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LELO SMART WAND Large Review: Size Matters!

by Jane Louis
Lelo smart wand Large Review

Normally, I don't like sex toys with large sizes because they tend to be heavier and not very portable. That's why I was a bit intimidated by the size of the LELO Smart Wand (Large) when it arrived. But the smart curved design actually makes it handy and comfortable to hold and it doesn't feel that heavy despite that it is 13.9oz / 395g in weight. 

What's special about this pwoerful and elegantly-design wand? Let's discover together in this review.

NOTE: LELO has upgraded this model to SMART WAND 2 (Large). Click here if you would like to learn about the new model, including the improvements and the changes.


The Smart Wand is an all-over-the-body rechargeable massager that is designed for solo play or intimate couple play. It is mainly made from beautifully crafted medical grade silicone and has a smooth curved shaft and a flexible head.

This Wand provides deep and powerful vibrations and it’s perfect for clit stimulation, in my opinion.

Besides, it has a patterned SenshTouch mode. It is a mode that enables you to control the intensity of the vibration completely by the strength of the pressure. If you press the Wand against your skin lightly, the vibration is nice and soft; if you increase the pressure against your skin, the vibration intensity increases as well. Note: The SenseTouch mode only works when it is against the skins.

As this product has been in the market for several years, you can find tons of positive reviews about it:

Lelo Smart Wand large comments


Design and Look

This large wand is available in three colors: black, purple and white. It is made from super soft silicone (another thing I love about Lelo is their luxurious velvety silicone) with a silver ABS front. Both silicons and ABS are body safe material that is used for good quality sex toys.

Personally, I’d have preferred it if the entire wand was made from silicone; the mirror effect doesn’t look quite as pretty when covered in fingerprints and smears from lubrication.

This is a big and heavy wand! It measures at 2.0 x 3.2 x 2.4in / 304 x 80 x 60mm and weighs 13.9oz / 395g. The design of the Smart Wand looks really sleek and elegant. The handle is angled and has less girth than a lot of other wands, making it a delight to hold while in use.

At the bottom of the handle, there is an open charging hole. Even though it doesn’t have a cover, the wand is still waterproof. I love this feature; the aesthetics of the toy aren’t compromised in the slightest.

Lelo Smart Wand large color


The strength of vibration is the most important feature for any wands. After all, power is the king! Lelo claims that this wand provides deep, intense and high-powered vibrations. Besides, the vibrations can build on contact with your body and the intensity increases naturally.

There are 3 buttons on this toy, which enables you to choose from 8 different vibration modes. The frequency of the vibration is 100 Hz and it travels deep through your skin tissues and ensures a relaxing experience for body or clit massage.

SenseTouch Technology

SenseTouch is Lelo’s unique patented feature. This function ensures an intuitive massaging experience. When using the Smart Wand, the vibration motor responds to the pressure you apply to your skin.

If you press the Wand against your skin lightly, the vibration is nice and soft; if you increase the pressure against your skin, the vibration intensity increases as well. This is a perfect way to reduce the tension from the neck, shoulder, back, and legs.

To use the SenseTouch, simply hold the center button down for 3 seconds. And once you’ve found the perfect setting, the Wand remember the last setting – isn’t that smart?

Tips: Please note that the SenseTouch mode only works when it is against the skins. It means that you should not attach your third-party attachments to the head when applying the SenseTouch Mode.


I admit that the Smart Wand is not quiet when the vibration is on, but it’s a wand, it’s not expected to be. The noise level is quite acceptable, in my opinion. The official test shows that the maximum noise level is just 60dB.

Other Features

  • Rechargeable (you can use the Wand when it’s being charged)
  • Waterproof (Indulge yourself in baths!)
  • Travel Lock (once locked, it won’t be accidentally turned on)
  • This wand can be used cordlessly


Easy to Control

There are 3 buttons on this toy and they are +, – and (). Pressing the + button will switch the wand on. The wand won’t start from the lowest setting, instead, it starts off on a medium setting with constant vibrations. You can press the () button to cycle through 8 different vibration modes and you can choose the intensity that suits you the best by pressing the + and – buttons.

The memory function makes sure that the Wand remembers your favorite setting. So, next time when you turn it on, it will restart from where you left.

To switch off, either hold in the – button for a few seconds or scroll through all the settings until they start again.

Here is a visual instruction about how to control the SMART WAND:

Lelo Smart Wand large control

To use the SenseTouch, simply hold the center button down for 3 seconds.

Here is a visual instruction about how to use the SenseTouch Mode:


Easy to Charge

The wand is rechargeable, as such you need to charge the wand fully before use. It takes approximately 2 hours to charge, giving it a run time of approximately 2 hours. You can also use this toy while it’s plugged in (Huzzah!). To charge it, simply insert the charger into the charging socket. The light will pulsate when the toy is being charged; once it is fully charged the lights will go off.

Easy to Lock

Lelo Smart Wand arrives travel locked – a handy feature if you’re planning on a trip away, as it stops it accidentally switching on in your luggage. To unlock simply press the + and – simultaneously. This will also re-lock the device.


Lelo smart Wand look

Lelo is a company that always get their packaging right. From the moment you see the box you know you’re getting a luxury item. The presentation is always top notch and, as such, Lelo items make perfect gifts.

The Lelo Large Smart Wand is no exception to this. The outer box is beautifully designed-nice, simple, very elegant. Opening it was like Christmas morning. I knew what was inside; I’d requested it. Yet, I was still excited to be opening it.

The item comes packaged with an outer box. This box depicts the wand and has more information about it.

Inside this SMART WAND box, you will find 5 things:

  • SMART WAND™ Large, with a 1-year warranty and a 10-year guarantee
  • USB charging cord
  • Satin Storage Pouch
  • Warranty Registration Card
  • Detailed Instruction Manual

Lelo Smart Wand large box

The storage Pouch will hold both the wand and the charging cable. Heck, it’d even fit a USB to wall plug converter in there too, if you so needed it. This makes it incredibly useful for traveling.

This is one of the best toy bags I’ve received with an item. It’s padded enough to help protect the toy, as well as keep it clean from the dust that silicone attracts.


Since the wand is fully submersible, it makes it seriously easy to clean. I just dunk the whole thing in the sink (or even take it in the shower with me) and wash it with warm soapy water.

I’d advise paying close attention in-between where the silver plastic meets the silicone, as lube and juices may get caught within this part. Generally, for this, I use a wet wipe and push a wipe-covered fingernail into the gap area and rub it around. Once it’s clean, I then spray it with sex toy cleaner and wipe down.

Ensure your toy is 100% dry before putting it on charge; since the charging port is exposed, you want to make sure it’s thoroughly dry in there. So leave it out to dry for a good few hours. On occasion, I have used the hair drier on the port for extra protection (I’m sure I can’t be the only person who blow dries their sex toys at times…. Right?)

Safety Tips on Lubrication: I’d advise using a good quality water-based lube with the wand, otherwise, you risk potentially damaging the velvety smooth texture of the silicone. If you really want to use another lubricant, then I suggest doing a patch test somewhere on the toy that won’t be in contact with your body.

As previously mentioned, my standard third-party wand attachments do fit on this wand. So if you’re going to be using an insertable attachment, make sure you either only use water-based lubricant with that, or that you do a patch test as, if the lube drips from the attachment, it could ruin your wand.


I initially purchased this toy to use as a back massager as that’s what they advertised for. It didn’t turn out to be a great back massager because I prefer strong press and deep tissue massaging on the back instead of just some vibrations. My husband’s hands do a way better job compared to this massager. What was I thinking by trusting a sex toy company can make a good massage product…?

Anyhow, I didn’t waste this Wand. I discovered that it is a wonderful clit vibrator and this toy brought me some great orgasms :). I have to say I do LOVE the power that the Lelo Large wand provides. It’s powerful and rumbly and just feels glorious.

But I have to admit that despite the large size,  Lelo Smart Wand is not stronger than other popular wands in the market, such as the Doxy Die Cast. But the Lelo one is cordless, that point alone makes this toy stands out.

Besides, I’ve found that all the third-party wand attachments I have for my plugged-in magic wands all fit on the head of the Lelo Large Wand – which is great since I didn’t have to search the internet looking for other attachments.

One thing that I don’t like is their SenseTouch technology. Theoretically, if you press the Wand against your skin lightly, the vibration is nice and soft; if you increase the pressure against your skin, the vibration intensity increases as well. The concept is good, but it doesn’t function that well. Basically, this Wand doesn’t handle the pressure that well. When applying some degrees of pressure with the Wand, the intensity drops and this is such a mood killer.


👉🏻Click here to order Lelo Smart Wand (Large) now! (Official Store)


I actually really like the Lelo large wand; I like it a lot more than I originally anticipated that I would. The wands that I generally have are mains powered, so my mindset was I would not find a powerful enough rechargeable wand to bring me to climax. I’m happy to report that I was actually quite wrong.

The vibrations are powerful, deep and rumbling, making it perfect for both full body massages and pleasure. The fact that I am able to use this wand as both a mains powered wand and a rechargeable wand makes it perfect.

The waterproof feature is something that I absolutely love – I can take this in the bath with me or in the shower, and it makes it seriously easy to clean.

It’s a beautiful wand and it’s easy to hold. Although the wand itself is quite large, it’s not overly imposing when in use. My arm doesn’t ache; the handle is perfectly balanced making it both comfortable and practical to use.

Lelo smart wand different sizesAll in all, this is a fantastic powerful wand. It’s perfect for those who don’t want to be hindered by a cable. In case you are a bit intimidated by the size, you can also get the Lelo Smart Wand Medium, which functions as good as the Large one but in a smaller size. Does size matter? It’s all up to you 😉

You can read more reviews and find more information about Smart Wand at Lelo’s official website.

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