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Lovense Dolce vs. Lush 3: What Are the Differences & How to Choose?

by Jane Louis
lovense lush 3 vs Dolce

If you are looking to level up your sex life, app-controlled wearable vibrators like Lovense Dolce (previously called "Quake") and Lush 3 could be an ideal option. 

But which personal vibrator should you choose? 

In this review, I will talk about, similarities, differences, and features of both to hopefully help you choose the right product for you. 

I will also share with you my experience using these two toys, along with what I like and dislike about them.

What Is the Lovense Dolce?

lovense quake spiral patterns

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Lovense is an award-winning sex toy company that, in 2010, created the world's first "smart" vibrator.

Since then, the company has constantly improved and diversified its products while staying true to its original motivation: connecting partners for long-distance intimacy. 

Lovense Dolce (previously called "Quake") is a dual vibrator meant to stimulate both the clitoris and the G-spot at the same time. 

It’s a dual-stimulating vibrator that can be worn or adjusted into a dildo-like toy.

Dolce vibrator has 7 pre-set patterns and can be controlled and customized with an app.

What Is the Lovense Lush 3?

lovense lush 3 close look

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Lovense Lush 3 is a wearable egg vibrator meant to be worn for both bedroom and public play. 

It is designed for hands-free G-spot stimulation, but you can also hold it against the clit for some orgasmic vibration. 

Lush 3 is small and contoured so it can stay hidden if wished, and it functions almost silently. 

Just like Dolce, you can customize and control the Lush 3 with a remote vibration app.

Features of the Lovense Dolce & Lush 3

As both toys come from the same company, Lovense Dolce and Lush 3 have plenty of similar features when it comes to pleasure and design. 

Here’re the ones that are worth noting: 

1. Ergonomic Design

Both Dolce and Lush 3 are in hot pink and made of durable, latex- and phthalate-free silicone material. 

Both toys can be inserted for G-spot stimulation and the G-spot head are almost exactly the same size

lovense lush & quake play

Left to right: Dolce & Lush 3

The designers of each product wanted to provide the best stimulation possible without compromising comfort. 

Wearing anything in your panties can be uncomfortable if you're not used to it, but the designs of both of these toys are very comfortable.

You may forget you're wearing one until it starts vibrating. 

2. Waterproof

If you're looking for a waterproof wearable vibrator, you could go with either Dolce or Lush 3. 

Each product has a seamless surface and is IPX7 waterproof.

This means that you can submerge both as deep as three feet for 30 minutes. 

lovense lush & quake waterproof

Left to right: Dolce & Lush 3

3. Suitable for Long-term Wear

You can insert both of the toys easily thanks to their silky-smooth surface.

Usually, I can have a comfortable insertion even without any lube because either toy can make you wet quite quickly.

If you do want to use lube, make sure to only use water-based lube because other types (esp. silicone-based water) may damage the silicone surface. 

Both Dolce and Lush 3 are designed to be worn inside the body for extended periods. 

It’s even possible to wear it at night and wake up with a vibration (Yes, you can set a vibrating alarm with the Lovense app)

4. Rechargeable

Both vibrators come with a magnetic USB charger. It’s rechargeable from anywhere in the world and you won’t have any concerns regarding the voltage.

lovense lush & quake charge

Up to down: Lush 3 (tail) & Dolce (clit arm)

To charge, simply clip the magnetic side on the toy and the USB side in any USB port.

Both toys can be fully charged quite quickly (around 80 mins) and have a long standby time. 

5. App Controllable 

For those who have an iPhone or Android device, you can control the vibrator from the palm of your hand.

Each product has an app you can download to have complete control over the device whenever you want. 

The app is called “Lovense Remote” and it allows for tons of customizable functions, such as creating new patterns of vibration, sync vibe with music beats, voice control, set vibration alarm, and so on. 

Lovense Remote has a straightforward interface. Lovense definitely kept both usability and simplicity in mind while designing this app. 

The best part is that you can use them at short range or long distances. Bluetooth or internet are required for these to work.

As long as you permit, you can allow your lover or even a stranger to control your toy (Just add them in the “Add People” menu on the app).

lovense lush 3 remote app control

Differences Between Lovense Dolce & Lush 3

Now let’s talk about what makes these two vibrators different from one another.

Despite the same color and similar look, the purpose of each toy is very different. Let’s dive in.

1. Size and Weight

The Dolce and Lush 3 are both small and compact, but the Dolce is slightly bulkier due to its firm clit arm. 

The bulbous G-spot head is exactly the same size, therefore, they are both very comfortable when being worn.

The Dolce measures 3.53 * 3.39 * 1.42 inches (90 * 95 * 336 mm). The Lush 3 is 3.77 * 2.94 * 1.37 inches (96 * 75 * 35 mm).

lovense lush 3 vs Dolce size

There's a difference in weight between the two as well. To be more specific, Dolce is twice as heavy as Lush 3.

The Dolce weighs approximately 146g/5.15ounces, and the Lush 3 weighs 70g/ 2.5ounces less. 

2. Flexibility & Bendability 

The Lovense Lush 3 is more flexible than the Dolce as the antenna can be bend in any direction. 

Flexibility means better positioning for a variety of different body types.

As for Dolce, it’s bendable for up to 120 degrees, which is a significant angle, but you must keep in mind that it’s important not to over-bend the toy, otherwise, it may break the joint. 

lovense Dolce flexible

3. Noise Level

Lush 3 is quieter when in operation as it’s designed for public use. Its maximum noise level is 43 decibels.

As for Dolce, it’s slight louder as it has 2 motors vibrating at the same time. Its maximum noise level is 50 decibels.

Note that both Dolce and Lush 3 are pretty quiet at the lower levels, which makes them very discreet toys for foreplay and teasing. 

4. Different Ways to Enjoy Hands-free Play

Both Dolce and Lush 3 are designed for hand-free play. For Lush 3 you can get it inserted and then wear a panty to make it stable. 

The hands-free experience is possible for either indoor masturbation or outdoor walking. 

lovense lush 3 vs Dolce motor

As for Dolce, the hands-free play is mainly limited on the bed. To have a most stable hold, you should not wear any panty

The C-shape clip between the G-spot arm and clit arm will attach to your crunch stably. 

For most women, it’s possible to stimulate both internally and externally at the same, without the need to touch it at all. 

Because of its smaller size, the Lush 3 is much more comfortable for wearing out and about. The Dolce is great as a substitute for a traditional at-home use dildo. 

5. Vibration Strength

Dolce feels more intense than the Lush 3 because it has 2 motors, one on the G-spot arm and the other on the clit arm. 

The G-spot vibration motor is slightly stronger than the one for the clit.

Because of the two strong motors, you can even experience some vibration in the center joint (the part between the two heads), which means Dolce emits a more complete vibrating massage. 

lovense lush 3 & Dolce box

As for Lush 3, it only has 1 motor, which locates at the G-spot head. The motor is very strong and rumbly. Actually, it is as strong as the G-spot motor for Dolce. 

Some of you might wonder whether the tail of Lush 3 can vibrate? The answer is No. 

Both Dolce and Lush 3 have pre-set 3 vibration levels and 4 patterns, but you can create an unlimited number of patterns via the app.

6. Battery Life 

Dolce and Lush 3 have Li-ion batteries, but they have different battery lives and they take a different amount of time to reach a full charge.  

It takes 70 mins to fully charge the Dolce and then the toy can last for 120 mins of continuous use.  

On the other hand, the Lush 3 will last for 290 mins of continuous use and takes 85 minutes to fully charge

Battery life for Lush 3 is just outstanding! One of the best you can find in the market, I would say.

Of course, the battery for Dolce is not bad as most sex toys from other brands only last for around 1-1.5 hours.

7. Cost & Discounts

Both Dolce and Lush 3 cost $199 when it’s not on sale, however, Lovense offers discounts from time to time if you purchase the toy directly from its official website.

How to Use Lovense Dolce & Lush 3?

Manual Control

Lush 3 has a single-button interface while Dolce vibrator has 2 buttons.

Both of them are quite intuitive to use. 

For Lush 3, you can simple press the buttons for 3 seconds to turn on/off the toy. A single tap on the same button can change and rotate among 7 different modes.

As for Dolce, you basically can do the same thing with the Power button. Press it for 3 seconds to turn on/off. Tap to "up" circle the pre-set modes.

For the other button on Dolce, it can be used to "down" circle the pre-set vibration patterns

lovense quake present

App Control 

As mentioned, the Lovense Remote can level up with fun a new level. 

As long as you have Bluetooth and Internet, it's super simply to connect either Dolce or Lush 3 to the app. 

  • Press the power button on either of the toy for 5s to activate the pairing mode.
  • Click "Add Toy" on the app
  • Volia! Your app will find the toy in less than 10s

There are tons of functions you can explore from the app, below are some example:

lovense lush 2 key app features

Packaging & What’s in the Box?

International delivery is provided if you get the toy from official Lovense site and the package will arrive discreetly. 

The boxes for either Dolce and Lush are quite simple - it's white cardboard with all the information printed on it. 

Upon open Dolce's box, there are the following things:

lovense Dolce unbox

Upon open Lush 3's box, there are the following things:

(Please note that storage bad is not included if you get Lush 1 or Lush 2, which are the previous generations of the Lush Series)

lush 3 unbox

My Experience with Lovense Dolce & Lush 3

One of the most fun ways to spice up the love life is to use app-controllable vibrating toys and I especially like wearable vibrators.

They can be fun for bedrooms, for different reasons, and can add a little bit of excitement depending on when and where I want to use them. 

So, the first thing I’m gonna discuss is the accompanying app called “Lovense Remote”. 

Without a doubt, this is the best remote sex toy app in the market – it’s easier to use than any other ones I tried and has a better community of users. 

There rarely are any connection issues with either Dolce or Lush 3, which is most likely why it attracted so many cam models to use the toy in their show.

lovense lush & quake vibe

Left to right: Dolce & Lush 3

What about sensations? I’m someone who needs clitoral action to get an orgasm. This is where the Dolce shines. 

The Dolce is made to press against the clitoris, which gets the job done in a fairly efficient way.

The vibration from Dolce is purely amazing. It’s so strong that I feel my whole body is shaking. 

However, it’s not as versatile as the Lush 3, I don’t feel comfortable wearing it out. It’s bulkier and makes me feel like I have a penis. 

That’s why I can only use the Dolce at home and not when I’m going out.

The Lush 3 is much more comfortable when I’m wearing it. But when I am too wet, it could work its way out, which can be a bit annoying. To be fair, for the most part, it stays put.

I tried to wore the Lush 3 to a party and gave my partner the controls and it worked wonderfully!. My partner had a lot of fun as he saw me shivering across the room. 

I even went out dancing with Lush 3 inserted a few times and it worked a lot better than Club Vibe

lovense lush 3 vs lush 2 app control

Left to right: Lush 3 & Lush 2

I do admit sometimes when I get too excited, I will have to go to the bathroom to re-adjust the toy.

But in general, it stays there very stably and comfortably thanks to the size and the antenna design. 

The Dolce, however, is simply more powerful, and I just like it better when I’m home alone. The vibrations are powerful and there are 2 strong motors

When it’s on, it feels like it’s taking you on a journey to a happy place. And it’s bulky, so I can get a good grip on it for those necessary in and out motions. 

The app is there not just for decoration! Giving someone control of the app feels naughtily exciting. It did for me, anyway. 

Once I figured out how to connect with my partner, he kept messing with the strength through a slider on the screen.

Having that communication was intimate and practical all at once, and it brought us closer.

One of the other neat things about the app is the way you can create your own patterns and sync the vibe with music beats.

lovense quake app

The presets are nice, but getting together with my partner and finding just the right combination for the night felt special.

Because of that, I found that instead of forcing myself to adapt to the way the toy vibrates, I can make the toy adapt to me. 

Really, the customization of both the Dolce and the Lush 3 make them both such strong contenders for my favorite toy. 

I was surprised at how much fun I had playing around with the settings and trying things out to see what would happen.

I didn’t have to worry about battery power either, which was nice.

lovense quake 1

So, I do enjoy both toys, just in a different way. 

If you are looking for a solo toy, I would recommend getting Dolce; but for those of you who are more adventurous and want to go out for public play, Lush 3 is the one! 

I’ve tried so many “public play” toys, Lush 3 is the best, in my opinion.

Final Thoughts

The future is bright! I love how both of these toys have so many cool features, especially when connected with the app.

I can’t wait to see what Lovense comes up with next. I really appreciate a company that prioritizes female orgasm.

I’m definitely keeping both the Lovense Dolce and Lush 3 nearby as I use them for different purposes - one is for a fun night out, and the other is for a fun night in. 

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AJ December 15, 2021 - 8:12 am

Can the lush 3 and dolce be controlled at the same time by one person through the app?

Jane Louis December 15, 2021 - 8:53 am

Hello AJ, it’s possible. Two Lovense toys can be connected to and controlled by the app at the same time :).

Mary August 12, 2022 - 1:54 am

Can I used annal too? Also I never used before and I want to know what part of the FOLOVE solo go inside my body. I’m so excited for used this toy. My husband want to used too , is fine for men? Im a woman but my husband want to used too. Is ok?

Jane Louis August 16, 2022 - 5:56 am

Hello Mary,
Anal use is not recommended because neither Lush or Dolce has a flared base.
Do you and your husband plan to use it internally or externally? Share a sex toy externally is relatively ok. But hygiene-wise, it’s better not sharing it for internal use.
I actually wrote an article specifically answer the questions you have (aka. anal and male use). Feel free to check it :)>


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