate the exact motions of what the human mouth and tongue can do.

That’s why when I saw that the LELO Ora 3 was a vibrating toy that mimics the feel of receiving oral I had to try it out!

In the past when using a rotating vibrator, it left me feeling one of two ways; either over stimulated and way too sensitive, or wanting more as the simulation just wasn’t strong enough.

Below I will talk about why the LELO Ora 3 has just the right amount of power and can bring any woman to that spine-tingling orgasm we all crave.

ora 3 lelo product

Irresistible oral sensation

12 mind-blowing vibrational patterns with an enhanced pleasure mode allowing you to find the perfect movement for the right stimulation. Ergonomically crafted to provide a controlled, firm, tongue-like feeling. Experience a tongelious treat.

What Is the LELO Ora 3?

For a sex toy to be claimed “the world's most sophisticated oral sex simulator on the market” by its creators, I absolutely had to take the dive and get my hands (and clit) on this.

The LELO Ora 3 was made for replicating the feel of someone running their tongue in circles on your clit.

Its award winning ring shaped design is ergonomically crafted to feel comfortable in your hand, which also allows it to provide a firm but controlled tongue-like feeling.

Sounds heavenly right? Now obviously this is the third model and later in the article I will go over the comparisons between the LELO Ora 2 and the LELO Ora 3.

But for now, let’s focus on the key features LELO Ora 3 and all it has to offer.

lelo ora 3 package

Key Features Of The LELO Ora 3

1. The Perfect Ring… Not For Your Finger

Shaped like a ring, the LELO Ora 3 features a nub on the bottom of the device which is the oral stimulator. It’s silky smooth to the touch and it is made out of silicone and ABS plastic.

I usually like my sex toys to be 100% silicone so I can use the whole device for anywhere on the body  but the soft silicone makes up for that. It’s the smoothest silicone I have ever felt!

It comes in three different colors: deep rose, aqua and midnight blue. They are all matte with the plastic being a glossy finish.

It weighs 130 grams or 4.5 oz with the full dimensions being 83.5 x 88 x 43.5 mm or 3.2 x 3.4 x 1.7 inches. She is small but she is mighty!

lelo ora 3 details

2. 12 Rotational Settings- From A Teasing Wave To An Orgasming Pulse

On the LELO Ora 3, it has three buttons that control the speed and vibration modes ( +, -, () ).

Along with the 12 vibrational speeds and patterns there is also an “intense vibration” setting which is the highest you can make any of the patterns.

In turn there is a “minimal vibration” setting, and you can get to this by holding down the parentheses button for three seconds.

I tried the highest setting and it definitely sent me into a whirlwind of pleasure!

3. IntelliSense Technology for Extra Intensity

In my opinion this is the best feature on the LELO Ora 3. While in use, I was just about to climax but wanted just a little more to send me over the edge.

To my surprise I got exactly what I wanted and I didn’t have to work hard to get it. The harder you push against your clit, the more intense it will get!

lelo ora 3 rotation tongue

It can actually speed up when you need it the most. In other words it essentially “detects” when you need a firmer suction.

This special technology is programmed to help you orgasm better. It blew more than just my mind!

4. 100% Waterproof: Getting Wet In More Ways Than One

A toy that is completely waterproof really gets me excited! I love that I can pleasure myself anywhere I want because let's face it, you can’t really help when you get horny, and who wants to wait until after you get out of the shower or bath? Not me.

The LELO Ora 3 is perfect for just that. I like that, in water, vibrational waves are more intense. So, you know what that means, a more intense orgasm and I am here for it!

Of course, you can use it in more places than just your bath or shower. It’s perfect for a jacuzzi or even a pool if you’re on vacation with your partner. Get creative!

lelo ora 3 front

5. Enough Battery for All Night Play?

The LELO Ora 3 has a decent battery life. Depending on use, it can last up to 1 hours on a full battery. It uses a 420 mAh Li-ion battery, which takes 2 hours to charge. 

Definitely less play than your average sex toy. Left idle, it can remain charged for about 90 days.

When charging, the white LED light will flash and when completely charged, the light will stay on. The plus side is that when the battery is dying the light will flash again.

lelo ora 3 charging

How to Use the LELO Ora 3?

This is the fun part, testing it out! I found that I didn’t even need to read the instructions that come with since it’s pretty easy to maneuver between settings and speeds.

You just have to find what you like. Since there are only 3 buttons, it's fairly simple to go through all of the patterns and vibrations.

The plus sign button turns the device on and also toggles the intensity of vibrations.

The minus button is to lower the vibration intensity. The parentheses can change what vibrational modes you are using and can also turn off the device when held down for three seconds.

lelo ora 3 use

It wasn’t long until I found myself in a lovely euphoric state. I like to start off by using the vibrations around my clit to tease myself and build up anticipation.

Once I’m semi aroused I put the LELO Ora 3 directly on my clit to enjoy all the sonic sensations. It’s that easy!

(Here's a hot tip: Use the LELO Ora 3 for a delicious orgasm while using another vibrator for double the intensity!)

Packaging & What’s Included?

The LELO Ora 3 comes in a black cardboard box with a window cut out so you can see the toy directly in a snug foam mold. Stylish and cute. Behind the device is:

  • the USB charging cable
  • a satin storage pouch (in black)
  • the warranty registration card (which all LELO products come with a 1 year warranty)
  • a detailed instruction manual
  • small sample of lubricant.
lelo ora 3 unbox

As always, my shipping was discreet, free and fast! LELO products also have a 10-year quality guarantee so you know you are getting the best of the best, and it sure felt like it!

Cleaning & Maintenance

With this vibrator being waterproof, cleaning is a breeze. Rinse with warm water (you can use soap if you like) and really that's it.

Just make sure to not leave it in more than a meter deep of water and to take it out right away. 

Towel dry or leave to air dry. The soft silicone makes it easy for water to wick away.

This really is a hassle-free sex toy that has quickly become one of my favorites.

lelo ora 3 sexy

My Experience Using the Ora 3 for Clit Licking

Admittingly, cunnilingus is best enjoyed without the use of sex toys but adding one isn’t bad at all!

Every person has their own unique way of how they use their tongue and that is the beauty of oral sex.

I will say though with the LELO Ora 3 having the technology it does, it certainly satisfies this kitty.

It’s easy to hold, fits in my hand and I can use it with just two fingers. Being ergonomically shaped to be comfortable to use, they hit the nail on the head with that one.

It feels more organic than other rotational vibrators I have used. While using, it’s easy to change the modes and speeds and I can really place it where I want, and it quickly conforms to fit deliciously around my clit.

The simulation is gentle yet powerful. It’s not too intense where I’m left feeling sore after.

I like that I get to intensify the pressure by pressing it firmer against my clit. By concentrating on the 12 different patterns you can really enjoy a lengthy session with this one. I didn’t want to put it down!

lelo ora 3 control buttons

The fact that the LELO Ora 3 also has a vibrational feature as well as rotational patterns makes for double the intensity, or so I thought.

The vibrations are not hand numbingly strong but are a little too gentle as I found myself really having to concentrate on them being there.

I know this vibrator is marketed as an oral sex simulator, but if it has the added benefit of vibrations, I would of liked a little more kick in that department.

As for the noise, this device could be quieter. It claims to have a maximum 50dB sound level, but in reality, it sounds way louder than that, in my opinion. LELO Ora 3 definitively is not the quietest toy I have experienced.



Average Score

Design & Features (rechargable, waterproof, etc.)











  • Sleek & Comfortable Design
  • Intense Rotation
  • Added Vibration
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Travel Friendly


  • Pricey
  • Not for Someone Looking For More Intensity
  • Short Battery Life
  • Noisy

LELO Ora 3 VS LELO Ora 2- Worth the Upgrade?

Compared to the LELO Ora 2, the Ora 3 brings 2 more intensity levels to the game.

The stimulating area is wider, larger, faster and firmer for a controlled tongue-like feeling.

There is an increase of 25% more movements, creating the perfect stimulation. This is the most recognizable change when comparing the two and makes a world of a difference!

Slightly heavier in weight, the Ora 3 feels more luxurious in my hand. I would say if you have the budget, the LELO Ora 3 is worth the price. If you already own the LELO 2, I would make the upgrade for sure.

lelo ora 3 vs ora 2





Silicone & ABS Plastic

Silicone & ABS Plastic

Tongue Rotation


Wider and Deeper




USB Rechargeable



1-year Warranty



Travel Lock




Blue, Purple & Black

Rose, Aqua, Deep Blue


2.9 x 1.7 x 3 in.

(75 x 43 x 80mm)

3.3 x 3.4 x 1.7 in.

(83.5 x 88 x 43.5 mm)


4.1 oz

(117.5 g)

4.5 oz

(130 g)

Battery life

Up to 1 hour

Up to 1 hour

Noise Level (Max)

50 dB

50 dB

Control Buttons

3 buttons

3 buttons

Final Thoughts

Overall, the LELO Ora 3 is a pleasant surprise and I really enjoyed my time with it. 

It’s not one of those virbators that makes you come in 2 minutes flat, but it allows you to build anticipation and pleasure gradually, which later makes for a soul crushing orgasm. Low and slow is the way my kitty likes it. 

Ora 3 is a really great sex toy for those who love the feel of oral sex and this is the closest thing you’ll get to the real thing.

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Laura April 2, 2021 - 7:55 pm

Thanks for your reviews! They are always very helpful. Curious though.. does the sensations of the Ora differ from toys like the Sila? That would be great if it does. Is there another brand that simulates oral sex better than the Ora? I usually buy Lelo products, never been disappointed!, and don’t have time to read all the reviews for what’s new out there (reason why your blog is so helpful!), so curious as to whether it truly gives a stimulating sensation different from other vibrations, and worth the investment. I have just purchased the new Enigma and will have to wait, but if it works differently from the Sona Cruise and Sila, I would love to try it when my funds get refurbished!

Jane Louis April 3, 2021 - 7:25 pm

Hello Laura, thank you for your postive feedback!:)
Yes, the sensation of Ora 3 is VERY different from the Sila. To be honest, I think Ora 3 is more of a teasing toy instead of a reaching-orgasm toy. It does provide a nice sensation (rotation instead of vibration only), but the stimulation is not that intense (at least not for me).
As for a toy that mimics oral sex, I think Fantasy for her Tongue vibe can be interesting. I personally really like the pumping feature and it really intensify the stimulation. But this is the kind of unique toy you either gonna love it or hate it.
A safer option can be Zalo Hero. It is more of a regular tongue vibe, but this toy is not new. It has been on the market for at least 2 year.
Another alternative you can consider (which is my personal favorite) will be Lora Dicarlo Filare. The movement is very similar to the one Ora 3 has, meanwhile Filare is more intense. It’s also a newly launched oral sex toy.
Hope this is helpful 🙂


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