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Lovense Flexer Review: A Next Level Wearable Dual Panty Vibe?

by Jane Louis
Lovense Flexer Review

A panty vibrator is excellent for enhancing solo, couple, and sometime group play, but the sex toy market is saturated with dozens of choices for style, performance, and size. Enter the Lovense Flexer.

It isn’t your typical panty vibrator and isn’t just for solo or couples play.

Read my honest review to find out why!

Lovense Flexer Profile 500_500

Combine fingering & vibration

Lovense Flexer is a wearable panty vibrator with a uniquely adjustable “come hither” fingering motion that leaves one coming back again and again.

With three motors, ten levels of intensity, and an advanced app that can be integrated with cam model streaming, long distance play, or interactive gaming, creative and satisfying orgasms are a tap away.

This curved vibrating wonder should be tops on your wishlist.

Lovense Flexer panty vibrator

Lovense Flexer is a wearable, app control vibrator limited only by your imagination.

Made from IPX7 waterproof, body-safe materials, the vibrator’s shape offers clitoral stimulation, G-spot stimulation, and jaw-clenching orgasms.

The iOS, Android, and Mac-compatible app puts pleasure and control at your fingertips, quite literally.

Hold your hand and pinch your index finger and thumb together. Do it slowly. Make it fast. Curl that index finger. Move just your thumb. You’ve got it.

Up for some give and take? The Flexer can be controlled via an internet connection from anywhere, anytime.

Or, set to sound activation or sync to music and let the good times roll.

Lovense Flexer Key Features

The features of this awe-inspiring vibrator are key to orgasms that are anything but simple.

1. Three Separate Motors for Intensity

Lovense Flexer silicone

The Flexer is designed with a three-motor system; one motor for G-Spot stimulation, one motor for clitoral stimulation, and one motor to control the “come hither” movements.

The motor placements allow the user to experience independent movement or combine them for the “come hither” motion that makes the Flexer a must-have.

With the ability to control the vibration strength of each motor independently, it can bring you to the brink, pull back, tease, and send you over the edge.

2. Wearable So That you Can Move With It Anywhere

Slip in the Lovense Flexer and slide on your favorite pair of panties. Hold the Flexer in place with a pair of close-fitting shorts, slacks, or jeans, and go.

It is not recommended to wear the Flexer in public without close-fitting clothes to maintain discretion and placement.

Weighing only 3.5 ounces/95 g with 3.5”/8.9 cm of penetration length and 1.2”/3 cm of width, the Flexer is both light enough and not too much for most users.

Lovense Flexer fingering

So - go grocery shopping, play a rousing round of golf, or head up the budget meeting with a smile. Nobody else will know that you are the mistress of your own destiny.

3. Strong Battery For a Long Life

Lovense Flexer charging

The Lovense Flexer is charged via a USB magnetic charger and takes roughly 70 minutes to charge fully.

The battery life lasts a full two hours with continuous use, but honestly, I couldn’t deplete the battery.

On standby mode, the manufacturer says 120 hours.

After two weeks, I pulled mine out of the drawer, and it still ran strongly.

4. Perfect for Solo, Couple, Remote Play, or Cam/Group Play

A panty vibrator, even the wearable type, is a way to enhance your sexual experiences, and that doesn’t mean you have to go it alone.

1) Solo Play

There’s nothing wrong with a little self-love and making your own toes curl.

Simply slip in the Flexer and lay back before the sun has peeked over the horizon.

Start slow and stroll your fingers over the app controls, wake yourself up with a deep G-Spot buzz, and let the good times roll.

Wear it in the shower while someone else fixes dinner.

2) Couples Play

Sometimes foreplay isn’t equal footing between partners; bring in the Flexer and slow things down while speeding them up. Straddle your partner and share the excitement and sensations. 

Show your partner how to control the app and explore together.

While a little too bulbous for comfortable use during penetration, the Flexer can be used to tease nipples and testicles when least expected.

Lovense Flexer noise

3) Remote Play

Save the blues when your partner is away, either in a long-distance relationship, traveling, or just in a different part of the house.

The Flexer is fun for a little public play whether your partner is across the room or the continent.

With a stable internet connection, the Flexer can be controlled from anywhere by whomever you grant permission.

Add a little excitement to your outings when someone else is in charge and you don’t know what might be next.  

4) Cam Play

Lovense Flexer Lovense Connect

For cam models, the Flexer is a game changer with patented tip-based vibrations and movement.

Compatible with almost every platform, the Lovense SmartCam or OBS Toolset allows you to personalize the experience and interactive settings, making your live stream an unforgettable experience that attracts repeat visitors. 

The Flexer can be controlled by a viewer through tip levels; the higher the tip, the more control of variations someone gains.

Set up games for viewers to compete against each other and vie for the chance to play.

5. Waterproof for Efficient Safe Use in Water

Rated IPX7 waterproof, take your toy skinny dipping!

That means it’s safe for waterplay for up to 30 minutes at a maximum of one meter or a little over three feet.

Lovense Flexer waterproof

6. Multi-Functional App for Easy Controls

Use your favorite music, save customized patterns, sounds, and remote control your toy's operation.

With your permission, you can also allow another to control your toy remotely via the app. 

7. Long Distance Tab For Connection With Partners Who Are Far

There are six features under the Long Distance Tab, letting you create a group, sync toys, or provide control to another.

  • Long Distance Feature - allows you to sync up with a vibrator buddy and mirror each other’s toys Sub & Dom Feature  - enables the Sub toy to be controlled by one or many Doms
  • Live Control - allows you to control your partner’s toys from anywhere in the world or permit another to control your toy from anywhere. Talk about making a long-distance relationship better! A stable internet connection is required for both parties.
  • Sync Feature - Sync your toys with a partner's toys and control the movement for both simultaneously
  • Block/Unblock Contacts - Have an encounter that was too much? Too pushy? Block them in the app.
  • Group Chat - Create a group from your contacts

How To Use Lovense Flexer?

Vibrators have advanced by leaps and bounds, and the Lovense Flexer is a treat to experience.

The Flexer comes with a one-button control, both wave and vibration are on if you use the toy manual control.

However if you can control the toy with the Lovense Remote app, you will be able to control vibrations and come-hither movements separately and/or together.

Lovense Flexer Lovense Remote control

Connecting the Flexer to the app is rather easy. You just need to turn on the bluetooth on your phone and press the red button on the toy until hearing a buzz buzz sound. 

Lovense Flexer Lovense remote connect

There are many ways to play with patterns. You can either create specific for yourself or use existing ones. 

Lovense Flexer Lovense Remote patterns

Take time to get a feel of the app, with or without the toy.  There are so many functions to discover. 

Lovense Flexer Lovense Remote settings

Be kind to yourself and use lube. There’s no shame in your game for making everything slick, slippery, and comfortable.

The sensation will pump up those nerve endings too.

You need to remember that the Flexer is only partially a panty vibrator.

You won’t be able to really wear this on the beach in your bikini and not have passersby know just what’s up, nor will you be able to wear this with your panties and nothing else but a sundress.

It can and will fall out unless you do kegels 24/7. It is also not whisper quiet, so don’t wear it to a PTA meeting.

You can wear it with slacks, shorts, or jeans, and the Lovense Flexer will remain safely in place.

Packaging & What's in the Box?

Lovense knows how to make it discreet when it comes to shipping. They use plain packaging without any logos that would indicate the contents.

After receiving Flexer and opening the box, there are 4 items:

Lovense Flexer unbox

My Experience With the Lovense Flexer

I’m no vibrator aficionado, but I know what I like. As a solo toy, the Flexer is my go-to. Why? I can control the experience in the way I want, how I want, for as long as I want - until I reach the edge and let it go.

And I never have the same experience twice - unless I want to.

Sometimes I want fast and furious, intense vibrations.

When I use high levels on all three points, well, two minutes later, I’m washing it off and tucking it away.

On other days, I found myself using the Flexer to take myself to the edge for prolonged pleasure.

I’ve been so impressed with the double stimulation combo - it feels like you’re being fingered while your clit gets good vibrations.

Lovense Flexer wearable

With that being said, I still have to point out that the G-spot arm is neither long nor girthy. So, if you are looking for extra fullness, this might not be the toy for you.

The angle between clit arm and the G-spot arm isn't big, but it should be wide enough to clip firmly while hitting the sweet spots.

In my view, the vibration from Flexer is rather strong.

However, when the come-hither movement is on, you can feel more of the vibration for the clit arm, but not that much for the G-spot arm because the come-hither movement somewhat counters the vibration.

The Flexer is waterproof, making it suitable for shower, pool, or hot tub foreplay and sensational orgasms.

Lovense Flexer vibration

I took my Flexer on vacation and wore it into the hot tub for the first night.

Since the app resembles a music player, nobody knew what I was doing, and I drifted in and out of conversations.

The hardest part of the night was remembering that the Flexer has an underwater time limit of 30 minutes.

An easy fix was simply getting out of the tub to refresh my drink or run to the bathroom.

My partner and I used it before going out one night. As he was served his first drink and I sat at my table drinking mine, he pulled his phone from his pocket.

The instant my waitress came to the table, he slid the control to a high G-spot vibration, and I swallowed half of my drink in one fell swoop.

He dared me to wear it when I shopped with my girlfriends. As thrilling as this was, I found the Flexer wasn’t well suited to a day of activity.

If you’re going to use this for public fun, I recommend wearing tight panties or you’ll find this toy is likely to slip out.

Standing in line to purchase a top, I also learned that my Flexer wasn’t as quiet as I thought and that my friends have a very sadistic side.

After I explained what was happening, they took turns texting my partner with requests.

Not the reaction I expected from any of them, and now when we go on an outing? They all can’t resist asking me if I brought the Flexer along with me for the ride.

The associated app is versatile, thanks to endless vibration patterns. I quickly became a fan of “Earthquake” mode, which left me a squirting, quivering wreck.

You can also set the Flexer to music, and trust me when I say that waking up to a vibrator moving in rhythm to your favorite rock song is far better than a noisy alarm.

No need to hit the snooze button either.

Lovense Flexer app control

All in all, I would say if you’re not a fan of insertable toys or don’t want to get soaked, steer clear of the Flexer.

Still, this panty vibrator can deliver multiple “O’s” and sexy waterproof play.

How To Use the Flexer in Public Play?

Just like the famous Lush 3, Flexer is another great toy that can be involved in public play

Lovense Flexer vs Lush 3

Read a detailed Lush 3 Review

The noise level of the Flexer, even while inserted, likely eliminates public play in areas and locations with little to no background noise.

At an average of 48 decibels when inserted, it’s the same level as a room with casual conversations, so the Flexer is probably not a good choice for the library or playing Mahjong with Grandma and her neighbors.

However, imagine the fun at a baseball game when your favorite team is up by five runs in the top of the 8th.

Your other half sneakily turns up the vibration when the other team cracks a base hit, making it difficult not to cheer.

A wedding reception where people are moving and dancing is also a fun place to try your hand (ah, hmmm) with your Flexer.

Imagine the shots the wedding photographer might get!

Public play can also be incorporated remotely.

Permission can be granted to anyone with or without a Lovense account, and half the fun is not knowing what might be next.

Define the hours of access and let someone else join in while you are out and about.

You could be washing the car, at the local fair, or if you’re really adventurous, while you’re at work and can manage to keep your passions quiet.

Public play keeps things fresh and exciting, with many adventures waiting around every corner.

Lovense Flexer vs. “The Others Panty Vibrators”

Here is a comparison of the Lovense Flexer and other wearable vibrators:

Lovense Flexer vs We-Vibe Sync 2

Lovense Flexer vs We-vibe Sync 2


  • Both the We-Vibe Synce 2 and the Flexer have G-Spot and clitoral targeted vibration points
  • Both vibrators  are waterproof
  • Both vibes are app controlled
  • A remote operation option is available with the We-Vibe Sync 2 and the Flexer
  • The We-Vibe Sync 2 and the Flexer both have long-distance control w/internet connection capabilities
  • The We-Vibe Sync 2 and the Flexer both have magnetic charging cables and 120 minutes of standby 


  • We-Vibe Sync 2 is smaller , weighing 2.1 ounces with a three-inch arm for penetration. The Flexer weighs 3.6 ounces with penetration length of 3.5 inches
  • We-Vibe Sync 2 only has 2 motors for ciltoral and G-Spot stimulation. 
  • The We-Vibe Sync 2 has no 3rd movement motor, eliminating the “come hither” movement)
  • The Flexer cannot be adjusted while the We-Vibe Sync 2 is designed for flexibility that holds shape;
  • The We-Vibe Sync 2 is designed to be worn during penetrative intercourse; The Flexer is too large for most couples to incorporate with intercourse
  • With a noise level of 38 decibels, the We-Vibe Sync 2 is quieter than the Flexer
  • The We-Vibe Flexer has a shorter battery life of 45-90 minutes when using continued strong vibrations; The Flexer can offer a full 120 minutes per charge.
  • The Lovense app is extensive with options for streaming, gaming, and remote play. The We-Sync Vibe 2 app disconnects frequently during use and there are no integrated play options.

Lovense Flexer vs Lelo Lily 3

Lovense Flexer vs Lelo Lily 3

Read a detailed Lily 3 Review

I have the Lelo Lily 3, and this little clitoral vibrator is small enough to conceal in the palm of my hand if I ever need to, which is the same case with Flexer.

Strictly made as a clitoral stimulator, insertion is unnecessary, but that means there is no G-Spot play.

First, the battery lasts at least two hours, which is always lovely.

With 10 strength settings, it is still quiet enough at the highest level, meaning you can take a break during jury duty, and your bathroom stall mate won’t be the wiser. Maybe.


  • The Lelo Lily 3 and the Flexer both have clitoral stimulation
  • 10 levels of vibration are available with both models
  • Waterplay is safe - both are IPX7 waterproof
  • The Lelo Lily 3 and the Flexe both offer strong, buzzy vibrations


  • The Lelo Lily 3 is much smaller - 1.5 in x 1.3 in x 2.9 in and 1.5 ounces; the Flexer weighs 3.6 ounces and is 4” long at the longest point.
  • THe Lelo Lily 3 offers clitoral stimulation only with a single motor in contrast to the three motor design of the Flexer with G-Spot, clitoral, and movement
  • The Lelo Lily 3 is whisper quiet and barely audible, while the Flexer has a noise level similar to a casual conversation
  • The Lelo Lily 3, with a two-hour life, beats the 90-minute battery life of the Flexer
  • The lelo Lily 3 is button controlled only with no app, software integration, or remote or long distance play options. The Flexer app is expansive in option and usage
  • The Flexer is a wearable panty vibe and part of the attraction is the ability to wear in public. The Lelo Lily 3 is a handheld clitoal vibrator and cannot be wore either in public or private.



Average Score

Design & Features (rechargable, waterproof, etc.)











  • Three motors for independent action and vibration levels + intense vibrations
  • Multi-purpose app
  • Long distance usage
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Hits the G-Spot
  • Long battery life


  • Loud in a quiet setting
  • Doesn’t stay put if you don't wear close-fitting bottoms
  • Intense learning curve for the app
  • A bit heavy

The Final Scoop on the Lovense Flexer

Every sex toy serves a purpose; some do it better than others.

I love my Lovense Flexer with its advertised unique “come hither” motion and the app's options. 

My partner can shake up my day with a bit of pre-planning, and the Flexer has brought a new spark into our sex life.

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