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LELO Soraya Wave vs. Soraya 2: Which One is Better?

by Jane Louis
soraya wave soraya 2 difference

I recently received a question, asking about how the Soraya Wave differs from Soraya 2.

In fact, despite looking so similar, these two rabbit vibrators embrace some core differences when it comes to stimulation. Soraya Wave stimulates the G-spot with a come-hither motion while the Soraya 2 gives you pleasure through strong and deep vibrations.

What is LELO Soraya Wave?

LELO Soraya Wave is a waterproof and rechargeable rabbit massager that can indulge you in some ultimate stimulation. The G-spot arm is equipped with a Wave-Motion technology which offers a ‘come-hither’ type of stimulation, just like your lover’s finger rises and falls within your vagina. Meanwhile, the flexible clit arm vibrates gently to take care of your sweet spot.

Soraya Wave is a new launch from LELO around mid-2020 and its an upgraded version of the LELO Mona Wave

soraya wave motion lelo

It’s made of body-safe silky silicone, with some golden touch on the handle and on the tip, giving an unbeatable luxurious feeling.

Soraya Wave only weighs 185 / 0.4lb and the loop in the handle gives you a firm grip when in use. It’s very easy to increase and decrease the intensity to fits your taste thanks to the loop.

The G-spot arm and the clit arm can be turned on together or separately. To do so, simply switch among the 8 powerful vibration settings by pressing the ‘()’ button.

What is LELO Soraya 2?

LELO Soraya 2 is another luxurious rabbit massager that was launched by LELO around early 2020. It’s an upgraded version of the original Soraya, which is one of the most popular vibrators in the field.

Embraced with two motors, Soraya 2 delivers deep, strong, and fulfilling vibrations through both the G-spot and the clit arm. 

soraya 2 clit arm flexible

There are 12 different vibration settings to choose from, which can satisfy all kinds of needs.

Its ultra-smooth premium silicone surface provides the best care to your sweet spots, leaving you nothing but ultimate satisfaction

Differences Between Soraya Wave and Soraya 2

lelo soraya 2 soraya wave look

G-Spot Stimulation. As mentioned, the G-spot stimulation from Soraya Wave and Soraya 2 are totally different. 

The idea behind Soraya Wave is to mimic a finger rises and falls inside of the vagina. The stimulation is very targeted. The G-spot of the Soraya Wave does have some vibration, but it’s rather mild.

As for Soraya 2, it’s a true vibrator! The vibration from the G-spot arm is deep and rumbly. It goes through the tissue and hit these hidden spots. Because of that, the stimulation is broader than targeted.

soraya 2 soraya wave

Clit Stimulation. Both the Soraya Wave and Soraya 2 have long and flexible clit arms (actually, very flexible!) and they both can vibrate. 

Despite both toys have a motor dedicated to clit vibration, the stimulation isn’t that intense. For me, this type of vibration is more fall on the teasing category.

Design and Look. The outlook of the two toys are very similar – they both are made of premium quality silicone that gives silky and smooth touch.

The golden adds a perfect finishing point, which not only appealing to the eye but also making it very easy to grip and control during the pleasure time.

lelo soraya 2 soraya wave charging

The G-spot tip on Soraya Wave is slightly bigger than the Soraya 2, probably it is designed this way so that more area can be pressured during the ‘come-hither’ motion.

Colors. Soraya Wave comes with three color options - Midnight Blue, Deep Rose, Black. Soraya 2 also provides three color options - Deep Rose, Aqua, Black

Charging and Use. Both Soraya Wave and Soraya 2 are rechargeable. As both toys can be charged through USB, there won’t be any voltage limitation, which means you can travel with these toys anywhere in the world.

It takes 2 hours to fully charge the Soraya Wave and the Soraya 2. When in charging mode, the LED on the interface will pulse and the LED will emit a steady glow after it’s fully charged.

lelo soraya 2 soraya wave plug

After each charge, Soraya Wave can last for around 2 hours while Soraya 2 can provide you pleasurable stimulation for up to 4 hours.

Packaging and Shipping. LELO ensures discreet shipping, so, no need to worry about privacy. Both toys have beautiful packaging and upon opening the package, you will be presented with the following things:

  • The Rabbit Vibrator (Either Soraya Wave or Soraya 2)
  • USB-Charging Cord
  • Satin Storage Pouch
  • Warranty Registration Card
  • Detailed Instruction Manual
lelo soraya 2 soraya wave unbox

Noise. I have to say either of the two toys are quiet. Soraya 2 is averagely noisy, similar to most of the rabbit vibe in the market. If you have a roommate next door, he/she will hear it, but the noise level is acceptable.

As for the Soraya Wave, gosh, it’s loud! It’s not just loud, it makes a shape machine sound. It’s very hard to ignore this kind of noise, in my opinion.

(Check my YouTube video above to hear the exact sound)

lelo soraya 2 soraya wave package

Summary: Soraya Wave VS. Soraya 2: Similarities and Differences





(body safe silicone + ABS)


USB Rechargeable

1-year Warranty


218 * 72 * 46 mm

220 * 76  * 45 mm

Insertable Length

110 mm / 4.3 in.

36mm / 1.4 in.


185 g / 0.4 lb

175 g / 6.2 oz

Max. Noise level

65 dB

(Tested at home)

60 dB

(Tested at home)


3 buttons

('+', '-', and '()')

3 buttons

('+', '-', and '()')


G-spot: come-hilther motion and light vibration

Clit: mild vibration

G-spot: Strong and deep vibration

Clit: mild vibration

Patterns & Modes




2 motors

(Can be controlled simutanouly or separately)

2 motors

(Can be controlled simutanouly or separately)

Charging Time

2 hours (for full charge)

2 hours (for full charge)

Battery Life

2 hours

Up to 4 hours

Standby Time

Up to 90 days

Up to 90 days

Final Words

Which rabbit vibe do you adore more? Do you prefer traditional deep vibration Soraya 2 offers or some unique ‘come-hither’ motions Soraya Wave gives?

Either way, have a good orgasm ;)!

lelo soraya 2 soraya wave

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