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Lovense Dolce Review: Is it Really That Powerful?

by Jane Louis
lovense dolce review

I am so excited about testing Lovense Dolce as it is the type of dual vibrator I've been waiting for for years.

Does the toy live up for the hype? In this review, I will talk about what I like & don't like about Dolce (previously called Lovense Quake). Also, I will compare it to Lovense Lush 3, which is another egg vibrator from Lovense.

Let's dive in!

lovense quake 500_500 profile

The Most Powerful Dual Vibe

Look for a powerful dual vibrator that can take care of your clit and G-spot at the same time? Dolce is THE ONE! 

Oh, did I mention you can create an unlimited amount of vibration with Dolce?

What is Lovense Dolce (previously called Quake)?

lovense quake 1

Lovense Dolce (previously known as Quake) is an interactive remote-controllable dual vibrator that can be used for solo masturbation or couple sex. 

The toy can be used hands-freely. Once inserted, you will be able to enjoy clit and G-spot stimulation at the same time. 

Key Features of Lovense Dolce

1. Ergonomic Design & Compact in size

Lovense Dolce is a light (146g) and compact toy. It is made of soft silicone in its entirety. And the silky soft silicone guarantees the best care for the sweet spots.

The external arm measures 3.54*1.97 in (90*27mm). The internal arm is in similar length, but a bit thicker. 

NOTE: Due to trademark issues, Lovense had to change the toy's name from Quake to Dolce. There aren't any function changes, just the name.

Key Features of Lovense Dolce

1. Ergonomic Design & Compact in size

Lovense Dolce is a light (146g) and compact toy. It is made of soft silicone in its entirety. And the silky soft silicone guarantees the best care for the sweet spots.

The external arm measures 3.54*1.97 in (90*27mm). The internal arm is in similar length, but a bit thicker. 

lovense Dolce size

The size and shape of the bulbous end (aka. the internal arm) are very similar to Lovense Lush 3

The difference is that Lovense embeds some stripe patterns for Dolce while Lush 3 has a smooth surface. 

I didn't feel much difference because of the stripe patterns, so I assume this new touch is more for the design instead of the sensation. 

2. Super Flexible Neck (Possible for Hands-free sex!)

It's possible to adjust the neck for up to 120 degrees.

Thanks to the flexibility and adjustability, you will be able to find the best position where both your clit and G-spot can be stimulated at the same time!

lovense quake angle

Once you find the right angle, the toy will stay there stably. All you have to do is lay back and enjoy a hands-free orgasm.

Note: you can stretch the toy to a maximum of 120 degrees. Don't go over that, otherwise, the joint might be damaged.

3. Truly Powerful & Rumbly Vibration (Two Motors!)

You will be thrilled by how powerful Dolce can be! Both motors are extremely strong. 

The type of vibration it delivers is the best you can find in the market. It travels under your skin and goes very deep, giving a small earthQUAKE inside of your sweet spots. 

There are 8 pre-set vibration modes, but with the app, you can create an unlimited amount of patterns.

lovense quake present

4. App Controllable & Hundreds of Way to Play with

One of the best things about Lovense's toy is that it all comes with app-control functions. 

I am not just talking about short-range control, I am referring to control the toy from anywhere in the world. 

With the app, you can also customize the vibration intensity and patterns, catering to your preference. 

What else? You can sync the vibration with your favorite songs or your lover's voice. You can even choose to wake up with divine vibrations thanks to the "alarm" function. The choice is endless!

lovense quake app

5. Ideal for Solo Masturbation and Couple Sex

Dolce not only is a great solo toy, but it is also a perfect add-on for couple sex. 

Bedroom sex, public play, and long-distance sex, all are possible with Dolce. It is an amazing toy to spice up your relationship.

6. 100% Waterproof (IPX 7)

Just like other vibrators from Lovense, Dolce is also fully waterproof. 

This not only means more wet play (e.g. in a swimming pool or during a bath), but also makes it extremely easy to clean the toy after each use. 

lovense quake waterproof

7. Ideal for Webcam Workers

Many of Lovense's toys are good for both individual users and cam models thanks to its special software. 

The software can be connected to most of the cam sites. 

With Dolce, models can earn by having fans tip to activate the toy and/or set special commands. 

lovense lush 3 camming

8. Low Noise Level During Operation

Despite having 2 motors, Dolce is rather quiet when in operation. The max. noise level is around 50 dB. The toy is even quieter when inserted, that's why it can be used for public play.

How to Use Lovense Dolce Manually?

There are only 2 buttons on this toy and they are quite intuitive to use.

  • Turn on/off: Hold the power button for 3 seconds
  • Tap the same "power" button to "up" circle the pre-set vibration patterns
  • Tap the other button to "down" circle the pre-set vibration patterns
lovense quake button

How to Control Dolce with Lovense Remote App?

To enjoy all the extensive functions from app-control, you will need to download the "Lovense Remote" app (If you want to grant the control to your partner, he/she will need to download the app as well).

Once the app is downloaded, simply activate the Dolce by press the button for 5s (you will hear a buzz sound when it's activated). 

Then click the "connect" icon on the top right of the app, choose "add a toy". That's it! 

This process is smooth and fast. Your Dolce vibrator shall be connected by now. Enjoy exploring all the enticing app functions!

lovense remote sound control

example of sync vibration to sounds

How to Charge Lovense Dolce (& Extend Battery Life)?

It takes a bit more than 1 hour to fully charge the Dolce vibrator. And then you can use it for up to 2 hours

This battery life is quite impressive. During the standby mode, it can even sustain up to 240 hours!

A pink or red-ish light will be presented when the toy is in charge. Once it's fully charged, the light will disappear. 

Don't keep the toy plugged once it's fully charged, because it can damage the battery and hence, shorten the overall battery life.

lovense quake charge

Shipping, Packaging & What's In the Box?

If getting the toy from Lovense's official site, the shipping cost should be very reasonable and they handle shipment to most of the countries (from North America to Europe to Asia).

Besides, there won't be additional import taxes for most of the countries because Lovense has warehouses all over the world and they ship regionally so that customers won't need to be concerned about import taxes.

My package arrived in 9 working days, which took longer than usual. Probably it is due to the Covid situation. 

Btw, there's nowhere mentioning the company's name or product's name on the package, which makes it very discreet.

The box design from Lovense is always quite simple. It is made of solid and steady cardboard - nothing luxurious, but all the information is presented clearly.

Upon opening the box, I was presented with the following things:

lovense Dolce unbox

Cleaning & Care

As mentioned, Lovense Dolce is fully waterproof, which makes the cleaning process painless. 

It's VERY important to dry your Dolce vibrator thoroughly before storage. Otherwise, it will significantly decrease the life span of the toy. This rule applies to all rechargeable sex toys!

If needed, make sure ONLY use water-based lubricant with Dolce, because other types of lube, especially silicone-based ones, will damage the surface of the toy. 

lovense quake 2

My Experience with Lovense Dolce (previously called "Quake")

Throughout the years, I've tried plenty of vibrators from Lovense. 

I wasn't expecting much from the Dolce because most dual vibrators don't work well for my body anatomy.

However, as a dedicated sex toy reviewer, I still decided to give this toy a chance. 

The overall finish of the Lovense Dolce is quite solid. It has a silky-feel silicone surface, which makes sure a smooth insertion, even without any lube. 

Also, it feels good inside even after hours of wearing.

One thing I want to point out is that Dolce can stay in place, hands-freely, when there are no clothes on

Due to its size, there might not be enough space for it to stay in place with clothes on and the pressure from the clothes might make it move.

So, if you want a wearable egg vibe that can be used while doing daily errands, Lush 3 is a better option.

lovense quake size

Dolce dual vibrator looks very much like We-vibe Chorus, but it works very differently.

It's not recommend to use Dolce and have sex at the same time. This is because the friction can cause damage to the silicone, and it may even be uncomfortable for you. 

I am very surprised to find that this toy actually has 2 motors and both of them are super strong and rumbly

But I want to mention that the motor used for clitoral stimulation is slightly weaker than the one used for G-sport. 

The motor used for G-sport of Dolce is the same type of that used in Lush 3. While the strength from the clit arm is similar to Lovense Ferri.

The vibration flows amazingly well. With the highest speed, I was able to have a toe-curling orgasm in less than 5 mins (I was more focusing on the G-spot during this 1st round). 

On the 2nd day, I decided to try Dolce again. This time, I aimed to comfort both my clit and my G-spot. It wasn't easy at the beginning. 

To make sure the external arm stays on my clit, I had to search for the right angle. 

I did the exploration while having the Dolce inserted, which was not comfortable. So, I suggest doing the adjustment before insertion. 

Once you find the right spot, it could get crazy kinds of amazing. The orgasm I had with Dolce was so good - I plan to wear it often during solo masturbation.

Both my partner and I are into public play and the advertisement said this toy is designed for that. So, we went out for a test. 

lovense quake noise

To be honest, I think Lovense Lush 3 is way better than Dolce when it comes to outdoor/public play.

The external arm for Dolce is a bit too bulky. It took me a while to find the right outfits because most of my pants can't hide the toy very well (maybe dress is a better idea?). 

There was no discomfort when I go out with Lush 3, but it was not the case with Dolce. 

I find it's a bit disturbing when walking with the Dolce inserted, probably because the external arm is not as bendable as the one for Lush 3. 

However, home or bedroom play has been incredibly fun with Dolce!

My partner has been very much enjoying teasing me from his office. Not knowing what's coming next when I'm being controlled got me wet like a waterfall.

The Lovense Remote app itself is great - the best in the market, I dare to say.

The design is simple and obvious, making it easy to navigate between different functions and settings.

With the app, it's possible to set your own vibration strength, patterns, and durations. If you want, it's also possible to download patterns that others have made.

lovense quake 4

I also really enjoy the fact that it's possible to create a playlist to allow the vibration to sync. Usually, I can come within 3 songs - what a fabulous function!

Some people reported connectivity issues, but for me, it never dropped signal during the play.

Btw, Lovense updates their firmware quite often. Probably that's why their app is the best in the market. 

Lovense Dolce vs Lush 3

In my opinion, Dolce is a modified version of Lovense Lush 3. The overall finish is very similar and the insertable head looks almost the same.

lovense lush 3 vs Dolce size

What makes Dolce stands out is that it has TWO MOTORS! Many women, including myself, wrote feedback to Lovense, asking for an extra motor so that there would be more clitoral stimulation. 

Very glad to see that Lovense listened and created this new product! 

Lush 3 has been my all-time favorite egg vibrator for years! Now that Dolce joined the game, I feel that I am gonna share some love for this amazing new toy (sorry, Lush! I still love you, but Dolce is just too good to be true!). 




Remote & App-control 



(100% silicone surface)


USB Rechargeable

1-year Warranty


- The insertable part is similar
- External antenna is thin
(see picture above for details)

- The insertable part is similar
- External arm is thicker

(see picture above for details)


No limit, can be bended to all angles

up to 120 degrees

Noise level

Max 43db

Max 50db

Control button location

Locate at the tip of the antenna (1 button)

Locate on the external arm ( 2 buttons)

Vibration strength/motor

Strong & Rumbly
(1 motor)

Strong & Rumbly
(2 motors)

Bluetooth Connection

(Newest generation Bluetooth chip)

(Newest generation Bluetooth chip)

Battery life

Up to 5 hr of continuous use

1.5-2 hr of continuous use

Review Summary



Average Score

Design & Features (rechargable, waterproof, etc.)











  • Strong and intense stimulation 
  • 2 Motors (one for clit, another for G-spot) 
  • Silky-soft silicone surface
  • App controllable from anywhere
  • Very versatile
  • Can sync vibration to sound & music
  • Good for solo and couple play
  • Possible for hands-free sex
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Long battery life (2 hours)


  • Some reported connectivity issues
  • A bit pricey

Final Words

I absolutely love Lovense Dolce. From the beautiful finish to powerful vibrations to almighty app functions, there's nothing not to love about this toy. I highly recommend it!

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