Lora Dicarlo Ose 2 Review: The Newest Innovation in Dual Stimulation

by Jane Louis
lora dicarlo ose 2 review

If you're looking for a revolutionary personal massager, you have to check out the Lora Dicarlo Osé 2. 

Lora Dicarlo created the Osé 2 after years of researching and finding a way to create a product that offers a "real" human touch while you fly solo. 

Lora Dicarlo Osé 2 500_500

Mimics Tongue & Fingers!

This innovative product stimulates both major pleasure points simultaneously to provide an experience unlike other toys on the market. 

What is the Lora Dicarlo Osé 2? 

The Osé 2 is a dual stimulator that offers intense customizable pleasure

While most sex toys fall into the "one size fits all category," the Osé 2 can be adjusted to perfectly fit your body

It's different from your traditional vibrator because of its flexible ability to bend side to side and front to back.

This allows you to adjust it to sit flat against your vulva, with your glans clitoris inside the clitoral mouth, while inserting the G-spot stimulator simultaneously for the ultimate experience. 

Lora Dicarlo Ose 2 size

The clitoral stimulation produces a light suction and air pulse, which feels more like a human tongue than a sex toy.

The G-spot massager replicates the sensation of fingers making the "come hither" motion for perfect arousal of the G-spot.

Key Features

The Osé 2 comes equipped with some fantastic features that are sure to be appealing to every woman. 

1. Safe, Ergonomic Hands-free Design

Lora Dicarlo brought together their two popular designs, the Baci and Onda, to create the Osé 2

It offers a sleek white ergonomic design that allows it to be used hands-free.

The Osé 2 uses high-grade body-safe materials, such as soft silicone, for a delicate and life-like feel. 

The overall size of the Osé 2 comes in at 6.3 x 5.1 x 2.9 in and weighs 11.6 oz.

The mouth measures .6 x .8 in, while the G-Spot stimulator is a maximum of 1.3 in wide and can be inserted up to 4.6 in.

Lora Dicarlo Ose 2 dual

2. Clitoral Suction and G-Spot Massaging

The clitoral stimulator provides up to 10 settings of gentle yet effective suction

Instead of constant vibrations, Lora Dicarlo uses biomimicry to replicate realistic motions of the human tongue, mouth, and fingers and subjective measurements of frequency and pressure. 

The G-spot massager uses a "come-hither" motion to stimulate internal erogenous zones and offers three stroke lengths to bring you to orgasm. 

3. Flexibility to Fit All

The flexible design of the Osé 2 allows you to bend it in every direction. 

You can easily bend the product to hit both pleasure points without causing discomfort to one or more areas. 

Compared to the Womanizer Duo or Lelo Enigma, the G-Spot stimulator may be a little too long for some. 

The fact that the shaft (first 4.6 inches of insertable length) does not bend makes it difficult to adjust in comparison to the 4.5-inch total arm length of the Womanizer Duo and the 7.3-inch overall length of the Lelo Enigma.

However, the rest of the Osé 2 can bend in more directions than its two competitors, making it more customizable.

Lora Dicarlo Osé 2 angle

4. Travel Lock

There's no need to worry about your personal massager turning on accidentally while going through security at the airport or the battery draining while traveling.

The Osé 2 comes with a travel lock option that ensures it will not turn on again until you unlock it. 

5. 100% Waterproof 

Being waterproof allows for more pleasure options.

If you enjoy laying in the bath or indulging during a shower, you can bring the Osé 2 with you without worrying it will get damaged. 

How to Use the Osé 2?

At first glance, this toy looks a little more like a machine. But not to worry, it’s much easier to use than you think.

1. Find Your G-Spot

You can't use the G-spot massager without knowing where your G-spot is.

The easiest way to find yours is once you're aroused. The clitoral stimulator is great for this.

Once aroused, use your fingers to find your G-spot before inserting the Osé 2. 

It's important that you do not insert the Osé 2 or move it in and out while it is turned on, as this can create an unpleasant experience. 

Once you've located your G-spot, you can insert the G-spot massager. 

After it's in, you can turn it on and make sure it's in the right place, adjusting it as you see fit. 

Lora Dicarlo Ose 2 G-spot massager

2. Find Your Clitoral Bend

When you have the G-spot massager in place, you can start bending the product to fit over your clitoris perfectly.

You may need to remove the Osé 2 and readjust it a few times so that both stimulators are hitting your pleasure points. 

Lora Dicarlo Osé 2 how to use

Due to its extreme flexibility, you can bend the mouth quite far so that the glans clitoris is directly inside of the mouth.

Whether you need it to be adjusted higher or lower, deeper, or right to left, the Osé 2 can meet your demands. 

3. Enjoy

Now that you've found your perfect fit, it's time to enjoy! You can explore the various settings to find what makes you feel fantastic. 

Lora Dicarlo Ose 2 buttons

Osé 2 control panel (6 buttons)

How to Charge Osé 2?

The Osé 2 comes with a USB charging port so that you can charge it anytime and anywhere in the world.

The Osé 2 utilizes a light-up system to show the power remaining on your device (25% = 15 mins, 50% = 30 mins, 75% = 45 mins, or 100% = 1 hr) and takes a total of 2 hours to fully charge. 

Lora Dicarlo Ose 2 charging

If you are down to five minutes of power remaining, the circle light will flutter, letting you know it's time to charge up.

The Osé 2 will automatically turn off if one of the two stimulators is not turned on within five minutes to conserve power. 

Clean & Care

As a waterproof toy, it's rather simple to clean the Ose 2. Simply wash it with soapy water or toy cleaner and dry well before storage.

Make sure to ONLY use water-based lube because oil or silicone-based formula can damage the silicone device.

Packaging & What's in the Box?

Shipping from Lora Dicarlo is very discreet. It doesn't even mention the brand name, instead, it displays "Shipper: Uccelllnl LLC", which leaves no clue that there's a naughty sex toy inside. 

Lora Dicarlo Ose 2 package

There are some paper cushions inside the package, to protect the toy from being damaged during the shipping process.

The box is very steady and a bit heavy, to be honest. Upon opening the box, I was presented the following things:

Lora Dicarlo Ose 2 unbox

Demo Video of Osé 2

(You will have to watch it on Youtube because sex toy demo is considered as adult content)

My Experience with Lora Dicarlo Osé 2

There are other dual stimulators on the market, but nothing quite like the Osé 2. 

The marketing for this toy advertises that it feels like a human touch.

While it's not exactly this feeling, it does feel more natural than a traditional vibrator or dual stimulator

The large variety in intensity settings allows you to adjust for any mood. 

There are slower settings when the mood is more sensual and speeds for more intense, passionate sessions. However, the downside is that it takes some time to learn and remember what each button does.

While this product is ideal for individual use, it can be incredibly fun and intimate with a partner. 

You can use the clitoral stimulator while your partner is in you from behind to enhance your orgasm.

My favorite position to use the Osé 2 in is the Cobra, as the mixture of added pressure from penetration of your partner and the perfectly positioned clitoral stimulator will have you cumming back for more.

The Osé 2 won't work well in positions such as the missionary because the mouth is too bulky to be comfortable in this position.

Lora Dicarlo Ose 2 control

I don't have to feel deprived of my deepest fantasies while my partner is away, either.

Because of the advanced technology of the Osé 2 and the programmed motions and pressure, the stimulators are truly the closest to human interaction that I've found in a sex toy.

However, I have to admit that Osé 2 is way heavier than most of my other sex toys, which is not handy for long-term use. 

That is just a minor flaw. If you're looking for a little one on one time, the Osé 2 is still the perfect option. 

After a long stressful day, my favorite thing is to light a few candles around my bath and bring a sex toy in to play. Osé 2 has been my 1st choice during the last few weeks.

Because the Osé 2 is waterproof up to 1 meter (3 feet), you can use it in the bathtub or shower without hesitation.

What's better than the replication of a human tongue on your clit in a warm bath?

Lora Dicarlo Ose 2 noise

Of course, no sex toy is perfect. Other than the weight, there is another thing I am not fond of.

It is quite loud while in operation. The clit suction part is almost as loud as the flawed Lelo Sona. Besides, the G-spot massager makes a mechanical sound that is quite disturbing and sometimes can be a mood killer.

Lora Dicarlo Osé 2 vs. Lora Dicarlo Osé

The designers took reviews and useful suggestions to improve the product drastically while still maintaining its integrity. 

Lora Dicarlo upgraded the fit of the Osé for the launch of the Osé 2. 

The unique sex toy is marketed as customizable and not a one-size-fits-all, offering a more intuitive fit, additional angles, and a wider range of power on the clitoral stimulator

The Osé 2 also comes with larger ergonomic buttons and a 10-decibel reduction in noise.

The G-spot massager is considerably smaller than the previous model, allowing for a more natural and comfortable feel. 

I personally enjoy this upgraded feature, as it feels more comfortable when inserted and is easier to control and adapt to my G-spot. 

The last significant difference is that there's now a smoother transition from climax to the "off" setting

Before, you would press the "off" button, and it would abruptly turn off, which was uncomfortable and unnatural for me. Now, it will gradually slow down and then turn off. 

The Osé 2 has many great features, but there are also a few things I would like to see improved, especially for the noise level and the weight.

Review Summary



Average Score

Design & Features (rechargable, waterproof, etc.)


SUCTION (Intense suction)


G-SPOT Massager (unique)


VALUE FOR MONEY (expensive)





  • Intense Clitoral suction
  • Unique G-spot finger-feel massaging
  • 10 intensity settings for every occasion
  • Customizable fit (Very bendable)
  • Travel lock
  • 100% waterproof
  • Silky smooth surface


  • Larger than other products
  • Takes time to get the perfect fit
  • Takes time to learn how to use
  • Loud

Final Thoughts

The Lora Dicarlo Osé 2 is an innovation that provides women an intense experience. 

The various air pulse clitoral stimulator and G-spot massager settings allow for a unique and fun session every time. 

If you tried other dual stimulation toys before, but they didn't seem to fit, the Osé 2 is an excellent option for the perfect fit. 

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