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Lovense Gush Review: A Fun Teledildonic Male Masturbator?

by Lucas Andersen
lovense gush review

The Lovense Gush, a new glans massager on the market, says it can fulfill all your needs as a male sex toy.

Given that some male masturbators can fall short, I was hesitant that this hands-free masturbator would live up to the hype. 

Keep reading for an honest, in-depth review of how well this glans massager actually works. 

What Is Lovense Gush? 

Lovense Gush male

The Gush is the latest addition to the Lovense line-up and released in November 2021. 

It’s a Bluetooth glans massager that grips and focuses stimulation on the underside of the shaft and head.

You can use it as a hands-free masturbator or a vibrating stroker, making it more versatile.

The flexible design of the toy also means that it’s one-size-fits-all. 

Key Features of Lovense Gush 

The Gush has a few key features that set it apart from other male masturbators, like how quiet it is, even on higher settings. 

lovense gush noise

1. IPX7 Waterproof

The Gush has an IPX7 rating and can go up to one meter underwater for up to 30 minutes at a time. 

While most people using this toy probably aren’t soaking it underwater, it does mean you don’t have to worry about potential water damage and that you can use the toy during a shower. 

Lovense Gush waterproof

2. Flexible Design

The Gush is a one-size-fits-all massager, regardless of the length and circumference of your penis. 

The main body is made of body-safe silicone, making it extra comfortable, and features an attached band that’s similar to the grip of a hand. 

You can also position the band around your girth, so it’s either a looser or tighter fit, depending on what you prefer. 

Lovense Gush flex

3. App-Connect

The Gush pairs via Bluetooth to the Lovense Remote app. 

While this makes it easy for you to control the toy’s patterns from your phone, it also means that anyone granted access can manage it for you. 

The app-connect is a feature in many of Lovense’s toys, and while it does require a bit of an additional setup, it also means that someone hundreds or thousands of miles away can take control.

This feature is especially great for long-distance relationships

Lovense Gush remote control

4. Multiple Vibration Options

The Gush comes pre-loaded with three levels of intensity and four patterns

  • Pulse
  • Wave
  • Fireworks
  • Earthquake

The vibration itself is subtle—gentle, but it still rumbles through you, giving you a pleasant buzzing sensation.

By pairing your Gush, you can create custom patterns or set up the toy to recognize a Spotify playlist and move to the beat. 

5. USB Rechargeable

Out of the box, it takes roughly 65 minutes for a full charge that will last between 1.5 and 2 hours of continued use. 

Lovense Gush charge

How to Use Lovense Gush?

Setting up and using the Lovense Gush is relatively straightforward; all you need to provide is water-based lube.

Pairing with the app is easy and only has to be done once for each device you want to connect with. 

1. Controls

The Gush has one button for turning it off and on, and then you (or a partner) control the patterns and levels using the remote app. 

Attach it to the shaft as a hands-free massager or add motion as a stroker.

Some of the app functions are shown below:

lovense lush 2 key app features

2. Clean-up

Use water and soap or a sex toy cleaner, then let the Gush air-dry.

If you want it to very well sanitized, I recommend to try a portable sex toy UV sterilizer like this one

Lovense Gush box

Packaging & What's in the Box?

Package ordered from official Lovense site were sent very discreetly. There's nothing indicating Lovense brand or sex toy inside. 

Upon opening the cardboard wrapping, I saw the Gush box, which has a simple design.

After opening the box, I saw the following things:

lovense gush unbox
  • Gush Glans Massager (with 1-year warranty)
  • A Band (to support hands-free play)
  • A Black Storage Bag
  • USB Magnetic Charging Cable
  • Quick Setup Guide
  • User Manual

My Experience With Lovense Gush 

I tried out the Gush expecting it would be less than impressive.

It looked like it was trying to be both a hands-free toy and a stroker, which usually means one or both functions suffer.

It seemed small, and I thought it wouldn’t be strong enough to do anything. 

Thankfully, I was mostly wrong in my assumptions. 

I’ll be sincere here, the experience is not mind-blowing, and it’s not going to make you rethink every male sex toy you’ve ever bought, but it was fun. 

1. Solo Play

I decided to try it out by myself first. I unpacked the box, which thankfully had minimal packaging, impatiently waited for just over an hour to make sure it was fully charged, and then strapped it on without the extra band. 

My biggest complaint of the Gush toy probably has to do with its flexible design.

The toy stayed on well enough without the extra band, but it was never as snug as I wanted it to be. 

Lovense Gush use

While it grips you just fine if you’re already erect, I found that the toy can easily fall off if you’re soft.

For this reason, the Gush may not be the best way to start solo play, but it’s a suitable method for ending it. 

The Fit 

After playing around without the band, I did decide to see how the toy’s fit changed with that extra band.

Unfortunately, this is probably where I have my biggest critique of the Gush.

The band doesn’t tighten equally, so it shifts and fidgets during use more than I would have liked. 

Lovense Gush band

Not only is this a distraction, but it can even pinch you if it slides off the wrong way.

For me, the band ended up being a bigger hassle than I would’ve liked, and the toy fits well enough without it. 

The Vibration Settings

As far as vibrational patterns go, I started using the pre-made patterns from Lovense.

The patterns were all pretty different, but I did find that I had the best luck when I made my own patterns. 

Once you find a pattern that works well, the paired remote app lets you create loops, so you can play it as long as you like. 

When it comes to vibrational strength, the Gush does exceed expectations  – especially if you’re a little more sensitive to vibrators like I am.

The max power is definitely adequate for a glans massager, although I appreciated some of the lower settings more. 

Lovense Gush silicone

However, compared to some of the other male masturbators I’ve experimented with, I do think the Gush’s vibrations tend to be on the gentler side  – so, if you’re someone who needs Hitachi-level vibrations from your toys, this probably isn’t the right glans massager for you. 

2. Partner and Remote Play

My partner, who is currently living in another state for work, was excited about the remote partner play.

He installed the app as soon as I explained the Lovense Gush and its long-distance capabilities

A quick note for anyone who plans to use this toy for long-distance capabilities: The app will always ask permission before the other person takes control.

Still, I find it a little more fun to turn this setting off and let the app automatically approve any patterns they send my way. 

Lovense Gush app

We tried it out a few times, and I used it mainly as a stroker. Just hands-free worked well enough, but it felt more active and like both of us were participating as a stroker. 

When using it as a stroker, you need to add water-based lube throughout the experience because nothing is there to catch the lube as it moves, causing a mess.

It also completely removes the possibility of using it as a stroker in the shower because the lube washes away so quickly. 

Connection Capabilities

As far as a vibrating stroker goes, my partner quickly made a few custom patterns within the Lovense app.

While its long-distance capabilities were mostly excellent, one thing I did notice is that the app tends to lose connection after a while – especially if you don’t have a fantastic internet connection. 

Lovense Gush storage

While this isn’t a big deal for short-term use, it can become frustrating for more prolonged use if the vibrations randomly stop because of lost connection every ten to twenty minutes.

This problem didn’t occur over short distances, but it was prominent when my partner controlled the toy from long-distance. 

Review Summary: Pros & Cons



Average Score

Design & Features (rechargable, waterproof, etc.)











  • Gentle yet rumbly vibration 
  • Ultra-smooth silicone surface
  • App controllable
  • Customizable patterns
  • Can sync to any sound or bets
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Quick charge & Long battery life


  • Signal may drop from to time during long distance play
  • Vibration can be stronger

Lovense Gush vs. Hot Octopus Solo Interactive

The Hot Octopus Solo Interactive offers many of the same interactive options as the Gush and adds patterns to match interactive content. 

It has a shorter battery life and is a bit heavier, so it’s ideal for people who want to focus on interactive content but don’t mind a slightly more cumbersome male masturbator.


Lovense Gush

Hot Octopuss Solo Interactive

Remote & App-control 



(ABS + Silicone)

(ABS + Silicone)

Waterproof (IPX7)

USB Rechargeable

1-year Warranty

Hands-free option


3.39 in x 2.05 in x 1.38 in

4.6 in x 2.6 in x 2.8 in


133 grams

187 grams




Noise level

< 45dB

< 55dB

Control button

Single-button interface

4-button interface

Vibration strength/motor

Gentle & Rumbly

Strong & Rumbly

Charging Time

65 mins

4 hours

Battery life

115 mins of use

45 mins of use

Final Thoughts 

While I did find that the Gush’s long-distance capabilities and its extra band were a little tricky to work with, I was still pretty impressed with its performance.

For anyone who’s already more sensitive to vibrations or likes to experiment with custom patterns and remote control settings, the Lovense Gush is definitely worth considering. 

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