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The How-To Guide for Lovense Apps & My Experiences Shared

by Jane Louis
Lovense Apps Review

Today, I am going to talk about Lovense apps. 

I received many questions asking about how to connect Lovense toy to its app, how to use Lovense Remote app, how to have a stable connection, etc, etc. 

After years of use, I am very familiar with Lovense sex toys. And I have a very thorough understanding of both the toys and the apps. 

To be honest, these apps are the top reasons why I have been a big fan of Lovense brand for years, as they make my sex experience a lot more versatile. 

Besides, after trying many vibrating apps, I realized that Lovense apps include so many unique functions that other similar apps don’t have. 

In this article, I will talk about three appsLovense Remote, Lovense Connect, and VibeMate

They all are free of charge and without any in-app purchase.

You can explore the app functions even before purchasing a Lovense toy. Once you have a toy at hand, you will then have full access to its library. 

Let’s dive in. 

What is Lovense Remote? 

Lovense Remote is a free app aiming to offer a great way to enhance your solo or partnered play as it embraces a great number of features, including short and long-distance control, customizing patterns, syncing movements of two toys, and more. 

The app can be used to connect all Lovense toys, including Lush, Hush, Gravity, Ferri, Hyphy, Dolce, Exomoon, Tenera, Gemini, Ambi, Osci, Flexer, Domi, NoraMax, Edge, Diamo, Gush, Calor, and the Lovense Sex Machine.

Lovense regularly updates the app with new features and fixes bugs when needed. 

This app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

How to Connect Your Lovense Toys to Lovense Remote?

The way to connect is the same for all Lovense toys.

Connect lush 2 to lovense remote app
  1. Find the on/off button on the toy. Press and hold that button until you sense/hear a buzz. At the same time, a LED light will start to flash, which indicates that the toy is ready to be detected by your app.
  2. Make sure your phone or tablet’s Bluetooth is turned on.
  3. Download the Lovense Remote app in the app store. Open the app and tap the connection icon on the upper right side of the screen.
  4. Tap the “+” button to search for the toy you are holding. 
  5. Your toy will be found automatically and this process takes around 30-40 seconds. Once your toy is detected and connected, tap “Done”. 
  6. Unless you close the toy, otherwise, your toy will keep being connected and you can control it in any kind of way you are fond of. 

Which Devices are Compatible with Lovense Remote App?

Since there’s a dedicated Lovense Remote for iOS and Android systems, you basically can use it on a majority of existing devices including iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Android phones, and Android phones and tablets. 

Besides, it’s also possible to use the app on a PC/Mac. To get connected to the PC/MAC, you will need to purchase a Lovense USB Bluetooth adapter. It costs $12.

Lovense Remote Compatibility

Lovense Remote: Features & Functions

1. Local and Remote Control

Lovense Remote Control

This is the most basic, yet the most used feature.

It allows you to manage either local remote control during masturbation or long-distance control during couple play.

There are three ways to handle Remote Control – Loop, Float, and Traditional. The idea is similar, but there are different panels. 

Loop and Float panels are more causal while Traditional panel is more accurate.

2. Customize Patterns

Inside the “My Patterns” section, there already are 4 pre-set patterns. They are Pulse, Wave, Fireworks, and Earthquake. 

Lovense Remote Patterns

You can decide the speed of these pre-set patterns, ranging from 0.25 to 4 times the original speed. 

It’s also possible to personalize patterns

Different toys offer different types of movement and sensations. Some vibrate, some contract, and some thrust. 

The cool thing is that you can decide what you want for each motor your toy has. 

Lovense Remote Customize

For example, Edge 2 is a prostate and perineum massager and it has two motors. So, you can choose two different vibrating speeds/styles for each motor.

For Max 2, you can decide both how it should vibrate and how you want it to contract.

Once a pattern is created, simply click the “save” button and you can keep it for future use.

It’s even possible to create a playlist with your favorite patterns, which is great for prolonged stimulation.

3. Music Control

Lovense Remote Music Control

Lovense is one of the first companies that introduced the Music Control function in its app. 

The movement of your toys, either vibration, contraction, or thrust, will sync with any songs or music beats you want. 

Other than the offline playlists you could upload, it’s also possible to sync with your Spotify account to explore more options. 

4. Alarm

Lovense Remote Alarm

This is one of the most unique features Lovense Remote embraces, exclusively!

As many Lovense toys are comfortable to wear for long hours, you then can wake up with enticing vibrations. 

For example, you can either insert Lush 3 or attach Ferri to your underwear before going to sleep. 

The next day, the vibrator will buzz at the pre-set time to gently wake you up and may even offer an early-morning orgasm.

5. Sound Activation

Lovense Remote Sound Activation

Your phone will detect the sounds around you and then your vibrator will move along these sounds. 

The beats, the volume, the rhythm – they all matter!

I highly recommend trying this feature and think this is the most exciting mode for clubbing

6. Many Long Distance Features

Lovense Remote Long distance mode

Lovense Remote is the go-to option for long distance couples!

Once you add your partner for long-distance control, you will open a new door. 

No matter where your partner is, he/she will be able to maintain intimacy with you via sexy interaction and controlling your toy at any time. 

Long Distance features include Live touch control, video calls, voice calls, pattern control, sharing sexy pictures during virtual sex, activating the toy with your lover’s voice, etc.  

The most exciting part is the syncing mode. If both of you have a Lovense toy, you will be able to achieve realistic virtual sex.

Let’s say you have a Nora and your man has a Max 2, when you are thrusting your Nora to hit your G-spot, your man will feel contraction through the Max 2. And vice versa. 

max 2 nora app control

Three Lovense toys are embedded with this synchronizable long-distance sex option. They are Calor, Nora, and Max 2.

7. Discover “Patterns”

Lovense Remote Pattern vibe

Other than customizing your own patterns, Lovense has a lot more to offer. 

If you open the “Discover” section, you can find all the amazing patterns library other users created. 

These aren’t random lame patterns, instead, they are carefully picked by Lovense and loved by many users. 

The best part is that it’s an open library and allows for free downloading.

8. Speed Mode

Lovense Remote Speed Mode

Speed mode is one of the newest features Lovense added to its app. It enables your toys to vibrate/pulsate according to your acceleration speed.

Picture this: your boyfriend is driving on a highway while you sit next to him. You are not just sitting there, you can get a Lush inserted in your vagina and have an orgasm on the way because your toy will vibrate according to his driving speed! 

9. Control Link

Lovense Remote Control Link

In my opinion, this is more of a side feature for non-cam users. 

Basically, It allows the other person to open the link and control your toy for a certain period on a browser. Anyone can send and receive a control link.

This feature is more used by Cam models even though anybody can try it. 

It’s also a feature that is included in both Lovense Remote and Lovense Connect apps, which is an app dedicated to cam models. 

(I will talk about Lovense Connect later)

10. Wish List & Gifting

Lovense Remote Wish List Gift

The wishlist feature and gifting feature are ways for the buyer to purchase gifts for the receivers without knowing the receivers’ addresses

The gifting feature is used by the buyer. The buyer would create the gift link and send it to the receiver so that the receiver can fill out the address.

The wishlist is used by the receiver. Whoever the wish link is shared to can see the items in your wishlist.

If someone purchases an item from your wishlist, they won’t be able to know your address.

This is also a good feature for surprising your lover with a sex gift.

11. Connect to Amazon Alexa for AI Control

Lovense Remote Alexa

This feature allows you to have hands-free voice control over your Lovense sex toys

You can say things like “Alexa, ask Lovense to turn the Hush on low”, or “Alexa, let Lovense please me with Lush on high”.

I am fond of the concept, but I think this feature requires improvement.

It doesn’t recognize my pronunciation very well (probably because I have an accent while speaking English). 

Many times, Alexa replies, “I don’t know that one”! 

Well, Alexa, I am counting on you to have an orgasm >_<”.

12. Sex Gaming Mode

Lovense Remote Game Mode

Sex gaming is a new phenomenon in the gaming industry. It is a form of interactive entertainment that is not only fun but can also be a great form of leveling up pleasure.

Lovense partnered with pioneering 3rd party erotic game companies to provide an immersive experience

Currently, all Lovense toys are compatible with 5 interactive games, including 3DXChat, Mirror Life*, Treasure of Nadia, Wild Life, and Breeders of the Nephelym (*Mirror Life is compatible with Max 2 male masturbator only).

Lovense gaming

These games are either 2D, 3D, or VR-enabled and are designed to promote intimacy, sensuality, and sexual exploration.

For example, 3DXChat is a virtual reality adult entertainment site that offers a variety of sexual content including virtual reality porn, webcam models, and interactive sex games.

There are many categories of people to choose from, and the website is free to join.

Another example: Treasure of Nadia is a game that is a mix of hidden objects. You can explore the world of Nadia in search of treasure.

There are over 2,500 naughty animations in this exotic world and you will feel the same sensations with 12 gorgeous female characters.

How does it work? Once you connect the toy and enable the Game Mode, the 3rd party game will instantly connect to your toy.

How to Fix Lovense Remote Connectivity issue?

You can check the Lovense FAQ page to find the official ways to fix connectivity issues. 

As a frequent user, I also came up with some solutions that helped me to have stable connectivity. Hope they can be helpful for you too. 

  1. If you have frequent connection drops (like every 5-10 minutes), the best way to fix it is to turn off your toy, the app, and the Bluetooth; unpair your toy from the app, disconnect everything, and then reconnect. 
  2. If your partner keeps losing control of your toy. Ask him/her to try restarting the Internet. Internet speed and stability do matter!
  3. If you use an Android system, try to clear the cache from time to time. Otherwise, the reaction from your app will get slower, which may lead to signal dropping.
  4. If you want long-time control, make sure to turn off the “auto-locking” and keep the Lovense Remote app in the foreground. Many times, the connection drops if your phone goes to sleeping mode.
Lovense Remote Connectivity

5. If you see an icon showing “firm update”, make sure to accept it and update it in time. The main goal of these updates is to help improve Bluetooth connectivity stability. 

lovense remote update

What is Lovense Connect? 

Lovense Connect is a dedicated app for cam models to better interact with the audience and earn more tips.

You can use this app to connect and link your Lovense toys to your cam sites such as Camsoda, Chaturbate, Stripchat, Cam4 and more. 

lovense cam sites

This app itself is rather simple, to achieve a holistic camming and streaming experience, you will need to install both the app and the Lovense browser/chrome extension.

If you are a cam model, I recommend you to check the setup guide.

Lovense Connect Features

1. Connect One or More Sex Toys

Lovense Connect add toys

You can add as many Lovense toys as you want, but your cam sessions will be smoother if you use no more than 5 toys at the same time.

Simply hold the on/off button on the toy until it buzzes. Then click “add toys”. 

Your app will detect and connect your toys automatically as long as your phone’s Bluetooth is turned on.

2. Connect Cam Accounts for Broadcasting

Lovense Connect cam accounts

This feature allows cam models to add their cam accounts to Lovense Connect.

To achieve that, you need to install Lovense Browser or at least a chrome extension on your laptop.

Log in through your laptop and you will then get a QR code.

Scan that QR code via the Lovense Connect App. Voila! Your accounts are connected and you then can let your fans control your toys. 

3. Share Control Link to Cam Audiences

Lovense Connect control link

You can make a control link and send it to your fans directly so that they can control a certain toy of yours for a certain amount of time. 

This feature can help you to earn more tips.

Note that it is a one-time link and only the first person who clicks on this link can get the treat. 

So, make sure not to send the same link to multiple people. Also, don’t accidentally click on it yourself. 

What is Lovense VibeMate?

Lovense VibeMate (previously called Surfease) is an adult-entertainment app that can connect you to erotic video content and screaming models in the most straightforward way.

Once you locate a Lovense-compatible adult site or cam site, you can connect to your Lovense toy and feel the exact vibration and stimulation the porn star or cam model is experiencing. 

Lovense VibeMate Features

1. It’s a Browser, but Sexier

Lovense VibeMate Browser

Just like any other browsing app, you can search and find any page.

The twist is that, once you detect some erotic contents that can turn you on, you can easily bookmark them, sync the motions as shown in the videos, and have an immersive experience with your Lovense toys.

2. Close interaction with Your Favorite Streamers

Do you like to watch cam shows? Watch it with this app next time and you will be amazed by the realistic experience.

Would you be interested in feeling what the cam girl/boy is feeling?

Simply scan the QR code from that cam model, and connect your Lovense toy to the app.

Voila! You can then feel the vibration the streamer is feeling.

Lovense VibeMate Streaming

You might be wondering how it works if you and the streamer owes different Lovense toys?

Let’s say the cam girl is using a Lush 3 and you have a Max 2 at hand. 

When her Lush 3 vibrates, your Max 2 will vibrate and contract at the same time, with same rhythm and intensity.

Another example will be the Cam girl has Lush 3 (1 motor), but you have Edge 2 (2 motors). 

In this case both of your Edge 2‘s motors will vibrate at the same time, along with the Cam girl’s Lush 3.

So far, Lovense Vibemate can seamlessly sync with 4 cam sites – Chaturbate, Stripchat, BOngaCams, and Cam4. 

But Lovense will increase the coverage so that it can provide even broader selections of cam platforms.  

Lovense VibeMate Cam

3. Consolidate All Your Favorite Adult Contents for Easy Access

Lovense VibeMate Videos

Other than streaming sites, you can also bookmark all your favorite videos and audio contents – basically, anything you can find online. Pornhub, Xhamster, Youtube, you name it, you have it. 

With the VibeMate app, you can easily stay up-to-date with the latest erotic content.

Lovense VibeMate Cam sites

My Experience with Lovense Apps

I’ve been using Lovense Remote for almost 6+ years. It was a pioneering app. 

At that time, there were only basic functions and there were a lot more signal drops at that time. 

I can sense that Lovense put a lot of efforts into this app in the last two years because I see new features and updates all the time

Since two years ago, I feel there have barely been any connectivity issues.

When using it for local control during masturbation, I didn’t experience any problem.

There were still small bugs when my partner controls my toys for long-distance control. But the issue is minor enough. 

Lovense Lush vs Hush sex

At least that’s our experience. We both use mainstream devices (Samsung and iPhone). Probably that contributed to the stability. 

Other than the basic remote control, my favorite features are Sound activation, Alarm, and Long distance play.

My hubby is super excited about the gaming mode. He said it still needs some improvements but is really fun to explore. 

I was not really familiar with the Lovense Connect app. So, I had to consult 3 of my friends from the streaming industry to get more insight. 

They all agreed that the interactive experience Lovense provides is great for getting more tips. 

But the app and the extension can be a bit complicated to set up, especially if you are new to this kind of technology.

They did mention that connection drops sometimes and there are some bugs with the tipping function from time to time.

But the overall experience is still quite positive. And they all say that Lovense support team responses quick enough (usu. within 1-3 days) when there’s an issue.

VibeMate is a new-launched Lovense app. As it’s more about syncing erotic content, my partner tried it more than I. 

Lovense VibeMate Connect

He said that the app is straight and simple, but it’s not that intuitive to understand what it can do at the beginning.

He likes the fact it allows him to consolidate all the erotic sites, but he did point out that he prefers to watch porn on a bigger screen and this app is more interesting if you are into cam and streaming sites

As it is a new app, I am pretty Lovense will include more functions and details later on. 

So, to summarize, I love the Lovense Remote app a lot and use it often. In my opinion, it’s the best vibrating app on the market, at this moment. 

For those of you who are into watching camming shows, VibeMate is worth trying as this is the only app that provides such a realistic synchronization with cam sites. 

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