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Lelo Sona Cruise Review: It’s Really That Loud?

by Jane Louis
Lelo sona cruise review

Different! That’s the word I will use to describe the Sona Cruise by Lelo. The stimulation from this toy is different from any conventional vibrators and it’s also different from other clit stimulators. I had to try the Cruise many times to fully understand how to appreciate it. Let me share with you everything in this review.

Want to make sure you don’t get counterfeit products and get good customer service? DO NOT purchase any sex toy from Amazon or eBay. I strongly recommend that you order only from reliable retailers or official stores, like the ones mentioned in this post. Enjoy! 😃

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The Sona Cruise is a sonic massager, using waves instead of vibrations for stimulation. It’s a clitoral stimulator, designed to reach the internal parts of your clitoris, not just the external.

It uses sonic waves to push air back and forth to create pulses which act on the clitoris. These waves create a new sensation which travels along the network of clitoral nerves to resonate deeper than any traditional vibrator ever has — all without causing discomfort or numbing.


Design and Look

The Lelo Sona Cruise looks like an oblong, slightly fat with a bit of curvature. It has an opening on one end where the opening is the one to be placed on the clitoris.

The curved design is to give users a firm grip and at the same time allow it to fit perfectly on the clitoris.

The toy comes in three colors, which are pink, cerise (hot pink), and black. The front side is covered with silicone which is perfect for sensitive skin. The back side is coated with shiny and golden ABS plastic.

It measures 4.5 x 1.9 x 2.2 in (115 x 50 x 56mm) and weighs 0.26 pounds (116g).

This toy’s size makes it easy to hold and comfortable to use, which means no muscle strain in your hand or arm. It’s also a fantastic travel companion, you can chuck it right into your handbag and none would be the wiser.

Sonic Wave

Instead of traditional vibrations, the Sona Cruise utilizes sonic waves and pulses to stimulate the clitoris. This allows it to reach even the inner parts of the clit, not just the visible outer parts.

Besides, the waving sensation solves the problem of soreness and numbness some might experience with direct vibrations.

Cruise Control

Cruise control is a feature that sets the Sona Cruise apart from its predecessor, the Lelo Sona. This feature allows the motor to release extra power when pressed hard against the skin.


The Sona Cruise is fully submersible – you can use it in showers, baths, hot tubs without worrying that it will get damaged by water. Water play is fun because it can really intensify the sensation.

Being waterproof also makes it far easier to clean and more hygienic. It can be cleaned thoroughly after each use with no worry of water damage.


Sona Cruise is not on the subtle side when it comes to noise levels. When pressed against the skin, the already noisy motor becomes outright loud. This could be a hindrance when discretion is needed, but generally, I don’t find it too disturbing.

The official page mentioned that the maximum noise level is 50db, I don’t agree with that! It’s feels way louder than 50db.

Travel Lock

Any experience about accidentally turning on your sex toy in public and pretend that it was not you? I had this embarrassing moment and never want to go back there.

The Cruise has a travel lock function, which makes this toy travel-friendly as it ensures your toy to stay quiet in your bag or suitcase when not in use. I think all sex toys should have lock function. It helps to avoid awkward accidents.

Other Features

  • 8 different vibration patterns
  • Rechargeable


Lelo explains that Cruise Control is a fully automatic function, not a setting that requires you to turn it on or off. The Cruise reserves 20% of the Cruise’s full power when

used normally, and when pressed hard against the body and the motor begins to drop power, the Cruise is able to automatically detect the slowing motor and will use the reservation to boost power and avoid reduction in intensity.

What does this mean? Basically, Cruise Control is designed to detect any slowing motion of the motor and can boost the motor up again via PWM (Pulse Wave Modulation).

In doing so, Cruise Control ensures that you enjoy consistent power and intensity, even while the toy is pressed firmly against your body. This is a feature Lelo Sona doesn’t have.

Other than Cruise Control and price, there are no significant differences between the Lelo Sona and the Lelo Sona Cruise.


There are only 3 buttons on the Cruise and it’s really easy to use. You can press the ‘+’ button for 3 seconds to activate the toy. Don’t leave the Cruise on your clit while you are starting the toy because the stimulation starts intensely.

You can use the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons to adjust the vibration strength. If you like to use different patterns, you can press ‘()’ button to switch between 8 vibration patterns.

To turn off the toy, just press the ‘-‘ button for 3 seconds.
(Note: Before your first use, make sure to clean the Cruise and charge it for 2 full hours. )


Simply insert the DC plug into the DC port at the base of the Sona cruise and charge your toy with USB access.

While charging, the LED indicator on the interface of the toy will pulse. The charging process will take around 2 hours. Once your toy is fully charged, the LED indicator will emita steady glow.

The Cruise will remind you when the battery is running low. If you see your Sona Cruise blink white light to you, it’s the time to charge it.
(Note: Only use original chargers provided by LELO with your Sona Cruise.)


The package arrived discreetly. Upon opening the package, the Lelo toy box was presented to me. Never has Lelo ever disappointed me on their box design. The toy is really chic and you feel the good quality upon touching the box.

There are 6 things in the box included in the box:

  • Lelo Sona Cruise, with a 1-year warranty and 10-year quality guarantee.
  • USB Charger
  • Satin Storage Bag
  • Lelo Lubricant Sample
  • Warranty Registration Card
  • Instruction Manual


The Sona Cruise is easy to clean and maintain as it is 100% waterproof. Make sure that you clean the Cruise with warm, soapy water before and after every use. Ensure that you rinse the device thoroughly and dry it afterward. The toy should NOT have any moisture as you store it in the carry case.

It’s quite necessary to use lubricant with this toy. Make sure only use water-based lubricant, otherwise, the silky silicone surface can be damaged.


Sona Cruise is not my first clitoral stimulator. I have to say the Cruise is quite different than any other clit stimulators I’ve used, such as the Womanizer Liberty and the Click here to access the official LELO Store!.

This toy has so much power and it’s so small and compact. To be honest, I didn’t enjoy using the Cruise for the first time. The stimulation is too strong even on the lowest setting. I usually like strong stimulations, but this toy runs out of my limit – it hurt my clit.

Due to the unpleasant experience from the first trial, it took me some courage to go back to this toy again. I did and I am glad I did! Once you know how to use this toy correctly, the orgasm can be really divine! To be precise, divine and different. I’ve never experienced a sensation like this, it’s like your clit becomes the center of the world and every part of this little bean are stimulated.

Lelo Sona cruise waterproof

I think it’s important to share my opinions about how to use this toy because the way you play with it makes a huge difference.

Firstly, the Cruise definitely requires using a lubricant so that your clit is not chafed by the strong stimulation.

I suggest using lubricant even on the lowest setting.

Also, don’t go directly to stimulate your clit with this toy. You need to warm up before using the Cruise.

Let your body feel turned on and give yourself some gentle touches to wake up the sensation first.

Then put lubricant both on the toy and on yourself. Start with the lowest setting and let your body takes time to get used to the lowest setting.

If you are like me, feeling even the lowest setting is too strong, you can start from stimulating the surrounding of the clit first. The waving sensation will travel to your clit and it feels good to start this way.

Once you get used to the stimulation, you may start to increase the intensity. Because the lowest setting is strong, I feel it actually not makes that much a difference when you increase the intensity.

But it still helps at the moment when I reach the orgasm. And with the Cruise, I always have deep, long and intense orgasms. Besides, it doesn’t cause numbness the way the traditional vibrators do.

Despite that I learned to enjoy this toy, I still think, in general, this toy is not good for clit stimulation during couple sex because the Cruise takes too much attention.

If you want to use invite this toy for couple sex, I feel the best way to use it for nipple suction. I am actually getting a bit addicted to getting my nipples sucked by the Cruise. It’s just like when my husband does that, very pleasant!

One thing I have to point out is that the Cruise is ridiculously loud. I read reviews about its noise level before purchasing this toy, but still got surprised when actually using it.

This is indeed the loudest toy I’ve ever had. So, if you have some privacy issues, this is definitely not a toy for you.

Besides, as mentioned, this toy requires time to warm up. So, if you are looking for a clit stimulator that can give you quick orgasm, I think it’s better to get another product called Womanizer Liberty.

What Are the Differences Between Lelo Sona Cruise and Lelo Sona Cruise 2?

SONA Cruise 2 has a wider range of intensities and mouth has been perfected to provide softer, more satisfying sonic waves for intensely gratifying sensations throughout the entire clitoris. Lelo have listened to the feedback from our customers and made the mouth of the SONA Cruise 2 deeper and larger.

The battery is also upgraded and is twice as strong compared to Sona and Sona Cruise. Another nice thing is the new color. SONA 2 and SONA 2 Cruise is available in purple, black and cerise.


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The Sona Cruise is not a beginner friendly toy and it does require time to learn how to truly appreciate this time. Even though there’s some learning involved when using the Lelo Sona Cruise, I cannot say I have ever been more pleasantly surprised. It makes for a fantastic addition to me and I cannot wait to try it out in combination with other toys.

This toy is different from anything else I’ve owned, but apparently, variation is one of the best things when it comes to orgasms.

You can read more reviews and find more information about Sona Cruise at Lelo’s official website.

signature Jane L

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