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Lovense Ferri Review: The Most Powerful Panty Vibrator?

by Jane Louis
lovense ferri review

There’s something so incredibly hot about being turned on in public while no one but you knows what’s going on.

This newest little toy from Lovense is called the Ferri, a wearable clitoral vibrator that you can magnetically clip onto your panties for at home use, and for the naughty girls out there, for public use too. 

It’s oh so quiet and perfect for discreet stimulation.

This vibrator can be used anywhere you wear panties to. Great for going out on a walk, a dinner date, lying in bed or sitting down. 

My Lovense Ferri review will go over all of the deliciously dangerous details as to why this panty vibrator needs to be a part of your sex toy collection right now.

ferri lovense product

Incredible panty pleasure

This clip on panty vibrator features a strong magnetic clip for anywhere pleasure. Rechargeable, waterproof and able to be controlled by you or a partner. Programmed with 3 vibrational levels and up to 10 patterns with a downloadable app that lets you create a totally customizable experience.

What Is the Lovense Ferri?

A wearable, quiet and low-key panty vibrator that's targeted for clitoral stimulation. It features an extra strong magnetic clip that works well with any panties. The Lovense Ferri is stable enough to be used while walking, standing, sitting, lying down and for public play.

This is a programmable toy with 3 vibrational levels and up to 10 patterns. A cool feature of the Ferri is that users can download the “Lovense Remote” app and make this toy totally customizable with unlimited patterns of their choice! The app is free and available on Google Play and on the App Store.

lovense ferri product

Key Features of The Lovense Ferri

1. Customize Up To 10 Vibrations

One of the key features I love about the Lovense Ferri is that it is a programmable toy.

I can completely customize the vibrations to a power level that matches my body's needs.

Everybody has different clitoral sensitivity. Some like it rough (like me), others love to be teased.

No matter what your preference is you have the freedom to find what you like and the option to create up to 10 patterns.

Once you have found your rhythm, save it and the Lovense “Smart Button” will remember those settings to use later on, even if it is not connected to your phone.

lovense ferri app control

2. Bluetooth Remote Control

Since the Ferri is remote controlled with Bluetooth, you can use it for close range control, long-distance control (give it to your partner and let them choose how to pleasure you) and even for syncing with music.

3. Waterproof for My Waterfall

The Lovense Ferri is 100% waterproof  (IPX 7 Standard) like most of the other Lovense vibrators. This means it is able to withstand the penetration of water to during any fun wet play. 

This vibrator can fight off water droplets from the shower, or even be completely submerged in water when you are taking a relaxing bath. 

My favorite way is to clip it on the bikini and dive myself in the swimming pool for some naughty play .

4. Extremely Long-lasting Battery

No need for batteries here. The Ferri is completely rechargeable with a USB magnetic charging cable and a Li-Ion battery.

The battery life of the Lovense Ferri is up to 195 minutes or almost 3 ½ hours. Which is great if you’re out at dinner and want to bring her along for a little fun!

lovense ferri charging

It takes about 60 minutes or an hour to charge. You’ll know it’s fully charged when the solid red light turns off.

When charging I noticed that the magnetic charger will only work when it is positioned correctly, so if you don’t see a red light turn on, rotate the cable at least 180 degrees.

5. Wearable & Comfortable

Made of body safe silicone and ABS plastic, the Lovense Ferri can comfortably fit in any underwear. Here are the full specifications:

  • Weighs 35 grams or 1.2 ounces
  • 2.93 x 1.06 x 0.83 x 0.96 inches or 74.5 x 27 x 21 x 24.5 mm
  • Noise level at the highest vibration is 43 dB

How to Use the Lovense Ferri?

To turn on the Lovense Ferri, hold down the power button for 3 seconds. You can also turn the device off this way too. 

lovense ferri how to u

Once you have the Lovense Ferri all charged up, place it in your panties and then attach the magnetic clip from the outside so it is comfortably attached.

Tap the power button again to cycle through the different vibrations. It’s seriously so easy!

Then you’re ready to play. Here are some tips for you to try so you can get the most out of your new sex toy:

  • To use discreetly in public or in more quieter places, turn the vibration setting to low in the app
  • If you want to use lubricant make sure it is water based.
  • Adjusting the high, medium and low settings to suit your needs can be easily managed in the app
  • You can save up to 10 different vibrational patterns in the app and also store them for later use once you find what you like!
lovense ferri panty vibe

How to Control Ferri with the “Lovense Remote” App?

The Lovense Remote app is available on both Apple Store and Google Play Store. Once the free app is downloaded, simply press the control button for 3 seconds to enable the bluetooth connection. 

With the app, you or your partner can control this panty vibrator with in six main ways, including recorded voice control, music beat control, alarm, personalized pattern control, etc.

Did I mention that it can be controlled from anywhere as long as you have Internet? 

6 main ways to use the app control

I've used many app-controllable vibrators, including the apps from We-vibe, Zalo and Satisfyer, I must say that the app from Lovense is the best. 

I am talking about both the functionalities and connectivity. 

Packaging & What’s in the Box?

So when I first got the Lovense Ferri I was surprised at how small it is! The box is probably the same size as two cigarette boxes put together.

So you can look forward to this toy fitting discreetly and comfortably in your panties, not some large clunky item rubbing against your clit.

Inside the box is:

lovense ferri unbox
  • the Ferri
  • the USB charging cable
  • a user manual that has a lot of helpful tips
  • a quick setup guide
  • a cute black storage bag
  • and an extra magnetic clip, which I thought was super helpful! 

It’s always great to have a back up clip especially if you use this sex toy a lot, things could get misplaced during cleaning and what not.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Cleaning the Lovense Ferri is super simple

I use a mild soap and warm water before and after use (you can also use a cleaner specifically made for sex toys also). Then I pat dry with a paper towel!

lovense ferri close look

The Ferri comes with a 1-year warranty which is great! To keep your toy in the best condition I will say to not charge the Ferri while you’re using it.

Seems like common sense but hey, when the mood strikes right? Keep away from extreme heat and extreme cold.

All of these things are also listed in the manual under “warning”, but I like to reiterate them in reviews since most of the time if you’re like me, who needs a manual anyway!?

lovense ferri strong magnet

My Experience with The Lovense Ferri (Compared to Other Lovense Toys)

Now this isn’t the first panty vibrator to hit the market, and it’s not my first rodeo with one either.

I have also used many products from Lovense and pretty much all of them work with the Lovense App, like the Lush 3 for instance. 

For comparison sake the Lush 3 is an insertable G-spot stimulator while the Ferri is made for clitoral stimulation, but I just wanted to say that while comparing the vibrations, the Ferri is less powerful and uses a smaller motor.

Both of these toys as well have the Bluetooth 5.0 chip which is important for a stable connection

lovense ferri vs lush 2 panty

Left to right: Lush 3 & Ferri

So it is possible to control the Ferri and other Lovense toys at the same time with the remote app!

That means you can use 2 toys at once for double the intensity! You can also use a Lovense-launched Media Player with all Lovense toys. VR is supported as well as the option for camming.

As for the Lovense Ferri specifically, this is the most intense panty vibrator I have used.

From the control of the app to the quietness of the toy, the Ferri deserves a spot in your toy collection most definitely.

It also brings video chat to a whole other level! The fact that you can have your partner control the vibrations while he’s in the other room, miles away or even right next to you during a night out to dinner, is so insanely hot! It's a secret both of you only know.

lovense ferri remote

My favorite thing about this little vibrator is using it when I’m in traffic! Ladies, thank me later!

Use this bad boy when you're on a boring conference call, or even while doing the laundry.

This toy really brings out the naughty in me and I won’t even mention the other places I have used this.

But it’s so discreet that it’s so hard not to challenge yourself as to where you use this! And it’s so easy to get creative with this one.

lovense ferri clip to panty

This is a great panty vibrator that packs a punch and doesn’t require you to hide it when someone walks in the room, they won’t ever know!

The only problem I have with this toy, and it's so minor, is that there isn't other color options.

For me personally, I am not a big fan of pink but everything else gets an A+ from me.



Average Score

Design & Features (rechargable, STABLE, LIGHT, etc.)






Versatility (app contro, programable, VR, ETC.)





  • Small & discreet
  • Powerful vibration
  • Long battery life & usage time
  • Strong magnetic clip
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Very quiet
  • Stable and comfortable to wear
  • Amazingly versatile
  • Easy app control
  • Stable connection


  • Only one color option

Lovense Ferri VS We-Vibe Moxie

The We-Vibe Moxie is a panty vibrator made for clitoral stimulation just like the Lovense Ferri

Both have very similar features. Both vibrators come with an extra magnetic clip, which are in their own right pretty sturdy.

It’s always great to have options since not everyone likes the same things. Some women have different color preferences and vibrational intensities they like.

lovense ferri vs wevibe moxie app panty

up to down: Lovense Ferri & We-vibe Moxie

Size does matter when it comes to vibrators! Below is a list of the comparisons I’ve noticed between the Lovense Ferri and the We-Vibe Moxie:

1. App Functions:

  • More app functions of the Lovense App
  • We-Vibe Moxie app is sometimes hard to operate with some connectivity issues
  • Lovense has a cam model option

2. Wet-play: 

3. Vibration:

  • Ferri feels more intense specifically more towards the head on the toy
  • Moxie has a strong vibration all over

4. Both are very silent for use in public

5. Both toys are controllable by one button

6. Button Locations:

  • Button location on the Moxie is more towards the tip
  • Button location on the Ferri is on the bottom

7. Moxie contains a controller while Ferri does not

8. Both have a storage bag. White for Moxie, black for Ferri.

9. Battery:

  • Ferri has a longer battery life (up to 3 ½ hours) Moxie has only 2 hours of play
  • 90 minutes to charge Moxie
  • 60 minutes to charge Ferri
  • Both use a Li-Ion Battery

10. Colors:

  • Moxie comes in a aqua blue color (so, more elegant)
  • Ferri comes in a hot pink color (so, more passionate)

11. Warranty: 

  • Moxie comes with a 2-year warranty
  • Ferri comes with a 1-year warranty

12. Weight: 

  • Moxie weighs 1.48 ounces
  • Ferri weighs 1.2 ounces

13. Sizes:

  • Moxie: 9.69 x 5.83 x 3.62 inches
  • Ferri: 2.93 x 1.06 x 0.83 x 0.96 inches

Check my Youtube Channel for Lovense Ferri Demo:

Final Thoughts

The Lovense Ferri has been a pleasure to review! It is truly faultless.

From the component aspects that make it virtually invisible during use due to its very small size, weight, and noise level, to being able to choose between 10 different vibrational patterns that you can later change in the app for any situation, and not to mention that it’s just so comfortable to wear

This is by far the best panty vibrator I have tested so far. It’ll be interesting to see if anything can top this amazing little vibe!

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Zhanan Wells December 23, 2020 - 6:17 am

This product is amazing, my partner and I had tonnes of fun with it.

Bob March 30, 2021 - 3:40 pm

You mention the possibility of controlling two Lovense toys at the same time. We already have the Lush. Would my wife be able to comfortably use both it and the Ferri at the same time?

Jane Louis March 30, 2021 - 7:29 pm

Hello Bob, Ferri can be worn external and Lush is for internal use. So, there should be no problem use them together, comfortably :). Regarding controlling two toys together, you can check this demo video of mine to get a better idea about how exactly they work (start from 3:58): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vH5iE4iQ8cs

Curious June 6, 2023 - 10:35 pm

Do you have to use video or phone chat when using this product long distance?

Jane Louis July 2, 2023 - 5:54 am

Not at all. Just get the device connected and authorized and you are good to go 🙂


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