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Lelo Sona 2 Travel Review: A Must-have Sex Toy for Traveling?

by Jane Louis

LELO promotes the Sona 2 Travel as a compact travel vibrator that uses sonic waves to stimulate the clitoris.

I was intrigued by how sonic waves can work in such a small toy and wanted to find out if it felt different from traditional clit stimulators that rely on vibrations.

Here comes my LELO Sona 2 Travel review. You’ll learn more about my experience with this mini vibrator, and what I like and dislike about this toy.

What Is the Lelo Sona 2 Travel?

sona 2 travel vibrator

The LELO Sona 2 Travel is a luxury mini women’s suction toy with a silicone and ABS plastic construction.

It uses a battery to produce sonic waves that stimulate the entire clitoral structure.

While most toys for women rely on vibrations and can only target a relatively small portion of the clitoris, the Lelo Sona 2 Travel claims to provide deeper stimulation and unlocks new sensations.

This clit stimulator is easy to use. It’s perfect for traveling or for those who want a discreet toy, and the sonic waves can be the perfect invitation to explore your sexuality without feeling overwhelmed.

Key Features of the Lelo Sona 2 Travel

While testing this woman's toy for my Lelo Sona 2 Travel review, several features stood out to me.

1. Deep Stimulation for New Leve of Orgasm

My experience with traditional clit vibrators is that they can have a numbing effect. While direct stimulation results in an intense experience, it can be overpowering.

With its SenSonic technology, Sona 2 offers an alternative.

sona 2 travel suction head

Instead of vibrating or using air pressure like a clit sucker, the Lelo Sona 2 Travel emits sound waves. These waves travel deep into  the tissues and target the entire structure of the clitoris.

Women often focus on the head or glans of the clitoris located under the clitoral hood.

The clitoris is actually a much larger structure that includes the crura surrounding both sides of the vaginal canal, the vestibular bulbs, and a network of nerves.

I highly recommend this travel vibrator to anyone who is curious about stimulating the entirety of this structure.

2. 12 Modes for All Tastes

The Sona 2 Travel comes with three buttons that allow you to navigate between 12 settings.

I enjoyed cycling between the different settings to experience varying intensities and discover different stimulation patterns.

The best thing about having that many levels of intensity is that depending on how I want to experience pleasure I can shuffle through them.

If I’m in for a quick one, I can just notch it up to 11 or 12 and get my mind blown quickly.

With that said, there are times when I want to treat myself and shuffle between 3 and 4 to give myself the proper time to finish.

I loved having 12 different settings to choose from to gradually increase the intensity.

Also, the interface feels intuitive enough to adjust the settings without having to look at the toy.

3. Travel Friendly and Portable

sona 2 travel details

I immediately liked the elegant design of the Lelo Sona 2 Travel.

It’s a compact (87 x 54 x 46 mm / 3.43 x 2.13 x 1.81 in) and discreet toy, and the smooth silicone material feels inviting. 

I brought it on a trip and was able to store it in a small makeup bag.

I also loved the lock feature. This function locks the interface so the toy doesn’t turn on by accident while traveling. 

3. 100% Waterproof

I prefer waterproof toys because they’re much easier to clean.

I was able to clean the Sona 2 Travel with some warm soapy water without worrying about water getting into the charging port.

But I have to point out that the toy doesn't have seamless look due to the old-style charging port (plug in type).

Given that most sex toys use electronics of some kind, I highly recommend opting for waterproof products for durability.

Another advantage is that I was able to test this petite vibrator in the bathtub.

I can confirm that the sonic waves work well when submerging the toy in water.

sona 2 travel waterproof

4. Not-Bad Battery

I’m a little ambivalent about the battery.

On the one hand, the toy will keep its charge for 90 days, which is impressive and convenient if you’re planning an extended trip.

On the other hand, it takes two hours to charge the battery for two hours of use.

It’s comparable to a lot of other sex toys in the market, but I would love to see a brand innovate with faster charging times.

Please note that the charge pin won't go all the way into the hole (see picture below). That's not an issue regarding the function.

But if you are like me, having a mild OCD and prefer having all things matching perfectly. This small flaw could be bothering. 

sona 2 travel charging

How to Use Lelo Sona 2 Travel?

Controlling Sona 2 Travel is rather easy. It works the same as other 3-button interfaced Lelo toys such as the Soraya and Sona Cruise.

  • press () button to turn on/off the toy
  • press + or 1 button to increase or decrease the intensity
  • by quickly pressing the () button, you can also switch among 12 different pre-set modes

Please note that the toy arrives with lock function, so you can unlock it by holding the + and - buttons together for a few seconds. 

sona 2 travel buttons control

If you’re new to using a clit stimulator, the most important thing to keep in mind is that you’ll need a good water-based lubricant

Because you’re focusing on external stimulation, you can’t rely on your body for natural lubrication.

A water-based product will create a protective barrier while enhancing your sensations.

The sonic waves might feel like faint vibrations at first, but you’ll experience their full intensity once you experiment and find the right angle and position.

Thanks to the toy’s 0.4” (10mm) opening, it’s easy to adjust its position to target an area with precision.

Getting started by simply laying on your back will help you get used to the toy.

Once you’re ready to explore deeper stimulation, I recommend laying on your side or kneeling.

Packaging & What's in the Box?

As always, the toy arrive fast and very discreet. There's no way to tell what's inside if just looking at the package. 

Inside of the toy box, there are 5 items:

sona 2 travel unbox
  • Sona 2 Travel (with 2-year warranty)
  • USB charging cable
  • Sample lube
  • Register card and simple manual
  • Storage bad (high quality)

My Experience With Lelo Sona 2 Travel

Given its small size, you would think the Sona 2 Travel will only provide you with a murmur of pleasure, I’m glad to say, that’s not the case.

While it indeed is a mini vibrator, it can stimulate a surprisingly large area. And the power is impressive.

If you have never used a clit sucker this small it can take a bit of time to get accustomed to it.

Also, the sensation is not your typical jam it in there and let it do its magic.

I had to try different positions and settings. There is a learning curve, but it’s also fun to explore and see what feels good.

During my first try, I started by bringing the toy to my nipples, the small suction mouth fitting snugly over the sensitive peaks.

The concentrated suction sent shivers of delight through my body. It was an exquisite kind of teasing, a build-up of desire that left me craving more.

Encouraged by this initial success, my curiosity led me further south, to the heart of my desire. With a cautious breath, I positioned the toy over my clit, the suction mouth hovering temptingly close.

But as the intensity of the sensations escalated, I realized that there was a challenge I hadn't foreseen – the space, or lack thereof.

The sensation was indeed intense, but there was a struggle to find the right angle, to create enough separation between the toy and my clit to allow for a comfortable flow of pleasure.

I had to apply some lubricate to smooth the process. Orgasm hit strong as the stimulation is rather strong.

Actually, I had to pull away the toy quickly because it's a bit painful to keep stimulating my clit once the climax is over.

After my initial experience, I decided to approach the toy from a different angle.

I put the suction mouth close to my clit, not directly on it, but just cradle the hood of my clitoris

A gentle press, and I felt the exquisite touch of the sonic waves against my sensitive skin. It was WONDERFUL!

The intensity was divine – not too intense, but deep enough to make me come in less than 1 minute.

Upon several dates with this toy, I started to getting used to it and  would say the sonic waves feel like a mix of pressure and vibration that I found very enjoyable - most of the time.

I haven’t had the chance to use it with someone else, but I can’t imagine it being less fun.

sona 2 travel noise

The best thing about this toy is of course its practicality. We’ve all been there. Away from home, horny as can be, and unable to get off the way we should.

Not all toys are travelproof though, and this can be a problem you can encounter more often than not. Hence, Sona 2 Travel fulfills its branding mission.

I haven’t tried all the possibilities it offers, but I took it on my camping trip I did recently, and boy did it improve my weekend.

However, I have to point out that the toy is a bit louder than what I expected. Not sure whether I received a faulty model, but this small monster is actually louder than my Sona 2 Cruise. 

Other than the noise and a slightly small suction month, I like the rest of the design. 

I recommend this travel vibrator to those of you who loves to take pleasure with her no matter where you go.

Or, if you’re looking for a discreet and easy-to-hide sex toy, this one’s for you.

It’s also a great option if you find that direct contact with your clitoris is not pleasant. This toy provides a middle ground by replacing direct contact with sound waves.

There is no need to press the toy against your clitoris, and it’s a great way to gradually build up your arousal if you like to start slowly.

If you prefer vaginal stimulation and penetration, this toy isn’t a good match for you.

I also don’t recommend it if you’re looking for a toy that can target the glans of the clitoris in a way that is similar to what clit suckers do.

After experimenting with the Lelo Sona 2 Travel, several times I would recommend you use the mini vibrator to stimulate your clitoris before switching to a toy that uses traditional vibrations. 

Also, I love combining it with a penetration machine and switching between them for a full-on experience. Gradually teasing and blowing my mind with different vibrations


Compared to clit vibrators like the Womanizer toys, I found the Sona Travel as strong as (or at least very close to) the Womanizer Classic 2

While the mini vibrator provides stimulation without being in direct contact with your clitoris, like the Womanizer Premium 2, what makes the latter pop is:

  1. The autopilot function. This function lets the toy alternate between different intensity levels without you doing a thing.
  2. A softer suction mouth, which make Womanizer toys more beginner-friendly

FYI, the Sona 2 Travel is also  intense than entry-level Womanizer toys like the Liberty and Starlet series.

I also found the Lelo Sona 2 to be vastly different from the Satisfyer Pro 2 and similar clit suckers. These toys use air pressure waves, which is another type of gentle stimulation. 

However, air pressure waves feel more targeted.

They’re a good option if you’re looking to reproduce the feel of oral sex, but the Lelo Sona 2 Travel is my top pick for stimulating the entire clitoral structure.

Lelo Sona 2 Travel vs Lelo Sona 2 Series

Sona offers two versions of this toy, the Lelo Sona 2 and the Lelo Sona 2 Travel. 

sona 2 travel vs Sona 2

These sex toys share some key similarities, including:

  • The SenSonic technology with 12 settings.
  • 100% waterproof design and silicone construction.
  • The battery is the same.

There are two main differences:

  • The Travel version is smaller. The Lelo Sona 2 measures approximately 4x4x2x2.” The Travel version is only 3.4” long.
  • The Travel version is slightly less powerful with a rating of 100 Hz, while the full-size toy delivers 130 Hz.

After testing both toys, I recommend the Travel version if you need a compact vibrator you can hide in your luggage or store discreetly.

However, I found that the full-size version is easier to hold and gives you more control over where you want to apply the sound waves.

(If you want a detailed comparison between Sona 2 Travel and other Sona 2 products. Please let me know in the comment below so that I will write a dedicated article for them)



Average Score

Design & Features (rechargable, waterproof, etc.)


viBRATION (Intense suction)









  • The sonic waves unlock new sensations.
  • It’s a great option for indirect stimulation.
  • The 12 settings give you precise control.
  • It’s easy to use and clean.
  • The 100% waterproof design makes the toy more durable.
  • The 90-day battery standby is impressive.
  • The compact and discreet design is perfect for traveling.


  • Charging takes two hours.
  • It’s slightly less powerful than the Lelo Sona 2.

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