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Lovense Edge 2 Review: Is this Prostate Massager Worth Buying?

by Jane Louis
lovense edge 2 review

Is Edge 2 a quality prostate massage? Is it powerful enough? Does it worth the price? How is it compare to other anal toys? I will discuss all those in my review, along with sharing my experience using the Edge 2. 

The goal is to give you a thorough understanding of this newly launched Lovense toy. Let’s get started :).

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Most Powerful Dual Anal Massager 

Edge 2 embraces impressively powerful vibrations for both prostate and perineum. Along with the free Lovense toy, this toy can be extremely versatile and is ideal for both solo and long-distance couple play.

What is Edge 2 by Lovense?

Lovense Edge 2 is a remote-controlled prostate and perineum massager. Embraced with two extremely powerful motors, this vibrating butt plug elevated to a new level of strong and rumbly stimulation. 

Along with its upgraded Bluetooth technology, you can program the toy in any way you desire, along with achieving long-distance control.

Key Features of Edge 2

1. Unbelievably Adjustable & Flexible

One of the unique features Edge 2 has is how much you can adjust it based on your biology.

The hardest thing when first starting with prostate massagers is about finding a toy that complements your biology.

How do you make sure the toy you are buying actually going to hit your prostate?

By embracing a 180-degree adjustable angle, Edge 2 truly helps you hedge your bets in finding a toy that'll actually work for you. 

lovense edge 2 adjustability

adjustable angles

2. Top-quality Material

Edge 2 is made of silky soft and body-safe silicone which makes sure a very smooth glide during insertion. 

When holding and squeezing the toy, you can feel a silicone exterior surround hard inside.

Thanks to that, you get the benefits of unyielding material plus gentle touch outside. 

Besides, both bulbous heads are slightly squishy, which guarantees optimized comfort while not degrade sensation.

This type of texture also means it’ll comfortable and safe to keep the toy inside of you for long hours as long as you listen to your body. 

Note: As for any anal toys, make sure to use a generous amount of water-based lube before inserting. It will make a huge difference.

3. Idea Size for Anal Lovers

The insertable prostate arm is 3.59 inches (91.16mm) long and 1.38 inches (35.06mm) in diameters, ideally placing the lengthy head right towards your P-spot for unparalleled pleasure.

The bottom of the prostate arm is soft and thin, which means it can rest comfortably inside you. 

lovense edge 2 size

Note: The prostate shaft is medium-sized, which is ideal for beginners and advanced players. However, if you prefer a girthy toy, I would suggest getting Lovense Hush instead of Edge 2.

4. Dual Vibrators = Double Pleasure

Edge 2 is powered by two mighty motors, the insertable shaft sending strong and rumbly vibrations in deep against your p-spot. 

Meanwhile, the external arm can take care of your perineum with thrilling stimulation.  

The 3 vibration levels and 10 vibrational patterns will please your P-spot to the maximum, leaving you unforgettably utter delight.

The perineum teaser also rumbles with 10 vibration patterns, creating a maelstrom of blended satisfaction.

When stimulating the perineum in the right way, it can truly intensify the entire experience

lovense edge 2 box

5. Remote Controllable

Edge 2 is controllable from anywhere with an Internet connection via the free Lovense remote app.

So, you can shrink the distance between you and your lover and enjoy sexual fun from any distance.

With an upgraded Bluetooth chip, you are reassured to have connection stability and minimized signal disruption during your play. 

So, just relax and stay focused on your enjoyment! 

6. Extremely Versatile 

Once connecting Edge 2 with the free Lovense app, you will be able to so much more!

The app offers unlimited customizable vibration patterns. You can create any patterns please you the most and let it loop until you come.

It is also possible to sync the vibration to music or sounds. The bonus function is that you can keep your Edge 2 inside while sleep and wake up with a vibrational alarm. 

lovense edge 2 remote

7. Fully Waterproof

Who doesn’t want a waterproof toy? It makes the cleaning part a lot easier. Also, it’s an irresistible feature for those of you who enjoy wet-play.

An orgasm during my bath? I am in!

How to Use Edge 2 Manually?

There are two ways to control this toy – manually or with the free Lovense app. 

I'll go through the manual modes first. 

On the bottom side of the toy locates the control button. 

  • To turn the toy on, simply press and hold it for 3 seconds. 
  • To cycle through different vibration patterns and intensities, just tap the button until you find your desired vibe (There are 10 different pre-set modes).
  • To turn off the Edge 2, just long-press the control button for 3 seconds.
lovense edge 2 control button

If you are using this toy manually, both the prostate and the perineum vibrations will be turned on by the control button and they will vibrate in the same pattern together. 

However, if you choose to control it with the Lovense Remote App, you can decide which one to vibrate, and mix and match patterns and the level of intensity. 

For example, you could have the prostate stimulator vibrate constantly while having the perineum end pulse out gentle stimulation, or the other way around. 

Basically, the option is limitless; you can customize however you want it for any of the two vibrators with the app. 

How to Use Edge 2 with the Lovense Remote App?

To activate the app control mode, press the power button, and hold your button for a few seconds until noticing a quick buzz. 

The buzz indicates your Edge 2 is active now, and it’s ready to receive instructions from your phone. 

I’ve mentioned that it’s possible to do close range control and long-distance control with the app. 

lovense edge 2 app music

Another thing I want to point out is that, with the app, there are limitless ways to play with Edge 2.  

You can access a list of pre-set patterns or patterns other people have created and enjoyed that you might also enjoy.

You can also customize any kind of pattern to your preference to either of the vibrating arms. It truly does put you in control! 

If you want to let your lover take control, simply send a “connect” message to them. 

After they install the Lovense app, they’ll be able to control your Edge 2 from any distance.

How to Charge Edge 2?

Lovense upgraded its charging pin (from plug-in type to magnetic USB charging) to all the newly launched devices, including Edge 2, Ferri, and Lush 3.

The charging cable is rather long (around 1 meter), which gives more flexibility. 

It will take around 1.5 hours to fully charge the Edge 2. A red light will flash when in charge, and once it’s fully charged, the red indicator light will be off.

lovense edge 2 charging

In my opinion, the red indicator is very dim, which is not nice considering visibility.

Since the light will be off when it’s fully charged, you can’t really know whether you accidentally disconnected the charger or the toy is actually fully charged unless you use the app (You can check the exact percentage of the battery through the app). 

Edge 2: Package & Unboxing?

Lovense ships internationally, fast and discreetly! The design of the toy box is simple and modern. 

Upon opening the box, I am presented with the following items: 

lovense edge 2 unbox
  • Lovense Edge 2 Bluetooth prostate massager
  • Magnetic USB charging cable
  • Quick setup guide
  • User Manual
  • Storage pouch

Clean and Care

Make sure to give Edge 2 a good clean before and after each use with either a sex toy cleaner or soapy warm water.

As a fully waterproof toy, cleaning is extremely easy and fast.

Please only use water-based lubricant because oil-based lube or silicone-based lube will damage the toy.

lovense edge 2 media

My Experience with Lovense Edge 2

App control functions are very important to me, because I don't want to crane my arm around to search for a button during an exciting play. 

I prefer to be able to control a toy through my phone. That way, I don't need to change my position or worry about stretching at certain angles when in play. 

The Lovense app was easy to install and use. My first romance with this toy was surprisingly smooth and pleasant. 

lovense edge 2 noise

The toy got connected in just seconds, and the connection was rather stable, even when being inserted.

I enjoyed both prostate and perineal vibrations from Edge 2

I guess the thing you guys care about the most is its vibrating power. It is already quite intense even in the “low” setting. When you choose the “high” vibration, it is staggeringly powerful.

To be honest, during the first use, I was shocked by how powerful it is. I was not prepared for it whatsoever, but it was definitely a good surprise!

If you are new to vibration sensations, I would highly suggest you work your way up to it. Honestly, if this is your 1st prostate vibrator, you are setting your bar pretty high. 

The power for Edge 2 is impressive. It’s actually one of the strongest anal toys I own. 

lovense edge 2 waterproof

For those who aren't familiar with anal stimulation, the prostate is basically the male G-spot.

The feelings you get when you stimulate it and give it a massage is like the beginning of an orgasm, except it's the whole time.

It's like the pleasure is prolonged until you allow it to go. 

Vibration on the perineum is more than just a little bit of added fun, the right amount of pressure on this often-ignored spot can really ramp up the entire experience. 

Because of its impressive adjustability, you'll be able to make it fit really well by bending it the right way. 

I know everyone has a different body. I am really glad this toy fits my anatomy and I think the 180-degree adjustability really helped.

Below is an image to illustrate just how drastically you can change the shape of the Edge 2.

Bend it gently, with slow pressure — you don’t want to go too far and too fast and end up break anything. 

lovense edge 2 angle

As mentioned, I use the app control function, and thanks to that, I was able to create some crazy patterns and keep looping it until I come. 

Of course, no toy is perfect. They are a few things I think worth mentioning. 

Firstly, it’s not girthy, which is fine for me because I don’t want something too big inside of my anus.

However, if you are looking for fullness, this may not be a good toy. I would recommend Lovense Hush instead. 

Also, I think it will be even better if Lovense can add a rotation function to this toy because sometimes I feel the stimulation can be even more intense if I can apply extra pressure to the P-spot. 

Besides, it is a bit pricey, but considering its high-quality, extremely powerful vibration, and versatility, I think it’s quite worth getting the Edge 2, especially if you are into anal play. 

Please note that it’s possible to use Edge 2 hands-freely, however, it’s not a wearable toy. This means you cannot walk or dance while keeping Edge 2 inside. 

Why Edge 2 is a Must-Have for Cam Workers? 

If you are a cam boy or a cam girl, you can use Edge 2 in your cam shows, just like other Lovense toys. When your viewer sends you a tip, it will set off your edge 2 to vibration, and it’s very easy to customize the levels on that. 

lovense cam girl tips

Lovense Edge vs Edge 2: Similarities & Differences

The most obvious change is the design of the prostate arm.

Around 30% of the users reported the original Edge cannot stay put while inserted, which is not ideal for users looking for a hands-free experience. 

Lovense considered this feedback and greatly redesigned the prostate shaft.

Firstly, the neck of the toy where the sphincter muscles clasp around has been elongated, and the bulb right above the neck was enlarged. This improvement should help to keep the toy inside better. 

Lovense sent the new Edge 2 to many testers and nearly all testers claim it stays in better than the original Edge. This change also slightly increased the insertable length.

lovense edge 2 vs edge size

Besides, there is also a big improvement regarding the Bluetooth chip. Lovense redesigned its PCB (Printed Circuit Board) and antenna so that the Bluetooth connection is more stable now. 

The vibration motors are the same for Edge and Edge 2. Since it was already a very strong motor that almost everybody enjoys, there was no need for an upgrade.

Because of the new launch, Lovense is offering a discount on original Edge. Grab it while stock lasts!

Lovense Hush vs Edge 2 

lovense edge 2 vs hush size

Though both toys are designed for anal pleasure, Hush and Edge 2 are aiming for a totally different sensation. 

Hush is more girthy, which gives a fulfilling sensation. The insertable arm of Edge 2 is a lot slimmer. So, it’s easier to insert and provide a more localized sensation. 

As for power, the insertable motor is the same on both Edge 2 and Hush. But, since Edge 2 has an additional motor, I think it somewhat feels more powerful that way.

Demo Video of Edge 2:

(You will have to watch it on Youtube because sex toy demo is considered as adult content)

Review Summary



Average Score

Design & Features (rechargable, waterproof, etc.)











  • Powerful Dual Vibrations
  • Can control the two vibrators separately (with the app)
  • Adjustable and stays still
  • Soft silicone for extra comfort
  • Long battery life
  • Hands-free play
  • Long-distance control
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to clean


  • The prostate arm is not girthy, so it may lack fullness sensation
  • It may not fit all body type


If you are looking for a prostate massager, this is THE ONE! Edge 2 is absolutely amazing and absolutely powerful. It lives up to everything you'd want for a good P-spot stimulator!

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