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My Honest Liberator Wedge Review (+ How It Changed My Sex Life)

by Jane Louis

Why need a piece of sex furniture? The truth is, not everyone can have a satisfying sexual relationship with their partner without a little help. It isn’t always easy to get the position right for a mutually rewarding experience. At least, that is what I believed until I discovered Liberator.

It has made my life so much more satisfying and my partner has a renewed drive. This is why I am so excited to share my experience in this Liberator Wedge review.

What Is the Liberator Wedge?

The Wedge, by Liberator, is a sexual enhancement product that makes it possible for couples to reach new heights of passion together. It is a type of sex furniture that has a unique wedge shape. With the Wedge, you can achieve new positions, deeper penetration, and satisfying oral stimulation.

When not in use, it is small enough to slide under most beds or tuck it away in the closet for future use. As for me, I just leave it on my bed as a replacement for a cushion to lean on.

liberator Wedge presentation

Key Features of the Wedge

1. Microfiber Covering for your comfort

Microfiber is very plush against naked skin. It also prevents you from sliding away once the fun begins. Besides, the cover is water-resistant. It doesn’t mean that you can use the Wedge during a shower, but this feature does keep the Wedge tidy for longer.

wedge waterproof

2. Cushioned support where you need it

The Wedge features high-density foam to ensure it is firm, but not uncomfortable. It simply holds you in the optimal position for whatever positions you want to try with your partner. This includes anal play, oral delights, enhanced missionary positions and more.

3. Sized & angles for better sex experience

The Wedge is available in two sizes. The Original measures in at 24 x 14 x 7-in (60 x 35 x 17-cm) and the Plus measures 30 x 14 x 7-in (76 x 35 x 17-cm).

Its design makes it possible for you to be positioned on a gentle 27-degree angle with a support that is wide enough to ensure your complete comfort.

wedge 27 degree

4. Easy to Clean

You can spot clean the Wedge by removing its cover to machine wash it. Inside the microfiber, you will also notice that there is a lining to keep the foam dry and clean. The microfiber cover is water-resistance, which helps your wedge to stay tidy.

The second layer (aka. polyester layer) is the dust protector. And after opening the second lining, you will see the white foam.

WEDGE foam

5. Safer and more comfortable sex

The Wedge enables couples to play safely. Because your body is supported by the wedge, you will experience less cramping. This is especially true for those of you who suffer from back pains.

If you are uncomfortable lying flat, you can put the wedge under your shoulder as well. Bad knees? You can rest your knees on the wedge if you are giving oral pleasure to a partner that is lying on the bed.

6. Suitable for Homo and Heterosexual Couples

Every couple that wants to take their intimacy to the next level can enjoy using the Wedge pillow by Liberator. Liberator created a list of positions that straight couples and gay couples can do while integrating Wedge in their sex life.

It’s hard to believe how a small Wedge like this can open such an amazing door to love-making. I am impressed.

7. Ideal for all types of play

Some Ideas Include:

  • For oral play, have your partner relax with their hips high on the wedge. You can then use your hands and mouth to hit their most sensitive areas.
  • If anal delights are what you seek, the Wedge provides options for easy anal access. Have your partner lie with their hips slightly hanging over the wedge for missionary anal play. If you prefer from behind, then the Wedge will hold their hips and provide a great angle for it.
  • Position exploration is made easier with the Wedge. Consider your most favorite position and imagine it being deeper and more satisfying. For instance, couples that like to have their ankles on their partner’s shoulders for deep penetration. The wedge will put you at the right angle without discomfort or pillows that move and he can hit spots that have never been hit before.
  • Bondage play is definitely erotic with the Wedge. It works well for both men and women. All you need is a blindfold, some bondage straps or scarves, and a willingness to play. Simply have your partner relax with their hips high on the wedge and you can delight them with toys, tickle them with feathers, and more. The higher on the Wedge their hips are, the more access you will have to their sensitive areas. If you want to have even more access, use bondage equipment to hold their legs further apart.

liberator wedge uses
What Makes the Liberator Different?

The Liberator Wedge is one of the most popular types of sex furniture available, even though there are other wedge pillows on the market. What makes the Wedge so much better? The way it is designed.

Liberator Wedge: This wedge is sized for comfort, filled with high-density foam, which makes it great for intimate pleasures.

It has a protective covering that shields the foam from moisture, so you are free to play with whatever you like (whipped cream and chocolate perhaps?).

The microfiber’s softness is also going to heighten the eroticism of your night while remaining easy to wipe clean if a mess is left behind.

Other Wedges: Wedge pillows are designed for comfort. Ideal for relaxing in bed while you read or watch TV. If you get them wet, they take forever to dry and may develop odors because they do not have a protective layer over the foam.

They also have a different angle (usually higher) that can put added stress when used for sexual pleasures. Most importantly, many Wedges lack the firmness that makes them great for physical pleasures. Also, Most are covered with cloth that is not easily cleaned.

liberator WEDGE colors

How to Use the Liberator Wedge?

One of the best things about the Liberator Wedge is that there are no rules when it comes to playtime with your partner. There are a variety of possible ways to use it. For instance:

Best Uses for Female Partners

  • You can turn the “doggie-style position” into a much more exciting position. To do it, the woman lays over the highest part of the Wedge, angling her body down. Her partner comes up behind her.
    This position allows for deeper penetration and G-spot stimulation while supporting the woman’s hips completely.
  • Another great option is to have the woman lie on her back, hips resting at the top of the Wedge. Her partner can stand beside the bed. Penetration goes deep and her partner has free access to all her most stimulating areas.
  • If you want satisfying oral pleasures, the woman can lie with her hips on the highest part of the Wedge. She will be open to her partner in the most delightful ways, and her partner will never feel neck strain.

Best Uses for Male Partners

  • Have your male partner lie with his hips on the Wedge. You can perform oral and massage their prostate while they enjoy the pleasure you provide.
  • Your male partner can rest with his hips up and you can ride him cowgirl style, while he has full access to your buttons. He will enjoy the deeper penetration and having all hands on deck.
  • Anal sex with a male partner is easier with a wedge. It has a height that will keep him in place so that you both can relax and enjoy the ride.

If you would like to see more tips on how to use it, you can check out the Liberator Position Guide.

liberator WEDGE box

My Experience with the Liberator Wedge

My experience with the wedge came after a long talk with my partner. We have been married several years and, well, things were getting a little stale. We had always used toys, but we still felt there was something missing. We discussed trying new positions.

We even tried a few, but with our size difference, a lot of positions seemed unrealistic. My husband is actually the one who found the Wedge by Liberator. I will admit, we were hesitant at first to buy it. However, the more we looked at it, the more it intrigued us.

When we finally ordered it, neither of us could wait to try it out. My favorite position has always been doggie-style. I love having the freedom to use toys with deep penetration.

My partner loves the position, but hates that always seem to “run away”. So, we tried it with the Wedge supporting me.

The deep penetration and me not being able to slide across the bed, was a definite bonus. It took a little effort, but we managed to work in my favorite vibrator so that I could have that stimulation. That first night, I was able to reach my “O” several times. He later admitted that he had to think about “baseball” quite a bit.

liberator position

After that night, we have tried several positions and each one is rewarding. A new favorite is to have my hips up on the wedge with my wrists tied to my thighs.

A blindfold over my eyes. We both love how open we are when lying on the wedge. It is nice to know that even if we bring out ice or lubes to play with, we do not risk having it damage the foam inside.

I have used it to tease him as well. Normally, I find woman on top positions to be uncomfortable, but the wedge makes it easier for us both. I also like having his hips elevated for oral pleasure. It makes it easier on my back and my hands can roam as well.

Needless to say, we are happy with our purchase and are now discussing other furniture options from Liberator.

Final Thoughts

When it comes time to add a little spice to your bedroom, the Liberator Wedge can add plenty. It is easy to use and more satisfying than you will ever know until you try it out.

The Wedge is one toy that virtually everyone who uses it, wonders how they ever lived without it. It opens up positions that were at one time unattainable. The Wedge ensures that everyone is in the best position for deeper penetration, G-spot stimulation, and plenty of orgasmic bliss.

If you have been putting off giving it a try, I recommend that you rethink your hesitation! I promise it will be a night you will never forget.

signature Jane L

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Iain March 1, 2023 - 3:19 pm

Hi Jane, looks like this article is 4 years old. Curious is this still a favorite item of yours for fun times and that you also use as a pillow on your bed? Evaluating the longevity of the investment

Jane Louis March 17, 2023 - 5:16 pm

Hello Lain, I am still using the Wedge and haven’t find other similar type ones that work better than it.


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