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Lovense Edge 2 vs. Lelo Hugo: Which Prostate Toy is Better?

by Jane Louis
lovense edge 2 vs Lelo hugo

It has been a few months since I received and then continuously tested both Lovense Edge 2 and Lelo Hugo.

Time to share my opinions with you regarding these two butt plugs! 

FYI, Lelo has 2 very similar prostate massager - Hugo & Bruno. They are basically the same toys (same motors, strength, sizes, materials, & battery), and they both were launched around the same time.

The only difference is that Hugo actually comes with a remote controller and is regarded as a hands-free device whereas Bruno doesn't have a remote.

I was triggered to test Edge 2 due to its promising features, tons of positive reviews, and most importantly, the vibration power.

Throughout the year, I’ve collected plenty of toys from the Lovense brand and the majority of them offered me unbelievable orgasmic experience.

Therefore, I was super curious about how Edge 2 will perform the moment it was launched (early 2021). 

Appearance-wise, Edge 2 looks very similar to the Lelo Hugo, which I’ve had way before Edge 2 was launched. 

lovense edge 2 vs Lelo hugo remote control

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Besides, the basic concept is similar - both toys can be controlled remotely. 

However, once I put them into use, they actually differ quite a lot. 

It’s hard to do an apple-to-apple comparison (they are two different products after all), but I will try my best to cover all the aspects so that (hopefully) you will be able to decide which toy is THE ONE for you by the end of this article. 

1. Design (Shape, Size, Color, Weight & More) (Draw)

Both Edge 2 and Hugo are made of premium quality medical-grade silicone. 

When touching the toys, Hugo’s silicone feels smoother while the silicone for Edge 2 feels softer.

Both toys are very well made. You can feel the high quality simply by looking at them.

Edge 2 is slightly bigger and longer, both for the prostate arm and the perineum shaft. Also, Edge’s prostate head is curvier (as shown in the picture). 

lovense edge 2 vs Lelo hugo prostate

Lovense Edge 2:

  • Size: 91.16 x 124.25 mm/ 3.59 x 4.89 in.
  • Prostate arm (Insertable): 91.16mm (3.59 inches) in length and 35.06mm (1.38 inches) in diameters.

Lelo Hugo & Bruno:

  • Size: 104 x 107 x 41mm / 4.1 x 4.2 x 1.6 in.
  • Prostate arm (Insertable): 85mm (3.4inches) in length and 32.5mm (1.28 inches) in diameters.

In general, Both toys embrace satisfying length, girth, and thickness which should not be too intimidating for beginners, meanwhile, still pleasure more advanced connoisseurs of prostate play.

Edge 2 is a bit heavier (151g/5.3 oz) than the Hugo 116g/4.1 oz). The weight difference is quite noticeable when holding the toys in hand.

Both toys have an almost-seamless finish – the feel is good! 

There are three color options for Hugo – black, blue, and purple. However, Edge 2 only comes in black. 

Edge 2 attracts dust way more easily and dust is very noticeable on a black surface.

Lovense Edge 2 clean

This problem happens to all black silicone toys. That’s why I really don’t like to get sex toys in black color when there are other options.

2. Packaging (Lelo Hugo Wins)

Lelo always wins when it comes to package design - it is displayed with an elegant black box, with printed golden texts. This gives a very premium feeling. 

Lovense’s package is a lot simpler. Well, once opened, the package doesn’t really matter anymore.

lovense edge 2 vs Lelo hugo package

Another thing worth noting is that neither of the packages is eco-friendly.

There is hard plastic (I think it uses PET) for Lelo’s packaging and foamed plastic (I think it uses PS) for Lovense’s packaging.

3. Unbox & Presentation (Lelo Hugo Wins)

The box from Lelo is way fancier and heavier, which is understandable since it contains more items.

Lelo's storage bag is way more well-made (actually, one of the best in the sex toy industry). The bag from Lovense feels cheap (well, it does the job).

Besides, Lelo includes a free lubricant sample, which is thoughtful because it's not possible to use a butt toy without lube applied. 

lovense edge 2 vs Lelo hugo unbox

However, the quick user manual from Lelo is a joke. You will have to check online to figure out how to use Hugo properly. It's definitely not spontaneous to realize how to handle the remote control. 

As for Edge 2, the quick manual is very clear, which enables you to get a hang of this toy asap.

4. Flexibility (Lovense Edge 2 Wins)

In short, Edge 2 wins big when it comes to flexibility – this butt plug is the most adjustable one you can find in the market.

The Edge 2 not only is adjustable, but it also holds its shape after the adjustment is done.

This allows you to form the toy into a more desired shape, which explains why it can hit the prostate gland better , regardless of the body anatomy. 

lovense edge 2 adjustability

As for Hugo, only the tip of the perineum shaft is a tiny bit flexible (see picture below). You can adjust it to about 20 degrees, but it doesn’t stay in shape once adjustment. 

However, I have to admit that Hugo does hit the right place quite well, at least that’s the case for me.

lovense edge 2 vs Lelo hugo flexibility

5. Battery (Lelo Hugo Wins on Length)

Both Edge 2 and Hugo have quite long battery life. It takes 100 minutes to charge Edge 2 and 2 hours to charge Hugo. 

Once fully charged, both of them can run for 1-2 hours, depending on the level of vibration you put. 

In reality, Hugo lasts a bit large after reach charge and it has 90 days of standby time. As for Edge 2, it can only stand by for around 6 days.

Therefore, I think Hugo can be more reliable for spontaneous games. Especially if you are like me, who is only thinking of charging the toy right before the sex time.

However, Lelo still adopt an old-fashioned plug-in type charger while Lovense uses a more reliable magnetic USB charging system

lovense edge 2 vs Lelo hugo charging

6. Vibration strength (Lovense Edge 2 Wins)

When in full power, Edge 2 is stronger than any other prostate massagers I've had in my possession so far (so, of course, it’s stronger than Lelo Hugo). However, the difference is not excessive. 

Hugo also embraces strong and rumbly vibrations. The intensity is totally enough for most people. 

Both toys are powered by two motors, the insertable shaft good vibrations against your p-spot.

Meanwhile, the external arm can take care of your perineum with thrilling stimulation. 

lovense edge 2 vs Lelo hugo control button

Please note that despite having 2 motors, you cannot control them separately as both toys have a 1-button interface.

However, it’s possible to control the 2 motors separately with an app for Edge 2. I will talk more about that later in the article.

Edge 2 has 3 vibration levels and 10 vibrational patterns to choose from while Huge only embraces 8 different vibration settings. In this respect, I would say Edge 2 is better with the variety.

However, Hugo does provider a gentler start. Its weakest level is significantly softer, which allows a slower set-up – this is highly appreciated especially during masturbation. 

Nevertheless, I still vote for overall performance due to its slightly stronger vibration power, together with the adjustable shaft. (Yes, I might be a bit biased because I am obsessed with powerful vibrations!)

7. Noise Level (Lelo Hugo Wins)

Both products claim to be whisper-quiet and discreet. I don’t whether it is just a standard way to describe it, but I think neither of the toys is that quiet, not mentioning being discreet (come on, look at its shape. Everybody knows it’s a butt toy).

Even though both toys provide vibrations, but the type of noise they make is different.

lovense edge 2 vs Lelo hugo noise

The sound from Lelo Hugo, when in operation, is rounder – like hearing a bass. If I cover the toy with a duvet or use it under a blanket, I can barely hear anything, especially in a lower setting. 

As for Edge 2, the noise a bit sharper/scattered. So, it’s a bit more annoying and harder to cover. 

However, I have to say, in general, the noise level is not that bad for either of the toys, especially considering the intensity of the vibration they provide. 

8. Waterproof (Lovense Edge 2 Wins)

Both toys are 100% waterproof. To be more specific, they both meet IPX 7 standard, which means the toy can be submerged up to 1 meter in water for 30 minutes.

So, there definitely is no problem washing it with soap water (& waterproofed toys are very easy to clean).

Despite that, every time I put a toy in the water for “relaxation”, I am also a bit concerned, worrying whether water can sneak in and destroy my toy at some point. So far, nothing bad has happened to either Edge 2 or Hugo. 

lovense edge 2 vs Lelo hugo perineum

However, design-wise, I do have more confidence for Edge 2 because it looks more seamless thanks to the magnetic charging system. 

I don’t understand why Lelo still uses an old-style plug-in type of charging.

Because of that, it leaves a hole in the toy body, though there’s a cap covering it. I think it’s more like letting water in because of the gap. 

Maybe I am just being paranoid, but I don’t like it when a sex toy is not seamless. 

9. Control & Settings (Lovense Edge 2 Wins)

Both toys can be controlled remotely, the ranges are different. 

Hugo comes with a remote controller (use Bluetooth), which allows some wireless play for a range of 12 meters

Edge 2 can be controlled through an app called “Lovense Remote” (use Bluetooth connection & Internet). This means there’s no distance limit for Edge 2.

Once the app is installed, you or your partner can control the toy from anywhere in the world. That’s why Edge 2 is a wonderful toy for long-distance couples

Lovense Edge 2 remote

Other than 3 traditional buttons, the remote control for Hugo can also be controlled through SenseMotion technology

Basically, you can intensify vibrations by tilting the remote. When the remote is moved from a horizontal to a vertical position, vibration strength will increase to maximum level.

There are 8 fixed vibration patterns for Hugo. You are free to choose either of the patterns, but you can’t really customize it. 

Besides, once a pattern is chosen, both motors vibrate exactly the same way. Thus, the spectrum of vibrations is somewhat limited.

As for Edge 2, it’s a lot more customizable when controlled by the app. You can check my Edge 2 review to learn exactly how to connect the toy to the app and add partner(s) for the control.

Once connected to the Lovense Remote app, you can freely adjust the patterns, the strength, and the length of the vibration sessions.

Also, the motors (one for prostate, another for perineum) can be controlled separately. So, this allows a much greater variety and individuality.

lovense edge 2 app music

However, Bluetooth connection can be a bit unstable, from time to time. The stability depends on many different factors, such as obstructions, your phone, your system, etc.

I personally had a quite pleasant experience, using the Lovense Remote app. For me, it was stable for 90% of the time.

However, some of my readers did report more cumbersome experiences with the app. 

Function-wise, you can use the Lovense app to do the following things:

  • Remote: You (or your partner) can control the toy with a floating button.
  •  There’s no limitation regarding patterns and intensity. Totally freestyle. 
  • Alarm: Wake up with a vibration pattern, to your like.
  • Music: You can sync the vibration with your downloaded songs or places like Spotify.
  •  The vibration patterns will be based on the tone and beats of the music you choose (Fun!)
  • Sound: You can activate the Edge 2 and make it vibrate along with any sound or voice.
  •  For example, if you are in a club or in a concert or anywhere with loud music beats, then the motor will respond to the sound. You can do that with your lover’s voice as well. 
  • My patterns: There are some pre-set patterns. But what if you want something different? Something more customized? Then, you can create an endless number of patterns with the app!
lovense edge 2 remote

So, if you are looking for a toy that is more customizable and/or suitable for long-distance play, Edge 2 is the one.

If you prefer to have higher stability and tend to use it more in the bedroom, then Hugo can be a better option.

10. Sustainability 

Neither of the toys is created in a sustainable manner. However, Lelo Hugo annoys me more because it still utilizes AAA batteries

Yes, the SenseMotion remote control is only functional with 2xAAA batteries and they are not even rechargeable ones.

lovense edge 2 vs Lelo hugo storage

Final Words

Hugo does provide a nicer sensation thanks to its smoother silicone surface and it overall has longer battery life.

However, because of the adjustability and slightly stronger vibrations, the Edge 2 definitely allows for more intense stimulation than the Hugo.

Also, I like to take control of my own toy and the Lovense app really allows the maximum of control I can ever imagine. 

With those being said, if I can only get one prostate toy, I will go for Edge 2

Still, either Bruno or Hugo is a very outstanding prostate massager. 

If you are mainly looking for a toy to use during solo play and you are not as obsessed as me for the power and control, Lelo’s toy might be a better option.

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