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LOVEBOX Messenger Review: A Beautiful Way to Express Love

by Jane Louis

Love is a beautiful thing. It is also delightfully mysterious, yet playful and passionate at the same time. Can it be defined? Maybe, maybe not. But it can definitely be expressed. Human beings have actually evolved to express it quite well.

In fact, there is a nearly infinite number of ways of expressing love. And Lovebox adds another to that number. Here is a detailed review of Lovebox to help you see exactly how it does that.


Lovebox is a digital love note box that allows you to send and receive love messages from people you care about.

It is a small 90x90x80mm 600g wooden box with a heart on the side and a display screen on the entire top surface, which is revealed when you lift the removable top. This is where the messages are displayed.

It all began in 2015, when the co-founder of Lovebox, Jean Gregoire, made the first box for his fiance while he was studying in the US. Co-founder Marie Poulle saw it and immediately fell in love with it, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Today, the startup, aptly also named Lovebox, aims to create positive communication using technology with its fun, cheeky little box.

The beauty of the Lovebox lies in its simplicity. It looks simple, and it is also very easy to use. It allows you to view messages sent by up to 20 loved ones. This makes it a fun token of love that will always remind you of all the people who care about you.


1. Design and Look

Lovebox is a very well designed product. The 3.54 x3.54 x 3.54 inches (90x90x90mm) French beechwood box is smooth with a removable lid that opens to reveal the OLED display screen, where the love messages are displayed.

You can get your lid engraved with a quote, date, initials, or any personalized message to further give your Lovebox that extra touch of uniqueness.

On the side is a rotating 1.7x 1.9 x 0.5 inches (43x47x12mm) heart, which spins to notify you of incoming messages. The overall aesthetics of the Lovebox are absolutely pleasing, and anyone who sees it will be instantly enamored by its looks.

This makes it perfectly perform the role of a conversational piece in any room if you so choose.

It has also been ergonomically designed to fit perfectly in the hands while being just the right comfortable weight at only 600g. You can also easily carry it around with you, taking your love with you wherever you go.

2. A Choice of Many Hearts

(Update: The Precious heart and the Paper heart are not available for the moment. They are out of stock because of their success. But they will be back soon!)

Perhaps the one feature that makes each Lovebox stand out is the heart on the side. You can customize your Lovebox by getting your lid engraved with a quote, date, initials, or any personalized message. Besides, you can customize it even further by choosing from one of three heart design options.

There is the Red Pixel heart, which is a warm, radiant scarlet red, the Precious heart, which is a diamond-shaped gold heart, and the paper heart, which is a pretty white paper heart designed by Maylis, a Paris designer.

lovebox display

3. 100% French

The Lovebox is 100% designed and made in France. All the materials used in its construction are locally sourced and lovingly crafted by local craftsmen and artists. The beechwood is sourced from Saint-Amour in Jura region, while the electronic internals come from Cité de l’objet connecté in Angers. The hearts also come from Angers, apart from the paper heart, which is the work of Maylis from Paris.

4. The Lovebox App

The Lovebox has an accompanying free mobile app for your iOS and Android devices. The app connects with the Lovebox and allows you to send and receive messages.

Although most people have a dedicated Lovebox for a particular person, like, say, a romantic partner, a single Lovebox can be linked to multiple users and receive messages from multiple different sources, as long as each sender has the app. The iOS version requires iOS 7.0 or later while the Android version requires Android 4.1 or later.

5. A Special Way to Messaging

Every Lovebox comes with a love heart attached to one of the sides of the wooden box. When you receive a message, all you have to do is spin the little heart to send one back. It also spins to notify you of incoming messages.

Another great messaging feature is the fact that when it comes to the types of messages you can send, you have quite a lot of freedom with the Lovebox. You can send anything from text messages to hand-written messages, hand-drawn sketches, and even gif all using the Lovebox.

lovebox drawing feature

6. The Display

The display of the Lovebox is also unique. It has an OLED screen that is almost mirror-like and reflective when on standby. When you receive a message, it lights up and displays it in a clear and sharp black-and-white contrast. The entire design direction taken with the display gives it a delightfully vintage vibe, from the pixelated font type used to the fact that it does not support any color images.

7. No Distance Limit

With Lovebox, you can receive love messages from anyone anywhere in the world as long as there is the Internet. It does not matter whether they are in the same room with you or on another continent. Just shoot a message and it will be received instantly.

This is what makes it create that feeling of connection between people. If you are thinking about that special someone, all you have to do is let them know and they will reply in an instant.


Once you unpack it, you can get your Lovebox up and running and ready to receive messages in 3 easy steps:

1. Place the heart on the Lovebox, then plug it in an outlet using the power adapter and cable. The Lovebox screen will light up and set up instructions will appear.

2. Follow the setup instructions. When you are prompted to connect to the Lovebox WiFi on your phone, do so and provide a list of emails of the people who you want the Lovebox to receive messages from. Validate your choices and voila! Setup is complete!

3. Everyone in your list of emails will receive messages with their setup instructions. They can then send the Lovebox messages, too.

In order to fully understand how to use it, here is an example illustrating how it works:

Suppose you want to send a love message to your girlfriend’s Lovebox in Australia. The first thing you will have to do is download the app on your phone.

She will need to include you in the list of emails that she can receive messages from on her end. Once that is done, you can now send messages straight from your app directly to her Lovebox.

When a message reaches her, the little heart on the side of the box will spin to alert her. She will then have to open the lid to read the message displayed on the screen.

To reply, all she has to do is to manually spin the heart and a waterfall of hearts is automatically sent back to you, confirming receipt.

You can also send drawings, sketches, and gif through your app to the Lovebox, adding that personal touch to your messages. And that’s all there is to it. It really is that simple.

lovebox messenger


When I first got my Lovebox, I was struck by how easy to use it was. Anyone can understand and learn how to use it within minutes.

Having used it for a while now, I have found that it can brighten up your days whenever you receive unexpected messages of love from people you care about. I think it is a fun, easy and convenient way to tell those you love how you truly feel.

My boyfriend really appreciates it too. He has his Lovebox by his desk at work, and he often looks at it longingly on boring days, willing the heart to spin. Or at least that is what he tells me.

And when I shoot him a text, and he spins the heart to send me back a reply of cute raining little hearts, both our days immediately brighten up.

I also think the fact that it allows messages to be sent in a wide variety of ways is a very nice touch. From sketches to simple handwritten messages, Lovebox has got you covered.

The only downside when it comes to the Lovebox is the lid. It is fully detachable from the rest of the box, which means that the lid tends to fall easily.

If you are not meticulously careful with your stuff, it will likely be the first part of the Lovebox to get lost. Luckily, you can easily buy a replacement lid if that ever happens.


1. What kind of messages can be sent to Lovebox?

The Lovebox displays texts, little draws, your own draws and gif in black and white.

2. Is it possible to send messages with Lovebox

The Lovebox can’t send messages itself. The messages are sent from the app. And in the app, the person who send the message can choose to sign it with the function that allows this (the white hand during the message is typing).

3. Do I need to charge Lovebox?

The Lovebox, always plugged in (and not in danger of being unloaded), brings you a message you didn’t expect, that you can see in a look

4. Are the messages stored after being read?

The messages will disappear after being read, but you can store the messages in your heart :).

5. What happens if I send/receive more than one message?

You can send as many messages as you wish and the receiver will receive them one after the other. The message only disappears once the lid on the box is closed. For example, if one receives 5 messages, After he/she read the first message and close the box lid, the heart will spin again, then the next message would come, so on so forth.

6. Is there character limitation for the text I want to send?

Yes, you can send messages up to 168 characters.



The Lovebox is a creative, unique product that adds a modern twist to the timeless art of sending love messages. It can make the perfect gift for couples, providing a simple way of letting the other person know that you are thinking about them.

It allows us a glimpse into new ways that technology can be used to promote positive communication. Lovebox is fun, thoughtful, and it truly proves that there are endless ways to express our emotions.

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