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Lovense Gush vs. Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Interactive: Which One Wins?

by Lucas Andersen
hot octopuss pulse solo interactive vs lovense gush
lovense gush patterns

Read a detailed Lovense Gush Review

Lovense Gush is a wearable silicone sleeve vibrating glans masturbator that can be used hands-free or manually. 

This small and chic device comes with an adjustable band to ensure a perfect fit. Waterproof and lightweight functionality is standard.

Besides, the free Lovense Remote app allows you or a partner to choose a power level from any location in the world, along with many interactive options

This toy is quiet, portable, and easy to clean. USB/Magnetic charging is convenient and takes about an hour to obtain a charge that allows for two hours of continuous use.

What Is Hot Octopus Pulse Solo Interactive?

The Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Interactive is a silicone "Guybrator" that is flexible and light—designed for hands-free use or as a stroking masturbator. 

Oscillating vibrations create intense sensations through six pre-set vibe settings in this pulse guybrator.

The Turbo Mode button turns the level to maximum immediately. The Solo Interactive connects to over 4,000 videos for an interactive experience

It can also connect to the free FeelConnect mobile app for remote or long-distance control.

Selected Features of Lovense Gush

This toy has a lot to offer with many inventive and enjoyable features. Let’s take a look at some of my favorites. 

1. Custom Vibrations and Music Sync

Lovense Gush has multiple vibration patterns, but the fun begins with creating your own. 

You can use the Lovense app to create loops and obtain the perfect session length.

The app acts as a standard remote control and syncs to music and beats for lots of fun playtime options.

You can even configure the Gush to recognize a Spotify playlist.

Lovense Gush remote control

2. Moderate Vibration Strength

The vibrations aren't the strongest, but they work very well if you prefer relatively-gentler medium-level vibes.

So, don’t consider this toy if you prefer super-strong settings.

You can change the vibration patterns and intensity settings with the Lovense app

You can also save your favorite pattern into the app for later use, which allows for a wide range of options.

3. Enjoyable Remote Partner Play

Lovense Gush is also an app-controlled male masturbator for short and long-distance couples

The Lovense app allows your partner to control the vibrator settings anywhere as long as there’s an Internet connection. 

You can provide permission before you relinquish control, or you can let your partner have complete freedom to surprise you.

Lovense Gush app

This feature works well as long as the Internet signal is strong, but it can be frustrating if the signal drops.

Using the Gush underwater may also affect connectivity.

4. Low Noise Level

The Gush is surprisingly quiet. Actually, it’s the quietest male masturbator I’ve had so far.

Combined with the compact size, it's easy to have a discreet experience. 

It should work well even if you have a thin wall.

5. One Size Fits All

The Lovense Gush is small, but the design is impressive. To be more specific, it measures 3.39 in x 2.05 in x 1.38 in (86.1 mm x 52.1 mm x 35.1 mm).

Combined with an included elastic band, the Gush fits snugly regardless of length or width. I was able to get it to fit me with minimal adjusting. 

If want, you can stretch it from 0 to 120 degrees, as shown in the picture below. Therefore, even if you have a penis of a giant, it should fit effortlessly. 

The only concern is whether the vibration will still be strong enough as it may not be able to fully wrap your penis if it’s too girthy. 

Lovense Gush flex

6.100% Waterproof

The Gush is waterproof, with IPX 7 standard, Hence, it has no issues to be used in the shower or submerged in the tub. You can immerse this toy for up to thirty minutes.

Note: Clean and dry the Gush properly after use in a wet environment as moisture and bacteria can really kill your toy.

Lovense Gush waterproof

7. Easy Magnetic & USB Charging

USB/magnetic charging is convenient and it takes about an hour to a full charge, allowing for approximately two hours of continuous use

You can monitor the charge level on the app. The magnetic charging design gives the Gush a seamless surface so you can get it wet without “electrocuting” yourself. 

Also, this type of charging has no voltage limit

Selected Features of Hot Octopus Pulse Solo Interactive

Now, let’s look at some of my favorite features of the Hot Octopus Pulse Solo Interactive “Guybrator”. 

1.Pulse Plate Technology Provides Hands-Free Use

Solo Interactive works as a hands-free masturbator as well. Once the Solo Interactive is in place, you don't need to stroke it manually (although you certainly can). 

Once applied, I tend to just focus on the FeelConnect app and find the ideal settings of the day.

The round part with a crown in the picture below is for the pulsation.

hot octopuss pulse solo interactive flexible

2. Powerful Vibration & Pulsation

I’ve tried multiple penis vibrators and this is by far the strongest. The vibration itself is already amazingly intense.

And the additional pulsation pushes the sensation to a new level. 

The strongest stimulation point locates around the head, but you will feel the vibration around the whole shaft thanks to the powerful motor

My preferred strength and pattern change depending on the mood, and the 4-button interface makes it really easy to adjust the power and boost the stimulation. 

Note: this Hot Octupuss guybrator is different from traditional male masturbators, which tend to stimulate via contractions. If you are looking for contraction type of masturbator, this article can be helpful. 

3. Compact Size & Flexible 

hot octopuss pulse solo interactive size

Just like the Gush, Hot Octupuss solo Interactive is also a compact penis toy. It measures 4.6 in x 2.6 in x 2.8 in and is slightly heavier than the Gush.

I have no problem holding this toy in one hand while scrolling for good adult content with the other hand. 

Unlike heavy masturbators such as Keon or Max 2, I am able to stroke with this toy for a long time without my hand feeling tired.

4. Interactive App Play

Just like Lovense Gush, this specific Hot Octopuss model is also a teledildonic toy. 

You can connect this toy to the free FeelConnect app and allow your partner to control the settings remotely. 

The app is created by Kiiroo, which is a prestigious tech company from Amsterdam that are specialized in interactive sex toys.

Basically, you just need to connect your toy to Bluetooth and then add yourself or your partner for remote control via the Internet. It works well, although signal glitches can occur. 

hot octopuss pulse solo interactive app

5. Interact with Other Toys

Kiiroo, the brand behind this penis vibrator's interactivity and app control, allows your Solo Interactive to connect to another. This feature is tons of fun. 

You and your partner can each use your toy to control your partner's toy. 

Maybe I'm easily entertained, but I had a good ninety minutes of playtime with this feature. My girlfriend loves it as well.

It’s also gay-friendly. You can just get two Hot Octopuss Solo Interactive and have interactive fun together.

6. You Can Be Flaccid

The Solo Interactive assists men with erectile dysfunction, and you can use the toy while you're flaccid. 

This feature works well, although it took a bit longer to get up to speed than I'm used to.

The Gush does not work as well as this one on a flaccid penis.

7. Don’t Underestimate the “Turbo Boost”

The turbo button cranks this toy up to 4,450 rpm. It's pretty mind-blowing, but be careful if you're not ready for your session to end prematurely.

The lighting button in the picture below is for the Turbo Boost.

hot octopuss pulse solo interactive buttons

4 buttons: turn on/off, turbo boost, decrease & increase

Differences Between Lovense Gush and Hot Octopus Pulse Solo Interactive

Lovense Gush vs Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Interactive look

These toys appear very similar at first glance, but they possess some uniqueness in operating.

Here are the main differences between these toys:

1. Flaccid or Erect Use

The Gush does not work well when you're flaccid, while the Solo Interactive works when you're flaccid or erect.

Thanks to Solo Interactive’s Pulse Plate technology, it has an increased power that makes for a more forceful vibration, so you can get off even if you’re not immediately erect. 

2. Size & Weight 

lovense gush vs hot octopuss pulse solo interactive pattern

The Gush is lighter, smaller, and quieter, making it more discreet. 

The device itself is 2.05 inches wide by 3.39 inches long, whereas the Solo Interactive is 2.63 inches wide and 4.17 inches long. 

The Gush also weighs only 132 grams in comparison to Solo Interactive’s 191 grams. 

3. Noise Level

The size difference means the Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Interactive is more powerful and louder.

Though it has a noise level of fewer than 55 decibels, someone could hear it through a wall.

However, Solo Interactive's noise level is only an issue if you need to be library-level quiet. 

lovense gush vs hot octopuss pulse solo interactive noise

4. Different Sensation

The Solo Interactive has six vibration patterns, all of which are stronger than the ones from Gush. 

It also uses different pulses for a total-member experience, whereas the Gush sticks to vibrations only. 

The Gush has three intensity settings and four vibration settings:

  • Pulse
  • Wave
  • Fireworks
  • Earthquake
lovense gush vs hot octopuss pulse solo interactive design

5. Remote Control

Both toys use smartphone apps to allow remote control.

You may think only Solo Interactive allows two toys to control each other as there’s a set gay-couple sold on the site, but the truth is Lovense Remote can do the same! 

Technically, Lovense App allows you to control any 2 Lovense toys at the same time 

lovense gush vs hot octopuss pulse solo interactive long distance remote

Besides, the Lovense mobile app is quicker and easier to connect with, giving users an advantage. 

Also, random disconnections are less likely to happen with the Lovense Remote than with the Feel Connect app.

Similarly, the Lovense app is more user-friendly with an intuitive feel, whereas the FeelConnect app might take more time to get used to the setup, especially for first-time users. 

6. Different Items in the Box

Lovense Gush comes in a sturdy cardboard box and inside, the following items are included:

lovense gush unbox

Hot Octopus Pulse Solo Interactive comes in a soft cardboard box and inside, you will find the following things: 

1 x PULSE SOLO INTERACTIVE  1 x Travel pouch  1 x Instruction booklet  1 x Magnetic charging cable
  • Pulse Solo Interactive Guybrator
  • Black Travel pouch
  • USB Magnetic charging cable
  • Quick Set up leaflet (the black one in the above picture)
  • Instruction booklet (the white one in the above picture)

My Experience with Lovense Gush & Hot Octopus Pulse Solo Interactive

Both toys have a design that is easy to use and comfortable. The silicone is soft and smooth, and both devices fit comfortably and stay in place. 

The outer band on the Gush was tricky to adjust at first, but it worked well to secure the toy once in the area. 

Actually, most men won’t even need the tightening Band. Gush stays there stably by itself.

Lube adds a bit of comfort while getting everything situated.

Both remote control apps work as described, and both are fun. Each app suffered the same short signal drops occasionally, but the impact was minor.

The design for the Lovense app is more intuitive. 

Seeing the Gush respond to music and audio is fun, while Solo Interactive performed better when syncing to adult films.

And there’s a bigger adult content inventory for the FeelConnect app,

My Hands-Free Play

lovense gush vs hot octopuss pulse solo interactive silicone

Both toys offer hands-free operation, but Solo Interactive is more powerful and allows you to start from a flaccid state. 

Both provided powerful climaxes, but the process took longer than I was used to because of the novelty of going hands-free.

Probably due to the overall design, I found that Hot Octopuss covers more of the Glan part compared to the Gush. But this may just apply to my body anatomy.

My Experience with a Partner 

There isn't a way for my girlfriend to use these toys on herself, but she enjoyed controlling them and was impressed with how they affected me.

Her favorite experience was having me use Solo Interactive to control her Kiiroo vibrator. 

When using these devices as a couple, my girlfriend and I enjoyed the result of her sitting above me as I lay on my back while she teased me with the remote-control features.

lovense gush vs hot octopuss pulse solo interactive app

The toy-to-toy control for the Solo Interactive was most fun when we were in different rooms with no idea what would happen next.

We also enjoyed creating custom vibe patterns for the Gush and looping them for several minutes while I squirmed.

My Reaction to the Sound Levels & Power

The Gush is the quieter toy. I wasn't too concerned about noise, but it's good to keep in mind when using this vibe in different locations.

The Solo Interactive is louder because it is more powerful. I enjoyed the powerful vibrations, but, sometimes, the Turbo setting was almost too intense. 

Hot Octopuss Solo Interactive offers both vibration and pulsation, which level up the sensation, while Gush only offers vibration. 

I personally find pulsation to be quite enjoyable and it really boosts the experience for the penis shaft. 

Both toys have some patterns to offer, but I usually prefer to go straight to continuous vibration. Patterns didn’t help too much, at least not for me.

The vibration motors from Gush feel a bit more distant, probably that’s why it’s gentler and easier to get a hand on.

The motor for Hot Octopuss is located right under the penis shaft, which makes it feel a long stronger. 

hot octopuss pulse solo interactive vs lovense gush waterproof

My Overall Experience 

These toys are great for men who like hands-free stimulation and couples who enjoy controlling devices for their partners.

Gush is gentler, so I think it’s more suitable for beginners or even foreplay. 

While Hot Octopuss is amazingly intense and can truly be your long-time masturbate buddy if you are someone who’s into a power play.

However, please note that these devices may NOT work for men who are extremely sensitive near the head of the penis, as the vibrations concentrate in this area.

Lovense Gush & Hot Octopus Pulse Solo Interactive: Comparison Table 

lovense gush vs hot octopuss pulse solo interactive box

Both toys are excellent and have their pros and cons. They're similar in some ways, but there are also a few differences between them, as you can see from this table: 


 Lovense Gush

Hot Octopus

Pulse Solo Interactive


3.39 x 2.05 x 1.38 in


4.6 x 2.6 x 2.8 in

(117 x 67 x 72 mm)


0.29 lbs/ 132 grams

0.42 lbs/ 191 grams


Emerald green



Mainly silicone

(+ a touch of ABS plastic for the design)

Mainly silicone

(+ a touch of ABS plastic on the side)

Interactive App Control

  Sync the movement with Adult Content



(gentle to intense)

Vibration + Pulsation

(intense to very intense)

USB/Magnetic Rechargeable


1-year Warranty


(IPX 7)

(IPX 7)

Noise level

Max 45db

Max. 55 dB

Control Button

1-button interface

4-button interface

Bluetooth Connection



Charging Time

around 1 hour

4 hours

Battery Life

around 2 hours

45 mins


Final Thoughts 

I am very impressed with both Gush and Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Interactive. While similar in use, they are different enough that owning both makes sense. 

Noise, intensity, size, and remote-control masturbator capabilities are varied enough that both toys have their place. 

While a partner cannot use them, they can control the apps, making them great for partner play. 

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