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LELO Soraya Wave Review: Experience a Different Sensation!

by Jane Louis
lelo soraya wave review

Female masturbation currently breaks taboos, as it is towards the search for each of us to experience greater pleasure. It's no longer just a simple form of pleasure, it's about knowing your body, achieving multiple orgasms, and filling our lives with ecstasy and fulfillment.

Sometimes, we want to experience something beyond what we can achieve with our hands, so here's today's helper: LELO Soraya Wave, another of LELO's famous rabbit vibrators!

This new version of their star product Soraya facilitates dual stimulation - of both the clitoris and the G-spot - thanks to its wider and thicker tip and more flexible clitoral stimulator, and with which you will achieve double orgasm.

But that's not all, this new version includes a new technology called Wave Motion that will make you feel unforgettable orgasms.

What is LELO Soraya Wave?

It is a decent-sized vibrating rabbit specially designed for those girls who seek to feel a more intense simultaneous stimulation. Soraya Wave is among the most attractive rabbit vibrators in the world. 

Unlike other rabbit vibrators in the market, the Soraya Wave has a luxurious design, covered in soft biocompatible silicone and Wave Motion technology integrated, to balance while vibrating on the clitoris and G-spot.

lelo soraya wave look

But... What is Wave Motion?

It's a new technology that will make you experience what its creators have called: "an orgasm tsunami".

I'll explain it in other words, this technology gives the vibrator a slight swing that is inspired by the caresses of the fingers of the lovers (aka. a "come-hither" movement). 

Soraya Wave also includes a soft tip, silicone, specially molded to massage your G-spot accurately.

With a LELO Soraya Wave, you are guaranteed double orgasms, you will have vibrations not only in your G-spot but also in your clitoris.

soraya wave motion lelo

Key Features of Soraya Wave

Top-notch design and look

The Soraya Wave vibrator is 21.8 cm (8.58 in) long and although it only allows you to insert 11 cm (a bit more than 4 inches), it compensates very well for the sensations it will make you feel.

It only weighs 185 g (less than 1/2 lb), which makes this vibrator the perfect companion, light, and easy to handle as it will not be heavy when handling.

The premium silicone shell is extra soft and biocompatible which basically makes it a hypoallergenic vibrator that will feel very similar to human skin, a piece as hygienic as it is pleasant to touch.

It is also available in three different and extremely stylish colors - Purple, black and royal blue.

lelo soraya wave colors

The Soraya rabbit vibrator itself looks rather luxurious. With its golden details, it looks like one of those gold-plated items you would see in the luxurious hotels in Saudi Arabia all lifestyle porn magazines love to show.

Strong Vibration with Minimal Noise

The LELO Soraya Wave counts not only with 8 different intensities: you can also select which motor to use (G-spot and clit stimulators work independently). 

Because of this, you would expect this rabbit vibrator to be loud; it's a joy to say it isn't for the most part! 

It can get very loud when you're using Wave Motion, though.

Long Battery life

Soraya Wave's rechargeable battery has more power and versatility than most toys. It is easily charged in 2 hours, which in return will give you 2 hours of fun and pleasure that you can use at your leisure.

lelo soraya wave button

Easy to Use, Hard to Let Go

In addition, it is easily operated with only 3 buttons, one to increase the rhythm, another to decrease it, and a third one that will guarantee you unforgettable orgasms making you try the 8 vibration modes that the rabbit vibrator has.

How to Use Soraya Wave?

When I first tried it, it didn't seem to work... until I realized it has a travel lock. Make sure your SORAYA WAVE rabbit vibrator is unlocked: press the +/- buttons for 3 seconds, until the light comes on. 

The Wave Motion feels pretty much like the "come here" motion we all should learn to stimulate our G-spot... minus the risk of cramping!

Plus, you can alternate between G-spot stimulation, clit vibration, or have them both at the same time, which means it's hard to get bored having different options to explore!

lelo soraya wave insert

You can also vary the intensity of the vibration easily with its controls. If you're up for it, the Soraya Wave's clit stimulator might also double for rimming, which feels surprisingly good (but remember never to go back and forth between anus and clit, and to wash your toys after every session!)

Here's how you can operate the toy for magical sensations: 

  • Press the "+" button to turn it on and to increase the intensity
  • Press the "()" button to test its 8 stimulation modes and experience the wonderful Wave Motion
  • Press the "-" button to reduce the intensity of the vibrations
  • Press the "()" or "-" button to turn the toy off

Packaging & What's in the Box?

My Soraya Wave arrived in 3 days after the order was placed and the packaging was discreet. Lelo never disappoints when it comes to design.

The toy lays inside a luxurious black box, with golden letters showing some basic information. 

lelo soraya wave unbox

Upon opening the box, I was presented with the following things:

  • A beautiful Soraya Wave rabbit vibrator (with 1-year warranty)
  • USB Charger
  • Very high-quality Satin Storage Pouch
  • Warranty Registration Card
  • User Manual

My Experience with Soraya Wave

After using it, I can certainly tell the Soraya Wave delivers. The G-spot shaft slides into you like it has belonged inside you forever. 

In contrast, it might be a little awkward at first to press the clit piece against yourself, but the piece is flexible enough to adjust, so no problem.

Some people might find the wave motion not enough, but I found it just fine. The "tsunami" is there, but it might hit some people harder than others.

If you enjoy the rocking motion speed, wave motion will have you using your Soraya Wave for hours on end! 

lelo soraya wave flexible

Mind you, while this function is on, the rabbit vibrator becomes quite loud, so you might want to have the house for yourself (or a soundproof room, as you'll probably be loud as well). 

Without wave motion, though, it's very quiet, so no one will know you're using it unless you want them to know. 

It's easy to travel with Soraya Wave, with the USB recharge cable, you can take and use your Soraya Wave wherever you go.

Its ergonomic and flexible external stimulator easily adapts to all body shapes although its default position might seem odd at first glance. 

Soraya Wave's powerful vibrations can overflow most women with pleasure, but I personally think the vibration is not as strong as the Soraya 2, which disappointed me a bit.

Despite that, along with its double stimulation, the Soraya Wave will undoubtedly give you very powerful orgasms. 

lelo soraya wave charging

I like the fact that LELO toys always includes a bag for exclusive storage, so transporting it is easy and safe.

If I put it in my suitcase I don't run the risk of it coming into contact with anything else.

Although it's easy to clean as it is waterproof, the Soraya Wave has edges and grooves that can store fluids, especially in the loop of the handle. 

If not cleaned very carefully, it can be a highly infectious agent. Another considerable drawback is that it costs over $200.00, which might not fit everyone's budget.

Why is Soraya Wave Different from Other Sex Toys?

Simply put, it is a toy with a lot of power, which not only includes new technology to LELO brand devices but as a plus, it will give you double stimulation. 

The geniuses behind its creation have turned its iconic double-action vibrator into a perfected device with an enlarged, soft, molded tip that intensifies the sensations at the G-spot and a flexible, ergonomic external stimulator with which you can play with your clitoris and enjoy double orgasms with comfort, freedom and more pleasure.

Review Summary



Average Score

Design & Look


FEATURES (flexibility, waterproof, etc.)






Orgasm Rate



  • Exciting wave motion
  • Ergonomic and flexible clit arm
  • Double stimulation delivers amazing orgasms
  • 100% waterproof
  • Long battery life
  • Travel-friendly


  • Vibration can be stronger
  • Wave motion may not suit everyone
  • Loud when using wave motion
  • Pricy

Final Words

If LELO's sex toys are like "jewels", they are extremely attractive and elegant, with parts made of ABS material with a metallic and shiny finish, the LELO Soraya Wave increases delicacy and comfort. 

Because it is coated with ultra-soft premium silicone that makes the moment much more comfortable and enjoyable. 

But, even though the brand offers elegant and attractive toys, their price is very high.

lelo soraya wave dual stimulation

Although for some girls the technology implemented by this rabbit vibrator may be worth it, it is still a very high cost. Nowadays the market has a lot of variety so this device faces a very wide competition.

Would I recommend it? Of course, Soraya Wave is a new, attractive, sexy toy that is capable of delivering unforgettable orgasms. But, perhaps the come-hither way of stimulation is not suitable for all women. 

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