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Lelo Tor 3 Review: Is This Cock Ring Worth the Price Tag?

by Lucas Andersen
LELO TOR 3 Review

The world of vibrating cock rings has come a long way in recent years.

With sex toy manufacturers like Lelo constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation, It’s no surprise that their creation, the luxurious Lelo Tor 3 vibrating penis ring has become a favorite to many.

As a fan of cock rings, I recently put this vibrating cock ring to the test. Does this penis ring really live up to the hype? I tested for 3 months. Let me share my thoughts with you!

What Is Lelo Tor 3?

Lelo Tor 3 package

Lelo Tor 3 is an app-linked vibrating penis ring that enhances pleasure with its multiple settings and intensities. 

The device is rechargeable and is made of body-safe silicone, which is smooth, providing a comfortable fit for all body types while transmitting vibrations to both you and your partner for an intensified orgasmic experience.

This vibrating sex ring can be connected to the Lelo app thanks to its Bluetooth compatibility, allowing for personalized settings and easier short-distance control

It is an improved version of the Lelo Tor 2, hence boasts more features and is a good option for couples seeking to spice up their sex lives.

Key Features of Lelo Tor 3

Here’s an overview of the key features of the Lelo Tor 3 penis ring.

1. Body-Safe Materials for Safety

The Lelo Tor 3 cock ring is made of silicone and ABS plastic. Both of the materials are body-safe to ensure protection for both you and your partner. 

Additionally, the ultra-smooth premium silicone feels delightfully warm to the touch and provides a hygienic and deeply satisfying pleasure.

The Lelo Tor 3 ring is approximately 1.5 inches/3.8cm, but it has a stretchable material to accommodate any penis size.

Lelo Tor 3 cock ring

2. Multiple Vibration Modes for Customization

This penis ring offers eight different vibration modes, each with several levels of intensity. Its flexibility allows you to customize your experience and find the right setting to give you and your partner orgasmic pleasure. 

3. Bluetooth Controlled Using Lelo App for Ease Control

The Tor 3 penis ring enables remote control via phone, letting you adjust the vibration pattern without touching the ring.

What’s more, the app gives you the option to use motion control to control the vibrations.

So, instead of pressing buttons, you can simply shake or twist the phone when you’d rather be focusing on pleasure. 

The app also allows you to create and save your own vibration patterns for the Lelo Tor 3. You can choose from a variety of preset patterns or create your own using the app's pattern editor.

Unlike teledildonic cock rings from Lovense and We-vibe, the LELO app is only there for short-distance control. Just considering this Lelo app as an extra remote controller.

4. Waterproof for Enhanced User Experience

Lelo Tor 3 waterproof

The Tor 3 cock ring is fully waterproof, making it easy to clean and allowing you to enjoy it even in the shower.

5. Long-lasting Rechargeable Battery for Prolonged Use

The vibrating cock ring is USB rechargeable and you only need to charge the lithium battery for two hours to get two hours of pleasure. A fair trade if I ever saw one.

How to Use Lelo Tor 3?

Before you start playing with your Tor 3 vibrating cock ring, it is advisable to do some grooming around your pubic area to prevent the hair from getting pulled.

Additionally, you should wash your pleasure device with clean water and soap.

I connected the Tor 3 to a charging port, and the LED light on the top instantly began flushing. After two hours, the LED light stopped flushing, indicating that my Tor 3 was fully charged.

(Note that the toy arrived with some battery so that you can play with it directly.)

Lelo Tor 3 charging

Be sure to apply enough water-based lubricant on the rings’ inner surface to make it easier to slide onto the penis. The ring should fit snugly but not too tight.

If the ring feels too tight or uncomfortable, you can adjust it accordingly.

For Manual use, long press the plus button on the device to turn it on/off. Tap press plus and minus buttons on the ring to adjust the vibration intensity to your liking.

To utilize the remote control, simply download and launch the Lelo app, then click on the toy icon at the bottom of the screen.

Lelo Tor 3 Lelo App

Select Tor 3 and click on the Connect button. Finally, choose a mode that is comfortable for you and your partner and start enjoying it.

Personally, I feel some of the app control functions are not that intuitive. Among all the control modes, I dislike the Screwing mode as it’s really not easy to use during sex sessions.

Who is going to rotate a big phone accurately when heading to an orgasm? I think the Shake mode is the best to use. It’s convenient and actually easy to use. 

Lelo Tor 3 app play

On the app, it shows how much battery that is still left for the toy. It’s a great indicator to know when is the right time to recharge to toy. 

There are 8 app modes to choose from (e.g. relaxed, daring, etc.). Basically, it indicates 8 patterns. 

One thing I like is that you can still control your cock ring manually even when connect to the app. This leaves more options during the play. 

Packaging and What’s in the Box?

Lelo Tor 3 unbox

Right from the get-go, the Lelo Tor 3 made a resounding impression on me.

When I opened the package, everythings are neatly arranged, including:

When someone puts that much thought into the product, it shows professionalism.

My Experience With Lelo Tor 3

My partner and I have been married for eight years now. With time, we realized we needed to spice things up to take our sexual intimacy to a whole new level.

My wife introduced me to sex toys, including the vibrating cock ring.

In our three years of experimenting with new things in bed, we recently tried out the luxurious Lelo Tor 3 cock ring.

At the beginning, I had some concerns about the size of the ring, as it didn’t seem like it could take my penis. 

However, I soon discovered that the material was stretchy and could easily accommodate my penis.

Lelo Tor 3 how to use

The silicon material was also very soft and warm to the touch, unlike other rings I had used before.

On the Lelo site, it shows to the right way to use the toy is to put it on an erected penis, but I feel it’s easy to apply to a flaccid penis. 

You can control the Tor 3 manually, but I chose the app for maximum convenience - especially as I wanted to focus on my sensations.

The vibration is rumbly, but not overwhelming, so it won’t numb the penis too much.

Since the Lelo Tor 3 penis ring produces intense vibrations, I decided to add some playful experimentation to our foreplay. 

Using two fingers, I inserted them through the ring and I felt a powerful and tingling sensation. I positioned the part vibrating onto my wife’s clitoris.

The outcome exceeded my expectations as I observed my wife writhing in pleasure.

Lelo Tor 3 noise

My wife helped me put the Tor 3 ring on my penis with the aid of a water-based lubricant, and when I switched it on, it instantly made my penis harder. 

I went through most of the vibration modes on the app, looking for the ideal one that would work best for me and my partner.

We experimented with different sex positions with no limitations.

Still, I would recommend cowgirl, doggy style, and missionary for better sensations.

If your partner mostly orgasms through clitoral stimulation, the Tor 3 will definitely take her to new heights of ecstasy and have them screaming and squirting in no time.

Those with girthy penises may want to look elsewhere, while the premium price isn’t ideal if you’re unsure about vibrating cock rings. 

But if you’re looking to experiment or want an alternative to manual controls, you’ll find a lot to love about the Tor 3.



Average Score

Design & Features (rechargable, waterproof, etc.)


viBRATION (Intense and rumbly)


BATTERY LIFE (2 hours)







  • Stretchy ring and Adjustable size
  • Rumbly vibration
  • Ultra-soft surface
  • Body-safe materials
  • Easily Rechargeable
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Can use free app as a remote controller


  • Expensive

Alternative to Lelo Tor 3

I selected two other cock rings for you to considering. Both of them are high-quality, but they target different users.

Here are some similarities and differences between the Lelo Tor 3 versus two other vibrating cock rings that I like. You may choose the one that suits you the best. 

LELO TOR 3 vs. We-vibe Bond

Lelo Tor 3 vs We-vibe Bond


We-Vibe Bond and Lelo Tor 3 are sex toys designed for couples, focusing on enhancing pleasure during intercourse. Here are some similarities between the two:

  • Both the We-Vibe Bond and the Lelo Tor 3 penis rings are designed to be worn by the male partner during intercourse, providing added stimulation to both partners.
  • Both toys are made of body-safe, high-quality silicone, which is non-porous and easy to clean.
  • They are both rechargeable, meaning users don’t need to worry about running out of batteries or constantly buying replacements. They also both run for two hours and need the same time to recharge.
  • The two cock rings are waterproof, making them easy to clean and allowing couples to enjoy them in the shower or bath.


While the We-Vibe Bond and the Lelo Tor 3 have many similarities, there are also some notable differences between the two:

  • Shape and color: The We-Vibe Bond is only available in charcoal black, while Lelo Tor 3 comes in three different colors, that is, black, base blue, and violet dusk.
  • Price: Lelo Tor 3 is typically more expensive than the We-vibe Bond, reflecting its more advanced features and functionality.
  • Specs: The We-Vibe Bond comes at a 78 x 44 x 48 mm (30 x 17.3 x 18.9 in) while the Lelo Tor 3 is smaller at 46 x 22 x 26 mm (6.54 x 4.69 x 1.65 in).
  • The We-Vibe Bond has 10 different vibration modes while the Lelo Tor 3 has 8
  • The We-vibe Bond has a silicone link you can add for those who need a larger fit. Click it on using the buttons on the device itself, or let a partner control it through the We-Vibe app. The Lelo Tor 3 Just stretches to its maximum point and cannot be adjusted.
  • The Lelo Tor 3 has the LELO app for short-distance control. While We-Vibe penis rings can be controlled on the phone without a distance limit.

Lelo Tor 3 Vs. Lovense Diamo

Lelo Tor 3 vs Lovense Diamo


Some of the similarities between the LELO Tor 3 and Lovense Diamo penis rings include the following:

  • Flexible material: LELO Tor 3 and Lovense Diamo are made of stretchable silicon material to fit different penis sizes.
  • Rechargeable batteries: Both devices have rechargeable batteries, eliminating the need for disposable batteries.
  • Multiple vibration modes: Both penis vibrators offer multiple vibration modes, allowing you to customize their experience to their liking.
  • Free apps: Both toys come with a free app, allowing you to adjust the vibration settings without reaching for the device.


Below are some features that set apart the Lelo Tor 3 from the Lovense Diamo.

  • Vibration strength: The Lovense Diamo has a more powerful motor than the Lelo Tor 3, with stronger vibrations that may be more intense and satisfying for some users.
  • Noise level: The Lelo Tor 3 is designed to be very quiet, while the Lovense Diamo can be slightly louder due to its more powerful motor.
  • Price: Generally, the Lelo Tor 3 is more expensive than the Lovense Diamo, with prices varying depending on the retailer and any promotions that may be available.
  • Size: The Lovense Diamo is 133 x 39.3 x 33 mm (5.24 x 1.55 x 1.3 in), while the Lelo Tor 3 is smaller at 46 x 22 x 26 mm (6.54 x 4.69 x 1.65 in).
  • Color: The Lelo Tor 3 penis ring is available in 3 colors(black, base blue, violet dusk), while the Lovense Diamo ring is available in only one color (black)
  • Remote control: Both devices come with an app control function. However, Lelo Tor 3 only enables short-distance control; while Diamo allows for long-distance control (aka. no distance limit). 
  • The Lovense Diamo can be worn in 4 different ways( below or above the penis, and pointing backward or forward) while Lelo Tor 3 is only worn at the base of your penis, behind your testicles.
  • The Lovense Diamo lasts for almost three hours while the Lelo Tor 3 only gives you two hours of pleasure.


If you are looking for a stretchy and easily adjustable cock ring. We-vibe Bond and Lelo Tor 3 both can be nice, though Lelo Tor 3 has a stronger vibration than the We-vibe Bond. 

If long-distance is a feature you adore, Lovense Diamo is a better option. Please note that Diamo is quite powerful, but it's not as stretchable as the Tor 3. 

Therefore, if you are looking for an everyday, easy-to-use, and easy-to-adjust cock ring, Lelo Tor 3 is a great option to consider.

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